The Gae

In My Life

Disclaimer: Because I rather like Stewart and Gae and Letterkenny is a hilarious show.

Stewart let out a sigh from his spot at a table for a party on the Reservation he and several others had been invited too by Tanis. Doing what he could to ignore the argument Wayne of the Hicks was having with Daryl over some inconsequential matter. I should have brought some Rips.

But alas, he was not able too and nor was the other Skids able to bring any as unfortunately, they were being watched by Authorities after the beat down they'd placed on Dierks over a week ago. Apparently a group of Canadians coming into America to avenge the slighted honor of a big brother's little sister was enough to un nerve some people. Bah, bunch of fools over there.

At least Dierks would never again think of cheating on a woman so that was something at least. Though it was beyond him how one could even fathom the thought of cheating on someone like Katy. Unfortunately, the whole affair had only served to remind Stewart of his beloved Gae and the highly euphoric relationship he had with her. Sure, there had been those two city girls but at the end of the day, they were back in the city and neither were Gae. "Hey, boy!" Called out a voice.

Great, I'm thinking about and missing her so much I'm starting to hear her delightful voice in my head more than usual.

"STEWART!" Cried out Roald and he sighed again.

"Not now, Roald!" He replied without looking at his friend.

"I see you were right to call me, Roaldie."

Stewart froze and slowly looked up in the direction of where that voice had come from and his eyes had widened in surprise. For it was none other than this beloved Gae in a dark outfit and her hair dyed a pink color. "G-Gae!?"

She smiled and nodded at him and as though time began to slow down, the Skid rose from his seat and began to run towards his beloved Gae. Her doing the same thing until a voice broke through and essentially ruining the moment. "What the fuck is that tom fuckery!?" Came Wayne's disapproving voice and getting a swat on the arm for it from a disapproving but smiling Rosie.

Making both freeze in their tracks since both actually had been running in slow motion towards the other like they were in a movie. Both scowled at Wayne but quickly re-focused their attention on one another and ran normally towards the other and embraced the other happily. "Wells, that's not somethins you sees everydays." Remarked Squirrely Dan.

Other remarks were made but all were ignored as our world hating love birds focused on the other. "I had thought it would be much, much longer before I would ever see you again."

"I had thought so too but I just couldn't stay away from the man with the biggest horn I know of and whom has my heart."

Katy could be heard muttering about how Stewart's horn couldn't be THAT big but again, remarks were being ignored. "Let's say we venture elsewhere for some much needed private time?"

Gae grinned eagerly. "Could not have said it better myself."

And with that, the two hurried off for her car and drove away. "STEWART!" Sniffled Roald.

Ron and Dax came on either side of him. "Its okay, bud. We've got ya." Began Ron.

"We've got ya all night and even tomorrow, bud." Threw in Dax.

"He'll play right, I'll play left, and you'll fill the middle."

Oddly enough, that seemed to do the trick for Roald and those three soon left as well. "There are just some things you shouldn't discuss in public." Muttered Wayne with a scowl on his face and got a pat on the arm from a smiling Rosie.

"There's no way Stewart's horn is that big."

Though Katy figured maybe it was finally time to see for herself! Well, once she was past dealing with her feelings for what Dierks had done anyway! For it wouldn't be fair to use Stewart as a rebound again. Wonder if Gae's into sharing?

Author's Notes: That was fun but probably not up to the standards of the characters themselves.