My alarm goes off and I smash it with my fist.

"Not again!" I say to myself.

I run out of the bed and into the shower at superhuman speed. I quickly scrub myself and run out of the shower, getting dressed. I run downstairs and cook myself toast. I hear the bus leaving and grab my backpack. I run out to the bus stop but it's is already leaving. My eyes glow red and yellow and I run past the bus. I arrive at school just before the bus does.

"Barry?" A voice asks.

I turn around and see Iris getting out of the bus. I have had a crush on her since we were kids.

"Hey, Iris!" I say.

"How did you get here so fast?"

"Took a shortcut."

The school bell rings.

"Well, see you around," Iris says before walking into the school.

I wave bye to her and head inside, hitting myself in the head for acting like an idiot. I head to my locker and try to unlock it but the door won't budge. I attempt 3 more times but no effect. I look around to see if anyone is looking. I place my hand on the locker and begin vibrating my hand. The door gently opens. I place my backpack into the locker and get out my journals.

"Leave me alone!" A voice yells.

I glance to my right and spot a jock talking to a girl. The girl is trying to get past the jock but the jock keeps preventing her from getting past him.

"There is nowhere for you to go, babe!" The jock says.

I attempt to ignore this but I keep hearing the girl screaming louder and louder. Finally, I slam my locker door and walk towards the jock. I grab him by the collar and slam him against a locker.

"Why don't you stop being an asshole and go somewhere else?! She is clearly not into you and I don't blame her! Why would anyone be into trash like you?!"

I release my grip on his collar and he runs away.

"Yeah go run to your mommy, dick face!" I mutter.

I turn towards the girl and help her pick her stuff up.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. I am fine."


I walk to my first class. The teacher is passing out papers.

"Today you will be taking a pop quiz."

Everyone in the class groans but I shrug my shoulders. This should be easy. For some reason I can remember everything I have read or seen. Must be my powers. I complete the quiz in seconds. The teacher grabs the quiz from my hand and examines it. Her jaw hits the floor.

"How are you so smart, Barry Allen?"

"I guess I am just lucky."

My class finally ends. I walk out of my class and into the hallways. I spot Iris West standing at her locker. I walk over towards her, feeling nervous.

"Hi Iris," I say, awkwardly.

"Hey Barry."

"Umm so I was wondering if you-"

"Hey Allen!" A voice yells.

I turn around and see Tony Woodward walking towards me. He towers over me like a giant.

"Why you are talking to my girl, Allen?"

I look at Iris and glance back at Tony.

"I didn't know the two of you were-"

"Just get lost, Allen before I make you unable to play football ever again!" He yells, pushing me.

"Just go, Barry," Iris says.

"Yeah just go, Barry! Nice guys finish last, Allen!" Tony says, snickering.

I turn around and begin to walk away.

"What a wimp! He doesn't even have a mommy to run to!" Tony say, laughing loudly.

I stop in my tracks and feel anger rising inside of me. My eyes begin to glow with red and yellow lightning. I smirk and turn around.

"On second thought, nah!" I say.

I grab Tony and throw him against a locker at superhuman speed. I grab him by the throat. I feel Iris tugging at my arms but I ignore her.

"Listen you asshole! I am more skilled than you are at football and I will not be pushed around by some hot-headed jock! Also I know that you have been picking on others and if I ever see you picking on someone I will ruin you forever! Understand?"

Tony nods. I release my grip on him and turn around.

"BARRY!" Iris yells.

Everything slows down around me and I turn around. I see Tony attempting to swing a left hook at me. He looks so slow. I step to the side and grab his arm. I begin to twist it. Everything goes back to normal speed and there is a snapping sound. Then I push him in the face. Tony falls to the ground, clutching his nose which is bleeding. I look at him and smirk. I look around as students are watching.

"Did you see that?" One student says.

"What was that?" Another student asks.

"It's like he wasn't even moving!" A student exclaims.

"I saw it and I still can't believe it!" Another student says.

I look back at Tony and looks up at me.

"Maybe next time you will think twice before messing with me!" I yell.

"I thought you were one of the nice guys, Allen?"

"It's like you said, Woodward. Nice guys finish last."

I head to my next class not giving the incident a second thought.

During gym class my football coach approaches me.

"Listen Allen. I have some bad news. I heard about your fight with Tony Woodward and I have no choice but to kick you off the team."

I slam my gym locker in surprise and stare at my coach in astonishment.


"I am sorry, Allen but there is a right way to deal with bullies and this was not the right way. You have been acting really reckless and hotheaded."

"Whatever! I was getting tired of football anyways!"

I grab my gear and clothes and storm out of the gym. I walk past Iris. I think she is trying to talk to me but I ignore her.