Greetings everyone, the VISION-KING is proud to present his next Story Project. For many that are Sega fans, you'll remember 'Skies Of Arcadia' was a fun theme of Pirates, flying ships, floating islands, adventure, treasure, and plenty of things to make one's name known throughout the seas, or skies in this case. Ever since the Skies Of Arcadia Legends, that really boast it's popularity, and even more so when one could spot character cameos in other Sega related games (Example: Valkyrie Chronicles And Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed), and lets not forget in the comics in the Sonic The Hedgehog/Mega Man Crossover story: Worlds Unite.

It shall be something if the event Skies Of Arcadia gets either a remastered/remake or a sequel, or even gets it's own comic series (maybe by IDW like with Sonic?), heck, it'll be more amazing if an Animated TV Series gets made, now that be excellent. Well for now, I hope many enjoy what I worked with, and you'll get a BIG Surprise that in this work, there's some surprise additions. And who knows what other 'extra events' may happen in this Fanfic that might be different or newly added bonuses. Until then, check it out and enjoy…

Chapter 01: Enter The Blue Rogues!


The scene opens where it's nighttime, the clouds were being pushed by the winds. And up in the skies, was a bright silver moon that illuminates everything. Suddenly, something zipped through the night sky, flying downwards lying a sparkle particles in it's wake. From the bright glow of the moon its' self, it almost appeared like…some kind of vessel?

During this time, there was a gray battleship patrolling the air with it's searchlights on, as if looking for something. Across the vast skies, we find the strange object in question flying above the clouds. A silver style model small vessel with a lower crescent point. Aboard such a vessel, appear to be a young girl no more then 17 years old with short blonde hair and green color eyes wearing a white dress. The girl was cautious, as she pilots her ship to fly through the darken clouds leaving a sparkle trail in her wake. However, the battleship from before was seen following after the small ship. We begin to zoom in to find those inside the main control room in light-gray-bronze color theme, and had decorative flags in the middle and a symbol in the backside.

There were apparently men wearing black full body suits, and covered in a unique armors. The armors from the boots, gauntlets, chestplates, followed by chainmail arm covering, and lastly the helmets were in a bird-head style with six eye holes to allow sight. Apparently there were two turquoise armor theme men working the controls and flip the half helmets up to allow better sight. There was one man fully in armor in a tan light color theme, appearing to be important within the crew, he's likely the Vice Captain. And this guy stood next to someone who appeared to have higher authority.

The one in charge flips his hair in front of his face away, as if acting all flashy for being beautiful. He wears just white style boots, black tux pants, even a light tan pink shirt which had a red ruby gem around the collar, plus a white strap vest with gold line buttons around the waist region. He also wore a white long sleeve coat style in a royal theme with gold beads. Wears a gold shoulder pad with yellow dangle flags with red stripe on the edge found on the left shoulder. Wore a red sailor shoulder brush-pad style on the right side with golden drapes. As physical goes, he's a young man who's 28 years old, combs his short blonde hair into a fabulous style, and has light blue eyes. This guy was known as Alfonso, and is currently an Admiral commanding the battleship.

"Hah hah hah….We've finally found her…" Alfonso taunts in finding enjoyment on having pursue that which they sought.

"Admiral Alfonso, her ship's in range of our cannons." The Vice Captain inform the admiral on having lock onto the target ahead.

"Excellent." Alfonso exclaim in liking the sound of this good news. "Prepare to fire Concussion Shells on my command, but avoid hitting her ship directly. We need her alive so we can 'question' her." Alfonso gave the order to prepare an attack, but to bring the girl in one piece. "FIRE!" He raised his right arm up in the air to give the order on the spot.

"BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM!" Soon the battleship fired off multiple shots aim directly at the target. The girl turns around only to spot what was coming her way. "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM-BOOM!" The cannonballs impact around the sides of the small vessel, as it shook and the girl accidentally fell by the controls. The small vessel was losing altitude, as it was dropping slightly as smoke was coming out from the engine port. Soon the large battleship was moving in close towards the target that was slowing down. Within the small vessel, the mysterious girl had accidentally hit her head by the controls, falling into an unconscious state aboard her wobbling ship.

Moments Later, Aboard The Battleship

"Your Excellency, the girl has been knocked unconscious, but she's unharmed." The Vice Captain gave a report on the situation that happened moments ago. "She's been taken aboard our ship." He report that they've brought the girl in question onto their ship after subduing her damage ship.

"Hah hah hah." Alfonso waved his lovely front hairlock in the air, laughing to boast his glory. "The Empress will be very pleased with me. I'm sure to be rewarded…rather handsomely, I might add." He boast in knowing this action shall grant him a large reward by one who'll be very interest in what Alfonso acquired.

"BOOM!" But without warning, the entire haul of the battleship shook from a heavy vibration which surprised those aboard.

"What? Where did that come from?" Alfonso exclaim in shock in what just happen right now. "It sounded like an explosion. Status Report, NOW!" He exclaim while demanding an update on what was currently happening to them.

"Th… The lower hull has been hit! Someone is attacking us!" An Observation Soldier report the matter with a worried tone in his voice.

"Attacking Us?!" Alfonso exclaim with utter shock and horror seen across his expression. "Who would dare attack a vessel of the Imperial Armada?" He asked in thinking no one would dare perform such an attack on those apart of a large armada.

"There's a small ship hiding in the clouds off port side!" The other Observation Soldier gave a report while working the controls, getting the readings on there being another ship in hiding. "Th…that flag..." He shutter a bit from what he managed to find out, but was completely baffled. "Air Pirates!" He shouted in alarm of revealing who the attacker was.

The entire bunch within the controls were shock when hearing the single name. And soon outside the ship, something was seen.

A flag moving within the winds, design like a Jolly Roger: a blue skull with an eyepatch and two cutlass swords making an 'X' mark while having wings spread out on each blade. There appeared to be a young boy riding on the crow's nest observing everything. As we zoom away to see more of the small ship in question.

A wooden ship, armed with a total of ten cannons, five on each of its port and starboard sides. The sail design reminiscent to that of a 17th century European galleon and the crest from the flag was displayed on most of them. Underneath were like air vents followed by hand-craft fins, even had deep crimson platting around the ship and on the back part were side wings: all of that to help it fly. This ship was known as the Albatross as it flew around the skies, then pass the sinking small vessel to part beside the Battleship. Then two men, one who was bald with a sleeveless blue shirt, green pants, brown boots and gloves, and one with brown hair in a ponytail, dark shirt, green pants, brown boots and gloves, were from the Albatross before tossing grapple hooks over. Those grapple hooks latch onto the Battleship, as the Albatross rose up high to cause a shift in flight path. That caused Admiral Alfonso and his crew to feel the shaking vibration as they're center of balance was slightly shifted. Then we see the young boy from the Crow's Nest leaped out as he plunge downwards between the ships, before catching a rope line to slide down to the Battleship. That's when the young boy lands gracefully on the Battleship's top deck, as the armored troops known as Valuan Soldiers, yelp while assuming battle position.

"Air Pirate Scum!" A Valuan Soldier cursed at the intruder that has arrived. "Don't you know that we're Valuan Imperial Soldiers?" He issued that the pirate doesn't realize just who they are.

The one in question was soon revealed, as it was reveal to be a boy no more then 17 years old. Appearing somewhat short for his age, standing at closely a height of 5'7''. Has medium-length brown wind-blown style hair, brown eyes, and has a scar on his left cheek. He wears a blue jacket with yellow buttons and red belt straps on the wrist, has a black sleeveless t-shirt underneath the jacket, black pants, and brown knee-length leather boots. Accessories were a brown belt with a gray belt buckle wrap around the left waist side, and a red medium size scarf wrapped around the neck. Lastly he had a sky-blue eyepatch lens over his right eye which seems to act in the use to magnify distant objects. The Air Pirate was known as Vyse, and he's about to get to work.

"Of course I know. That's why we attacked your ship." Vyse remarked at the Valuan Soldiers of their reason for attacking. "You guys have the best stuff." He comments that when it comes to goods, the Valuans have the better quality.

Then searchlights were seen turning on, focusing the bright lights on the invading pirate boy. Soon Vyse stood up and then he unsheathe his weapons: a pair of Twin Pirate Cutlasses. An interesting feature was that the sword's blades were blue color.

"I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues." Vyse announced in making his own introductory on the scene. "And in a few minutes, I'll be relieving you of all your valuables!" He proclaim what shall happen as the young lad was planning to rob these guys.

"Heh heh…Attacking us all by yourself?" A Valuan Soldier let off a low chuckle at the amusement this boy was getting at in facing the four soldiers. "You're either incredibility brave or incredibility stupid. We'll be tossing you overboard." He remarks Vyse for either of his actions before they plan to throw the boy off their ship.

"Wait for me!" Then a female voice was heard shouting in the air.

Vyse smiled as he looked slightly back before someone dropped in behind him. It was revealed to be a young girl who's no more then 17 years old, and seems like a rowdy beauty on the scene. She was a redhead who wore her hair in two long stiff braids and had brown color eyes. Her outfit consist of a brief yellow dress, dark blue shorts, and a pair of leather boots. She also wears a large yellow glove on her left hand, wears a pair of goggles which are perched on top of her head, plus a blue utility pouch on the back side of her belt. She also wears blue pendant earrings, and a pendant of a face around her neck. Her name was Aika, another Blue Rogue Air Pirate like Vyse. And she soon brought out her own weapon, which was a long handheld boomerang. Another interesting notion was one-half part of the boomerang was green color.

"Vyse, you left without me! I'm not going to let you have all the fun." Aika exclaim in seeing the guy ran off to take part in the action without waiting for her to join in. "Oh, hi. I'm Aika. I'm a Blue Rogue like Vyse…And we're robbing you." She turn her attention to the Valuan Soldiers with her own intro and reason for them being her; to steal of course.

"You dare mock the Valuan Empire with your insolence?" A Valuan Soldier argued over what was happening, it's like these kids aren't taking them seriously enough. "Kill them! And toss their corpses over the side!" He yelled out in ordering the other soldiers to finish these pirates off where they stand.

That's when a battle was soon underway, as it was Vyse and Aika fighting against the first 2 Valuan Soldiers. Aika was the first to make a move by tossing her Boomerang that impact one of the soldiers, taking his health down by almost 30 percent. Then Vyse was seen running towards the weaken enemy, and delivered a strong downward slash from his right hand. That caused a total of 44 Percent of damage to the target.

"Ugh….Augh!?/CLAP!" The first Valuan Soldier groan in pain before falling to the ground defeated.

"Hugh, no way?" The other Valuan Soldier gasped in having seen what happen to his buddy. "You'll PAY for THAT!? ARrrrrr!?" Then the guy focused his attention on swinging his sword down on Aika for an easy win.

"Too Slow!?" Aika reacted quickly in dodging the attack aimed at her.

"Shouldn't underestimate either of us?" Vyse exclaim in giving a final warning.

Then without warning, Vyse went ahead to deliver a strong sword swing when the soldier had his back turn and unguarded. That caused 43 Percent damage, making the Valuan Soldier focus on Vyse. But that gave Aika a chance to deliver another move by swinging her boomerang down vertically. The Valuan Soldier was dealt a 30 Percent damage blow to his health.

"OOoooohhh!?/CLAP!" And so the Valuan Soldier made his aching cry heard before dropping to the ground in defeat.

"Hah! That was easy!?" Vyse smiled in proclaiming how easy that battle was.

From the defeated, Vyse and Aika gain Battle Experience from the fight against these Valuan Soldiers. Afterwards it was time to claim Rewards: they acquired some Green and Red Stones, followed by an Electri Box, and 10 Golds. But even after that battle, Vyse and Aika couldn't relax because they were back to back from the Valuan Soldiers that didn't take part as others replace those defeated.

"There's no point in resisting. Throw down your weapons and hand over your ship." Vyse instructs those to think logically on their chances of beating the pair are slim to none.

"Imbecilies!" A Valuan Soldier snapped at the youngsters for their rude and disrespectful action towards them. "What do the two of you think you can do against the five of us? Take 'em out." He remarks that they have the numbers and will take down these pirates with sheer force.

"Bang!" Then without warning, as a Valuan Soldier was about to attack; a gun shot was heard firing that hit the helmet which took him out.

The one who fired the gun shot, was seen by the side where the Albatross was parked. A man within his 30s-40s, physically built with brown short comb hair and brown color eyes. He wears black leather boots, dark black pants, a brown belt strapped around the waist with a silver buckle, a deep blue short-sleeve shirt with a light blue vest over it with brown belt strapes and gray buckles, and brown fingerless gloves. He's known as Dyne, he's not only a Blue Rogue, but a rowdy Captain of the Albatross, and the mentor as well as father to Vyse. And in his left hand was a silver pistol with the top cartiridge being a blue color.

"I think you miscounted. I only see four of you." Dyne remarked in correcting the number of soldiers still left standing, after he shot one out of the calculation.

"Dad!" Vyse called out in seeing his father arrive on the scene along with the rest of Dyne's men. "We'll take care of these guys. Make your way to the bridge and shut down the engines." The Valuan Soldiers turn around to brace themselves against more pirates while Dyne instructs the youngsters on their own role to perform. "And, when we're out here, remember, it's 'Captain'…not 'Dad'. Got it?" The guy lightly reminds his son to call him captain when they are out working.

"Yeah, yeah…Aye aye, 'Captain'." Vyse lightly shrug off in addressing his father as captain before the Valuan Soldiers. "Heh…Aika, shall we go introduce ourselves to the captain of this ship?" He lightly chuckled before asking the red-haired girl about them going to greet the person in charge.

"I'm ready when you are!" Aika replied in being eagerly ready to go without a second thought.

"Alright! Let's go find the bridge!" Vyse proclaim in their next act will be now, finding the bridge to the ship. "Let's Go!" Vyse issued as he and Aika split to dash off to the right side, surprising the Valuan Soldiers of the kids running off

"You sure those kids can handle what's ahead without us?" A Blue Rogue Pirate asked if their captain was okay to let them youngsters take point without knowing the full dangers ahead.

"Don't worry, they're Blue Rogues. They're ready for this next kind of level." Dyne smiles with confidence in having faith in Vyse and Aika. "Besides, they're not completely alone. Someone else is joining them." He stated to mention another surprise manner.

"You mean…?" One of the Blue Rogues was about to say, but never finished that sentence.

"Yep, Vyse and Aika are gonna be find. Especially when Zexion is not to far away." Dyne exclaimed in sounding very confident in who else was going with his son.

Dyne looks up to the Albatross, and there was a hidden figure in shadows. That person was soon seen moving in the dark as if vanishing without a trace.


The scene changes to beneath the battleship's deck. There we spot Vyse jumping down to land while looking around the area. There was a metal crate as he opened it up, and acquired a Sacri Crystal. Then it wasn't long before Aika came down the same opening to appear before Vyse.

"Glad you could drop in." Vyse smiled to greet Aika for dropping in to join him.

"I had to make sure you were not waiting below." Aika remarked with confidence about knowing Vyse was waiting below.

"Why, worried that you might crush me?" Vyse exclaimed with a cheeky remark on the girl thinking he crush him under weight.

"No! More worried about what you see from me wearing a short dress! Cause if you did, that the next thing you get is a Black Eye the size of my BOOT!" Aika protest in her defense while making a threat on what the guy will get if he tried something that sneaky.

"Okay-okay, let's just hurry along." Vyse held up his arms to calm the girl down, not wanting to deal with a furious feline.

"Right, can't keep our Captain waiting while looking for the Captain of this Valuan Ship." Aika replied off in knowing they best go, they are under orders after all.

The two young pirates then went near a metal door, opened it before venturing forward. They went down a long metallic hallway before stopping by another door before opening it. There the two found themselves within the underground inner workings within the Battleship. So far there were metal stairways leading up and down for different parts of the ship.

"Well…Welll…" Then a voice was heard from somewhere, speaking to those present. "Air Pirates have decided to…infest my ship." The voice belongs to Alfonso who was taunting those who invaded.

Soon Vyse and Aika looked upwards to find a metal stairway bridge above. There they were able to make out spotting Alfonso along with his Vice-Captain who was currently carrying the young girl over his shoulder.

"I am Alfonso, cherished son of Valua's most distinguished family, and an Admiral of the Imperial Armada." Alfonso introduced himself as if boasting his standard privileges for the common folk to know.

The girl in question was still very much unconscious as he face was place behind the Vice-Captain's backside.

"Normally, lowlifes such as yourselves would never have the opportunity to bask in such greatness. Consider yourselves fortunate. Heh-heh…" Alfonso was ridiculing those below while brushing off his hair to show such prideful arrogance about himself being better then those beneath his class.

"Yeah…right…" Vyse remarked off in seeing a pretty boy who's acting tough before noticing something else. "Who's the girl?" He asked in noticing what the two Valuans had was an unconscious girl with them. "I never thought someone of your…stature would stoop to kidnapping." He remotely badmouths the action Alfonso was taking that doesn't show much for one being elegant and graceful.

"Hah! You're very observant for a Rogue." Alfonso smirks in taunting how Vyse was able to not be blind of what he sees happening that doesn't fit a nobleman. "However, I cannot waste my time dealing with you." He remarks about not having the time to deal with such small time pest. "I simply must get going. I think I shall have you exterminated like the pests you are…" He remotely boast and taunts the pirates in what he shall do next with them. "Dispose of them!" He raise his right hand up, giving the order for those here to deal with the pirate intruders.

Without warning, red lights and siren alarms were going off, throughout the whole Battleship. At that time, some Valuan Soldiers were seen dropping from above the bridge deck to land near the spot Vyse and Aika were at. Another battle was about to be underway as Vyse and Aika brought their weapons out. It was the two Rogues Vs. Four Valuan Soldiers.

"HYAAAAH!" Then Vyse took a powerful sword swing, which fired off a long distance Sword Beam.

"SLASH!/AAAAAUGH!?" That single Sword Beam slashed across one of the Valuan Soldiers, dealing a large amount of damage. "Uuuuuugh!?/CLAMP!" Then without warning, the soldier collapsed on the ground completely defeated.

"Wha-what's this? Just one strike was all it took to take out one soldier?" The third Valuan Soldier yelps in thinking that was crazy, how did this kid even perform such a feat.

"But how, we are Valuan Soldiers? We can't lose to Air Pirates? Especially Children!" The fourth Valuan Soldier protest in thinking if they lose to children, they'll become laughing stocks of Valua.

"Well it's not that we're weak or anything." Vyse proudly smiles in giving a little boast about their incredible feat.

"Right, you guys are just too weak and easy." Aika grins like a sly cat to taunt the enemies for being easy prey to handle.

"The boy seems dangerous, focus on the girl instead!" The second Valuan Soldier gave the order to take down the less dangerous foe before redoubling their effort.

The Three Valuan Soldiers rushed in at once, preparing to attack Aika, but…

"Hah!/CHOP!" Aika managed to land a critical blow with her large boomerang against another soldier.

"Ooooh!?" The second Valuan Soldier yelped from the blow, unprepared for the full damage dealt to his health. "AAaahh!?/CLAMP!" And soon that solider fell to the ground after the first guy.

"Why you…!?" The third Valuan Soldier unleashed a downwards blue blaze Sword Beam attack directed at the redhead, however.

"Woah!?" Aika managed to dodge that attack just in the nick of time. "Sorry, no dice!" She teased the soldier for having not been able to hit her.

"Grrrrr!?" The fourth Valuan Soldier growled in annoyance, as he swung his sword at the female.

"Whoopsey!" Aika managed to once again, dodge that attack before it even touch her. "Sorry, missed me!" She taunts the other soldier for having not landed a good shot.

"You guys need to work better on your sword skills?" Vyse slyly smiled in stating these soldiers need more practice to compete against them. "HAH!/SLASH!" Then Vyse delivered a strong critical blow against the target's chest.

"Uagh!?" The third Valuan Soldier cried out from feeling the blow. "Ooooh!?/CLAMP!" The guy made a moan sound before hitting the deck and being out cold.

"Your last!" Aika turn to focus on the last soldier left that was standing before them. "Eh-Heh!" Then Aika leaps upwards to deliver a powerful downward boomerang slash, dealing a Critical Hit blow to the soldier.

"OOooourgh!?" The fourth and last Valuan Soldier cried out with a slight agony cry. "Oooooh/CLAMP!?" The solider cried out as he fell backwards onto the floor, completely defeated.

"Hah, that was easy!" Vyse smirked to boast as he brought his cutlass down after the fight was over.

With another victory, Vyse and Aika received their rewards. It was at this time that the young Air Pirates had received enough Battle Experience that they soon felt their Levels Rise-Up: Lv.2. That feeling was like a rush as they could sense their Health had gone up, followed by one's Power, Vigor, and Will: in comparison, Vyse had the higher health, power and vigor boast. But while neither gain more Agile, they did receive a raise in Quick to which Aika was ahead of Vyse in that area. Now they obtain their Rewards: more Red and Green Stones, Sacri Crystal, and 12 Golds. Best of all, Aika received a Green Stone RANK UP notice: Sacri was Learned!

"Alright! Vyse, I just managed to awaken a new Green Magic!" Aika cheered in what she just gotten for herself.

"Congrats! That might come in handy later." Vyse smiled to congrats the girl for obtaining a new spell.

"Yep, but probably not now. Looks like we moped the floor with these guys even without needing any Magic." Aika smiled to boast in looking at their little handy work.

"Yeah, but it gave someone a heads up. Let's search around." Vyse inform Aika on continuing what they were doing.

"Way ahead of you…" Aika saluted as she was behind Vyse until she got distracted. "Just as soon as I open this." Aika found another crate nearby, as she opened it to obtain something: a Sacri Crystal, which makes their currency up by 2.

"Come on Aika, we have to get going!" Vyse turns back to remind the girl of who they are chasing after.

Vyse was seen leading himself along with Aika to run up the metallic stairway. The young duo reach the top before looking around for anything or anyone. What they soon spotted was Alfonso and his Vice-Captain with the captive unconscious girl in tow near a door.

"Sir!?" The Vice-Captain looked behind to notice that the Blue Rogues have caught up to them.

"What?! How did you defeat my soldiers?" Alfonso yelped in looking back to see Vyse and Aika made it through his troops. "Heh…If you want my ship that badly, you can have it. I'll get another." Alfonso let off a little taunt of such persistence, and wouldn't be bother in losing a single ship to Air Pirates: when one's a noblemen, they can get as many ships as they want. "I am very busy. I do not have time to deal with you personally. Now, if you'll excuse me…" Alfonso exclaim

Having said enough, Alfonso opened the door to make his immediately getaway. The Vice-Captain soon turns away to follow the admiral out carrying the girl. Once they left, the door was soon shut afterwards. Vyse and Aika were preparing to head over, until two more Valuan Soldiers appeared. Another battle was about to begin as it was two Blue Rogues VS. two Valuan Soldiers.

"It's over for you, Pirate Scums!" The first Valuan Soldier boast in staring down at the kids.

"You won't get by us!" The second Valuan Soldier remarked that they will not falter here.

"Oh really? Well then…Here goes!" Aika exclaimed as she toss her boomerang out, as it swung across to hit the target.

"CLASH!/OOOOH!?" The Valuan Soldier yelped as he took the full blow of the boomerang before Aika caught it. "Auuugh?/CLAMP!" The soldier moaned before toppling to his side completely defeated.

"Hugh!? No Way!?" The second Valuan Soldier gasped in seeing his buddy got taken down in one blow by a boomerang.

"Yes way!" Vyse exclaimed as he was seen approaching the distracted soldier. "Urrrgh!?" Vyse then immediately swung his sword downwards.

"SLASH!/Urrragh!?" The Valuan Soldier took a heavy blow as he stumbled a bit, but as he was on his last knees…he preserved himself from falling. "YOU!" He shouted as he mustered all his strength into a single sword swing.

"CLANK!/Ahh!?" Vyse quickly to block a bit of the sword blow, but it slightly took a tiny bit of his health around the left shoulder area.

"Pant-pant…must…fight…for Valau!?" The last Valuan Soldier was exhaling and held his injured chest, trying to keep himself from collapsing in battle.

"HURGH!" Then Aika immediately toss her spinning boomerang at the last soldier standing.

"JAB!/URGH!?" The last Valuan Soldier cried out from not being able to guard that attack. "Ooohhh!?/CLAMP!" The enemy fell flat on his chest, completely defeated.

"Heh, that was easy." Vyse tried to put on a cocky smile, much to Aika rolling her eyes in someone trying to maintain an image.

Having won the battle, Vyse and Aika gain more Rewards. The young Blue Rogues acquired a little Battle Experience, but it was small sized. Now what came after was the Rewards: more Red and Green Stones, Sacri Crystal and 8 Golds. Another big surprise was Vyse received a Red Stone RANK UP notice: Pyri was learned!

"Yes! Looks like I just picked up a new Red Magic!" Vyse cheered in feeling he just scored a bonus on awakening a new magic spell. "Ugh?" But then his left shoulder reacted, as it still was in pain from the battle.

"Woah easy there, Mister tough-guy. You took a little beating back there." Aika pointed in notiucing that Vyse was slightly injured.

"Oh, it's just a little scratch, no biggie?" Vyse tried to not let a little thing keep him down.

"Well, at least let me get my new spell out." Aika insist as she approach to examine Vyse's arm that was slightly injured. "Moons Give Me Strength…" Aika's entire body was emitting a bright glow while was she chanting. "Sacri!" She announced the name of the magic spell she was casting.

At that time, there was some green magical light which envelope Vyse, it felt very nice. And the small injury that soldier gave him began to slowly fad into memory. Once it was over, Vyse tested his left shoulder that was hurt one moment, but now was fine.

"How is it?" Aika asked with eagerness if she did good.

"Good as new!" Vyse smiled big in complimenting Aika's handy work in using a spell to heal him.

"Alright, now if you'll excuse me, there's something that's caught my attention." Aika then turn he sly cat's eyes over towards a crate which she opened: and obtain 50 Golds. "Yes! 50 Golds! Now we're talking!" She cheered in seeing they hit some extra cash right this.

"Come on Aika, we shouldn't doodle around! We gotta catch up to that guy!" Vyse insist to remind Aika of their major task ahead.

Aika signed before making sure there was no other treasures to acquire before meeting up with the boy. Soon the Blue Rogues ran across the metallic stair bridge before arriving at the door Alfonso went through. They found another room that was small, but saw another door ahead of them. Aika's eyes caught sight of another crate chest she quickly opened, and obtain another Magic Droplet (2). But when preparing to go through the main door, it was locked.

"Hmm, they must have locked it to prevent us from following?" Vyse held his chin to ponder what those guys did to slow them down.

"Argh!?/CLANK!" Aika then took a swing to bang her boomerang on the metal door which got bounce back. "Hmm, no good? Take too long to bust it down, so now what?"

"Hmmm?" Vyse looked around the area, until he spotted something. "Let's go out there!" He points within the chamber that where they came in & the sealed path, was a third choice route.

"Alright!" Aika cheered in seeing they are back in the game.

Vyse and Aika venture down a tight hallway space which lead to a door they opened to go through. It no sooner lead them outside of the Valuan Battleship, they felt the wind blowing against them. When looking around on the small metallic ray deck, they saw much of the ship and it's cannons. But took notice of the only thing they can use to go anywhere, was the metal ladder on the side to scale downwards.

"Looks like we'll have to go down?" Vyse inform Aika of their only option to catch up to those fleeing.

"Alright, but I'm going first!" Aika exclaim with her eagerness to go ahead.

"Eager to find more treasures first?" Vyse exclaim in what the girl was wanting to do by going first.

"That and to make certain someone doesn't get any WISE Ideas!?" Aika remarked to slightly knock the back of Vyse's head while teasing him a bit on making him not try anything funny.

Vyse just lightly laughed off Aika's wild imaginations and let the girl go first while he went second. The two were carefully climbing down the ladder before they have reach the bottom portion of the Valuan Battleship. And there was a door on the side, which would lead them into another part of the ship. After having rested a bit to recuperate, the young Blue Rogues brace for what awaits them.



The scene reveals a metallic ship's haul with the Valua insignia on it. Slowly it was being raise down to be completely open: most likely for events in storing cargo or for smaller ships to be parked. Those present were Alfonso looking out into the open daytime skies as he brushes his long hairlock off in a flashy sense. Nearby the right side were the ship's back haul gate controls, was none other then the Vice Captain himself having open a way for them.

"Your Excellency, the sun is up and visibility is good." The Vice Captain gave a report on the situation he sees while analyzing conditions. "The preparations for your escape have been completed." He informs Alfonso that everything needed for the escape is set and down.

"Good work. I have finished my preparations as well…" Alfonso exclaimed in having done his own preparation. "…Preparations to dispose of a traitor." He issued forth this last part as if it held meaning.

"W…what?" The Vice Captain yelped upon hearing this: there was a traitor among them. But he was never aware of such a thing, the Air Pirates attack was just a surprise, wasn't it?

When the Vice Captain turns around to ask what the admiral meant, he was meant with a big surprise. As the guy yelps backwards to hit against the equipment while holding up his hands in a defenseless manner.

"P…please! Your Excellency! What Are You Doing?!" The Vice Captain asked in fear as Alfonso stood before him with his rapier unsheathe from it's case.

"I cannot tell the Empress that I lost my ship to the Air Pirates in a fair fight." Alfonso waved out his rapier before pointing it in front of the scared Vice Captain while mentioning a matter on reporting the events. "I am going to need a scapegoat and you'll do quite nicely." He issued in needing someone to become a scapegoat, in short, someone to take the fall. "To keep my glorious reputation from being tarnish, you must be sacrificed…" Alfonso issued that he'll need the Vice Captain to play the role of a 'traitor' so that the manner of things don't ruin the young noble's image of things that were a fair fight unless someone gave the Air Pirates an edge against the Imperial Armada.

"N…no! You Can't Do This!" The Vice Captain pleaded, not wanting to become a scapegoat just to cover up this attack with a false lead. "Aaaaaaahhhh!" Soon after being force backwards, the Vice Captain fell off the Battleship and fell directly for the clouds below: where his fate remains unknown.

Satisfied with this, Alfonso swung his rapier in a graceful swordsmanship before placing it back into it's sheath.

"Hehehe…Even in death, he'll serve me well." Alfonso laughs off arrogantly in giving some credit to the demise of his Vice Captain that became his scapegoat. "I can't wait to tell the Empress…" He exclaimed in how he'll give his report out when he returns. "But Empress, my own Vice Captain betrayed us and allowed the Air Pirates on board. I could do naught but dispose of the traitor myself." He boast in pretending to make a perfect excuse of events that played out only with a change of the truth: a perfect cover to give him face.

"So, This Is How Valua Treats It's People…" A voice belonging to a male is heard angrily protesting the actions he has bare witness from Alfonso.

"What?!" Alfonso yelped to turn behind him of who dared speak out against him.

It was revealed to be Vyse stood nearby with his right hand holding a cutlass behind his back and the left hand wielding the other cutlass behind it. Aika was behind Vyse while holding the unconscious girl's hand as she lay on the floor. The two Rogues had arrived in the nick of time to secure the girl while having watch such a scene done by Alfonso.

"Now that we've taken control of your ship, we'll be taking the girl as well." Vyse explain how the Blue Rogues have secured both the ship and the girl for having seized everything aboard the vessel. "There's just one more thing I need to do." The boy issued in having a final matter to finish before they can call it a day. "Hah!" Then Vyse got into a battle ready position to stare furiously at Alfonso. "After seeing you kill an unarmed man in cold blood, I can't allow you to walk away from this. Draw your blade, Alfonso!" Vyse proclaim forth in wanting Alfonso to ready himself a battle, from seeing such a despicable inhuman act, the young Rogue won't let this Valuan escape so easily.

"Hah…" Alfonso exclaimed with an upset expression across his face. "An uncivilized Rogue such as yourself wants to challenge me?" Alfonso felt infuriated in being looked down by one of low social standings: taking a moment to calm down, Alfonso stood up & brush his long front hairlock in the air briefly to pose. "You aren't worth my effort, but perhaps you'd like to meet one of my pets." He address the manner in which he won't fight, but leave the Air Pirates to one of his pets to take care of. "Come, Antonio!" Alfonso held his right arm upwards in calling forth something by that name.

"STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!" Suddenly, there were loud stomps of heavy feet as they sounded like they were getting closer. "BASH!" Then a loud bash sound was heard, as the back doors & wall sides seem to have been hit by something really heavy. "POW!" Then with another powerful hit, sent the double metal frame doors flying.

"What?" Vyse reacted to turn his focus as he stares at the open door while Aika was with the unconscious girl to watch this in surprise too. "What is that thing?!" Vyse asked off in what sort of creature was coming.

"STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!" Then entering the scene with each heavy stomp until it stopped completely, was a creature that resembles an armored bull with large forward-pointing horns coming out of the shoulders. While it had brown fur and black hooves, the head had a brown furry texture. The armor was set as heavy hoof-boots, dangle chain ankles, even upper armor plating for the back and leg sides with the rear ones dangling drapes and the front ones dangling metal plates with the logo of Valua. Even the heads were covered on the upper parts to look like a triangle point while giving them eyesight to see.

"He's my personal war beast." Alfonso boasted in having introduce this creature to the Blue Rogues. "I was going to leave him here, but it seems I've found a use for him after all." The guy exclaimed in not showing he has no real attachment, but decided to use the war beast to aid the admiral. "Antonio! Trample the pests…and make their deaths as painful as possible." Alfonso gave the order for the beast to deal with the Blue Rogues.

"ROOOOOOOAAARRRRR!" Antonio soon rose upwards on it's hind legs while making a loud roar. "STOOOOOMP!" He soon made a heavy stomp on the ground after finishing it's battle cry.


Realizing of what was about to happen, Aika had to leave the unconscious girl to join Vyse. As a battle was about to begin, only this time it was not just easy Valuan Soldiers. They were about to face off against a real tough opponent.

"ROARRrrrrrr!/STOMP!" After Antonio was scrapping the ground, he lifted himself up to release a battle cry roar and stomps the ground with his heavy weight.

"Looks like we got a real challenge ahead of us?" Aika exclaim to Vyse on the foe they are facing is a little tougher.

"Right, but that doesn't mean we can't overcome it." Vyse nods his firm head while focusing on facing the War Beast. "Haahh!/SLASH!" Then Vyse took a mighty swing of his cutlass that released a Sword Beam wave.

"TAP!" The attack managed to hit Antonio's flesh, but it seem like only a tiny damage amount was hardly felt. "Urrrgh!?" The War Beast roared in feeling annoyed by the pathetic attempt.

"Watch out! It's gonna attack!" Vyse warns Aika of what was coming their way.

"THRusvhmmm…/AAaahhh!?" Antonio opened it's mouth which fired off bolts of lightning that impacted and dealt small damage to the boy.

"Vyse! You okay?" Aika asked in checking to see how the guy was fairing from enduring that attack.

"A little shocked, but good? If this thing's from Valua, it might be the type to use Yellow Magic." Vyse exclaimed in having said he was alright while studying this War Beast. "I'm gonna try to Focus, built up my strength. Guard yourself if he attacks." He instructs the girl in what she should do during this time.

"Roger!" Aika replied as she put up her Guard now.

"HAaaaaaahhh…." Vyse was focusing his energy to rise up, trying to prepare something.

"Hehehe….a useless struggle." Alfonso lightly taunts at the pirates for struggling in vain. "Antonio Attack! Use Thunder Of Fury!" He held an arm out in giving a command for the beast to unleash it's special move.

Without warning, Antonio was charging two yellow balls of energy around the two horns. "THOUSvhmm…" Then unleashed a powerful yellow lightning surge across the field.

"AAahhh!?/WAAaaugh!?" Vyse and Aika yelped as they were knocked across the deck.

"Ugh, man if I wasn't defending, that would have been bad?" Aika exclaim in feeling herself a bit sore from that move, her skin feels like it's become slightly static-like. "Vyse, you took a bad blow, you still okay?" She asked in seeing the guy took it much worse then she did.

"Yeah, but that really took out half my Health. A few more attacks like that, and we be sunk?" Vyse exclaim to say this much after having realized how strong the War Beast is.

"So what now?" Aika asked the guy in how they can take down something that big and heavy on defense.

"As it so happens, I've saved up enough Focus to unleash it!" Vyse smiled in revealing he has an ace in the hole he can try out.

"Wait, you mean your S-Move!?" Aika exclaim in realizing the guy was gonna unleash a Special Move.

"The very same! Been practicing enough to get the hang of it." Vyse smiled secretly in wanting to try that new move out for a while.

"Alright, then show us what you got!" Aika grins in wanting to see what Vyse was gonna dish out here.

"What are you two talking about?" Alfonso raise an eyebrow in seeing the two pirates chat to one another for a few minutes.

"Just watch!" Vyse proclaim in getting himself ready now.

"Hmm?" Alfonso felt puzzled, what was the pirate boy going to do here.

"HAAAAAAHHHHH!" Without warning, Vyse channeled a large surge of energy made his entire surroundings seem like a rush. Vyse's dual cutlasses begin to glow in a translucent manner. "HA!" Then he rushes up on Antonio while unleashing a battle cry. "SLASH! SLASH!...SLASH!...SLASH!" Vyse soon delivered strikes twice with each weapon, then finally jumping high into the air. "CUTLASS FURY!" Vyse announced his signature move to come down for a final blow with both weapons. "POWWFRUVHHMMmm…." Vyse dropped down delivering a powerful cutting blow against Antonio's defenses.

"Urrrraggh!?" Antonia flinched from the damage, it was a heavier blow that dealt some actual minor damage to lower the War Beast's Health to kneel a bit.

"Unreal!? That Air Pirate actually managed to have dealt some physical damage?" Alfonso protest in seeing this before his eyes, that some low-commoner had dealt damage to a War Beast. "Antonio! Assess Damage!" He instructs the beast in what it needs to do to not underestimate it's opponents.

Antonio managed to slowly push himself up from kneeling while accessing the damage given to it.

"Grrr…it's got some strong hid defense? Looks like your Special Move was the best we got." Aika growls in seeing that none of their regular attacks are doing anything, only a Special Move has enough force to penetrate that defense. "Think you can give it a few more whacks?" She asked Vyse to keep giving a few more hard hits like that.

"Used a lot of stamina. I need more time to gather enough strength to pull off that move." Vyse exclaim that the move he used cost a lot of stamina and needs time to charge it up. "For now, be on your Guard!" He asked Aika to be extra careful and guard against whatever comes at them.

"Enough stalling! Antonia – Thunder Of Fury!" Alfonso protest in giving his War Beast the order to attack once more.

Antonio heard the order to once again, begin charging electrical spheres by the two shoulder horns. "THOUSvhmm…" After rising upwards and stomping, fired another powerful lightning surge right at the pirates.

"GRRRrr…." Vyse and Aika managed to use their weapons to block most the of the attack, but still suffered some injury.

"Ugh, that one felt really unpleasant? So anymore bright ideas?" Aika groans a bit before seeing if Vyse had anymore ideas they can try.

"Listen, I'll get it's attention, you use an Item to help recover our injuries." Vyse explain the best method to keep themselves in the game.

"Shouldn't I use Magic instead?" Aika suggested a better idea of using what she can cast to help them out.

"No, best to save that for later, trust me!" Vyse inform the girl to not use up any magic spells and to keep it as a reserve use only.

"Okay Vyse, let's try this - Sacri Crystal!" Aika reach into her pouch, then held something up that shine like a bright colorful light.

A green light of particles surrounds Vyse, as he felt a sudden healing effect come over him. His injuries from before were slowly lifted and was back to full Health.

"Drat! Apparently they came prepared to heal themselves. They're like roaches, very hard to squash!?" Alfonso clutch his fist in annoyance at how these Blue Rogues are not going down without a struggle. "Antonio – Thunder Of Fury!" He gave another order for the War Beast to fire it's strongest attack.

Receiving the order, Antonio position himself while charging the electric spheres on the edge of it's horns. "THOUSvhmm…" And then from lifting upwards to a heavy stomp, fires a powerful jolt of lightning

"Uaagh!?" Vyse just managed to survive that blast by reacting to guard and take a small amount of damage.

"Vyse!?" Aika cried out in seeing if the guy was ready after enduring that move.

"Just a little more, Guard yourself!" Vyse stated in wanting Aika to not break off what they got going on to endure the attacks before fighting back.

Just then without warning, Antonio turn to focus his aim at Aika. The War Beast fires a jolt of lightning attack not as powerful as the Thunder Of Fury.

"Nrrrr…" Aika just barley managed to withstood the War Beast's attack on her, be it brute force or brutish magical attacks, it's no easy picnic.

"Hang in there Aika! I'm ready now!" Vyse called out in having built up enough charge now.

"Good, cause I'm done keeping this thing distracted!" Aika snapped before leaping out of the way as Antonio turns to stare at what Vyse was up to.

"HAAAAAAHHHHH!" At that moment, Vyse channeled another large surge of energy that made his surroundings seem like a rush. His dual cutlasses glow in a translucent manner once more. "HA!" Then he rushes up on Antonio while unleashing a battle cry. "SLASH! SLASH!...SLASH!...SLASH!" Vyse soon delivered strikes twice with each weapon, then finally jumping high into the air. "CUTLASS FURY!" Vyse announced his signature move to come down for a final blow with both weapons. "POWWFRUVHHMMmm…." Vyse dropped down delivering a powerful cutting blow against Antonio's defenses.

"GRRrruarrough!?" Antonio yelps from feeling a stronger pain that happened on it's outer skin from that attack: like it's now on half it's Health stat.

"What's wrong Antonio!? These pirates should be easy for you!? Attack!" Alfonso protest in seeing his War Beast continue to struggle beating down some nobody Air Pirates.

Hearing the order, Antonio pushed upwards to tackle Aika, but luckily the girl used her boomerang to take the hit as an acting shield.

"HAH!" Then Aika performed a Counter Attack to deal a slight tiny damage to the War Beast. "Darn! It's still not enough?" She cursed in seeing that even doing counterattacks only surmount to a little damage with their little strength when against a foe with higher defense.

"We just gotta hang in there Aika, go Defensive and Guard against it's attacks." Vyse issued in knowing they can't give in just yet.

At that time, Antonio prepared another range attack by firing lightning at the duo. But they managed to Guard against it in the nick of time.

"HAH!" Then in response, Vyse managed to launch a Counter Attack by firing another Sword Beam strike from a distance: dealing a good amount of damage.

"Don't just take their attacks! Attack Back!" Alfonso protest in losing his patience, Antonio shouldn't be having this hard a time and yet the War Beast is barely keeping it's ground.

Antonio heard the order to stomp around before he spotted Aika and dealt a tackle blow. Aika managed to Guard herself but still felt much of that attack wounded her.

"Anytime Now Vyse!?" Aika called out in needing Vyse to hurry it up a notch.

"Alright, I'm ready!" Vyse replied in having regain enough to perform the S-Move now.

"Antonio! Stop them!" Alfonso shouted in not wanting this foe to perform that which can hurt the War Beast.

At that moment, Antonio cuts into Vyse by tackling the guy during his moment to focus on his S-Move.

"Ah…?" Vyse groans from having just endure that attack to not lose his focus.

"Vyse!?" Aika cried out in seeing the guy was in trouble, but she was about to be proven wrong.

"HAAAAAAHHHHH!" However, Vyse managed to still channeled a large surge of energy while the surroundings were rushing. The dual cutlasses glow into a translucent manner like before. "HA!" Then he rushes up on Antonio while unleashing yet another battle cry. "SLASH! SLASH!...SLASH!...SLASH!" Vyse soon delivers his strikes twice with each weapon, then finally jumps high into the air. "CUTLASS FURY!" Vyse announced his signature move as he comes down for a final blow with both weapons. "POWWFRUVHHMMmm…." Vyse drops in delivering a powerful cutting blow against Antonio's defenses again.

"URRAaorraghhh…." Antonio felt that blow was serious enough to drop down on his knees, it's down to about 25% of Health remaining.

"Hey, you alright there?" Aika checked to make sure Vyse was still in this.

"Been better. If I lost focus from that, we wouldn't have made much progress." Vyse crack a smile as he was not likely the one to give in after that.

"Grrrr….at this rate I'll have lost to a couple of small-size Air Pirates younger then me. This will really ruin my image." Alfonso growls under his breath in seeing that at this rate, he'll have lost against Air Pirates like these to ruin one's image rather then some older adult-like pirates. "I'll have to resort to other matters. Antonio, get up and show them NO MERCY!" He gave into some thought before commanding the War Beast to rise up again.

Antonio struggled to pick it's self up but seem very hard, it's almost running low on steam. The Blue Rogues put up their Guard for the attack that was coming. Soon Antonio was trying to charge up it's horns with the same electric spheres without stopping. "THOUSvhmm…" That's when after lifting it's legs to stomp forward, unleashed a turret of lightning across the field.

"Urrrrgh!?" Vyse and Aika managed to endure the attack, just enough to cut the damage down a little.

"That's it! Show no Mercy!" Alfonso gave the order to have his War Beast continued while he slowly prepares to put his other plan into action. "Hit them again! Another Thunder Of Fury!" He gave the order once more before slowly slipping away during the distraction.

Antonio seem a bit exhausted, but it obeyed it's orders. The War Beast channels the electric power around it's horns, making them extra strong. "THOUSvhmm…" And once again fires a strong electric jolt across the area.

"Urrrragh!?/Aaarh!" Aika and Vyse used their Guard to defend against the attack, but the damage still hurt them some bit.

"ROOOOARRRR!" Antonio let off an angry roar as it tackled against Aika as she defended the War Beast tackle: but this time, he was pressing the redhead with sheer weight class.

"VYSE! I'M NOT SURE…HOW MUCH I CAN HOLD ON!?" Aika screamed out as she was literally fighting the bull by the horn, and it's cutting it WAY too close of them horns near her face.

"Hang on Aika! I'm gonna try something!" Vyse called out to his friend while getting himself ready. "Moons Give Me Strength!" Then his body was emitting a blue glow, as magical energy surrounds him: he was charging himself up.

"Hehehe…" At this time, Alfonso managed to slip through as he was creeping around towards Vyse's blind spot. "Focusing all your strength might give you just the edge, but…Leaves you vulnerable!" Alfonso pulled out his rapier, preparing to deal a fatal blow to the young Blue Rogue.

"VYSE! WATCH OUT!" Aika shouted in staring in horror of what was about to happen to her friend.

Antonio was about to attack during Vyse's unguarded blind spot, it almost seem like the end. But without warning, yellow energy waves shaped like crescent beams were shot down to cause Alfonso to yelp and evade the destructive attack that cut in the middle.

"Wah-What!?" Alfonso yelped from knowing Aika was detain by Antonio while Vyse was unguarded, so where did this attack come from.

The answer came from the loading hanger chamber on top of metal stair rails by a door entrance. A strange figure was seen of much mystery because of how they dressed. Wearing a single black leather hooded coat, plainly adorned with a silver zipper and seemingly pointless silver beaded pull strings for the hood that form a semi-circle in the middle. Underneath it were hakama-esque black pants and knee-high silver trimmed boots. Sporting on short black leather gloves that end at the wrists. The hem is a bit well opened like an oval, and the cloak's sleeves are slightly bell-shaped. He was seen carrying what was a large double-sided crescent shaped blade with a handle located in the middle, plus it functions to expand the top large blade and short blade for some purpose.

"Wait, Zexion!?" Aika exclaimed in surprise in surprise in seeing who came out to help them. "When did you get here?" She asked while still keeping the War Beast from puncturing her with it's horns with her boomerang against it's head while using a spare foot to kick the face a bit.

"I've been watching." A voice belonging to a young male was heard stating an obvious answer. "And seems like I catch one Admiral about to perform a low stab in the back motion while someone is trying to fully concentrate. Not a wise move on either's part." He sounds a bit talkative, and sounds like he exhibits a scholar-like persona.

"I don't know who you are! But your little save won't matter!" Alfonso protest in not about to let someone else ruin his victory. "Antonio! Thunder Of Fury!" He points above for the War Beast to attack the black cloak figure.

At that time, Antonio pulls away which gave Aika a chance to slip away, as the War Beast channels electric spheres on the horns. "THOUSvhmm…" It raised upwards to stomp while aiming to fire the attack at the upper target. "Trupsvhm…" But without warning, a black wave of darkness came from beneath Zexion as it envelops him. "Brispvhmm…" Afterwards after becoming a black oval mass, by the time the attack struck, the substance vanished completely along with Zexion.

"Wah-Wah!? That's….not possible!? He couldn't have evaded that attack and just vanish?" Alfonso was utterly appalled by such unheard action.

"The answer is simple?/TRuspvhmm…" A voice was heard before the same dark wave appeared beneath the floor to rise upwards behind the admiral.

"Hah!?" Alfonso yelps to stare in horror of what appeared.

"CLASH!" Then Alfonso reacted fast because a blade clashed with his rapier, as Zexion appeared out of the strange black flowing substance that disappeared afterwards.

"I came through something call the Corridor Of Darkness, a pathway formed out through the use of certain dark magic to travel from one place to another." Zexion explained the ability he used to travel from one place to another instantly.

"Dark Magic, but there's no Magic that involves such a color of the existing six?" Alfonso gasped upon hearing this to feel uncertain of such existing magic. "Hugh, unless the color of Magic befitting darkness was of a Black type, which mean's that you're…?" The guy was shock upon slowly realizing the truth of just who it was he was facing.

When there was wind blowing, the hood blew off to reveal a young man underneath it. The one called Zexion had ha bright aqua colored eyes, though only his left one is clearly visible, the right one being covered by his long, layered bangs. He has dark blue-black hair, sports messy bangs that completely cover the right side of his face, reaching about an inch or two past his chin. On the left side, his bangs, though still rather long, are shorter than the right side, partially covering his ear. A few strands of hair fall over the exposed section of his face. The back of the hair is quite a bit shorter than the front area.

"Of course! You're a Darcsen! The Dark Hair is proof of an indigenous race many call the Curse People!?" Alfonso exclaim in shock and annoyance to see he's standing before those that are the lowest of the low.

"I wouldn't say that when you're up against one of those very same Curse People." Zexion remarked as he put pressure on his blade to push Alfonso until he made a move to knock him backwards to wobble a bit.

"Grrr…" Alfonso lets off a low growl of annoyance, before quickly rushing away. "ANOTONIO! STRIKE THIS DARSCEN PLAGUE!" Alfonso shouted while he was making his escape from such an opponent.

"ARRRrughhh!?" Antonio roared as it was seen charging for Zexion who saw it coming.

"Hmph!?" Then without warning, Vyse rushed in front of Zexion with a sly smile. "Not so fast!" Vyse announced as he had finally finished his preparations.

"Yeah! Give it to him Vyse!" Aika cheered in seeing that Vyse was finally ready.

"HAAAAAAHHHHH!" At that very moment, Vyse channels the largest surge of energy while the surroundings were rushing faster now. The dual cutlasses glow into a translucent manner in response to his effort. "HA!" Then he rushes up on Antonio while unleashing yet another battle cry. "SLASH! SLASH!...SLASH!...SLASH!" Vyse soon delivers his strikes twice with each weapon, then finally jumps high into the air. "CUTLASS FURY!" Vyse announced his signature move as he comes down for a final blow with both weapons. "POWWFRUVHHMMmm…." Vyse drops in delivering the final powerful cutting blow against Antonio's defenses while stopping it's charge.

"URRRaugh…" Antonio made another cry as the last bit of it's Health drops down completely.

"It's over." Zexion silently muttered in watching this scene play out.

"GROOUUARRRrruughhh!?" Without warning, Antonio made a loud screeching cry while it was engulf in flames. "BASH!/Urrroough!?" Then the mighty war beast fell downwards on the ground, completely beaten to the point of being defeated.

"YEAH!" Aika pumped up her arms to cheer with a big happy smile across her face: they won!

With the major battle over, Vyse and Aika soon obtain their Rewards. The young Blue Rogues had received enough Battle Experience that they felt their Levels Rise-Up: Lv.3. That same feeling was there, as their Health was risen up: , followed by one's own Power, Vigor and Will: in comparison, everyone had the same Power raise up, but Aika was ahead of Vyse in Vigor and Will. Vyse and Aika again didn't receive anything from Agile, but got more Quick with the girl having more then the boy. And then there came the Rewards: more Red and Green Stones, an managed to obtain a Moonberry item, and 165 Golds.



"Bah!" Then all eyes fell upon Alfonso, who was seen aboard a small Valuan Mechanical Life-Boat vessel. "Perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye." He remarks in having underestimated these pirates for defeating his War Beast. "Well, Vyse of the Blue Rogues…You will rue this day…the day you and your Darcsen friend stood against the Valuan Empire." He spoke forth in making this announcement towards the one that dare to oppose him. "We shall meet again." Alfonso made this final statement of until they meet again someday.

With enough said, Alfonso began to activate the Valuan Life-Boat's propeller system which was making the whole thing move. Vyse and Aika tried to run up to stop the fleeing admiral, but it was too late. Alfonso' little boat was faster to fly off the loading spot to escape the scene.

"Augh!" Vyse stopped at the edge of the open hatch platform to hold up his arm; groaning to curse that such a villain got away.

"You Coward!" Aika later stops near Vyse as she yelled this out to Alfonso who was miles away. "What kind of a commander sacrifices his own men and his ship to run from a fight?" She complained in seeing Alfonso's character was very much like a selfish-arrogant-snobbish noob who only cared about his own interest rather then others and duty.

"Isn't it obvious?" Then the two turn to see Zexion slowly walking to approach them. "This was an enemy who has not seen much real-life experience. Compared with the typical types who are more professional in both strategy and field combat. This one was lacking and only had self-interest." The guy explained much of Alfonso's character from a brief view of the guy.

"Heh, guess your right about that." Aika shrug off to agree in knowing Alfonso is all bark and no bite. "Well, even though he was a coward, he was a coward with gold…" Aika smiled in commenting that Alfonso was a waste of space, him being loaded with lots of treasure can make up for it; especially for pirates to steal.

"True…I suppose that the ship and everything on it officially belong to us now." Vyse turns to smile at Aika in agreeing on a fair point of obtaining a huge haul.

"We haven't had a catch this big for quite some time! The people back home are going to be impressed." Aika exclaimed in knowing when they return, everyone back home will be amazed on what they scored.

"Was that before or after you forgot to include a second enemy that would take a chance to strike while your guard was down and Aika was not able to act fast enough to help?" Zexion pointed out the logical errors in how Vyse and Aika were doing in that battle.

"Hey now! I like to see YOU get a Big Behemoth off your back!?" Aika protest angrily at what she was being told here about doing better against a War Beast. "You could have aided us, you know?" She cross her arms to pout that Zexion should have partook in the whole thing.

"The Captain request I keep an eye on you, he had faith in your abilities." Zexion explain himself that he watch to see how fair the duo would do. "But if you were in over your head like now, then that would require my intervention." He explain the other part in where he have to get involve should things become too much for the two.

"Ah-ha, I guess there's no way out of that one, hugh? Maybe a little more training would be helpful to prepare against such an encounter." Vyse slightly smiled to sheepishly rub his back head in admitting they should have been more prepared.

"Hugh, once again Vyse, you take things in a very little sense of the manner." Zexion signed in seeing how Vyse was only able to pay attention to faults after they occurred.

"Well, either way of whatever faults we gotta fix, we win in the end. Score a big load! And all is well." Aika smiled in seeing that in the end, they were victorious.

"Perhaps, but maybe not for everyone?" Zexion stated to say in having to mention a small detail fact.

After enjoying their succession of obtaining a big load of riches, the young Blue Rogues turn to stare at the unconscious girl in question. Unpon close examination, she appears like a beautiful girl no older then 17 years old with a curvy figure, pale skin, and short blonde hair. Wearing an ankle-length sleeveless white dress slit up each side to nearly halfway up the thigh for mobility, white tights and boots with gold cuffs, sleeves which stay at mid-arm despite no visible means of support. As for accessories there were blue color pendent earrings, and a gold headband from which depends a gauzy cream veil that covers her collar-length hair. There's a triangular cutout in the dress at the top of the chest area. There were arcane markings on the girl's forehead and shoulders, of unknown origin and purpose.

"Oh right! The hostage that Alfonso was taking with him!?" Vyse exclaimed in almost having forgotten about this one.

"Wow, during the whole War Beast, we nearly forgot about her?" Aika scratch her head from almost letting this one slip pass, but then again it's understand when fighting for your life. "And look at this girl. I've never seen anyone dressed like that before." Aika exclaimed in studying the mystery girl's outfit to know it's something not seen even by Air Pirates who travel and see many things.

"You're right. She sure doesn't look like she's from around here." Vyse stated in agreeing with Aika on her thoughts on the mystery girl being from somewhere very faraway. "I wonder why Valua was trying to kidnap this girl in the first place." Vyse question Valua's motive, going through the trouble of just one person; but why?

"Hmm…I wonder where she's from…" Aika question the sleeping girl's origin, thinking that could enlighten them.

"Let me take a closer examination." Zexion stated as he kneels down to check the unconscious girl.

"Oh right! You got that little ability of yours, um…what's it's name?" Aika stated in trying to recall Zexion has something that's very useful in knowing somethings.

"It's called Dark Divination, grants me insight into a question or situation via the Black Magic I use. I can use it to see the future, the present, even the past." Zexion explained what his ability can do for him that will provide aid for one's useful ability.

As Zexion focused, the eye seen turn black with only a white pupil in the center. Then flashes of black and white within a vortex are seen, as if one wants to see what's at the end of the tunnel vision. Then images began to show of the girl's capture and using a ship for travel. But then a bright white blur erupts the scene, causing one to be pushed back into the vortex before returning to reality.

"Ugh!?" Zexion yelps to stand up while looking back down at the unconscious girl again: his eye color return to normal.

"What did you see?" Vyse asked what his friend was able to make out.

"I…couldn't see it?" Zexion shook his head lightly from not being able to tell. "This girl's magic aura, it's reacting oddly to me. It appears we'll have to take her with us and await her awakening." He was very uncertain of why his ability didn't work, this was strange and he didn't have the answer for it.

"Alright, need some help?" Aika smiled in thinking they should carry the girl out.

"No need, I'll call my own helpers." Zexion held a hand up to kindly refuse while preparing the scene. "Moons Give Me Strength – Black Soldiers: Infantry!" He channeled a magical force gathered around him before announcing the name.

Then something began to happen as Zexion's shadow was seen expanding through the channel of his magic. Then slowly, a shadowy figure was emerging before it slowly took the form of something. It's appearance was almost like a black knight equipped with a full set of armor, plus a helmet and a cape while wielding a weapon: a sword. The only extra feature was the bright blue color of magical aura glowing on the lines of the armor, the helmet's eye-sight, even release a blue aura flowing off the body almost like blue flames of sorts.

"I see, this one was just recent until the battle started. Poor thing." Zexion exclaimed in having sense what this shadow base knight was feeling. "Know that you can serve a better purpose now, please, help the girl. Be gentle." He asked that this new soldier aid in helping the girl up.

With the order received, the Black Soldier Infantry kneels down to carry the unconscious girl in a bridal style. As Zexion was leading them out, Vyse and Aika were taking up the rear.

"Man, no matter how many times I see that, it can really scare one's sense of what just happened?" Aika whispered this to Vyse in seeing what Zexion did that really catches one's eye.

"Black Soldiers, Zexion said they are the souls of the departed lost in the darkness. And that he can summon them forth to take the shape of what they were like but more evolved." Vyse stated in having recalled what type of magic ability Zexion uses to summon creatures. "And he said recently from the battle, which means one thing that comes to mind…" The guy pointed out in reminding Aika of who just recently died.

"That soldier that was thrown off!? But, compared to back then and the one now makes them look totally different?" Aika exclaim in feeling like the Vice Captain that perished by Alfonso was now summoned as something entirely different.

"Right, you and I have seen certain animals he's summoned that we fought with the crew during other adventures. They almost look the same, but adapted into new creatures from the shadows. But it's possible that if they were human beings then it's almost the same." Vyse stated to explain how be it an animal or human, those summon through the shadows will take on an appearance different from normal types.

"Well, if others saw that, they know right away of who Zexion is." Aika exclaimed in how folks would react in seeing such dark magic that they know right away, that Zexion was a Darcsen. "But hey, let's not get discourage, after all, this is suppose to be a victory!" The girl exclaimed in knowing that they shouldn't let such things distract them from the current agenda.

"Alright, lets stick together and meet up with my dad." Vyse smiled with eagerness to not lose sight of things.

"You mean the Captain!" Aika smiled to remind Vyse about what his father said when on active duty.

"Hah, yeah, forgot, active duty." Vyse sheepishly smiled to rub his back head for letting that slip his mind.

With everything settled, the Air Pirates continue to make their way back to the crew. The scene begins to fad out from here, but none know of what's coming. For the unconscious girl that was found may lead to an even bigger adventure then Vyse and his friends could have ever imagine.

NOTES: Zexion is an OC made by the VISION-KING. Inspired by the same character from Kingdom Hearts series but with his personality he showed later in the series. Plus his hair color will be different from the original. His weapon is base on one used by the Duke Org Zen Aku from Power Rangers Wild Force.

Corridor Of Darkness is a special travel magic from Kingdom Hearts to travel from world to world, only it'll be from place to place, and limited to areas one has been to the first time while continuing to grow, etc.

The Darcsen Race are from Valkyrie Chronicles series, and had main characters from Skies Of Arcadia appear as additional members.

The Shadow Soldiers ability is similar to one with the same name used by Sun Jin-Woo from Solo Leveling series.

*Noted Facts:

*The Darcsen Race will play a role in this story of existing characters related to the Black Moon Civilization. As from the actual Skies Of Arcadia, there was evidence of a Black Moon, but nothing about it's people or the Black Magic Spells they used. Further along the story's progress will reveal more things of their history.

*Black Magic is something that should exist if there was evidence of a Black Moon. However, it will be explain on what is Black Magic and it has ties to the Darcsen Civilization. Followed by Black Moonstones, and about if there was the existence of a Black Moon Crystal and the Gigas that goes with it.

*Zexion will act like an additional member to the Main Heroes, partaking in battles, acting like the responsible one to use a bit of both brain and brawn fighting styles. (Picture his role almost like Riku being the oldest of Sora and Kari from Kingdom Hearts series)

Well I hoped many found this to be quite a sight to behold. It's my first time, but I shall make it feel like we're seeing the RPG style. Not to mention, this is the start to a whole new beginning of not knowing what adventures and events we'll find. Speaking of which, here's what's coming up in the next chapter. Vyse's group learn from the awaken girl her name is Fina, and she learns she's aboard an Air Pirate ship. But there's no reason to fear good pirates which are the Blue Rogues. And soon during their travels arrive at the home base called Pirate Island. Here one will see the daily life everyone experiences that's fun, enjoyable, and plenty of other events on a daily time for active Air Pirates. What'll happen next? Best stay tune to find out…