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Chapter 02: Welcome, To Pirate Island


The scene opens to a strange white looking room. There were strange black line patterns on the edge portions that were vertical and between the floor in a horizontal style. On the black lines were strange symbols that suggest it's a native language. There were two hexagon-shape seats that resemble pots, even a flower pot which had light turquoise theme flowers growing in it that was set on a half oval-shape table embedded to the wall corner. The only thing that stuck out was a strange bald-headed patch doll wearing a red outfit with yellow shoes. Bit the biggest was a monitor screen displaying the stars in outer space, even the planet below followed by what seem like a spaceship hovering above. There's no question that this place, was like an advance environment of the future…

"This place…" A female voice was heard speaking as if recognizing the area. "Am I…Am I home?" The female asked in puzzlement in looking around, recognizing the place she called home to her.

"Fina…" Then an unknown male voice was heard speaking to the unseen female.

The scene flash to change to a new location. Some kind of chamber with two hexagon shape items that released blue flames to illuminate the area. The most surprising thing was the area was style like a meeting chamber, and above were some white 6 sided gemstone placed above each wall in the area.

"Fina…" The same male voice was heard addressing the girl by her name. "You…replace…Rani…the…Moon…" The words were a bit fuzzy and slow, but it appear to be a matter of urgency.

"Elder…" The female spoke forth in addressing the voice of the leading elder within this meeting.

"However, watch…yourself….do not…allow…trust…" The one called Elder gave the girl a warning to be advise.

"Elder…" The girl called out to the Elder once more…

Everything began to turn dark, as the scenery that was occurring was soon fading away.

"How is she, Vyse?" Then Aika's voice was heard within the darkness.

"Hmm…her breathing's more regular now. I think she'll be alright." Vyse's voice was heard in studying how the results are looking.

"Hey, you two…?" Zexion's voice was heard as if sounding a bit strict…


The scene slowly shows the blurriness fading and things become clear. That's when we see Aika and Vyse looking down at something. The red-haired girl was smiling while the boy seem puzzled yet curious. As they saw someone who was waking up at this time.

"Hey!" Aika happily spoke in greeting the sleeping person.

"Hugh!?" The girl that was awaken gasped in surprise.

"Look! She's coming to…" Aika stated that the girl was coming around now.

"Best you give her some room to get up." Then Aika and Vyse turn to see Zexion leaning behind the corner by the door in reminding them about personal space for a patient.

"Hmmm, come on. Let's give her some space." Vyse nods before nodding to Aika to allow the girl some room.

Slowly Vyse and Aika back away from a wooden bed with white sheets. It was there that the mystery girl in question was in a bed to rise up while still under the covers. She held her hands together with worry, as she looked around the strange room she was in. Everything was made of wood, a wooden nightstand beside her bed had a bronze cup and a tea pot. But the girl was mostly concern with where she was, and more importantly, who was she with. She saw Vyse and Aika by the bed, but she seem more surprise that by the corner to the door, was Zexion who had his hood up to conceal his face while wearing his cloak.

"Wh…where am I?" The girl asked a bit worried of where she ended up.

"You're aboard our ship, the Albatross." Vyse was the first to answer the girl's question. "I'm Vyse." That's when Vyse points to himself with a relief and proud smile to introduce himself. "Don't worry, there aren't any Valuan troops around, so you'll be safe here." He assured the girl that she was safe compared to where she was before.

"Y…yes. Um…thank you very much." The girl was a bit shutter while giving thanks to what she can vaguely remember before being unconscious.

"Haha…you don't need to thank us!" Aika was heard laughing proudly and happily as the girl turns to see the red-hair. "The Blue Rogues are always there to help people!" Aika proudly pats her chest in describing the privilege of the Blue Rogues. "Haha…" She let off a laugh to give a wink to assure the girl all was well. "My name is Aika. It's nice to meet you." As Aika talked, the girl in bed stared at her in puzzlement of one so positive and full of energy. "Hey, could you tell us your name?" She went ahead to ask for the girl in bed's name.

"She hasn't even had time after waking up, and you're already asking for personal information?" Zexion remarks in seeing Aika was not aware that the girl woke up to find herself in such a strange place.

"Hey!? It's called being friendly? Why don't you introduce yourself?" Aika protest in liking to see how well Zexion does it.

"If I must…" Zexion shook his head at the lack of proper action. "It's Zexion." He simply just went ahead with no more then two words.

"Aha, don't worry about him. So what's your name anyway?" Vyse lightly laughs to rub his backhead while looking to see what the new girl could tell them, mostly of her name.

"My name…" The girl replied puzzled by the question for a moment. "My name is Fina." She answered in presenting her name to those here.

When the girl now revealed as Fina mention her name, it did strike some attention towards those in the room. Mostly it was the guys in the room, because the name was strange since it's not one they come across so often. Before Zexion could say something, Vyse thought of the right thing to say in this situation.

"Fina, huh? It's a great name…it's so…so feminine." Vyse replied off that gave some encouragement to Fina having a name that suits her well.

"R…really? You think so?" Fina muttered a bit surprise, she never heard anyone compliment her name.

"Geez, you try and compliment someone…And nothing…No reaction whatsoever." Vyse raise an eyebrow in feeling like he said something fantastic, and this Fina girl hardly respond in feeling flatter.

"Ahahaha!" Aika was seen laughing out loud at the action occurring here. "Vyse, that wasn't much of a compliment. Looks like you have a lot to learn about women." She laughs off in how Vyse really had no way of knowing that would have worked out.

"And would you be one to teach him?" Zexion exclaim from nearby in what Aika was referring.

"Wha!? Who-WHO SAID I WOULD!?" Aika yelped in feeling flustered by such a question.

"Well, we both know Aika is not like what other women are like?" Vyse shrug off his shoulders in knowing Aika was more different then most other women.

"Geez, you guys!?" Aika signed with feeling like her tomboy behavior is not much what proper women are like.

"Hahahah….?" Fina covered her mouth to stop an urge to giggle at such a funny display between these people.

"Still, where are you from, exactly?" Zexion asked the next question that probably had been on his mind.

"Woah Zexion, and you say we're being pushy here?" Aika raise an eyebrow in seeing that was overstepping things a bit, Fina just woke up.

"I'm only asking because she may wish to return to them. After all that happen, she must miss home." Zexion explain the logical viewpoint to help someone if they were taken from their home.

"Home, well…I don't really know if I can get back home yet?" Fina expressed caution in knowing she can't go back as of yet.

"I see…well it's lucky that we Air Pirates got to you when you seem in trouble." Vyse lightly nods while glad that they helped someone out in need of saving.

"Um…excuse me, but I have a question." Fina looked to the group with a very puzzled expression. "What exactly is an Air…Air Pirate?" She went ahead to ask for clarification on the subject she knows little about.

When Fina said this, Vyse, Aika, and even Zexion looked to one another with either stump blinking eyes or a raise eyebrow. To hear that question out of the blue, it's as if the very name of 'Air Pirates' was a new vocabulary.

"What? You were out sailing all by yourself and you don't even know what Air Pirates are?" Aika asked off completely baffled that Fina didn't know something that was common knowledge.

"Oh…I…" Fina yelped upon realizing what she said cause attention. "I'm sorry…it's my first time traveling." Fina expressed an innocent claim that she just started to travel and was not aware of such things.

"First time traveling?" Zexion seem to feel a bit intrigue to raise an eyebrow underneath his hood. "Sounds like wherever you're from, news about the world doesn't get around?" He found it strange, was Fina living a shelter life and was truly unaware of such events.

"I suppose, you could say that. Yes…" Fina slightly replied in answering the question as best she could.

"Basically, Air Pirates are sailors that attack other ships and steal their cargo." Vyse explained the basic topic in what Air Pirates do is the usual pirate life-style of plundering goods off other ships.

"Attack?" Fina gasped to look at Vyse with worry, does that mean she's with such terrible Air Pirates.

"Hugh, Vyse, you should have phrase that under a better explanation. She may think we're what you described?" Zexion signed in seeing that Vyse needed to work out the proper order of details when explaining things that are told to young children to follow through without getting things mix up.

"Oh, um, sorry about that?" Vyse sheepishly smiled in seeing he made a little good now.

"Ahahaha…you don't have to worry about us." Aika laugh off the situation, knowing that Fina felt worried about who they were sounded scary. "We're 'Blue Rogues'." She smiled to happily mention what type of Air Pirates they are.

"Blue…Rogues?" Fina raise an eyebrow in hearing this name.

"See, Air Pirates are divided into two factions: the Blue Rogues and the Black Pirates." Aika explained about there existing two separate factions of Air Pirates. "The Black Pirates will attack anything in the sky…especially merchant vessels and unarmed ships." She explained how Black Pirates work is the actions that are truly more villainy to the pirate theme. "However, we Blue Rogues only take cargo from armed ships, especially the Imperial Armada."

"Yep. We rob from the rich and keep the gold." Vyse proudly pounds his chest with pride in stating their merry band of pirates life. "But, we use the gold to save people that need our help." The boy explained how what they take is what's stuff given to the poor folks in need. "That's why we helped you. Don't worry, we aren't trying to kidnap you or anything. Just relax and enjoy the trip." The guy smiled to assure Fina of who they are, pirates that help out people that need it.

"Um…sure." Fina slowly nods with a little smile across her face, feeling like she can believe that logic.

"If you still have doubts, then trust Vyse here." Zexion spoke up in addressing Fina to not doubt his friend here. "The way he shows it, he'll keep his friends safe and fight those he sees as enemies. He's very much simple to get to know."

"Ouch? I don't know if either to feel praise or insulted?" Vyse cringed slightly from having to deal with that kind of comment.

"Heheh, you really walked into that one." Aika laughs a little off to enjoy the moment.

"Vyse, Aika, Zexion…" Then nearby was some pipe tube that the voice belonging to Dyne was heard. "How long are you going to sit there chitchatting? Come to the bridge now." Dyne gave the order to those in the room to meet up on the bridge without delay.

"Oh no! I completely lost track of time!" Aika and Vyse looked surprised, as the red-hair girl clap her hands to her head when realizing they are late.

"Oh well…I guess that means we have to go." Vyse simply stated how time flies when having fun. "Alright Fina, we'll see you later! Try and get some rest." He turns to Fina in the bed in requesting she rest up to make a good recovery.

Soon Vyse and Aika rushed out of the room to go through the door without delay. But then Fina noticed that Zexion had not gone after the other two.

"Aren't you needed?" Fina asked in having believed everyone was summon.

"Yes, but I have my own way to travel." Zexion replied off with a calm exterior as he turns to walk off to the corner.

Without warning, Zexion had summoned the shadowy flame of energy to appear. Once it appeared, Zexion went through it and the Corridor Of Darkness simply vanished without a trace.

"Ah…that magic?" Fina gasped in having seen the Black Magic in action. "Could he have been…?" She was left completely astounded, if Zexion did that, it means she knows what he might be even under that hood.

Once everyone had left the room, the girl was left to her own thoughts. Fina seem to take in a deep breath before exhaling a sign. She opened her eyes in feeling so lost of where she ended up. The people here say they are pirates, but the good kind. And then there was Vyse and Aika who seem very friendly. And then there was Zexion, someone who's as mystery that can perform magic that she recognized. There is much to think about her situation…


After Vyse and Aika left Fina's room, they were within the wooden hallway of their ship. Just before they would meet up with the captain, they did a roll count to notice something was off.

"Hey!? Where did Zexion go?" Vyse raise an eyebrow in noticing they were a person short.

"Hugh? Oh I see, someone is trying to skip out doing work!" Aika noticed Zexion was missing and immediately made an assumption. "Come on, let's get him. The Captain wanted all THREE of us!" She told Vyse in knowing when all names are called by the Captain, unless one is sick and injured, there's no escuse.

Vyse yelped as Aika was pulling him to find someone that was not present. Knowing there was no reason to check on Fina, the duo check a different room next to them which was another rest area with a bed. Since no one was there, Aika had Vyse follow her towards the other side of the hallway to the next door that was available. They went towards one area that revealed a large supple stash of wooden crates, barrel, sacks, and a cannon with lanterns overhead.

"Hmm, is he hiding here?" Aika was checking the cannon and wooden crates, seeing if Zexion hid near any of them.

"It's full of ammunition. We're not allowed to take any without my dad's permission. He's very strict about things like that." Vyse explain to Aika that this was filled with their basic needs for combat battles, and his father doesn't want them messing around here.

"Okay, if Zexion's not here, then what about the barrels?" Aika

"No way. The barrel is stuffed with all sorts of preserved foods. It's important to eat right, especially on long voyages." Vyse shook his head in knowing the barrels are full of provisions when they go on long voyages on a ship.

"I guess your right? Besides, the guy's not here?" Aika scratch her back head in seeing no signs of Zexion. "Hey, maybe someone else saw where Zexion went." The girl thought up another plan that they could try.

Aika soon pulled Vyse out of the room into the open hallway. There the two spotted an adult man with red-brown hair tied into a ponytail, and had He was wearing an orange short-sleeve shirt, green cargo pants, gray boots, and brown fingerless gloves. He also had black belts with gold buckles strap around not just for the boots, but around the right leg, his waist with one overlapping the right shoulder, and a tiny one wrapped around the left arm-shoulder area. This was a fellow Blue Rogue known as 'Luke the Raider' among the crew.

"Hey, Vyse…" Luke the Raider called out in seeing Vyse walking out towards him. "That raid earlier was pretty good. It's been a while since we raided a Valuan ship." The guy felt proud of their big haul today.

"Yeah, it was. Speaking of which, what about…" Vyse was about to say but was cut off.

"If you're wondering what we did with the Valuans…Well, when they heard their "fearless leader" abandoned ship, they surrendered." Luke the Raider address the topic about what they did with the Valuan Soldiers that surrendered with no leader to guide them. "Captain Dyne just let them go, though. Well, AFTER we took their treasure, of course. And there was a lot of it!" He mention what became of the Valuan Soldiers that serve under Alfonso, they were let go while they kept the treasures.

"I'll say. It was a very big haul." Aika smiled in remembering how much they got from the Valuans on such a Battle Class Ship.

"Yes, but don't forget Aika. We'll take what we can, but only fight when we need to." Luke the Raider address forth the case on taking what they only need and not be all greedy about it. "That's what separates us Blue Rogues from the Black Pirates!" He explains the method that separates the valiant Blue Rogues from the Black Pirates that perform real acts of crime.

"Well said." Vyse smiles in knowing full well of what they do as Blue Rogues.

"Hey, you didn't happen to see Zexion, did you?" Aika then asked the main question that they needed an answer for.

"Him, he's probably gone to meet with the Captain." Luke the Raider ponders a bit before giving an answer.

"So much for your theory that he was hiding?" Vyse looked to Aika for having jump to the wrong conclusion.

"Urgh, come on!" Aika groans before she and Vyse walked pass Luke towards a wooden ladder at the end of the hallway.

"Alright…Who left this barrel here?" Vyse asked when they approach the ladder, spotted a wooden barrel in the way. "I swear…if my dad finds out, someone's going to be in big trouble." He stated in knowing how his father feels when someone doesn't do their duty properly.

"Oh sorry, I was just on break. I'll move it, you two better get going." Luke the Raider apologize to the youngsters as he was done with his break.

After Luke moved the barrel out of the way, Vyse and Aika quickly were climbing up the ladder with the former going first and then the latter. Reaching the top revealed the main center control bridge for the Albatross. It was well design with the right pirate theme with the Blue Rogue's symbol logo on the walls and above the open windows by the controls. There was a lot of pressure gauges, pipes in the walls to send a signal down to instruct anyone of the crew on the orders given. By the front was a series of different controls being worked on by two sailors. There was even a nice table with a mug which had a map lay out for navigation. And by that table, was Zexion and of course, Captain Dyne.

"Zexion, we were looking for you?" Aika frowns in seeing the guy was here all along.

"You didn't have to do that? I took the shortest route to meet up with the Captain without delay." Zexion simply stated that he took a shortcut to appear where he meet with the Captain on the bridge.

"Yeah, well Aika was thinking you were hiding to skip out?" Vyse exclaim in what the red-haired girl thought Zexion was doing at the time.

"Hugh, and she let you get drag into one of her messes." Zexion signed to shake his head, Vyse always finds himself in trouble with Aika.

"Hey!?" Aika snapped in feeling a bit insulted by that comment.

"Ger-hum?" The a male was heard clearing his voice to get some attention of those chatting.

"Uh-oh!?" Vyse looked at his father, realizing they took longer to get here.

"You're late, Vyse." Dyne turns to address Vyse for his late arrival while rubbing his chin. "I told you that you need to be on time for your shift." The man lectures the young man for having forgotten the time to change shifts. "You know the routine." Dyne issued in having mention the usual task. "Swab the decks….And they better be clean." He gave his son a choir for having arrived late when being called.

"But…but Dad!" Vyse yelped from being taken aback by this. "I was only a little late!" He stated that he was no more then just a little late coming for the shift.

"On a ship, being a little late can cost lives." Dyne firmly lectures in a responsible manner in trying to teach his son what being late can do to one that is careless. "And one more thing…while we're on board, it's not 'Dad', it's 'Captain', got it?" The man issued to remind Vyse that when they are working, he's to be address as Captain, so no special treatment for being his son when they are on duty.

"Yeah, yeah…I got it." Vyse signed in giving in when it seems like arguing was pointless.

"We're heading home to Pirate Isle. Go report to Briggs…" Dyne instructs Vyse of their destination and who he should see. "See if he needs you for anything." The man instructs his son to assist Briggs with anything.

"Hugh…" Vyse signed in having landed himself in such a troubling situation to do clean up duty.

"Sorry Vyse, I guess I was a little ahead of myself?" Aika sheepishly smile to apologize for her shortsighted and wild goose chase.

"If you two are done, perhaps you can focus on what we need to do?" Zexion looked at those that were still taking things a little less serious then most.

"Like what, drinking on the job and being mister perfect sailor with the Captain?" Aika raise an eyebrow in thinking Zexion was just being mister perfect.

"No, I was looking over this as part of standard Air Pirate task in accessing prior knowledge of any situations." Zexion points at the table in what he and Captain Dyne were going over.

"We know this. It's a map of Mid Ocean…" Vyse stated in looking at the map lay out on the table. "This area is considered the turf of the Dyne Family Blue Rogues." Vyse knew the area that was apart of the Blue Rogue territory under his dad's command.

"Correct. It's good that even when a little behind, you know of what territory belongs to us." Zexion stated in seeing that Vyse still kept up in knowing the basic understandings of how Air Pirates coordinate.

"Well if you both are done comparing knowledge, Vyse has to see Briggs." Aika stated that the Captain order Vyse to go see Briggs.

"He's right next to Landis. Apparently you'll get to talk to both of them." Zexion points to explain this to Vyse and Aika.

Slowly Vyse left the table as Aika observe things with Zexion. By the helms wheel, two men were working. One on the right was an older adult man with a large belly, brown hair with short little hair under his chin. He wore brown boots, yellow pants with a black belt, a sleeveless green shirt, a brown belt-strap over his left shoulder connecting to his waist. He wears a white bandana with brown protective goggles over his eyes. His name was 'Landis the Navigator', who works on navigating the ship. The guy next to him was an older adult man with brown hair with a small ponytail and brown eyes. He wore dark gray boots, deep green pants, a black shirt with a dark-gray short-sleeve jacket-vest with a silver color neck puffer. This guy was known as 'Briggs the Vice Captain', he had a very serious expression in working the helm controls and being second-in-charge after Captain Dyne.

"Oh, there you are, Vyse. You finally decided to join us on the bridge, huh?" Briggs turns with his arms cross in greeting Vyse's arrival. "Well, we're heading back home to Pirate Isle." He mentions of where they are currently on route to.

"I see, well the Captain wanted me to see if you need me to help with anything." Vyse nods while asking what he can do to help.

"As a matter of fact, I got a job just up your ally. How's about taking over." Briggs the Vice Captain points off in what he wants Vyse to do for him.

"Wait, you mean Vyse gets to steer the ship?" Aika asked in having heard this from nearby. "Talk about being lucky?" The girl stated on how lucky Vyse was to steer the ship.

"Don't celebrate too soon. When you're at the helm, you have to watch out for "sky rifts" when piloting a ship." Landis the Navigator spoke up from nearby in having something important to watch out for. "They're those really strong downdrafts that surround Pirate Isle." The chubby guy explain what to be aware of about the Sky Rifts.

"Right, I remember hearing about those." Vyse nods his head in knowing full well about what sailors are told.

"If your engines aren't strong enough and you fly into them, the wind will push you down into Deep Sky…the pressure down there would crush us." Landis the Navigator points out what happens if their ship was to venture down, why the wooden frame of the Albatross wouldn't handle such a hard task.

"Gulp…I really wouldn't wanna experience something like that." Aika swallowed hard from imagining such a death trap.

"That's why we have lifeboats. But I too agree, it's not a pleasant way to go." Zexion held his chin in knowing that it's best to wary when getting close to the Sky Rift.

"Well enough about the sky rifts, listen up closely Vyse. Pirate Isle is southeast from here." Briggs the Vice Captain points out in what he wants Vyse to pay attention towards. "Just head south first and it's just past the valley of islands." He explains the right route to help in getting them to their destination.

"Head south through the valley of islands?" Vyse repeats the message like a photographic memory. "Aye aye!" He salutes in fully understanding the task.

"Alight, let's get moving, then." Briggs the Vice Captain stated in seeing Vyse was ready. "Full speed ahead to Pirate Isle!" He announced forth to all members of their next destination.

Once Briggs steps away from the wheel, it was Vyse who slowly approach to grab the helms-wheel. He had a good grip of that which would control the Albatross.

"Vyse, before we set sail, do you have any questions that you wanted to ask me?" Dyne spoke from watching nearby, seeing if his son needed any advice.

Hearing the question, Vyse had to know the answer even in this situation. A normal sailor would ask how to steer the ship, but he's grown up to know how the Helmsmen works the steering wheel to make the airship go. Another sailor would ask how to get home from here. But after hearing Briggs explain the direction, there was no need. So the obvious answer was just a natural choice to one living as an Air Pirate.

"No, not really." Vyse shook his head while keeping up an confident smile.

"Well, then! Full speed ahead!" Dyne instructs his son on what to do next. "Destination, Pirate Isle!" He issued in wanting them to head directly in that direction.

Vyse was in charge of the ship, from looking in front the boy saw many things that were unique. There were skies above, and there were large waterfalls that made even the Albatross seem like a person standing at the bottom: in fact it's enough to say they were like 30,000 feet that touch the sky and fell down on below. Even down below, was a dark vast of sea to be wary of. And of course, there were airborne landmasses that float around or some were even embedded within the large walls of the waterfall.

"Something on your mind Vyse?" Zexion noticed the guy was distracted, maybe he was overthinking something.

"You're not getting cold feet, are you?" Aika asked in thinking Vyse had second thoughts of steering a ship.

"No, I'm just curious of what's out there? We've always just rode along with everyone else." Vyse pointed out that he and the others mostly rode with his father, knowing the areas of travel was a new experience.

"Well then it's a good time then, you can now keep in memory of all the places around you. After all, pirates that go sailing must know their headings as well as make a map to know what's out there." Landis the Navigator explain this on explaining the natural means of knowing where an Air Pirate knows where to go and keeping a map as a handy reminder.

Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Vyse looked over to recognize that where they are located, was the bottom section Northwest. And they must head directly South, so Vyse turns the Albatross to head in the general south direction. Thanks to the compass on the ship, it was easy to determine, and the pressure value inform one that they were in the central location of one's flight path unless one had to go over or under one of the airborne islands. The ship was coming across some islands ahead when they went over a tiny island that started to make the compass spin like crazy. Vyse was concern before looking down to notice something.

"Hey! I think I found something!?" Vyse called out as something was there which resembles a tower pillar of rocks with a rusty chain tied around it with an anchor.


Information: It appears that someone has scribbled onto the stone: "Here lies an unknown blue rogue." The actual name has been worn away by the wind, but the first letter, "D," can still be made out. Nobody remembers who rests here.

"Wait…that's the legendary 'Pirate's Grave'!" Dyne called out in instantly recognizing what it was that Vyse discovered.

"Good job, Vyse!" Briggs the Vice Captain lightly pats Vyse's back to praise him. "I'm sure that the Sailors' Guild would be more than happy to pay you for making this Discovery!" The man praised the young man for having made such a good discovery find.

"Guild? Pay me for a Discovery?" Vyse raised an eyebrow in feeling completely lost now.

"Much of this world is uncharted and shrouded in legend." Dyne explains this statement for his son to understand what he's discovering for the first time. "Ruins, strange creatures…all sorts of things are waiting to be discovered." The man explains this for his son to bear what awaits him. "Any major port city will have a Sailors' Guild. They pay explorers well for any information on Discoveries that they've made." The guy explain how if one goes to such places to turn in such Discoveries, can be a good chance to get paid.

"Really!? You get payed for just finding new discoveries!?" Aika asked in sounding excited to earn some extra cash.

"When you're flying through the skies and your compass starts spinning around rapidly, that means there's a Discovery nearby." Dyne explain how one can come across a Discovery only when the compass starts acting out. "If you try searching the area, you'll probably find a Discovery. Just head over to the Sailor's Guild afterwards and collect your reward." The man points out how the task is done, search for a Discovery and then report such findings while being paid afterwards.

"Wow, I guess that explains why there are some sailors that wanna explore a lot?" Vyse smiled in thinking that such a job helps keep them active with payment.

"But, the longer you wait, the greater the chance that someone else will beat you to it. So, you should visit the Guild as soon as you can, okay?" Dyne explains this for Vyse to understand, that upon one's finding, others might surely come across it and even cut the pay down if one isn't the first to turn it in.

"Okay, thanks for that Captain." Vyse nots his head from understanding the message crystal clear.

With a feeling of what awaits him, Vyse felt all the more eager to search for these new Discoveries. If discovering Pirate's Grave was this exciting, imagining what else is out there can really inspire a pirate. But then without warning, something occurred that the Albatross' alarms went off.

"Captain!...Monsters have boarded the Albatross!" A crew member called out through the pipe speaker to report a major problem.

"Monsters!? Talk about a bad run of the mill after we had such a good haul?" Dyne held his chin in finding this was ill timing.

"Hey dad, how's about leaving this to us! Like you always said, a good captain must get enough training to fight the hardest battles." Vyse suggest that the three of them handle the monster invaders.

"Haha, very well then. You, Aika and Zexion go take care of our stowaways. And remember, it's Captain." Dyne laughs off lightly while instructing his son, and also correcting him about address him as Captain when on duty.

Nodding with the Captain's approval, the three were seen rushing out the door of the bridge. It wasn't long before Vyse, Aika and Zexion arrived on the deck of the Albatross. There, the group had spotted the invading monsters on their ship.

The first was a monster that resemble ammonite. This monster was known as a Marocca.

The second was a bizarre tear-shaped creature. This monster was known as a Looper

The third was a monster that resembles sea angels. This monster was known as a Ghastling.

By numbers count, it looked like there was about 3 of each individual that snuck onboard the Albatross.

"Looks like there's one for each of us. If we work together we might just take them down one at a time." Vyse instructs the group on how to proceed from here.

"These won't be like those Valuan Soldiers, Monsters can be either Weak or Strong." Zexion explain the manner of knowing these foes will not be like the enemies they fought last time. "You and Aika deal with one, I'll keep the other two at bay." Zexion informs the two of what he'll be doing to give Vyse and Aika a chance.

"Alright, let's remove these guys Vyse!" Aika cheered in feeling herself raring to go.

"HIYAAAH!/SLASH!" Vyse reared his arms before swinging his cutlass down, unleashing a Sword Beam that sliced Marocca to deal a small damage.

"Hah!" Aika swung her boomerang at the same monster, but she only managed to deal a tiny damage amount.

"Hmph!/SLASH!" Zexion delivered a strong slash with his weapon that torn the Ghastling in half.

"Aw man, you took down yours already?" Aika complained in seeing Zexion already finished his battle.

"Don't lose out just yet Aika!" Vyse instructs the red-haired girl in still seeing two enemies around.

"Hugh, it would seem you need a little more help then I thought?" Zexion sign in seeing a little more struggle with the others. "Vyse, didn't you recover a Moonberry?" The guy asked Vyse a certain question out of the blue.

"Hugh, well yeah, why?" Vyse nods lightly in having something like that.

"Give it to Aika, it should prove useful for her." Zexion instructs Vyse on what he should do to help Aika out.

"Alright. Aika, take this and eat it!" Vyse dig into his pocket to pull out and toss a certain moonberry.

"Hugh!?" Aika yelped before she caught the moonberry. "Well okay, I won't complain." She shrug off her shoulders to not refuse.

Once Aika ate the moonberry, she felt a strange sensation take hold of her. A magical red aura was emitting from her body, as kkia felt something…

"Wow, it looks like she's able to unlock a Super Move right away." Vyse comments in seeing what Aika was doing at this time.

"Yes, now lets see if it's as effective." Zexion nods in wanting to see what happens from there.

"Ohh…I feel something…something strong." Akia could sense something deep inside of herself as a new power was awaken. "Moons…Give Me Strength!" She announced forth as blue aura was gathering around herself.

Vyse and Zexion watch as Aika was channeling a lot of Spirit. The Looper was sensing what was coming, and it was immediately running away.

"I don't think so!" Zexion's voice was heard as he appeared through a Corridor Of Darkness directly where the Looper was running towards the edge of the ship. "SLASH!" He managed to slice the Looper in half, having finished it off.

The Marocca began to charge directly for Aika in an attempt to attack the defenseless girl, but…

"Back Off!" Aika announced as she spins her boomerang, encasing it entirely in glowing red flames. "ALPHA STORM!" Aika as she spun her boomerang faster then before. "POWfruvhmmm…" She summoned a vortex of flames that struck any enemies in her line of sight. Once the attack was over, the results came in from those that witness such a new feat perform by Aika's new offensive type of S Move. The attack dealt such heavy damage to Marocca that took a big chunk out of it's life to only have a tiny amount left.

"Hah!/SLASH!" Then Vyse delivered the final blow against Marocca which dropped it's lifeless body on the deck. "That wasn't so bad." Vyse smiled with pride as he scratched the back of his neck.

With the battle on the Albatross over, Vyse, Aika and Zexion soon obtain their Rewards. Vyse and Aika had received enough Battle Experience that they felt their Levels Rise-Up: Lv.4. That same feeling was there, as their Health was risen up, followed by one's own Power, Vigor and Will: in comparison, there wasn't too much a difference. And then there came the Rewards: more Red and Green Stones, and 31 Golds.

"Haha! Did you guys see that! I finally gotten my own S Move!" Aika cheered in sounding super excited by what she perform.

"Congrats Aika." Vyse smiles to congratulate Aika in having acquired her first powerful ability she learn and utilize in battle.

"Yes, to think it was just a while ago that Vyse completely awaken his Cutlass Fury. And now afterwards you gain your first one you dub Alpha Storm." Zexion held his chin from studying the two different Super Moves perform by the two. "In viewing them, Vyse has one that deals high damage to a single enemy, but Aika, yours seems perfect to strike enemies in a line." He mentions the different usage in the S Moves perform by Vyse and Aika.

"Hear that, I can take down more enemies then you." Aika grins with pride on how she can take down more foes.

"Yeah, but he said in a line, it might not work if the enemy surrounds us." Vyse explain a slight matter of where Aika needs all her targets in front and in a perfect line. "I'm glad they were only a few monsters, but why they come aboard?" The guy asked in thinking something was off about this attack.

"Looks like they came aboard when some of the crew were catching some fish?" Zexion noticed some blue fish in some nets.

"All this fuss over some fish?" Aika raise an eyebrow in thinking that was odd.

"I guess even Monsters have to eat something?" Vyse shrug off his shoulders in knowing that everyone goes after what can be food for one's own survival.

"Hmm…" Zexion suddenly turn the corner as if something caught his interest. "Looks like we're not done yet?" Zexion firmly alert the others of more incoming trouble.

Without warning, the same Monsters as before invaded the Albatross. Marocca, Looper, and Ghastling, only this time there were more three: there was 3 times as many so up to 9.

"" Aika swung her boomerang off that took down a Ghastling in one strike.

Then without warning, the Looper spun it's body to perform a spell as it glowed purple: Pyri. Without warning, a large magic circle appeared beneath everyone's feet. It then burst flames that caused some damage to the group.

"Ugh…that thing can perform magic?" Aika moans to complain in what just happened.

"Let's deal what we can!" Vyse instructs the others while facing another foe. "HAH!/SLASH!" Then Vyse was seen taking down another Ghastling with a swing downward attack that finished it. "Hugh…Woah!?" But then Vyse yelped as Marocca opened it's mouth to spit out black haze to almost stun the boy if he didn't dodge in time.

"I'll try to take them out!" Aika stated as she prepares to use her S Move.

"But some are right behind you, you'll be expose!" Vyse instructs that Aika can't fight the enemies in front while others take her backside.

"Leave them to me. You do what you can." Zexion was seen facing the enemies in back of Aika.

"Moons…Give Me Strength!" We see Aika and Zexion were channeling Spirit energy to converge within them.

"CRESCENT BLADES!" Soon Zexion announced this move before rotating the Crescent Blade with both hands, launches multiple small crescent shape blades of energy. Dealing damage to all enemies in front of the path with considerable amounts of each hit. Wasn't long before a large number of Zexion's targets were left to drop on the ground, completely beaten.

"Back Off!" Aika shouted off as she spins her boomerang, encasing it entirely in glowing red flames once again. "ALPHA STORM!" Aika announce as she spun her boomerang faster then before. "POWfruvhmmm…" She summons a vortex of flames that struck any enemies in her line of sight. After the attack was over, many of the remaining monsters were dealt enough damage that they drop to the ground in defeat. "That was fun!" Aika pumps up her arms to cheer as she rest her boomerang on her shoulders: having won the battle.

With that battle now over, Vyse, Aika and Zexion soon obtain their Rewards. The young Blue Rogues had received some Battle Experience. Afterwards, came the Rewards: more Red and Green Stones, and lastly obtain 61 Golds.

"Looks like that takes care of all of them?" Vyse stated in seeing the monster threat was gone.

"Maybe, still best to be cautious, Monsters do have a tendency to attack ships besides seeking food." Zexion firmly looks around, being ready for whenever another attack might come when one least expects it.

"Well lets just hope that Vyse can get us back home before anymore show up." Aika stated in wanting them to be far away before that happens.

After having finished the battle on the Albatross, Vyse went back to the bridge to help guide the ship through more airborne islands. There was even one where a little waterfall went down a large mountain into something below, Vyse thought about checking it out later. Right now they were traveling Southeast, when along the way came across another airship. It was a large wooden ship with a sail with green engines and a rudder while carrying supplies. The group had come across a Merchant Ship by chance.

"Say, you must be members of the infamous Dyne Clan. We've been hearing a lot about you guys lately!" The Merchant Ship called out in recognizing the group of Air Pirates that have become the newest topic. "We hear you've been really stirring things up over in Valua. Keep up the good work. We're behind you all the way." The one on the Merchant Ship spoke in wishing praise to the Blue Rogues in their fight against Valua.

After Captain Dyne decided to see what supplies were needed to acquire, Briggs instructed Vyse to continue before their home would be in sight and the Helmsmen would take over. As the Albatross was continuing it's flight path towards a little airborne island that seem to have a settlement. At the same time, the girl who was resting, Fina, finally came on deck to look around before stopping to look beyond the Albatross and out to the open skies and sea.

"Hey Fina. How are you fleeing?" Vyse voice was heard calling out to the girl.

Fina turn around to notice that Vyse was walking from behind to approach the girl the Air Pirates rescued.

"I'm feeling much better. Thank you for your concern." Fina replied in giving thanks for the thoughtfulness.

"Heh…no problem, I'm just happy to see that you're well." Vyse lightly laugh off while stating how he's glad this girl was feeling better. "Looks like we'll be reaching the island soon." Vyse mentions on how close they are to their destination.

"Island?" Fina replied confused, uncertain of what Vyse was talking about.

"You can see it right over there." Vyse pointed in the distance for the eyes to follow. "That's our base – Pirate Isle." Vyse looked to Fina to understand well of their heading.

"Pirate Isle…" Fina replied puzzled as she held her right hand to her chest, feeling very lost by such information.


The island in question came into view was a pleasant round airborne island that had wooden cabins along with some trees, a windmill, even some wooden slides connecting upwards. Which above the island were smaller islands, from which both had a long ladder reaching up to them. It's pretty much a small peaceful settlement.

Down below, a woman came out of the house before looking up. There were two women that while one wave her hand to chat and the other cross her arms to listen, they both turn to pay attention to what's above. In the open field, there were three children happily playing a game while unaware that the Albatross hovered above them. As a little boy and little girl were planting something, the girl looked up as the boy did too as he smiled. The children seem eager as they ran as if trying to follow the airship in the sky. Fina seem very puzzled at first, but lean down on the ship's rails to smile: this island seem so very peaceful and filled with life. The Albatross was flying around of Pirate's Isle as if signaling it's return. Then a large portion of the island's bedrock shifted. It was soon revealed to be a secret drawbridge connected with chains along with a wooden floor-pad and a control monorail booth. After circling around, the Albatross flew down to the open dock where another sailor wave flag signals to communicate to those on the ship. Soon the Albatross went through the secret dock, as Fina gasp in amazement, Vyse smiled from having experience the while thing. Then when everything was settle, the secret drawbridge of the bedrock slowly rose up to again conceal the entrance, as if none would ever realize a pirate ship was hidden in such a place.

Wasn't long before the scene changes to a hidden base in the island, where all the crew members of the Albatross and guest, were gather around something. It was a large stash of many things: crates, chest, pottery, jewels, armor, weapons, and other stuff that belong to Valuan Battleship.

There was a bald man with no hair, but had brown color eyes. He was wearing brown boots with steel toe features, tan brown pants, a deep blue sleeveless shirt, had a brown backpack strap to his back with the bronze buckle on the arms, brown gloves with some metal protective gauntlet features, even a brown protective stomach strap around for the gut. He was known as 'Timmus the Gunner', a member of Dyne's crew who works on the Albatross' guns.

"Weapons, armor, gold…" Timmus the Gunner was going down the items that they 'acquired' from their latest pirate raid. "Now THIS is a great catch! One of our best yet!" He boast in seeing how grand it was to have gain so much from robbing that Valuan Battleship.

Nearby was a woman with brown long hair and brown eyes. She wore brown boots, green shorts, brown belt with a silver buckle, a green sleeveless top shirt, purple gloves, a purple neck band, and a green headband on the forehead. She was known as 'Mabel the Raider', another crew member of Dyne's group who's a skilled raider.

"Tonight, we should celebrate!" Mabel the Raider held a bottle in her hand to announce they celebrate their best catch yet.

"YEAH!/AYE-AYE!" Everyone held their fist up to cheer in agreement. Then nearby we see Vyse, Aika, Zexion, with Fina behind them in watching the Dyne Crew celebrate.

"Well Fina, this is what we do! What do you think?" Aika turns to see how Fina thinks of how the Blues Rogues are in action.

"Well…It certainly looks challenging." Fina looked to Aika with a puzzled expression, never having seen something like this before.

"Hahaha…challenging, huh…" Aika grins to lightly laugh off in having heard such a response. "Well, now that you mention it, it isn't easy. But it is fun!" The girl was eager to mention that while it's never easy, it's something they all get to enjoy doing.

Fina was studying her surroundings, seeing that the Albatross was inside a large cavern dock. And there were torch lightings setup to help one see many of the handcraft made wooden floors and doors, even cannons along with crates with the Dyne Pirate logo.

"This is the underground port inside of Pirate Isle." Vyse started off to explain their location for Fina to follow up on where they are. "From the outside, this island looks like a quiet, peaceful village." The guy states how the outside shows a calm and peaceful village to those passing by. "But the inside of the island is where our headquarters is located." Vyse states what's hidden inside the island that conceals the Blue Rogues from preying eyes.

"There are armories, shops, and even a tavern inside here." Aika stated on mentioning the places to check out that's within their base. "Come on, we'll give you a tour." She happily offered to show Fina around the place.

"Um, is that really alright?" Fina asked in hoping it was not gonna cause any trouble.

"Knowing Aika, she would probably do it even if you refused." Zexion shook his head in knowing Aika's go-getter type personality.

"Vyse!" Then Dyne's voice was heard calling his son's name.

That's when Vyse, Aika, Zexion and Fina looked upwards. At the higher location in the headquarters, we see Dyne looking down below with his arms cross as if looking serious.

"Come to my office immediately…and bring that girl with you." Dyne gave a firm order to have his son come see him, and to bring Fina along.

After having said that, Dyne turns around to walk into his wooden office area. The young ones below were very curious of what that was about.

"Vyse…I wonder what that was all about." Aika turns to ask Vyse what was going on from that sudden request.

"I'm not sure, but we'd better hurry. You know how my dad gets when we're late." Vyse turns back in stating that they best hurry since his father has issues of him showing up late.

"What say you Zexion, you gonna disappear or stick around?" Aika looked to the guy that once disappeared to leave them when the Captain called last time.

"Given that we're not out sailing, I'll just make certain you're not delay too long." Zexion stated the logical choice to make certain, Vyse arrives to meet his father under the situation even when it's not life or death.

"Oh brother?" Aika signed from her not seeing that one coming.

Before the group was gonna move out, they watch out because someone was using a brush mop on the floors. It was a man with short brown hair and had brown eyes. He wore grey boots, green raggy pants with a belt strap around the right knee, wore long stripe blue and white sleeve shirt, a yellow bandana around the neck and a black belt with a bronze buckle tied around the head, plus a green ear piercing in the left ear. This was 'Peter the Deck-Swabber', it was his job to help keep things nice and clean.

"15 Pirates escaped with their lives…" Peter the Deck-Swabber was passing by as he was doing a chanty. "And only a single bottle of loqua between them…And a yo ho ho, a yo ho ho." The manwas happily singing a song while cleaning up the floors.

"Hey there Peter, when you start singing?" Aika waved out to greet a fellow pirate mate.

"Heh heh! I've got a good singing voice, eh?" Peter the Deck-Swabber laughed off a little to boast about his singing. "This's the song we Pirates sing when we're forced to swab the decks…" He explained that sometimes when one's doing some clean up job, it pays well to keep one happily distracted.

"I see…" Fina nods in hearing such a topic, as the group said farewell to Peter. "Vyse, why did they move everything over there?" Fina asked in noticing the stuff the Air Pirates got was place in a small cave opening and a net was set up.

"Oh that. This is where we store most of the loot from our raids." Vyse stated to explain this for Fina to follow through. "Later, we'll separate the stuff that we want to keep from what we want to sell." The guy explain the basic steps in how they will be dividing up the loot.

"Hey Vyse, aren't you forgetting something?" Zexion spoke up to remind the guy of keeping to a certain appointment.

"Oh right! My dad!" Vyse yelps in having almost forgot, they gotta get moving.

We see Vyse and the others leaving the dock to head up a made smooth path going upwards. They reach the second floor where a few cannons, crates and barrels were stash nearby.

"Hmm…what are those?" Fina asked in noticing some barrels that had certain stones in them.

"Oh, you noticed the barrels. It's filled with Moon Stones for the ship. We use them as fuel." Vyse stated in explaining what was used to fuel the Albatross.

"Does it need so much?" Fina asked in sounding a bit curious if one airship needed this many.

"The Albatross is kind of old, so she eats up fuel pretty quickly." Vyse stated on how old ships like the Albatross needs plenty of Moonstones.

"Right, but pretty much there are different airships in developing new engines to use less amounts. We may get lucky to score one, or use what was used in Valuan Battleships." Zexion explain the manner of getting new model engines to help use less fuel with better production effort.

"Um, and what's in those?" Fina points in seeing the crates with the pirate logo which had metal balls stash inside.

"Oh, those crates. It's full of cannonballs." Vyse explain what was inside the crates. "I remember when I was a kid, my dad made me polish cannonballs all the time. I really hated doing that…" He stated in recalling an old memory from when he was young.

"Why?" Fina asked curious by such a tale.

"Because two somebodies here wanted to fire a cannonball while pretending they were pirates." Zexion exclaim in mentioning what Vyse and Aika did when they were kids.

"Hey! You were there too! You're just as guilty!" Aika protest in not taking the full blame.

"Except I suggest we don't use the cannonballs while pretending we sank Black Pirate Ships and instead accidentally fired one and blew a hole through someone's roof?" Zexion rhetorically mentions what happen that made those of them as little kids get into big trouble.

"Okay, I admit that was our bad…" Vyse signed in seeing Zexion made a fair point. "Hugh, Fina?" Just then Vyse noticed that Fina was not nearby.

When the group came to it, Fina had wondered away to approach a wooden door nearby from hearing a lot of noises. By the time Vyse, Aika, and Zexion caught up, Fina had entered a place her curiosity got the better of her. Inside, wood was structure like a tavern. There was the jolly roger flag hung up where wooden boxes and large bottles set on a fireplace shelf, underneath it was a shelf of different bottles. Even a nice table in the corner had some pots and a chest for some cooking needs, was next to barrels and another pipe for communication. A wooden scarecrow stand was seen that wore a green Valuan Soldier's armor but dress silly with flags on the arms, and goofy eyes and mouth for the beak-like helmets. And in the center was a large table for those to sit around or gather with wooden boxes to act as seats.

Inside there were some of Dyne's crew, one was Timmus the Gunner to the right, Mabel the Raider, and one more. An older male with short brown beard growing under the chin and a brown color eye. He was wearing brown boots, green pants, a sleeveless blue shirt, brown gloves, lastly wore a blue and light blue bandana on the head along with a left eyepatch. This guy was known as 'Patch the Deckhand', a member of Dyne's crew who works on the deck.

"Cheers!" The three Air Pirates raised either their mugs with either skull or dolphin images or the lady woman with her own bottle in hand to the air when making a toss.

We see Mabel drank much from the bottle before letting off a sign of relief to drop in her seat. We then see Timmus gulp down his mug before having a moment to breath from having such a great taste.

"Haha…Loqua sure does hit the spot." Timmus the Gunner exhaled in stating how tasty the drink was. "Captain Dyne really does know how to pick his Loquat Berries! This stuff is good!" He compliments their captain for having picked the best type of drink for them to gulp it all down.

"Heh…it's been a while since we've taken over an Armada Flagship." Patch the Deckhand let off a laugh in praising their effort. "We deserve to take a little break now and then!" The guy stated in knowing this was their reward for such a job well done.

"Gulp-gulp…Gah!?" Then we see Mabel took the bottle of what was Loque to drink it before exhaling to put it down and wipe her lips. "Hmm? Should you be sitting here drinking loqua with the rest of us when you've got a beautiful, hard-working wife waiting for you at home?" She cross her legs in looking towards Timmus in thinking the guy should be joining his return with his wife about now.

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with relaxing with friends after a hard day's work!" Timmus the Gunner protest out loud in seeing someone was yanking his chain.

Pretty much as this scenery was going on, Vyse smiled sheepishly at seeing this sight of grown adults bicker and squabble over silly things. Zexion signed to shake his head, Aika smiled at the positivity in the room, while Fina stared with intrigue curiosity.

"My, oh my…This place sure is full…" Aika gave a cheeky positive statement on how busy this place was getting. "Fina, this is our tavern…They serve all kinds of drinks here: nectars, juices, loqua…" The red-haired girl explain the basic function that a tavern provides.

"Um…Excuse me, but what exactly is 'loqua'?" Fina looked to Aika with puzzlement, as it's a new word for her.

"Hmm?" Zexion turns slightly in hearing a surprising thing that Fina said.

"WHAT?!" Vyse yelped out loud as his smile turn to shock. "Fina…you really don't know what loqua is?" This was the first time he's heard someone doesn't know what loque really is when it's something a lot of folks that are older have older in taverns.

"Well…um…" Fina lightly blushed with a smile in trying to put together her words. "I don't know exactly, but it appears to be a really good tasting drink of some kind." She expressed her thoughts about what the 'loqua' was about. "Everyone seems to be drinking it so fervently…it must be delicious." She concludes that the product was a wonderful drink to enjoy it's taste.

"Ugh…" Vyse felt completely lost in how to explain this to someone who was completely innocent.

"I'm just as baffled as you are Vyse." Zexion shook his head in knowing what Vyse was going through.

"You want to share a bottle of Mur Loqua with us?" Mabel the Raider turns to look at the youngsters after hearing their talk about drinking. "It's made from Loquat Berries and Moon Stones. It's just a juice, but it tastes great!" She expressed her thoughts on trying a drink that's got just the right flavor to bring good taste.

"Oh, well…" Fina seem like she gladly take the offer, but…

"Nononononono!" Aika shook her head while frankly repeating the answer 'no' a lot of times. "We don't have time to just sit around right now! We have to go talk to the Cap'n!" The stump red-haired girl exclaim that there's no time to kick back, if they did, Captain Dyne would be a little upset they kept him waiting.

"Why? Are we not supposed to be here?" Fina asked a bit puzzled, wasn't this a tavern a place to enjoy with friends and have good drinks.

"You could in a way, say it like that." Zexion stated in knowing the main reason outside of the logical issue.

"Well, the Cap'n is always getting on our case for being late and stuff… Aika shrug off her shoulders with a sorrow expression about being late when Captain Dyne calls them. "I really don't want to get into any more trouble today…" She stated that they got in trouble once on the ship, and now they don't wanna repeat it.

"Heh…Yeah, my dad can get pretty worked up when he's mad. We wouldn't want him to have a heart attack now, would we?" Vyse sheepishly smile in knowing full well what happens when his father gets mad, it's not a pretty sight.

"Haha… You're so mean to your dad, you know that Vyse?" Aika crack a smile to laugh at how Vyse gets into trouble to drive his father crazy sometimes. "C'mon…We should probably get going. Your dad's waiting for us." She insist that they move along to not keep Captain Dyne waiting any longer.

"Is it alright?" Fina asked if that was going to be alright.

"Trust us, whatever questions you have can be answered. But after we meet up with Captain Dyne." Zexion stated to calmly inform the girl that such questions, can be answer for a later time.

"Before you go!" Then Patch the Deckhand called out as he looks to Fina. "Hmm? You're the first visitor we've had in a long time. Make yourself at home, miss, and don't be afraid to ask for anything you need." He states out the facts while offering to aid Fina if she needs it. "We Blue Rogues are friend to any travelers of the skies. Well, if you're an armed traveler with gold, it's a different story! Haha!" The guy proclaimed while laughing it up from the joke he just made.

"Well now…Plundering treasure is fine, but just once I'd like to find a well-built, handsome young man as treasure instead of the usual." Mabel the Raider insist about her own ideals of wanting to find treasure of a young handsome man to take him away. "Of course, if I did that, I'd be just like a Black Pirate instead of a Blue Rogue. Oh well, I suppose that means it's off limits." She issued from realizing where that lead her, so Mabel will put finding a strong handsome young man on hold.

"Hah hah hah! It's been a long time since I've seen the Valuans get their butts beaten that badly! Good job, Vyse! You too, Zexion!" Timmus the Gunner laughs off to boast while giving praise to the ones he called out that deserve some credit. "And while I'm in a such a good mood, I think I'll go up to the training center above ground and have myself a good workout." He laughs it off while telling the youngsters of where they can find him.

"Um, alright…see you then…" Vyse nods his head in understanding where they may see Timmus in a little while.

After saying goodbye to those in the tavern, the group walks out. While walking further along the way towards a plank board leading up, Fina became curious in what she saw on the second level. Vyse's group saw she went to inspect someone who was waving a red and blue flags out. It was a bulky man with short buzz-like cut brown hair and bronze color eyes. He wore black and white style boots, deep blue pants, a brown belt with a silver buckle, a short sleeve stripe green and white shirt, light brown gloves, a red bandanna on his head, and even had a black belt strap around partly the neck which seem to have cases for the two flags. He's known as 'Ben the Lookout', a member of Dyne's crew who's job is to be on lookout for anything he sees be it islands or other ships.

"Hey Ben, sorry for disturbing your work." Vyse apologize in seeing they came up during the guy's work.

"Work?" Fina asked puzzled, what sort of work was it.

"That's right. My job is to guide the Albatross into the underground entrance so that it can dock in the harbor safely." Ben the Lookout proclaim in knowing how important his job is

"Oh, how?" Fina was curious in how Ben waved flags to help guide in a ship.

"Simple. We use flag signals to communicate to each other over vast distances." Ben the Lookout explain this about what he does to communicate with those aboard the Albatross. "Right now, I'm coordinating the loading of supplies onto the Albatross." He pointed out his current task with another guy he's signaling with flag motions.

"Hmm, he means one of the other crew members aboard the ship." Zexion looked over towards the direction Ben was staring at to follow his discussion.

Once Fina saw how Ben used flag signals to talk to the other guy, her curiosity was settle. Now Vyse's group lead Fina up the plank steps which took them up to the third level floor. As they were moving, they soon paid attention from almost bumping into Landis who came out from another wooden door in the cave walls.

"Hooray! We're home!" Landis the Navigator cheered before seeing Vyse and the others. "You know, there really isn't anything else quite like the feeling you get when you reach your home port." The guy happily stated the feeling of having return home after so long.

"That's great Landis, but we got a meeting with the Cap'n!" Aika stated as they didn't want to take up too much time.

"Hmm, wait, where did Fina go now?" Vyse then noticed that Fina had left them again.

"Want to take a wild guess?" Zexion noticed where the mystery girl went off while they said bye to Landis.

The group saw that Fina's curious eyes followed the door where Landis came from, as she entered a strange place as the others enter too. It was a roomy area, had wooden pillars on the walls with lanterns, even wooden stakes with boards to help separate a level of floor with steps. There were crates and barrels, and lots of weapons including a silver sword and shield logo frame on the wall. By the corner desk with lots of weapons, was another person. The man seem middle age, bald head and wore round sunglasses. He wears brown boots, dark blue pants, a raggy gray long-sleeve shirt with a yellow fluff neck collar with a brown belt strap around it. This guy was 'Zack the Weapons Merchant', anyone can tell he's selling weapons.

"Heh heh heh, come right in. This is a weapon and armor shop." Zack the Weapons Merchant held his hands to greet customers. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to charge you even if you are a fellow Air Pirate. I have to go to a lot of trouble to get my stock." He apologize to inform those that they must still pay the full price to help him run a professional business.

"Sheesh, that's a little harsh." Aika exclaim that even among fellow Air Pirates, they don't get a discount.

"Hmm…what are they made from?" Fina looked at the weapons with some curiosity.

"Curious are we? Most weapons are forged out of Moon Stones. Well, it's not the only thing used, but it's one of the main materials." Zack the Weapons Merchant tip his sunglasses in explaining the concept on how weapons are forged from. "And since weapons are made of Moon Stones, they can be affected by other Moon Stones if used properly." The man mentions this as intel in knowing the proper ways certain Moon Stones can affect the other.

"Properly?" Fina raise an eyebrow in finding that subject intriguing.

"He means finding which one is stronger against another type or holds advantage against the other." Zexion explain the logic in where different stones hold advantage or disadvantage when making contact.

"Well now, that is very true. To learn the details, ask at the training center that's located above ground." Zack the Weapons Merchant stated to give a little advice to help those fully understand the grasp.

"Alright, we'll do. Thanks Zack." Vyse nods with a smile to thank the man.

"Heh heh heh. Thanks for stopping by." Zack the Weapons Merchant fix his sunglasses while giving thanks to those for looking at his goods.

"Hmm, who's that?" Fina turns to look behind in noticing someone else was here.

"Oh, you wanna know. Well let's introduce you." Aika grins in knowing the other person that Fina spotted.

Before Zexion and Vyse could say anything, the girls went over towards another spot across from Zack was another shop. This one was a woman with brown hair that was covering a small half of her face and had bronze color eyes. She wore brown boots, had a light blue dress with a blue apron attach to a brown belt, a sleeveless blue vest with gold buckles on the shoulders, wore a white short-sleeve shirt underneath with brown belts tied around the arms, a brown neck collar, and a blue bandanna. She was known as 'Erinn the Item Merchant', another merchant but who sells items to customers.

"Oh, hello, Vyse! Everyone! Do come in! See anything that you want to buy?" Erinn the Item Merchant asked with a polite voice in greeting customers.

"Um, does she sell weapons to?" Fina asked in trying to figure out what this person sells.

"Nope, she sells items. Especially stuff that can heal us and recover our spent magic. Even cast spells we don't know yet." Aika smiled in knowing this person sells them things that can be very helpful in a pinch.

"Really?" Fina asked a bit surprised, others can purchase to use spells they don't know.

"That's right. Unlike spells that require MP, if you have a healing crystal, you can recover your HP anytime and anyplace." Erinn the Item Merchant explain the basic information in how one can use certain items to help if they don't have enough MP for such a spell to cast.

"MP…HP…?" Fina raise an eyebrow, not certain of what customs this woman was talking about.

"They are short for 'Magic Powers' which is the gauge of one's magic limits and 'Hit Point' measurements on how much health we have compared to others. Everyone has them, and they can become larger when we raise our levels." Zexion explain the basic view on what MP and HP are and to how they want to make one's self stronger.

"Oh, so does everyone use them?" Fina asked in thinking that does sound very helpful.

"Not quite. Some of the 'tougher' Air Pirates refuse to use them to save themselves, but I say it never hurts to play it safe." Erinn the Item Merchant expressed her thoughts how those playing the tough-guy act never bother to show such weakness when to her, it's best to be safe then sorry.

"Thanks Erinn, maybe we'll stop by later. My father wants us." Vyse smiled to thank the woman by promising to stop by next time to shop.

"Thanks for stopping by. Come again!" Erinn the Item Merchant thanked those for taking the time to shop at her store.

After finally settling things while saying farewell to Zack and Erinn, the group leave out the door. And soon walked down the other corner on the left before reaching a wooden ladder. Knowing there were girls with them, the two guys went up first followed by the others. After climbing up, there were wooden cabins setup to act like the main buildings in this underground place, even had outside lantern lights by the doors. As the group was moving along, Fina heard strange sounds from the first cabin to accidentally touch the door which slowly open. It was reveal to be a large room with bed hammocks. In one of them, was a man with short brown hair and closed eyes. He wore gray boots, green pants, a brown belt, a long sleeve stripe yellow and blue shirt and a deep gray-blue bandanna on his head. He was known as 'Matthew the Deckhand', another man who works on the deck in Dyne's crew.

"Ungh…I haven't been home in such a long time, please…just let me sleep." Matthew the Deckhand moans as he was trying to sleep after feeling so tired.

"Hugh, seems like Matthew won't be waking up soon." Zexion signed in seeing someone is a real heavy sleeper here.

"Are these were you all sleep?" Fina asked in seeing the number of hammocks, but was it enough for everyone.

"Heh heh, not all of us." Aika laughed off with a perky smile on her face. "And if anyone was sleeping on the job, that would wake them up." She points to a familiar pipe in the wall.

"What is it?" Fina asked intrigue as Vyse approached it.

"It's a talking tube. It's connected to my dad's office." Vyse points out the function of this device. "It allows him to issue commands from his office to the guys sleeping in here." He points off to Matthew that when his father gives an order, those sleeping become wide awake.

"Vyse, quit standing around and come over here like I asked you." Then without warning, Dyne's voice was heard calling his son who he heard in the room to quickly meet up with him.

Realizing that it was time to shift into gears, the group slowly leaves the crew's sleeping quarters. And Vyse lead them towards a large main office building across from there. After entering Dyne's office, there was a lot to see inside. The pirate logo flag with two swords hung over, a large map on the side of the wall, photo frames on tables and desk, a book shelf, and a large meeting table with layouts for tactical measures. Across the room, we see Dyne and some men with him.

"Vyse and Aika and Zexion reporting for duty." Vyse sounds off in mentioning who was present. "And we've brought Fina like you requested." He informs his father of the girl they brought along.

Slowly Vyse, Aika, Zexion and Fina walk around the big table to stand near Dyne and his two crew men. Everything seem a bit on edge for what the meeting was all about.

"Hmph…you're a little late." Dyne huffs in addressing that Vyse was again late to show up.

"Apologies Captain, there were unexpected 'detours' with our guest." Zexion nods his head to give an early apology, usually he make sure they aren't late but Fina's curiosity prove a different subject.

"Ahahah, yeah…I did say we give her a tour, and she was just curious?" Aika sheepishly scratch her cheek in never expecting Fina to be so side-track by some new things.

"Very well. I'll let it slide this time…Come on over." Dyne firmly stated this while asking those to come a bit closer. "Young lady, I am Dyne, the Captain of the Blue Rogues. There are a few questions that I ant to ask you. Will you answer them for me?" He got down right to it in wanting to know some things which Fina may hold the answers to.

"Of…of course." Fina drop her clutch hands to nod in willing to cooperate while sounding a bit nervous.

"I've been sailing for a very long time, but I've never come across anyone wearing clothes like yours." Dyne stated in mentioning that what Fina wears is not something he's seen as a daily wardrobe. "What country are you from and why were you traveling alone out there?" He asked in wanting to know where Fina comes from and having travel alone.

Vyse felt the urge to defend Fina, but he choose to remain silent. Even Zexion noticed Vyse held back from speaking to his father about Fina. Both of them knew very little about Fina, yet she holds some mystery they too, want to know.

"Cap'n Dyne, you worry too much. Fina is just a normal girl." Aika shrug off her shoulders in stating that to her, Fina was like every other normal girl one comes across.

"Silence, Aika." Dyne narrow his eyes to firmly lecture Aika for speaking out of terms. "I am the captain here. As well as leader of the Blue Rogues under the Dyne Clan. It is my duty to protect the safety of my family and my crew." Dyne sternly explains the heavy weight of being in charge of protecting everyone he cares for. "If this girl is a danger of any sort to you or any of my men, I cannot let her live." He directs his firm gaze to Fina in knowing he will put the safety of everyone first depending on who this girl really is.

"But…but…" Aika gasped to shake her head in feeling like that was too much.

"Just stop." Zexion rest a hand on Aika to keep her from getting out of control. "The captain has to know the right calls to make for everyone's sake, it's a heavy burden for anyone to do." The guy explain to Aika that Captain Dyne probably knows what he's doing.

"Fina…It is your turn to speak." Dyne addresses Fina in allowing her to speak now.

Fina tap her chest in feeling worried and was silent, the others near her notice it too.

"Fina…" Aika called out feeling worried about her new friend.

"…I…I cannot say." Fina muster her words of courage to speak forth.

"Why is that? Is it because we are Air Pirates? Don't you trust us?" Dyne asked in thinking Fina won't tell them because they are pirates.

"Uh-uh! No, that has nothing to do with it." Fina stood up to firmly shake her head that such a statement was not her reason at all. "I thank you with all my heart for saving my life." She express her words of thanking those that rescued her. "But I cannot tell any living soul about the purpose of my quest. Even if it means sacrificing my own life." She stood tall with her belief to give her own life then to reveal the details of her quest. "I have no intention of endangering any of your lives. If you believe anything that I say, please believe this." Fina insist that the Air Pirates trust her words that she means not to endanger them.

Vyse, Aika and Zexion were silently surprise by the innocent girl who spoke with such determination. All eyes fell on Dyne who looked to Fina as if peering into her soul to learn if she was lying or telling the truth.

"…Alright then." Dyne then broke out of his strict expression to have a relax smile on his face. "Heh…looks like I lost this one." He let off a little chuckle in seeing he lost out against someone so young, but very determine without backing down. "I understand your dilemma. And I can see in your eyes that you are true to your word." He states in understanding the weight that Fina carries. "Although we're Air Pirates, we also have a strong sense of honor." He wave off a hand in mentioning that to them they value honor. "You do not need to divulge the details of your quest. Understand that you now have my trust…Be careful that you do not lose it." He instructs Fina that he won't pry into her business and that so long as she's trustworthy, they will not see her as a threat.

"Captain Dyne…Thank you so much." Fina replied before she suddenly did a bow. "Thank you kindly. I will not disappoint you." Fina express her gratitude that Captain Dyne was will to trust her.

"Vyse, Aika, Zexion…Bring the girl…Fina topside and give her a tour of the village." Dyne instructs the youngsters to show Fina the lay of their village.

"Yah!/Yeah…" Vyse held a thumbs up while Aika cheered, happy to hear such news.

"Now that's more like it!" Aika pumps up her arms, so did Vyse in feeling excited by how things turn out.

"Way to go, Dad! You're the best!" Vyse thanks his father on having done well for Fina's sake.

"Hugh…It's not 'Dad'. It's Captain!" Dyne signed in correcting his son for forgetting to call him captain when he's doing his duties. "I swear…how many times do I have to remind you?" He shook his head on how much Vyse needs to work out a time and place to call him dad when not on the job. "You're excused. Don't be late for dinner." He gave the order for those to excuse themselves, and his son to not be late when it's dinner time.

"Well, let's go everyone." Zexion instructs the others in seeing everything was settle.

"A word of advice son." Then Captain Dyne spoke up "Now listen up, Vyse. There are times when something other than brute strength or sharpness of mind is demanded of a man." He explained the basic concept of needing more then what Brawns or Brains can work through alone. "Sometimes you have to have a firm grasp of the entire situation at hand. That's when you need to learn how to be a Swashbuckler." He mentions this as another important fact in learning how to be a proper Swashbuckler.

"Really?" Vyse asked in hearing this to sound excited now.

"Yes. That's when people will notice how you behave in various situations and you'll begin to earn a reputation based on those actions." Dyne explain more around the subject that Vyse's actions will bring about what people think of him. "That's why you need to try and be as adventuresome as possible, without forgetting your leadership responsibilities, okay?" He request that his son take extra proper care in developing his leadership skills in being responsible to many that look to him for guidance.

"Understood." Vyse nods his head in hearing such wise words from his captain and as his father.

"Good, then as a little reward for accepting that and having shown the right decision during my discussion, check by the bookshelf. You'll fine a nice reward waiting for you." Dyne smiled in wanting to give his son a little something to show he made a good call in proper Swashbuckler action.

That perk the group's attention in what they heard. All attention was focus on the bookshelves on the far corner. When moving an open book-piece, caused the whole shelf to move like a secret entrance. There was a ladder which lead down to a wooden deck and there was a treasure chest. When the group opened it, they got a surprise Reward: 150 Gold! After collecting that, the boys went up first followed by the girls up the ladder, through the secret bookshelf entrance and out of Dyne's office. Vyse then leads everyone through a metal bridge to reach the edge of a pole off the cliff. But on the other side was a cave entrance, and guarding it was Luke the Raider.

"Captain Dyne said the girl…" Luke the Raider spoke until he stopped himself on what he was saying. "I mean Fina, is permitted to wander freely throughout the island. So, I unlocked the door." The guy explain that he got orders from Captain Dyne to unlock the door so Fina can explore their island home. "Also, there are two treasure chests in this underground port containing emergency supplies somewhere…You might want to look for them." He gave some advice

Vyse's group could tell they may have stubble across the first of the two treasures in the underground port. Perhaps later on, they'll find the other one that's not been acquired. Soon everyone went pass Luke towards a secret door with written words, as it soon slides open before they journey through.



The scene changes to show the group exit out into an opening cave tunnel to now be on solid rock pavement.

"Vyse, Zexion, go on ahead. I have to stop by my house for a second." Aika turns to tell the guys that she has to go somewhere for a moment.

"Why? What's wrong?" Vyse asked a bit puzzled by Aika's need to leave.

"I just want to freshen up." Aika sheepishly smile in wishing to get herself a bit ready. "Don't worry, I'll catch up with you guys in a few minutes! See you at your house Vyse!" Aika stated off to say, before dashing off top leave the group.

"Will Aika be alright?" Fina asked a bit puzzled by Aika's need to leave ahead.

"Even while being a pirate, Aika has her own duties to do. Let's just leave it at that." Zexion simply states the manner of few words.

After leading Fina up the path, the girl was able to see much of the island's settlement was much more peaceful upon being so close. As they walked, they saw two women from before chatting. The first older woman with red hair with a purple hairband to make a ponytail, tan brown color eyes, wore black boots, red waist dress, like blue long sleeve shirt with a blue apron, plus silver ring earrings: she was Barbara. The second older woman with brown short hair and tan light brown color eyes, wore light brown boots, light tan orange and magenta stripe color dress, tan yellow long-sleeve shirt underneath plus a little cloth tied over the hair: she was Martha. These women would have gone on chatting if they didn't see the youngsters appear before them.

"Oh, hey there, Vyse, Zexion. I heard that you guys rescued a girl from the Valuans?" Martha smiled to greet those that had just return.

"Yup. Let me introduce you to her…" Vyse nods before turning all attention to Fina.

"Hello, it's very nice to meet you. My name is Fina." Fina introduced herself before the two women in question. "I, I'm very grateful for all the hospitality everyone has been showing me…" She admits her sincere motion on being grateful to the Blue Rogues who helped her out.

"Well, well…aren't you just the sweetest little thing?" Martha smiled in feeling like Fina was a very sweet and polite young lady. "Well, Fina, it's our pleasure. Just relax and make yourself at home, okay?" She stated to offer Fina their little village as a little home away from home. "Hehe…Nice catch, Vyse. I guess your work has its perks, huh?" She leans in to quietly chuckle this to those where Fina couldn't hear.

"Hugh, wha-what do you mean?" Vyse yelped from the sudden topic that caught him off guard. "I just made the decision to help save her, she was in trouble." He tries to explain that his actions were on helping those in trouble.

"Right, it's like Captain Dyne said, it's the path to being a Swashbuckler." Zexion pointed out that the action is how one builds up their character.

"You don't say? It's every Air Pirate's dream to be a 'Swashbuckler'. But you have to do more than sail to become one." Barbara smiled in stating about this fact to the boys in wanting to achieve such a dream. "You have to live as one…in both your action and your words. Only true Swashbucklers can become great leaders." She explains this for both Vyse and Zexion to take such words with much meaning along the road of being Air Pirates.

"Um, yeah…I guess so." Vyse slightly nods in agreeing to that statement.

After saying goodbye to Martha and Barbara, Vyse, Zexion and Fina walk to the open area in the settlement. There, children were heard laughing and having fun. One little boy had brown short hair, bronze color eyes, wore brown boots, a yellow overall pair of pants, an orange shirt and had brown cloths wrapped around his wrist: he was Jimmy. The other boy had small brown hair and bronze color eyes, wore brown boots and gloves, wore light turquoise color pants and a cap on his head with a blue belt tied around, a sleeveless yellow shirt with a red scarf tied around: his name was Alan. The little girl had brown hair and brown eyes, had pink boots, a yellow short-sleeve dress with a white apron, a purple neck collar and a hair band: she was Lindsi.

"Oh! Vyse, Zexion, you're back! Welcome home!" Lindsi smiled to happily greet those she knows. "We're all playing hide-and-seek with Pow! You should play with us, too!" She happily stated what the village kids were doing.

"Pow!? Who's that?" Fina asked puzzled in never having heard of such a name for a person.

"Pow pow, Pow!" Then barking at the group was a little dog-like animal displaying a silver undercoat with a purple mane with brownish color eyes. This little fella was Pow, a Huskra that lives on Pirate Isle

"O, oh my!" Fina flinch with worry that this creature was barking at her.

"Quiet, Pow! I told you not to bark at guest before, right!" Vyse was lecturing Pow for his behavior in front of Fina.

"Pow…Pow…" Pow made little sounds as if sounding a bit sad.

"I, I'm sorry. He just took me by surprise." Fina apologized for her action because of being caught by surprise now. "He's actually really cute…" She exclaimed in looking back to see Pow was very cute to her eyes. "I guess on your island, you live with other animals…" Fina stated in what life was like that this island has folks that live with different animal creatures that they get along.

"Um…yeah. I, I guess." Vyse shrug off in having agreed that they live with other animals, not just with people. "You don't have pets where you come from?" Vyse asked in thinking about where Fina was that there were no creatures to have as house pets.

"W, well, um…no. Not really. Is it that unusual?" Fina expressed with somewhat puzzling worry about her answer. "I'm so sorry…It's just that everything seems so…different here." She apologized in not being used to such different customs.

"Well, if your not bother, why not pet Pow?" Zexion offered Fina to see if Pow likes her of not.

"Really? Um, is that okay?" Fina meekly asked in not sure if that's possible.

"You don't have to worry, Pow pretty much lives with us, with my family. So when me and my dad are away, he likes to play with the other kids." Vyse smiled to inform the girl that Pow is alright, and won't see Fina as a threat.

"O, Okay…" Fina was a bit worried to reach down, Pow sniffed the hand before licking it. "Hahaha, it kind of tickles when he does that?" She lightly laughs at how Pow was very friendly.

"Vyse, whenever I go sailing on a ship, I always get sick...and sometimes I even throw up." Then Alan was seen panting from having stop himself from running a lot. "Does that mean I can't become a sailor?" The boy asked in thinking his dream won't come true.

That was a big tough call to make, it seems that Alan wants to be an Air Pirate but he feels that if he gets seasick, it'll be a hard life. Telling the boy he can't would break his heart, Vyse understands the importance of a dream. And so, Vyse knew the right call to make here…

"Sure you can be a sailor! I used to get airsick all the time when I was little." Vyse stated in what he went through long ago before becoming the Air Pirate of today.

"That's true, you did experience that a lot." Zexion lightly nods his head in agreement, he was there to see it.

"Yep. And after a while, you just sorta stop throwing up. Your body gets used to it." Vyse smiles to let the boy know that in due time, the body gets use to it.

"Okay! I'll do my best! I'll throw up however many times it takes until I can become a sailor!" Alan smiles from being cheered up and having new hope he can overcome being airsick.

"Hey Vyse!" Then Jimmy was seen talking to Vyse next. "We're playing hide-and-seek! You wanna play with us?" The little boy asked Vyse to partake in their game. "If you can find all three of us and Pow, I'll tell you a secret!" He offered a good prize if Vyse agreed to play with them.

Hearing this got Vyse a bit intrigue, what sort of secret did these kids have. There were two decisions, they were not big life choices. Just a yes or no question about playing with kids. While Vyse thought it could be fun, he had other matters to deal with right now with showing Fina around the village.

"Sorry, but I'm kind of busy right now. Maybe some other time." Vyse rubs his back head to apologize while offering to partake next time he's free.

"Too bad…See you later, then!" Jimmy replied while keeping a smiling face.

"See ya!" Vyse waved off to Jimmy that laughed to play with his friends.

After passing by the kids and Pow continuing to play their game, the group went upwards towards one of the wooden cabins.

"Who lives here?" Fina asked a bit puzzled in visiting this cabin with flowers outside.

"This is where Aika lives. Everyone has their own homes to go to." Zexion explain this while Vyse went up to open the door, except it wouldn't budge.

"Wait…didn't Aika say she was going back to her house? Then why is the door locked?" Vyse raise an eyebrow in noticing that Aika's door was locked instead of being open.

"Is that normal?" Fina asked from sounding curious.

"Aika lives by herself, her house is locked when we go sailing and unlock when she's home." Zexion explains this to Fina about how Aika doesn't want anyone entering her home unless she's inside.

"Hmmm, something doesn't feel right? Let's check it out." Vyse felt a bit concern that something was off.

"Are you certain Vyse, she may have stopped by to help someone in the village and we just haven't seen her yet?" Zexion ponders to question if they should investigate, the village was peaceful so there shouldn't be anything suspicious.

"Maybe…?" Vyse stated to say, but when he looked to the left side, he saw something odd. "Hugh, that's weird? I wonder what this handkerchief is for?" Vyse stated a bit puzzled in looking at the worn out handkerchief. "…Oh. I think there's something underneath it." He noticed something hidden beneath this cloth, and was slowly moving it upwards.

"Vyse, I don't think you should…" Zexion was about to protest as he and Fina watch in puzzlement.

As it was too late to stop Vyse as he lifts up the handkerchief to discover a tiny hole. When Vyse looked through the tiny hole, he saw something. It was actually Aika's room, and currently the red-haired girl sat on her bed to be brushing her untied ponytail.

"Oops…the handkerchief was there to cover this hole in Aika's room…" Vyse muttered under his lips in realizing too late what the handkerchief was for.

Vyse observed as Aika flip her hair around, she looked very pretty and more lady-like with her long hair down. But that was short lived when Aika turns in the direction of the hole in the wall where someone was peeking through.

"Hugh! Aaahhh! Who's there?!" Aika gasped and then screamed out in seeing there was an eye in the hole of her wall. "Take that, you creep! HAAUGH!" Aika grabs and toss a pillow from her blind anger, which smack against the wall with the hole.

"Ow! My eye!" Vyse yelped from the impact that backlash a bit on his eye: course when the pillow dropped, what was seen next was Aika blushing red and looking mad.

"Ah! Vyse! What are you doing!? Peeking into my room…!?" Aika snapped angrily at recognizing who it was that was spying on her.

"Ugh, see…" Vyse was recovering from the pillow impact, but his words fell short.

"You should be ashamed of yourself! I can't believe that you would spy on me like that!" Aika protest in feeling furious of this action of Vyse. "Get out of here!" She yelled out to have the guy leave.

"Hugh? But…but…I was just looking under this handkerchief! I didn't know!" Vyse tried to explain himself of this misunderstanding. "You probably just put it there to draw people's attention…" The guy stated on how Aika set that up just attack anyone trying to spy through to see the girl.

"Let it go Vyse, when she's like this. She's stubborn as a mule." Zexion pats Vyse's back to move away from the hole in the wall.

"Wait! Zexion's there too!? And who you calling a MULE!?" Aika protest in having heard someone describe her in such a way.

"Well, maybe next time inform us that you are home when you lock your door and leave a sign that says don't touch handkerchief? Otherwise, Vyse here will need something for the other eye." Zexion pointed out in what Aika failed to do that this event happen due to a lack of attention.

"Mhmmm…I suppose I went too far." Aika suddenly went silent when having realized what Zexion said, as she looked around one of Vyse's eyes, especially around a certain scar. "Hugh, fine. I'll let this go, but next time I won't be so merciful." She signed in allowing to save some face without causing anymore of a scene over what happen.

Fina watches puzzle as Zexion helps Vyse walk away from Aika's house with him covering his left eye. After just walking it off, they came across a cabin house with a rope fence. Fina saw some plantation effort with a sign 'Please do not step on the garden' written on it.

"Vyse, what does this mean about not stepping on the garden?" Fina asked from sounding curious about the sign's message.

"Well…Vegetables are an important source of nutrients for sailors. Everyone takes great care to make sure and grow them properly." Vyse explain how they need to keep up their strength to be active Air Pirates.

"Hmm? Vyse, there's a chest behind the house." Zexion then noticed there was something behind this house.

Vyse smiled with intrigue, as he opened the fence gate. The boy was careful not to step on the plants growing. Then behind the house was a chest, he opened it to obtain the content Reward: Sacri Crystal (3).

"Oh, do all pirates like to place treasure chest anywhere?" Fina was amazed, she never expected to find a chest behind one's own backyard.

"It's a way to help keep us on our toes. There are some who leave chest in places only an Air Pirate can open, but other places outside of towns and villages might be tricky." Zexion shrug off his shoulders to mention the challenges of keeping one's wit in hunting for treasure chest and picking through the locks.

"Hey, remember what Luke said about hidden treasures." Vyse suddenly brought up something they heard earlier. "We found the first one hidden behind my dad's office. And I think I saw something above in a direction we may know." Vyse smiled in getting excited about finding the last chest that was hidden.

Fina was curious about what Vyse said, as the group was walking over towards a part of the village that had some stone wall with words on it. When Vyse push a certain section, it split open to reveal a hidden door. Fina was surprised, but as they enter had found themselves in a cave which at the red lead to an edge that showed the underground port. There was another treasure chest here, which Vyse open to gain another Reward: Moonberry (1).

"Yes! Another Moonberry!" Vyse cheered in seeing this was a real treasure to gain.

"Congrats, maybe this was something your father plan for you?" Fina congrats Vyse on what he got that was probably place by his father perhaps.

"Yeah! I think so. Think I should use it?" Vyse asked in pondering an idea to help him out.

"Aika already acquired her new Super Move to help her during fights, so it seems fair." Zexion ponders to think for a moment in how to help Vyse grow. "Word of advise, after taking a Moonberry, try to focus on what you wish to create one that can help you in a battle." The guy explained in believing these words can help Vyse grow to be a capable fighter.

"Oh, if you think about it, why not something that's either for defense or countering?" Fina suggest this as a means to help those that need help on balancing one's fighting ability.

"That's…actually some good advice? How do you know such a thing?" Zexion raise an eyebrow in never imagining that Fina knew such things.

"Well, it's just something that I learn about what those that seek to fight need to balance themselves between offense and defense." Fina lightly blush to meekly mention it's something she acquired as knowledge.

"Hmm…balance my offense and defense? Hey, I think I got something…let me get ready." Vyse grins in having hatch an idea that can best suit him well.

Vyse soon swallowed the Moonberry, as he stood there patiently. Then his body was glowing as Vyse focused his aura. Then Zexion seem to swing his Crescent Blade without warning, scaring Fina. But then Vyse opened his eyes to take a defensive stance, countered the physical attack with his cutlasses.

"Amazing! I think I'll call this one – Counterstrike!" Vyse grins with excitement on having gain a new Super Move.

"Hmm, it's an impressive thing to help you. Cutlass Fury is a major attack on a strong enemy, Counterstrike will boast your defense to counter physical attacks. It's a good start for you." Zexion studied the two S Moves that Vyse has under his belt, it's a nice balance for a new uprising Air Pirate to have.

"Well, I thought it seem nice, I was worried if Zexion would hurt you?" Fina stated to say while sounding a little worried.

"Vyse has a long way before matching me." Zexion simply states this without going into detail.

"Hey now, give me a little credit?" Vyse exclaim in having felt like that was a taunt as Fina tried to cover her mouth from letting any loose chuckles escape.

After having finished acquiring a new treasure and awaken skill, the group leaves the cave out the secret door entrance back into the village. The guys showed Fina a little walking platform that lead upwards to having a bridge connecting a small island. There was a tiny wooden port, and nearby they came across Briggs.

"Vice Captain Briggs. Hey!" Vyse waved off to greet a fellow Air Pirate friend.

"Hey there, Vyse, Zexion. It's nice to be home again, huh?" Briggs the Vice Captain exclaimed about being home. "Sometimes when we're out sailing for a long time, I start to miss this old place." He stated from looking back to feel a sense of wanting to come back here.

"True, we have been away for sometime." Zexion nods his head in understanding they missed home.

"Aboard ship ain't bad either, but you really have to come back to the island now and then or your legs forget what solid ground is like." Briggs the Vice Captain explain this as a means of walking on firm island terrain to know the difference of not forgetting what real ground feels like then wooden or metal floors.

"Thanks for the inside advice, take care." Vyse smiles to thank the man for giving them that piece of advice.

As Vyse's group said farewell to Briggs, Vyse found another chest to open and get the next Reward: Magic Droplet (2). While walking down, Fina saw a ladder that lead up to an island that was very high up. Vyse and Zexion went ahead with Fina following behind, it was a long 30 meter climb until they reach the top. There was a wooden bench for one to sit to observe the whole scenery, Fina felt almost lost by the view. Then finding a nearby treasure, Vyse opened to discover another Reward: Sacri Crystal (3).

"Well, you've seen just about everything, ready to get down?" Vyse smiled in thinking Fina wants to head down after knowing just about all there is to see on their island.

"Um, yes…but it seems scary when looking how high up we are?" Fina lightly nods while wondering if she will handle coming down from this height.

"Then allow me to provide a quicker route." Zexion suggest a means to help them move things faster.

"Hugh?/Oh boy?" Fina and Vyse each had a surprise expression until…

Without warning, Zexion summoned a Corridor Of Darkness around everyone before it vanished. The same black flaming-blur appeared below as it vanished, showing everyone. Of course while Zexion was fine, Vyse was a bit shaky, but Fina was on her knees panting from the experience.

"Pant-pant!? That was…?" Fina pants from taking a breather from what she experienced.

"Zexion! I don't think using that move help ease things? Fina was not ready for that?" Vyse looked to the guy for using Black Magic in front of someone not from their village.

"It was quickier then climbing down the steps, correct? Besides, she had seen me use it before." Zexion explain himself which made Vyse worry of what Fina would think of the guy.

"Um, I'll be fine. That just took me by surprise." Fina stated as she showed herself having handle such an experience. "That magic, it was definitely what I thought, then…this person is…?" Fina muttered this softly under breath to herself in learning more about who Zexion might possibly be.

"Hmmm…maybe before seeing anyplace else, lets drop by my house." Vyse hums to himself while offering to take Fina to his home.

Fina was a bit intrigue when Vyse offer her an invite. The group then walked off the platform on the ground before going to one of the larger of 2 cabins in the small village. Upon entering, the place had a nice home-theme to it of book shelves, a glass case with plates and cups, a shelf for bottle ingredients, barrels below it, a large table, even a fire place to cook. There was a beautiful mature woman inside with brown shoes, a blue dress, white apron, brown belt with a gold circle buckle, a purple with white stripe short-shirt with puffy shoulders, plus gold buttons. She wore a light blue cloth on the hair that was neatly place and was color brown, and had brown color eyes. This gentle woman was Vyse's Mother, as well as the wife of Dyne who is Vyse's father.

"Oh! Welcome back, Vyse." Vyse's Mother held her hands to bow in happily greeting her son's return. "And Zexion, you're here to. Welcome." She turns to greet Zexion who's been friends with her son. "So, you're Fina. It's very nice to meet you." She greets Fina for this being their first meeting.

"The pleasure is all mine." Fina blush with a smile in being greeted so kindly by a beautiful person. "I…I hope I am not intruding…" She asked in not wishing to be a bother.

"Oh, don't be silly! It's been a long time since we've had quests." Vyse's Mother smiled to push off such thoughts in seeing Fina as a guest in their house. "Well, I have to finish cooking dinner. Go outside and have some fun. I'll call you when it's ready." She explain the situation of needing more time to prepare dinner.

"Hey guys!" Then Aika's voice was heard before everyone turns to see the girl enter. "Sorry to have kept you waiting! I was just fixing my hair." The girl explained as everyone saw she had on her ponytails once again.

"Yeah, I think Vyse already received that message early." Zexion remarks in elbowing Vyse to remember that earlier event.

"Eheh, very clear." Vyse sheepishly let off a chuckle to rub his back head, recalling what happen earlier that got Aika mad at him.

"Hey Fina…the sunset outside is beautiful. Why don't we go outside and check it out?" Aika smiled in offering the girl a chance to check out a sunset together.

"Oh, is that alright?" Fina lightly yelped to ponder if that was okay to do.

"Well, we still have some time before dinner…why not?" Vyse smiled in thinking that there's no time like the present.

"Okay, great!" Aika nods in seeing they are in agreement here. "Come on! We can get a great view from up top on Lookout Island." The red-haired girl insist to show Fina such a sight.

"We been there before, but not during the sunset." Zexion stated about having gone up before with Fina, except this time…to view a sunset occurring.

"Um, well…if it's as beautiful as you say, then…I guess it wouldn't hurt?" Fina meekly stated in thinking maybe that won't be so bad.

After promising Vyse's Mother they come back when she calls them, the group soon left Vyse's home to let his mother finish cooking dinner. After walking on the wooden platform bridge, the guys went first with the girls going second up the ladder. After climbing up to the place where anyone can be on lookout, the sight afar was breathless. There, the sun was slowly setting in the distance, as night was slowly starting to come in. Nothing was heard by the breezing winds and the noisy crickets. Here we see Vyse and Aika sitting on the bench, Zexion stood near Vyse while Fina stood near Aika, as they all watch the sunset.

"It's so beautiful…" Fina exclaimed in looking at such a pretty sunset here.

"I love it up here, it's so peaceful. I come up here to relax and watch the sunsets." Vyse exclaimed to mention this stuff that earn the attention of the others. "When I'm up here, I often wonder what lies beyond the sky…Beyond the sunset…" He explain the simple thing of what could be beyond the skies themselves.

"Beyond…the sky…?" Fina replied with deep though as she clutch her hands together.

"Some say there're monsters. Others say there's a maelstrom that either blows ships away, or pulls them in…and they're never seen again." Vyse leans over to tell Fina about the many wonders of what could be out there. "And there are others that just say it's…impossible…" The guy stated about how many believe, it's impossible to go beyond one's reach.

"It's hard to say, there are just many mysteries that no one has ever been able to solve as of yet. It's like a limit to where we can reach." Zexion stated in knowing that when folks have sailed to places, there is always something preventing one from going further.

Fina seem very silent, as if her mind was deep in thought about what it was that she heard. About the many mysteries that have yet to be seen by anyone.

"I want to know what's out there…" Vyse proclaimed in what he wants to find. "Besides, I don't like giving up on anything without giving it my best shot." He stated about wanting to do his best whatever comes his way. "Someday, I will be the captain of my own ship, I'll go beyond that sunset, and I'll see what's out there." Vyse looked back at the sunset, imagining what the future holds for him.

"Wow…I bet if you could go beyond the sunset, the sky would look even more beautiful." Aika smiled to imagine something like that if Vyse could achieve such a dream.

Fina smiled from slowly getting such an understanding, to have such a dream felt so lovely. Then she yelped as the wind was blowing against her head to brush a single hair away from her face. It even blew against Zexion who was caught off guard that his hood was blown off.

"Ugh!?/Ah?" Vyse and Aika lightly gasped while Fina was silent, the real hidden human face of Zexion was exposed.

"I'm…sorry…I don't…usual let guest see my real face?" Zexion looked away from Fina in knowing his real face comes with seeing what else he hid under a hood. "Because once they see my hair, they know who I am. The curse and hated Darcsen race." The guy seem a bit unsettle when having to mention these things that always pop up.

"A...cursed race? Why's that?" Fina asked a bit stump, unable to follow along.

That caught everyone's attention, and were a bit surprised. Fina was not being judgmental about who Zexion was. Besides close friends, even Zexion was surprised by her words that held no lies.

"Wait! You don't mind Zexion being a Darcsen?" Vyse asked in trying to see if Fina really meant that.

"Well, I was surprised…but I did understand who he might be." Fina meekly stated her opinion in having learn enough who Zexion was base on what she saw. "The only people that can wield magic that no one else can, which was Magic Black. But why do you think I hate him for who he is?" Fina explain this much while was very lost about people hating those that use Black Magic.

"Wow, this is a rare sight. You're not one to judge him by what others might say." Aika smiled in seeing that Fina was very much a nice person. "Zexion was with his grandparents that help the Merchant Ships, Vyse's dad helped them when Valua attacked them for being Darcsens. And invited them to our village as their home." She explained what it was of how Zexion came to be among their Blue Rogues group.

"Ever since then, everyone's come to know Zexion, and we're not those that believe in old legends that see Darcsens as evil witch-craft people." Vyse smiled in being honest about seeing Zexion of who he is, not what others say about him.

"I see, well…I for one am at least glad to see him behind his hood." Fina smiled a bit to sound relieved in getting to know Zexion a bit more. "The sunset really makes your hair shimmer very mysteriously." She smiled to give a little praise on the guy's dark hair.

"Um, ugh…" Zexion was left a bit speechless, someone complimented his hair: that's a first.

That caused Vyse and Aika to lightly let off a little laughter, it's been almost forever since Zexion has ever been speechless. Considering that those that get to known the Darcsens, learn they are not really bad people, just presumed under false rumors from long ago. Just as things were slowly settling in, Vyse and Aika's eyes widen to gasp.

"HUGH! Hey!" Vyse and Aika shouted in complete surprise union.

That's when something occurred, a blue star was falling from the sky. And there was more then just one at that. Vyse and Aika had gaping open mouths, Zexion along with Fina had curious looks across their faces.

"Guys…That was a Moon Stone!" Vyse issued in recognizing what it was falling in the sky.

"…A Moon Stone?" Fina replied curious and puzzled by hearing this.

That's when from one of the blue falling lights, it went towards an airborne island that have a tall tower. Through Vyse's binocular eye-piece, he saw to zoom closely to see the flashing light that was there. A loud 'boom' noise was heard upon a crash landing on the island before it faded out.

"There…It landed on that island over there. I think that's Shrine Island." Vyse issued from locating where the target fell, his little glass eye-patch thing was helpful like a telescope.

"It's been a long time since we've seen a Moon Stone fall!" Aika smiled at Vyse and Zexion in knowing this could be a good stroke of luck.

"I don't understand. That was a Moon Stone?" Fina looked to the others puzzled in hearing this for a first time.

"That's right. Fina, you've heard of Moon Stones before, right?" Aika turns to smile at Fina in addressing about the girl's topic. "They're pieces of rock that fall from the Moons. They usually crash land on the islands. They're a really powerful source of energy, too." The red-haired girl explained the use for the Moon Stones that everyone wants from such strong energy source. "We use them for all sorts of things. They power our air ships and we can also forge weapons out of them." She smiled in talking about how they use Moon Stones for a lot of daily things.

"You once saw some Moon Stones earlier, remember?" Zexion reminds the girl which Fina lightly blushes, having forgotten about such a topic.

"Oh, yes. I know of Moon Stones." Fina replied from saying that she remembers and that she knows about Moon Stones like everyone else. "But, it's my first time seeing a Moon Stone actually fall from the sky." She looked up to the sky, curious about this very thing that happened.

"Vyse, Zexion, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Aika turns to her pals in having hatch an idea about what they should do.

"Yeah, we should try to recover the Moon Stone. Let's go first thing tomorrow." Vyse smiled in thinking the same thing, exploring a new island to get new treasure that fell from the sky.

"Just us three?" Zexion raise an eyebrow in having heard such a suggestion.

"Yeah, it'll be a great way to earn experience." Vyse grins to praise about them getting stronger, which made Zexion sign: cause he knows he can't leave his friends behind to go off on their own.

"Vyse! Aika! Zexion! Fina!" Without warning, Vyse's Mother was heard calling before the group look down to find the woman below. "Dinner is ready! Come on down!" She inform those above that she finished preparing dinner.

"Let's go, Fina. You're going to eat with us, right?" Vyse turns to Fina to invite the girl to eat with his family.

"We're so lucky! I love your mom's cooking…" Aika smiled brightly in knowing how good Vyse's Mother cooks such tasty meals. "Fina, let's go eat while it's still hot!" She turns to encourage Fina to partake with them and not miss out.

"Yes, thank you for your gracious offer." Fina smiled in appreciating such warm hospitality to join those for a nice meal.

Soon Vyse and Aika were walking towards the ladder to climb down. Zexion summoned his Corridor of Darkness, a shortcut to travel then taking the ladder as he was walking towards it. Fina was following behind to go after Vyse and Aika down the ladder. But Fina stopped herself to look up at the sky with a bothered look. In the sky, was a Silver Moon, it seem to have Fina in a lost of thought.

"Are you alright Fina?" Then Fina nearly yelps because she saw that Zexion had not left through his Corridor of Darkness yet.

"Oh, Zexion…I'm sorry? I didn't see you were still here." Fina apologized in having not realized someone had yet to leave.

"You seem to be lost in thought. You were looking towards the Silver Moon." Zexion stated in what had Fina so lost.

"Yes, I suppose so." Fina lightly nods her head, knowing she was staring at the moon for a while.

"Well, whatever things trouble you, from what you said to Captain Dyne, I could sense there was truth." Zexion stated in having been there to witness it, that Fina showed no hesitation. "I was wary of you, because I used my ability with Black Magic called Dark Divination to give me insight about you. But your magic aura, it's reaction to me was…strange?" He explain about what he once tried, to see into the girl's past, present and future but bore no fruit.

"Oh, I…" Fina felt a bit surprised, she was unaware of such things.

"It's fine. It appears I don't need to see the future to know that you are who you are. Vyse and Aika trust you, and so do I." Zexion expressed his own logical conclusion of not doubting Fina's character. "Rest well…" He humbly stated to the girl with some politeness for her to take it easy.

With enough said, Zexion went through his Corridor of Darkness as it vanished afterwards. Fina was a bit bewilder and speechless, yet she felt like just as she has her own secrets…so too does Zexion. Deciding to let things be, Fina slowly prepares to walk down the ladder to join Vyse's family for a meal. As the scene began to fad out, there were still many mysterious surrounding Fina left to be solve. And of what new adventures await those that the mystery girl has come into contact with…

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And now after a bit of time, I have finally gotten chapter 2 up. It the next chapter, Vyse's group prepares to venture off towards Shrine Island. But after arriving, there are challenges in facing more Monsters that made the area their turf. And once more, there's some kind of Sentinel that becomes active to attack the group. It will take a lot of effort from Vyse, Aika and Zexion to bring down this strong adversary. And their Reward might not just be getting a Moon Stone, but something else that's discovered – a unique Sentinel model? Just what sort of intriguing adventures await them? What's gonna be seen next, best to stay tune to find out more…