Donna was studying for a history test in her room, and she was finishing up on the history of women's rights when she got a message from Wanda.

"Wanda," said Donna, "How's it going with you and Cosmo?"

"We're fine," replied Wanda. "We're recruiting the new super squad of the morning shift in Dimmsdale - the Sparkle Spirits."

"They're a group of color fairies from Fairyworld who wanted to see Earth," Cosmo interrupted. "I just taught them how to make a home a 'Find It' book."

"That was from the episode 'What's The Difference'," recalled Donna. "Good thing Timmy changed his mind and let Wanda use a single wand, 'cause we don't want you turning Earth into a 'Find It' book."

"Not like how we recruited Captain Marvel 2.0.," Cosmo replied.

Donna became confused, so Wanda poofed up some old magazines that were Da Bomb. "A Snuggle Magazine, Discount Dynamite Weekly, and Gift Infinity Magazine?" Donna asked. "Aren't those the discontinued 90s magazines?"

"Wow," breathed Donna. "Another flashback story."

"This whole thing happened ten years after Carolyn continued her Galactic Federation series," explained Wanda. "Maria met a creep and had a daughter named Monica. During the divorcement, she needed Monica to cope with divorcement. After seeing a TV ad for LADUWS, she decided to let Monica join the show. Amongst the others were Middle Eastern girl, Kamala Khan, and of course Talos and Soren's daughter, Brie."

"Wait," added Donna. "Talos sent Brie to be on 'Let's All Dance Until We're Sick'."

"Season six audition," Cosmo answered, "though it didn't work out the way we planned."