Donna was in her art class, painting a picture of her friend Majorie and Gworboop flying on shooting stars. The teacher was really impressed by her work. So impressed, that she wanted her to do a project for extra credit.

"I want you to make a painting based on an interstellar adventure," the teacher advised.

Donna has been on numerous space adventures, but she wasn't sure about doing one based on her past experiences because she should blow her cover.


In the courtyard at lunchtime, Donna was going through the mail for her when she got a postcard from Kirby in the Popopo Islands.

"Hey, Emma," she said to her best friend. "Take a look at this."

She showed Emma the postcard. "It's all in Poyo," she said. "Only Kirby can write in Poyo."

"Exactly," Donna replied. "Thanks to my You-Know-What, I can translate."

Hi Donna,

I'm doing great on the Sodapop island, except for one thingy.

I was having nappy time when a dark cloud.

It turns out, it was from a group of criminals called the Skull Gang.

Their mean old leader, Necrodeus, wants to drown all the light on the island.

I tried to stop him, but he made millions of me.

Writing this postcard and sending you via star was the only way I can get your help.

Help Me,


Luckily, Donna remembered that time stood still when she'd gonr to other plans. That way, they could get to cheer practice on time. Also, Donna had a meeting with the Crystal Gems.


Donna and Emma went through the magenta star and off to the Popopo Islands.


Later on the Popopo Islands, they were looking around the dark and edgy areas of the island.

"This place looks awful," Emma said.

In the light, they saw a familiar pink puffball lying down. "Kirby!" shouted Donna as she and Emma rushed to him.

"He doesn't have much power," Emma replied as she cuddled Kirby.

Thinking about what Kirby meant by "millions of me," they saw numerous Kirbys running around and acting like toddlers.

"If we could defeat this Necrodeus guy," suggested Donna. "We can take his staff, turn Kirby back to normal, and sets things right for Pop Star once again."