It is 2007 and has reached Egypt

Dancing, the earliest form of storytelling. They'd even used dancing to cure the ill and the weak.

18 contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Raja Huq

Judges: Rashod Akhtgha, Fanila Musavi, and Kahlil Dajali

Theme of The Weeks

Pyramid Week, Backups, Monster Week, Wacky Week, Nature Week, Bug Week, Video Game Week, AC/DC Week, Superhero Week, Movie, Semi-Finals, Finals



Asjad Siddiqi (The Prince of Cairo)

Shimaa Daoud(The Silly One)

Wazir Laham (The Slob)

Amima Saade (The Lady)

Saladin Dada (The Rap Star)

Aaima Arif (The Cooking Star) Cairo


Sarina Qasim and Ryker Renard(The Music Composers)- Everyone knows 26-year-old Ryker Renard from the American Let's All Dance Until We're Sick as one of the backup dancers. He gave up television after Season 1 so he can pursue teaching and working on his family farm. Four years later, he met up with a worker at a music shop in Orlando who just moved in to take care of her sick uncle. Her name was 'Sarina Qasim'. A year later, after her uncle died of a rare disease, 20-year-old Sarina decided to go back to Egypt and face her parents. There was only one problem, they were prejudice against Americans because they think they own everything. After hearing from Zion about LADUWS going to Egypt, he decided to join to proove to Sarina's father that American's aren't bad.

Anbar and Ismail Moustafa(The Castaways)

Nafia and Kadyn Zakaria (The Dance Tyccoons)-

Jihan and Jinan Jabbour (The Teamworkers)

Jihan and Jinan Jabbour (The Curse Wielders)

Zahwah and Marr Jalil (The Puppeteers Cairo)

Backup Dancers

Noor, Jaziel and Jurnee Saah, Yosef Karam, Erika Salem, Samir Ishmael, Hassan, Aron, Jabari and Yamileth Sawaya, Misael Elamin, Jenesis and Yehuda Habib, Novah Kalil, and Fara Turay.