AN: So Boston is the main connecting point that brought these two series together for me. Obviously, the first three seasons of Suite Life were set in Boston and that's where the city comes into play for that show. As for Zoey 101, the absolute best Zoey 101 author ever on this site, her name is erika, had Chase from Boston in her Zoey 101 stories. I thought that made sense on many levels so in my head Chase is from Boston just like the Martin twins, and that's where my idea for this story came from. I've had this idea for a while, just had to sit down and actually write it. And yes, on the Zoey 101 side this is a Chase/Lola story. I have nothing against Chase/Zoey or Vince/Lola, I like those couples just as much as anyone else, but her name is erika made me a Chase/Lola fan as well through her amazing stories. Chase and Lola attending college in New York City together and becoming a couple is one of my favorite concepts that Erika wrote, and I wanted to include that in this story as well. I hope you enjoy the story and thanks for reading.

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August 2002 - Boston, Masscheuetts

"So today's the day?" 11-year-old Chase Matthews asked as he walked into his friend and neighbor's yard, noticing the moving truck parked in the driveway

"Yes, it is," 9-year-old Cody Martin responded. "Though I could say the same for you," he added as Chase's parents came outside and were loading things into their vehicle.

While Chase was two years older than Cody, they were still really good friends, even best friends you could say. While Chase was also friends with Cody's twin brother Zack, he had a stronger bond with Cody as they had more in common. Neither was seen as the popular kid or as outgoing as Cody's twin. Each had similar tastes in music. Being from Boston a love of sports developed in both, and while they enjoyed pretty much all sports, for Chase and Cody baseball and hockey were their two favorites. Cody was big into cooking, mostly because he had to be due to his parents and their lack of cooking skills. That was starting to rub off on Chase more as Cody helped him become better in the kitchen

Today however was a sad day for the friends, as they didn't know the next time they would be seeing each other in person. The moving truck was in the Martin's driveway because they were moving out. Cody's parents were in the process of getting divorced and were selling their house and moving to separate homes in different areas of the town. Meanwhile, Chase's parents were loading up their vehicle to take Chase to the airport. Chase was off to California to attend the boarding school Pacific Coast Academy in Malibu. Chase's dad attended the all-boys boarding school starting in sixth grade, and promised Chase as a legacy student he could begin there in the sixth grade as well. PCA wouldn't be an all-boys school for much longer, as it was recently announced that for the 2004-2005 school year PCA would become a co-ed school.

"Promise to keep in touch, even though we won't be neighbors anymore?" Cody asked his friend.

"Of course, we have each other's new addresses so we can write to one another, and once I find out the phone situation at PCA we can keep in contact that way too. Plus I could always send an email from my school email to either of your parents. And I will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas."

"Chase, honey, it's time to get going to the airport," Chase's mom called out to her son from their driveway.

"Well, I guess this is it for now," Chase said sadly turning back to Cody.

"Good luck in California, I hope it's an amazing academic experience for you," responded Cody, just as sad as Chase.

"I'm sure it will be, and I will let you know all about it."

The two boys then shook hands and shared a friendly hug before Chase headed back towards his parent's house, climbing into their vehicle. As it pulled out of the driveway and into the street Cody and Chase shared a wave. Unbeknownst to Cody, Zack came outside looking for him. Zack saw the Matthews' leaving and waved to Chase as well, who waved back. Zack then made his way over to his brother.

"Don't worry broseph, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it," Zack said to his brother, trying to cheer him up. It seemed to work as Cody gave his twin a small smile. The brothers then headed back inside to finish their packing.

While Cody and Chase stayed in touch frequently those first few months and saw one another when Chase was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, that would not continue into 2003. Their letters to one another would become less frequent, and unfortunately, email addresses were never communicated to stay in touch that way. A few weeks before he would be home for the summer Chase decided to write Cody a letter to let him know when he would be home. It had been a few months since he had sent a letter or received one from Cody. Chase had been super busy with schoolwork and figured Cody had been to, or with one of his many hobbies. Sadly for Chase, the letter ended up being returned back to him by the post office. Chase tried reaching out via the telephone, but the number Cody had given Chase was now disconnected. When Chase was back home from school for the summer he had his parents take him to the address Cody had given him of where his mom was moving to with the twins, only to find the house for sale with no signs of anyone still living there. With no other known ways to get ahold of Cody, Zack, or either of their parents, it appeared that Chase and Cody's friendship had abruptly ended due to an unfortunate set of circumstances.

September 2012 - New York City

When Chase wasn't in class, at the library, or hanging out with his girlfriend he could be found at a cafe & coffee house a couple of blocks from the New York University campus. The place was so popular with the students of NYU that they could even use their meal plan money there. It was Chase's go-to place to both work on school work and feed his coffee addiction. In fact, he enjoyed the place so much that he got a job there in his sophomore year, so even when off the clock there was a good chance you would find him there. The cafe did a lot of events in conjunction with the university which helped with its popularity. These events ranged from trivia nights to open mic nights to poetry nights, along with having local musicians perform as well. Asides from working, either his job or schoolwork, Chase would also get to play music at his favorite spot in New York City. He was in a band with his roommates from freshmen and sophomore year, and they were apart of the local musicians that would perform at the cafe.

While from Boston, and a fan of their sports teams, he would never get tired of wearing his Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup champions merchandise around town, it was Chase's dream to attend NYU after graduating from PCA. The English and writing department was second to none, and Chase was aspiring to be a writer. While he wasn't sure if he wanted to write novels or screenplays, though, with Logan likely to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a director, screenplays would likely be the clearer route with established connections. While the idea of staying in California after high school was an intriguing option, he knew New York City was where he wanted to spend his college years. It also helped that one of his best friends from PCA would be attending NYU as well.

It was currently the Saturday afternoon of Labor Day weekend. With most students deciding to enjoy a long weekend out of town, the cafe was not very busy. In fact, there were no customers in the place at the moment. Chase was chatting with the barista at the coffee bar, trying to decide what to put on the TVs so that there was at least some other noise asides from their talking. After deciding on something they heard the door to the cafe open and turned to see who was coming in. Chase couldn't help but smile as he saw his girlfriend enter the establishment.

"Hey babe"

"Hey yourself Chase," Lola Martinez said upon entering the cafe and giving her boyfriend a kiss. "Hey, Bryan."

"Hi Lola, would you like your usual?"

"You know it," Lola responded to the barista who began to work on Lola's drink.

After graduating from PCA Lola and Vince Blake mutually decided to break up, not thinking a long-distance relationship would work with each attending college on a different coast, Lola at NYU and Vince at the University of Oregon. Being a Southern California kid and dreaming of playing quarterback at either UCLA or USC Vince found it hard to believe that Oregon was the power school of the then Pac 10 Conference when it was time for him to make a college decision. Meanwhile, UCLA was a middle of the road program, and USC had been riddled by probations due to scandals that ended their glory days of the mid-2000s. He proved that Oregon was the right choice for him, as he led the Ducks to the National Championship game of the 2010 season during his redshirt freshmen year as their starting quarterback. Oregon would fall to Auburn though as the Tigers hit a game-winning field goal as time expired. Vince would lead his team to another Pac 10 championship his sophomore year in 2011, while also finishing 3rd in the Heisman Trophy voting. Vince declared for the NFL Draft after the season and was selected eighth overall in the draft by the Miami Dolphins.

Unlike Lola and Vince, Chase and his girlfriend at the time Zoey Brooks decided to give the long-distance relationship a try. They thought it would be easier to manage this time around with Chase in the same country and the couple only three hours apart time-wise compared to the eight-hour difference when he was in London. As mentioned earlier California was an intriguing option for Chase, his girlfriend was attending UCLA to study fashion design, while Logan and Quinn would just be a few hours north in the Bay Area, Quinn at Stanford and Logan at Cal Berkley. NYU was his dream though, and with Zoey UCLA and fashion design was hers, and neither could stand the idea of the other giving up their dream for them, so they decided to see if they could make it work. Chase and Zoey's long-distance relationship turned out almost similar to Chase and Cody's long-distance friendship. During the fall semester, they texted one another every day, and each night ended with either a phone or webcam conversation. The couple then got to spend Christmas together in California as Logan invited Chase, Zoey, Michael, Lisa, and Lola to spend Christmas with him and Quinn and his dad's mansion, with Vince missing out due to football. As the spring semester went on though, the communicating became less and less, and when it did happen the stress of school would cause conversations to become arguments. The summer after freshmen year Zoey came to visit Chase and Lola in New York City and that's when Chase and Zoey mutually decided to break up. They agreed to remain friends, and even try a relationship again if the timing was right and they were in the same location. Each would always be the other's first love.

While Lola hated the news of her two friends breaking up, she couldn't help but think this was her second chance to be with Chase. Ever since he tutored her for freshmen year biology at PCA Lola had a crush on Chase. While their one date freshmen year didn't go the way she hoped, so never gave up on possibly one day being more than just friends with her best guy friend. Zoey even encouraged Chase to ask Lola out on a date before she left for California. It took a few months but finally that October Chase asked Lola out of a date. Then that December, a few weeks before Christmas they officially became a couple as Chase asked Lola if she would be his girlfriend after they enjoyed a horse carriage ride through the city on a snowy winter night. After finishing their sophomore year of college Chase and Lola decided to move into an apartment together, and were now just a few months away from celebrating their two-year anniversary.

"So, what are you up to today?" Chase asked his girlfriend as she waited for her drink.

"Getting together with some of the girls from class over at Holly's to practice for next week's rehearsals. That will probably evolve into searching for commercial auditions since it always does," Lola said with a laugh. "There was also talk of a game night there later in the evening if you want to swing by after work. Promise for that part it won't be all girls."

"Yeah, that sounds like fun. With it being a holiday weekend we are scheduled to close early tonight so I should be out of here sometime after 8. I can let you know when I'm on my way."

The couple continued to talk, joined by Bryan after he finished making Lola's drink. Not long after a customer actually entered the cafe as a woman with dirty blonde hair entered and looked around for a minute before taking a seat at one of the booths against the windows. She appeared to be around the same age or a bit younger than Chase, Lola, and Bryan.

"Welp looks like I have some work to attend to," Chase said sadly to his girlfriend.

"I should probably get going as well, the girls will be wondering what's taking me so long."

"I'll let you know when I'm heading over for the game night."

"Don't work too hard," Lola said with a teasing smile before kissing her girlfriend. Chase returned the kiss before heading over to the booth where the customer sat down while Lola paid Bryan for her drink and left.

"Hey there, are you in need of a menu?"

"Yes please, two actually, I'm waiting for someone else." Chase then headed over to grab two menus.

"Here you go. My name is Chase and I will be your server this afternoon. If you would like any water or soft drinks I can take those orders for you. For any coffee or handcrafted teas and lemonades, you can head up to the coffee bar and they will take care of you."

"Thank you. My boyfriend should be here soon, and it shouldn't take us long to decide after that."

A couple of minutes later the door opened again and a guy with short blonde hair entered, making his way to the booth that the girl was sitting at. She stood up and gave him a kiss before returning to her seat as the guy sat down across from her. Chase gave him a few minutes to look over the menu before heading over to see if they were ready to order. They were and Chase took down their orders. As he was heading to the kitchen with the orders he couldn't help but look back at the table, specifically at the guy.

"He looks familiar for some reason," Chase said to himself before entering the kitchen.


Cody Martin was swiftly walking through the streets of New York City, heading towards a cafe & coffee shop not too far from the NYU campus where he was meeting his girlfriend Bailey Pickett. A meeting he was at ran long, so he was trying to get there as fast as he could to not keep her waiting for too long. For having only been in the city for nine months Cody was proud of himself for how well he has adapted to living in New York and for quickly learning where things were. Cody and Bailey were high school sweethearts who dreamed of attending Yale together after graduating from Seven Seas High School in 2011, only to have those hopes dashed when Cody did not get into the school. Cody eventually found out that he didn't get in because of unfortunate timing. Yale was trying to become more diverse and not accept as many students from the New England area as usual. Had he applied just a few weeks sooner than he actually did he likely would have gotten into the university. After helping Bailey move into her dorm at Yale Cody didn't know what his plan for the next year would be, asides from visiting Bailey as much as possible and planning to apply again to Yale the following school year. As a way to pass time Cody did more cooking around the Tipton Hotel, whether it be helping Chef Paolo or just making sure his mom had something edible to eat. Because of this Cody had a change of plans, and with the support of both Bailey and his mom, he decided to apply for the Culinary Institute of America's spring 2012 semester, which he was accepted for. Bailey was so proud of her boyfriend but sad that they would be in different cities for their schooling. That's when Bailey decided to take a chance herself, as she told Cody she was transferring from Yale to NYU for her sophomore year in the fall of 2012. While Cody didn't want her to give on her dream of graduating from Yale, Bailey told him that being in the same city as him for school was her dream now and after her freshmen year ended she headed to New York to be with Cody.

Cody eventually made it to the cafe and entered, looking for Bailey, who he quickly spotted at a booth. She stood up and gave him a kiss before returning to her seat as Cody sat across from her.

"Sorry about that Bails, our meeting ran late," explained Cody to his girlfriend as he began looking at the menu.

"No problem Cody, I just got here a couple of minutes ago. The server told me that if we want any water or soft drinks that he will take those orders, and for any coffee, tea, or lemonade to go up to the coffee bar and they will take care of us there."

A few minutes after Cody got there the server came by and took their orders. After he headed off to the kitchen the couple got up to order some drinks from the coffee bar.

"He looks familiar for some reason," Cody mummed to himself about the server as he and Bailey made their way to the coffee bar to order.


"Alright, here is your card back and the receipts, top copy is ours and the bottom copy is yours. Thanks for stopping in and we hope to see you again," Chase said to the couple as he returned to them after cashing out their check.

"Oh, we will be. The food and drinks were great. I can see why so many people were recommending this place after I started at NYU," responded Bailey.

"Freshmen at NYU?" Chase asked.

"No, I'm actually a sophomore, but this is my first semester here after transferring from Yale," Bailey explained.

"Cool, I'm a senior at NYU, and pretty much anyone who works here has either graduated from NYU or is currently a student, so if you ever have any questions anyone here should be able to answer them. We do a lot of events in conjunction with the university too, and even accept dining meal plan money."

"We'll have to remember that, thank you."

Cody then decided to ask the question that had been bugging him all night.

"If you don't mind, can I ask what your name is? Not trying to be nosey or too personal, it's just you look really familiar to me."


"Is your last name Matthews?"

"It is," Chase said, beginning to get curious as to where this was going, especially since he thought the guy looked really familiar as well.

Cody then surprised both Chase and Bailey by standing up.

"Chase, it's me. Cody Martin."

Chase could only stand there stunned, mouth gaped, unsure of what to say.

"Are you serious," was the only thing Chase was able to think to say.

"As serious as that beating the Bruins gave the Canucks in game seven of last year's Cup finals," Cody responded with a smile.

"This is so surreal, I can't believe you're standing in front of me right now after ten years," Chase said as a smile came across his face from Cody's last comment as the two long-lost friends embraced in the hug. Once the embrace ended Cody formally introduced Chase to Bailey as the two caught up on their time at PCA, the Tipton Hotel, and the SS Tipton, and how all three ended up in New York City.

The Next Day

Sundays weren't usually a day that Chase and Lola did much. They would use the day as a recovery day from the prior week and prepare for the next school week. Both made sure that their jobs knew that Sunday was the one day they couldn't work. Even having a long weekend thanks to Labor Day the couple had planned on just relaxing and enjoying each other's company on this Sunday. That is until Chase reconnected with a friend from his Boston days prior to PCA, and he and his girlfriend asked about going on a double date with Chase and Lola. Lola had no problem with this when Chase brought it up at game night after he got off of work since it was a long weekend, it's just something she wasn't expecting.

"So you and Cody were friends and neighbors before you went to PCA, and after you left for your first year at PCA his mom moved a couple of times, and that's how you lost track of one another?" Lola asked her boyfriend as she continued to get ready, making sure she had the story straight.

"Yeah, that's pretty much how it went. We were both young and forgetful when it all went down. I forgot to get his parent's email addresses once I got to PCA since Cody was too young to have his own email address. Then their second move during my first year at PCA was so abrupt he forgot to update me on the new address and phone number. By the time I got home for the summer the house whose address I had was deserted and the phone number disconnected. I also had no way of reaching out to his dad, I never got his address or phone number for where he moved to since Cody and his brother were mostly staying with his mom."

"Did he lose your connect information as well?"

"Yes, he said he remembered having my number written down but lost that paper during the move. With it being abrupt things got hectic with starting at another new school that he just forgot about asking his mom to reach out to my parents about it. Time went on and I guess we each got nervous about trying to find one another and reconnect after how everything went down while I was at PCA that spring semester."

"What about social media, did you try that way?"

"I did not since I was so late getting into it I forgot. Cody said he did try once he joined sites but couldn't find me since I hadn't joined yet."

"Well, if he and his girlfriend are as nice as you say they are I'm glad they decided to go to the cafe yesterday. Nothing against our other friends here but it's nice to have a new couple to double date with. So, how do I look?"

"As beautiful as you always look," said Chase as he wrapped his arms around Lola's waist and gave her a kiss. Lola gave a quick laugh that she always did when Chase said she looked beautiful before returning her boyfriend's kiss. She then grabbed her clutch while he grabbed his keys and they were off for their double date night.

The restaurant was just a couple blocks from their apartment so it did not take Chase and Lola long to get there. As they approached Chase saw Cody and Bailey waiting at the restaurant for them. When they got there Chase shared a quick hug with Cody and Bailey before introducing his girlfriend.

"Cody, Bailey, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend Lola Martinez."

"It's so nice to meet you both," Lola said while shaking each of their hands.

"Nice to meet you as well, especially after all the things Chase had to say about you as we caught back up yesterday," responded Cody.

"I hope it was only the positives he brought up."

"Don't worry it was. He was beaming when talking about you, with the biggest smile on his face," added Bailey, causing Chase to blush a little bit.

"Awe, you're always the sweetest Chase," Lola said as she gave her boyfriend a kiss.

The two couples then headed inside the restaurant and it wasn't long until they were seated.

"So Chef Paolo from the Tipton Hotel recommended this place?" Chase asked Cody once they were seated.

"He did its one of his favorite places in New York City since a lot of people don't know about it. If it weren't for him I wouldn't be here, and this reunion wouldn't be happening so I figured it would be a great place to try," Cody explained.

"So Lola, Chase tells us you want to be an actress," Bailey brings up after the couples had placed their orders with the waiter.

"Yes, it's been my dream to perform on broadway since I was a little girl growing up just across the river in Brooklyn. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to go to PCA for high school. Their drama department is one of the best in the country, and a lot of students who were apart of it ended up going to NYU. It was nice to get away from home for a few years for high school, see a different part of the country and be apart of a top high school drama department before coming back home for college."

"I get wanting to get away from home and see different parts of the world, it's one of the reasons why I wanted to go to school at Seven Seas High. It was the best decision I ever made, in more ways than one," Bailey said with a smile as she squeezed Cody's hand when saying that last part. She couldn't help but giggle when she saw Cody blush a bit.

As the young couples waited for their food the conversations continued as the girls talked about NYU and Bailey transferring from Yale and wanting to be a veterinarian, to Lola's attempts to break into acting, each pretending to be someone else on their first days at their new high schools, and Lola offering Bailey any help she needed to get used to NYU. Cody and Chase continued to catch up on their friendship, updating the other on how their siblings were doing and on new friends they have met through the years. Cody was especially interested in one-day meeting Quinn Pensky. Cody felt like he and Bailey would get along well with her, having similar upbringings as the smartest kids in schools

"That is too crazy that Li'l Little was one of your classmates at Seven Seas High, I remember listening to his music as a kid," Chase said.

"His hip hopera has been a huge hit, everyone I know who has seen it loved it. One of my classes last school year went to one of the shows to write a paper about the production of the show. We even got to meet him after the show and he was so cool," Lola added.

"That's our Marcus, always laid back and nice to everyone. We are hoping to go to one of the performances soon," said Bailey.

"We're not the only one with famous friends, how was knowing The Great Vince Blake?" Cody asked.

"Not great at first actually, he used to be a big jerk who thought he was king of the world and could do anything he wanted and get away with it," Chase started to the surprise of Cody. "I caught him stealing answers to an exam and when I turned him in he and some football players beat up myself and some friends of mine, two of which were football players. He was suspended from PCA for a year." Cody became more and more shocked by this news as Chase went on.

"He did come back a reformed and better person though," said Lola. "He redeemed himself with the entire PCA campus and those he hurt, even Chase when he came back from England, which I totally would have understood if Chase never forgave him. I actually dated Vince for a year and a half, throughout the last half of junior year and all of our senior year. He was a complete gentleman the entire time, that year away was really good for him."

"Seeing how he treated Lola was a big reason why I forgave him. I agree that year away was good for him, and even after what happened I happily consider him a friend," Chase added.

"If you don't mind Lola can I asked why you and Vince broke up?" Bailey asked.

"It was mutual. We just didn't think long-distance would work while on two different coasts. Especially with such lofty goals both of us had for life. We are still friends and still talk, we'll always be the others first love. Also with how fast he became a star at Oregon, I'm glad we broke up when we did so that the media didn't try to think of me as a distraction to Vince."

"My only question is this, Chase what are you going to do when the Pats play the Dolphins?" Cody's question got a laugh out of Chase just as their meals arrived.

Each of them enjoyed an excellent meal, all four agree that Chef Paolo had made a wise recommendation. After dinner they decided to take a walk around town, continuing to talk about their times on the SS Tipton and at PCA. Chase and Lola would point out different places around the city and the NYU campus that they enjoyed going to so that Cody and Bailey had some more ideas of things to do as the couple got adjusted to being in a new city together. As it got later on in the night the two couples decided to part ways for the evening.

"This was so much fun, I'm so glad I got to meet you two," Lola said as the date was coming to an end.

"We're glad we got to meet you as well. I wasn't lying earlier when I said Chase was beaming with a smile every time he talked about you yesterday," Bailey responded again causing Chase to blush a bit while Lola could only giggle at her boyfriend.

"Like I said yesterday when I'm not in class or with Lola you'll likely find me at the cafe, so stop by anytime. A lot of nice people work and frequent there. It's a really fun place, especially when we do events like open mic night, trivia, poetry, or musical performances," said Chase.

"I think we will be making plenty of visits there when we have the time," Cody responded as Bailey nodded her head in agreement.

The four then said their goodbyes and shared hugs with one another. Lola also made sure to give her contact information with Cody and Bailey, since Chase did that with Cody and Bailey the previous day. The couple gave theirs to her as well before parting ways for the evening.

Unbeknownst to the other, the two couples shared the same small talk with one another on their way back home.

"I had a great time tonight," Chase and Cody said to their respective girlfriends.

"As did I, I'm glad you two finally met again after ten years," said Lola and Bailey.

Each couple then stopped and shared a kiss.

"I love you," the guys said.

"I love you too," their girlfriends responded before sharing another kiss and continuing their walks home

The End