10-year-old Robbie Byrne was playing on a beach. A glass bottle washed up from the surf. He picked it up and looked at it. Then he uncorked it.

Pink smoke came out. It formed itself into—a lady!

She put the palms of her hands together and bowed before him. "Thank you for saving me, Master. What is your wish?"

He looked at her in awe. "Are you…a genie?"

"Yes, I am, Master."


"What is your wish?"

"My wish? I dunno. Let me think about it, a bit."

"All right."

He thought about it for a bit. "I've got it! I would like to have a pie fight with you!"

This surprised her. "A pie fight, Master?"

"Yeah! Like the Three Stooges do."

"The Three Stooges?"

"That's right! I want you to have a pie fight with me!"

"Well, if that is what you wish!"

She blinked. A large table appeared. On it were various whipped cream pies.

"All right!" said Robbie.

He immediately picked up a pie and smashed it into her face!

"Now, you get me!" he said.

"Yes, Master."

She picked up a pie and splatted him with it!

They commenced to the fight. In less than a minute, all of the pies were on the two of them!

"That's the most fun I've ever had!

His mom came over to them.

"What's going on?" she said.

"This lady is my genie! She's gonna grant all my wishes!"

"That's nice!"

Jeannie woke up. Remembering the dream, she just had, she burst out laughing.

Tony came down and opened her bottle. "Morning, Jeannie."

She came out and hugged and kissed him. "Hi, Master. I just had the FUNNIEST dream!"

"You did?"

She told him it, and he also laughed.

"Don't worry, Jeannie, I won't wish to have a pie fight with you!"

"That's all right, Master, I wouldn't mind if we did that!"

They both laughed.