It's new story time! This time it is a story I have been waiting forever to make so I hope you all enjoy!


Noctis felt like he couldn't breathe; everything was closing up in his chest. The event that had just happened was still burning his mind and heart. He couldn't even begin to wrap his head around it. Had it all really been another trick? Was it really all a trick this entire time?

Had he really just pushed Prompto off the train?




Prompto was back there somewhere. Somewhere… probably hurt, crippled… or worse. No… Noctis couldn't bring himself to think of the worst. He needed to do something. He had to do something. He couldn't just stand here and freak out about it! He had to go after Prompto!

"How long were you in the dark?"

He could hear Ardyn speaking from behind him, but none of the words were processing. Everything was a rush in his head, blending it all together. He wanted to turn around and face Ardyn, the real Ardyn. He wanted to actually take him down this time. But Noctis's legs were already feeling weak like paper. He wasn't sure if he was going to even have the strength to face the man now. Instead there was something much more important on his mind; he had to make his move now before it was too late.

Without even looking back at Ardyn, Noctis threw his Engine Blade off the train and warped after it, leaving Ardyn looking completely baffled and far from amused.

What Noctis wasn't expecting was the ground to come up on him so quickly. Even warping couldn't stop the painful impact of his legs meeting the ground before he started to tumble. Noctis shouted as he felt the pain shoot through his entire body.

When he stopped moving, he reached out to break a Hi-Potion over his body. It healed up any cuts or open wounds he may have had, but sadly,potions could not heal the bruises or the pain. Once the potion's magic died down, he was finally able to look around. He was on the ground with the train long gone from sight, and thankfully no Ardyn looming over him.

Now that everything felt stable, he had to get up and find Prompto. The train hadn't been moving too fast, so he knew Prompto couldn't have been all too far behind where he was. But Noctis soon found out that this was going to be much harder than he thought. As soon as he tried to stand, there was a horrid burning pain that flew up his left leg. The jump and tumble to the ground must have really set off his bad leg, and no potion could ever heal those wounds. Only time and a lot of patience.

But again, he pushed all of that out of his mind. He would warp to Prompto if he had to, but first he would try to see how much he could manage while walking. It only took him a few feet to realize he was in too much pain to move a long distance. Sighing, he threw one of his smaller daggers and warped after it. He kept on going until he hit stasis.

He breathed out as he realized just how bad his situation was. He had just jumped off the train after Prompto, and that meant he left Ardyn on the train with Ignis and Gladio! Cursing under his breath, Noctis pulled out his phone as he waited for his magic to replenish and be out of stasis. But, when he pulled out his phone from his pocket, he let out another series of curses.

It was cracked… cracked beyond normal repair, and no amount of pressing any button was turning it on. "Great. Just great! Now what am I supposed to do!" he thought to himself harshly.

He stood there for a moment, trying to think over what it was that he could do. He had run ahead again without thinking. He couldn't even remember what happened on the top of the train other than he thought he had pushed Ardyn off, only for it to be Prompto instead.

"I can't believe I fell for that creep's tricks!"

Noctis shoved the phone back into his pocket and started to warp again. He only had to go a little further before he could see Prompto's body laying on the ground. That didn't sit well with him at all.

Despite the throbbing pain in his leg, he limped over to Prompto, dropping to his knees once he was near. He could see the bruises and blood on the blond's body and it made Noctis feel sick in every way possible. He had done this… this was all this fault.

He didn't even waste a second more; he took out a Hi-Potion and broke it over Prompto's body and then did it once more with another one. He didn't care if he was wasting his potions; he needed to heal Prompto as soon as possible. Though he realized there was one important thing he should have done from the start. Carefully he checked to see if Prompto was even breathing, pressing two fingers to his neck. A sigh of relief followed when he felt the steady heartbeat of his dear friend.

Noctis ran a hand through his hair as he waited, trying to think over what else he could do. Prompto was still breathing slowly, but his eyes started to flutter open. He suddenly gasped and tried to move back, covering his face with his arms.

Once again Noctis was feeling sick. He had never seen Prompto look at him in such a manner. He had never seen Prompto stare at him with fear. All the things he did and all the things he said to Prompto was when he thought he was Ardyn. Noctis had a feeling that Prompto didn't know about any of that, and so to him, he just saw his best friend attacking him and blaming him for everything.

"Oh gods, Prompto," Noctis said, finally finding his voice. He had found it, but it was broken and weak now, barely able to keep steady. "I'm so sorry… I'm sorry…"

"N-Noct…?" Prompto asked, his voice just as weak.

"I'm so stupid…I fell for his stupid game. I'm sorry, Prom…"

Noctis leaned forward, trying to wrap his arms slowly around Prompto. He still flinched upon Noctis's touch, but he wasn't going to stop. He was already half way and he needed to try and keep going. Now holding Prompto in his arms, he felt everything break inside of him.

He just wasn't able to contain himself. Pushing Prompto off the train, realizing all the things that had been said, coming across Prompto who could have been near death if he wasn't as quick. It was all just too awful to consider.

"Noct…" he heard Prompto whisper to him. Slowly, Noctis could feel Prompto wrapping his arms around his shoulders. "H-Hey dude, no need to cry… or anything. It's okay."

"It's not okay! Don't say it is!" Noctis yelled, causing Prompto to flinch within his arms. "N-No, Prom… I'm sorry again. I can't keep scaring you like this. I'm just… I screwed up and that is not okay. I didn't mean anything that I said to you… I didn't even realize it was you."

"W-What…? What does that even… wait… Ardyn."

"Yeah it was him. He was messing with my head or something. I just saw him and heard his voice and didn't even think anything else. Please… I never meant anything that I said to you. It was all supposed to be towards Ardyn."

"You… mean it?" Prompto asked softly.

"Of course. It's him who I'm angry at. Not you. I could never be mad at you."

Prompto gripped Noctis's jacket tightly, his fingers trying to crush the fabric together. He seemed to have been holding back a sob, but now he was letting it show. It made Noctis want to hold him all the more tightly. Noctis honestly didn't care if Prompto saw him cry, but to see Prompto cry? The man who was literally sunshine in a physical form? It hurt all over.

But Prompto was safe. He was alive. That was what mattered most. Now feeling a little more relief, he ran his hand through his hair. Prompto still needed to calm down, and Noctis was sure this could help alleviate some of his stresses.

"Come on," he said finally. "We need to get somewhere safe. Need to try and call Gladio and Iggy. Is your phone okay? Mine got crushed in the fall."

"Uh, hopefully? Lemme check," Prompto said before he let go of Noctis.

Pulling out his phone, both of the boys sighed when they saw the state that it was in. "Well, it's just a bit cracked. Maybe we can still get it to work,"

"Prompto, I don't think that it'll-"

"We gotta try, though!" Prompto said as he smacked his phone lightly, as if that would make it turn on. "We can't just be stuck out here! The train is long gone and… and if we're…"

Noctis could already see the signs that Prompto was beginning to panic. It felt like it had been ages since Prompto last had a serious panic attack. With everything else going on, he seemed to have focused on helping Ignis mostly. But now there was nothing for him to do, nothing for him to put his focus on to keep him from hyperventilating.

Pulling him back into another hug, Noctis rested his head on top on top of Prompto's. "Hey, we're going to make it. Come on, let's try to see if we can find a place where we can rest up a bit better. You think you can stand?"

"Y-Yeah probably. How about you though?"

"I'll be fine. We'll work together, all right?"

Slowly, Noctis stood up, even though his legs were still burning from before. He held out his hand and helped Prompto up to his own feet. After that he tried to walk a few feet, but the muscles in his legs were already trying to give out. Before he could crumple to the ground, Prompto managed to catch him and pull him back up.

Now with one arm around him for support, Prompto tried to walk ahead, leading Noctis next to him. "Looks like we better find a place to sit soon. How bad's the leg?"

"It's been worse."

"Is there something really worse than being pushed…" Prompto swallowed. "F-Falling off a train?"

Noctis cursed quietly. "Shit… I'm sorry. I still really am. I can't even imagine what that must have… well, you know…"

"But weren't you pushed off by Ardyn or something?" Prompto said, avoiding all talk on what his experience was being shoved from a moving train. "How else did you even end up here?"

Noctis shook his head. "No. I jumped off. Well… I warped. Still didn't go too well for me in the end."

"But that's basically jumping off a train! Like what you'd see in the movies! But actually painful! You…you really did that?"

"Yeah… I had to. I wasn't about to leave you behind."

"But what about Iggy and Gladio?"

Noctis sighed as he lowered his head. "I know… they're going to have my head for this. But seriously as soon as I saw you go overboard. There was nothing else on my mind but you. I didn't care what they would say if they were with me in the moment."

"O-Oh…" Prompto replied, his cheeks reddening. "Tha… thanks."

Noctis pulled Prompto in closer, brushing his face against his. "Don't feel like you weren't worth it. Cause you are always worth it to me."

"Really, Noct, thanks. So, um… now what?"

"I don't know… head back the way we came, I guess we need a proper place to rest, and out in the middle of nowhere isn't going to help. So the train yard would be our best bet."

"Will you make it, though? You know, with…" Prompto glanced down to Noctis's legs.

Noctis breathed in sharply, feeling a bit of pain as he stepped forward. This was not going to be an easy journey for him, but he couldn't let Prompto worry anymore than he already was. "I'll be fine. I got you here, anyway. That's what matters."

"Right… okay. Let's keep moving, then."

With their arms around each other, they kept their slow and steady pace. Prompto kept a sharp look out around them, to see if there were any enemies or creatures that could be lurking.

As far as they could see, there wasn't anything to worry about. Even if there was, Noctis wasn't sure if he was ready to fight. His legs were still burning with pain, and he knew that walking wasn't helping them at all, but he wasn't just going to sit and let enemies come to them. The best course of action was to move someplace where they could hide, even if that place was the train yard where a lot of the commotion had just happened. He just wasn't sure what else to do at the moment. Everything was still swirling in his head and in his gut. Prompto's expressions were still burned to his eyes.

The fear.

The panic.

He had been the reason for these emotions in Prompto. It was his fault that Prompto was shaken up like this. Sure, he still blamed Ardyn for being the one to orchestrate it all, but he still fell for it in the end. He was still too angry and foolish to really think before he acted, and this was the cost. He could only hope that he would be able to make it up to Prompto somehow… maybe one day.

Together, they kept on walking until they arrived at the train yard that they were at earlier. Prompto stopped walking, warranting Noctis to stop as well. "Okay, I'll look ahead okay? Just stay close but let me lead."

"Prom, no. I'll lead."

"You're the one who's still hurt," Prompto argued. "Let me check if the coast is clear, okay?"

Noctis opened his mouth to argue again, but Prompto took a few steps forward. He looked ready to summon his gun, but then he stopped. "Wait, I… I don't have my gun anymore."

"What do you mean you don't have it? Shouldn't it be in the armiger…" Noctis trailed off when the memories flashed back into his mind. He thought Ardyn was the one holding the gun. He had swatted the gun out of Ardyn's hands, but it was really Prompto the entire time.

"Crap. Sorry…" Noctis sighed. "It's my fault…"

"Don't blame yourself again. You didn't know," Prompto replied quietly.

"You don't have any other guns left, do you?"

Prompto shook his head. "No we sold them, remember? So we could buy the better gun, plus more potions and stuff."

"Yeah… true. You, um, wanna use one of mine, then? I know you're a guns kind of guy, but you need something to defend yourself."

"Sure, Just give me something not too big and clunky."

Noctis summoned his Ragnarok sword and handed it over to Prompto. "This is a light one; will this do?"

"Your glowy red sword that makes for awesome pictures?" Prompto said, trying to crack a grin. "Yeah, that'll work!"

He gave a nod after that and went to move ahead. After a moment, he nodded again, motioning for Noctis to follow after him, and the two entered the yard, seeing that it was void of all life. With that in mind, they headed forward, no plan at all, but all they needed was a place to rest. Maybe with rest and with time they could figure out just what it was they needed to do.

Though, while he was worrying for the two of them, he couldn't help but think back to Ignis and Gladio. They were on their own now with Ardyn still on the train, and Noctis had no idea if Ardyn was going to pull another stunt like he had before. Maybe if they could find a phone, he would warn them.

With his eyes closed, he sent out a small prayer, even though he was not one to normally do so. He let that prayer float around in his head, wishing that Ignis and Gladio would be safe through the rest of the train journey. He didn't know what else could happen, but if Ardyn and daemons were still there, he only could hope they could find a way to be safe. He wasn't even sure if he was doing it right, but he knew he had to give it a try.

After his thoughts were done, he could have sworn he heard or felt something. Some unintelligible words that he couldn't figure out. Maybe it was one of the Astrals responding, speaking in that language he could not comprehend. Either way, the small feeling it left him gave him at least a bit of reassurance that his friends would be okay. Now all that was left was to keep moving forward with Prompto, and to figure out what to do next.

Ignis and Gladio were still up in the engine room. Daemons were still crawling all over the train, but there wasn't a whole lot that they could do about it at this point. What was more frustrating was that neither Prompto nor Noctis were answering their phones. Ignis already knew that they were probably busy fighting, what with everything that happened, but it still worried him that after all this time they couldn't answer.

"Relax, Iggy," Gladio said. "Give them a chance. There's probably a fuck-ton of daemons that they're dealing with."

"I know," Ignis replied curtly. "But after a certain point, I am allowed to express my worries."

"Oh, worry you should," a sly voice cut in before Gladio could reply.

Ignis tensed up, and he heard Gladio summon his sword and moved in front of him. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

"Oh, I was just enjoying a nice little trip. Beautiful view, is it not?" Ardny asked coldy. There was something in his voice Ignis could tell was off. He was speaking in his usual sly and cunning manner, but there was something else, too. It was hard to tell just based on the little that he had heard, but he kept on listening carefully.

"But I would say that something's missing, wouldn't you agree?"

"What did you do to them?" Gladio accused sharply.

"Me?" Ardyn gawked. "Well, I didn't do a thing. It was all your prince, being completely reckless and warping off of a moving train."

"He did what?!" Ignis gasped, even though internally he scolded himself for believing such things.

"Yes, it was quite the spectacle. After he shoved off his dear precious friend, he decided to jump off after him. I would have stopped him, but he left before I could intervene."

Gladio grumbled. "Yeah, right. Like we're supposed to believe that."

Ardyn hummed softly. "I never said you had to believe me, but seeing as your prince and his little friend aren't here to tell their side of the tale, I'm afraid I'm all that you have."

"Why else are you here?" Ignis said, trying his best to keep calm.

"I thought it would be kind of me to inform you of what happened, but I can see that I have no hospitality here."

Ignis could hear Ardyn turning around, his footsteps heading towards the door. "Oh, and if you do wish to see your prince and his friend again, keep moving forward to Gralea. I assure you that you will be able to reunite with them there. And perhaps you will even find your precious crystal there too."

Without another word, he was gone, and both Ignis and Gladio let him. Ignis knew all too well that challenging Ardyn again would no doubt end badly. He did not want to risk anything more at the time, especially when on the train with innocent people. But inside he was fuming, wishing he could have gone after Ardyn again. It took every ounce of his will to hold himself back from another full on attack. Thankfully Gladio was there, and he knew even if he tried, he would have been stopped.

"So now what?" Gladio grumbled. "He can't be telling the truth, right?"

"I would not put it past him to lie, but on the other hand, it may be more of a risk to go back and try and look for them."

"What? Iggy, are you-"

"If we turn around and head back trying to look for them when they move forward looking for us, there is a high chance that we will miss them. I have a sinking feeling that Ardyn may even say a few choice words to Noct and Prompto. If he wants to lead us to Gralea, then so be it, especially if the crystal is in fact there."

"But Noct and Prompto. Shouldn't we find some way to contact them?" Gladio asked.

Ignis sighed. "Well, if you can make them answer their phones, then be my guest. But there is a good chance they either don't have their phones, or worse-Ardyn has taken them for the sole purpose to make us unable to contact them. We can only hope that they can reach a phone to call us in another way."

"Right…" Gladio sighed as he turned back to the controls of the train. "We should make a stop as soon as we can, drop off the people and form a better plan. I just hope they're doing okay."

"I hope that as well… we can only assume that they are together, and then the rest is left up to the fate put out in front of us."