"Come on, Spock, you're letting me win," Kirk spoke through his teeth.

"Captain, I don't need to remind you of my superior strength. I do not wish to harm you."

Kirk wiped the sweat from his face and looked around the glassed in wrestling arena and saw many of the crew watching the match and probably taking bets on the winner.

Taking a few deep breaths, Kirk resumed the first position of the K'tak maneuver he was trying to master.

"Alright, Spock, let's try it again."

Spock quickly looked at the audience and knew the Captain's reputation was at risk, but he knew the Captain also wanted no special treatment.

Lucas and SJ had left the pool area in their swim trunks, tshirts and towels. They noticed a gathering at the wrestling arena and went to take a look. As they walked down the hall they saw the Captain and Mr. Spock engaged in the intense maneuvers that SJ recognized as the K'tak, a Vulcan self-defense training.

SJ said to Lucas, "I fear the Captain is not managing well."

Lucas smiled to himself as he saw SJ's father and his own father, Captain Kirk trying to one-up each other. From past experience, Lucas knew this would not end well.

The other crew members were cheering on the Captain as a few had taken Commander Spock's side. The Commander had the Captain in a shoulder hold that would flip the Captain to the floor and it would end the game. As the Commander lifted the Captain, the Captain dropped to the floor on his knees and all who watched saw an awkward movement that landed the Captain on the floor with his shoulder pinned under him and his arm in an angle it wasn't meant to be in.

An audible ow, was heard in the hall way.

Lucas watched as the Commander knelt down and spoke to the Captain.

SJ whispered to Lucas, "Come on, let's go see if he needs help." He stepped back and let Lucas walked through the door first.

Lucas knelt next to his father and asked softly, "Dad, are you alright?"

The Captain was a pale shade of off white and hissed, "Lieutenant, I'm not down for the count, yet."

Mr. Spock said, "Lieutenant Kirk, com Dr. McCoy and ask him to come to the arena."

"Spock, I'm ok, just help me up," he insisted.

The three tried to help him up from a seated position, but they could see his shoulder needed to be stabilized and he looked like he was going to pass out.

Mr. Spock looked up at the crewman still watching and he signaled them to leave.

Lucas commed sick bay and Dr. McCoy answered, "Sick bay, McCoy."

"Doctor we have a medical emergency in the wrestling arena. The Captain is injured."

"I'm on my way, Lieutenant. Do we need a stretcher?"

"Possibly, sir."

The communication ended in a soft scowl.

"Spock, maybe you'd better get out of here, the doctor will want to tear you to shreds," suggested Kirk.

"Captain, I assure you he will not tear me to shreds, nor am I afraid of his assured out burst. I will remain with you, and then report to the bridge."

Kirk said softly to himself, "I'm afraid of him sometimes." He rubbed his head and tried not let his stomach churn any further.

"Nurse, bring me my med-kit while I grab the hover-stretcher."

The two with their equipment entered the turbo-lift. McCoy had his arms behind his back with a scowl on his face staring at the door.

"I'll bet he was wrestling with some ensign or lieutenant and they got too rough with the Captain. Oh that poor bastard, he's probably shivering in his gym shoes."

Nurse Chapel smiled and said, "You're just saying that because you know it was probably Commander Spock who was wrestling with him, and you don't want to loose your temper."

McCoy bounced on his feet once and glanced at her and said, "Yeah, you may be right. If I get too mad right now, I'll probably knock those two heads together before I have to try and fix Jim."

They left the lift with the stretcher and gear in hand. Three crewmen were still loitering and watching.

McCoy snarled at them, "This isn't a movie to watch. Get going," he looked at them and said, "that's an order!"

The three crewmen turned and left in a hurry. McCoy went inside pulling the stretcher. The Captain was sitting on the floor with a shirt wrapped around his arm and shoulder.

Kirk started to speak and McCoy held up his hand to silence him. He quickly ran his scanner over his shoulder and arm. Kirk looked up at him sheepishly and started to speak again.

"Never mind, Captain," he said forcefully on his name.

"Who wrapped the shirt around you?"

With his uninjured arm he pointed to the two lieutenants.

"Good, it needed to be stabilized."

McCoy turned to Mr. Spock who stood with his arms behind his back and said, "You broke the Captain. He has torn ligaments and a broken scapula and clavicle."

"Now, Bones how do you know it was him?"

"Because these two knuckleheads are still in their bathing suits and it doesn't take a genius to guess what happened."

"Deductive reasoning, Dr. McCoy," Spock stated.

McCoy stood in a fury, "Deductive reasoning? How many times have I told you not to let him talk you into wrestling with him?"

"Doctor, it is not wrestling. He was simply trying to advance his learning of the K'tak."

McCoys eyes bugged out of his head.

"Enough, gentlemen. Perhaps you can get me to sickbay before I toss my breakfast on the floor." Kirk mumbled.

"I'll speak with you later, Spock," McCoy glared.

Nurse Chapel took the doctors equipment while Spock and McCoy gingerly lifted the Captain to his feet. Nurse Chapel lowered the stretcher and the Captain was gently laid down.

Kirk looked up at his son, "Lucas, I'll be alright, you don't have to be concerned."

"Yes, sir, I'll stop by later, if that's okay with Dr. McCoy."

McCoy squabbled, "Sure, stop by, it's all fun and games with these two, he breaks him, and I fix him. And Spock, before you come and hover over the Captain all day and night, be sure and tell me exactly how you did this."

"Doctor, I assure you..."

"Gentlemen, please," Kirk moaned loudly, "I am the broken one, here, and I'd like a little assistance, before world war four breaks out."

McCoy turns to his patient and glides him out the door to the lift.

Nurse Christine smiles towards Spock and whispers, "He'll be ok, Spock. Stop by in about an hour, it should be safe by then."

Spock glances as SJ and Lucas leave the room and says, "It is always so contentious between the good doctor and I. He must realized I did not injure the Captain on purpose. Jim has the most unusual timing in his moves and he is hard to anticipate. Much like playing chess with him."

Christine touched her husband's chest lightly and smiled, "Perhaps your deductive reasoning needs an adjustment."

Christine leaves the room and Spock's eyebrow lifts up to his hairline. "Indeed."