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Imagine waking up as Nathaniel Kurtzber dad?

But you don't wake up in a nice comfortable home, instead you wake up in another city's sewage system.

Yes, Nathaniel father was a sewage cleaner.

It was a disgusting job but it paid surprisingly well.

However, there was a huge risk to it though, you were dealing with all sorts of terrible bacteria and Sewage cleaners weren't give the proper respect they deserve unless they're making millions.

He searched his new memories and found that no, he sadly was not making millions and every time he came home, he had to disinfect himself like crazy.

If things go on like this, he would definitely have health problems even with a suit on, a suit can not always protect you when your constantly diving headfirst into nasty bacteria.

So this was his life now?

Waiting for bad bacteria to kill him and hope the money from his will would take care of his wife and child?

Why the heck was he here?

He finished cleaning and then he walked out and received his pay for the day, he went to the public showers and showered before heading to the bank to cash the money in.

As he stood there a thought came to him.

Man, wouldn't it be sweet if he owned a successful bank?

He said successful bank because the bank's close all the time because of lack of business and organisation.

However, a successful one, especially an international bank Ceo can make more money then a whole country can make in a month.

A successful bank can make 'Fuck you levels of money' daily.

He deposited the money but the thought never left his mind as he had lunch at a coffee shop around the corner.

So he went to the library and took out some books on business.

And he didn't know what happened but he finished 20 books in a day, in his motel room like some monster and he could recall every tiny bit of information from them.

The next day before work, he returned the books and then grabbed something on the stock market.

He read every book they had throughout the day as he cleaned, and yet despite the physic activity, his body was still energetic and his brain was sharp remained sharp.

At the end of the day, he invested some money into the stock market, he put what he learned into practice by reading it all, he read the graphs, the likely trends, the smart moves of trading, the people who made comeback's from being swallowed by the market.

The stock market was a tiger.

No matter how much you tame it, there was always a risk that one day it would do what it wasn't supposed to do and the outcome would destroy everything.

You can never let your guard down, no matter how much money you make.

Using the market you can become a millionaire overnight and yet, you can also lose it all within minutes.

That is why, when he started making money using it, he told the bank so that they know what he was doing and that he would use that money to open a business using that cash.

The bank was understanding of course once they saw that he was actually quite good with the money.

And then one day, he woke up to 2 Million in that stock account.

He found out because the bank called him and asked him if he would like to make a business now.

He went to the bank, but instead of opening a business, he wanted rights to buy a business.

He wanted a contract drawn up in his favour for the old owners to sign and then he contacted the government about opening his own bank.

He needed to move his families money out and into his new bank, he called his wife to tell her what he was doing and of course, she was terrified for the future.

But he reassured her, by sending her 3K into her personal bank account which got the woman a lot more accepting to this.

She withdraw the money immediately.

3K was enough for a few months to live above water.

He then went ahead by buying a busted business far away but in a nice part of town.

He continued to make money and for some reason, the decorators he hired took days to transform the new place to look professional.

People came to him for work but mysteriously, he could tell who was trouble and who was not.

He hired honest people and then on the day of the reveal, he unrevealed the fact it was a bank, he had withdrawn all the money and deposited the money into his bank.

He ignored the calls from his old bank, he knew you don't withdraw 3 million from a bank and not make it shake.

But at the same time, he didn't want his family credit score and other things to be held hostage because money was still in his old one.

The bank will find out about his Bank when they report it to the Government.

The new Bank he opened, he named 'Titan.' and to attract costumers, he decided to do something risky.

He advertised, that a customer would get 20 dollars just to sign up and they would get 10 per cent per year interest rate on their bank balance.

It worked.

My God, did it work.

People came in doves and the workers, who were honest and not trying to sell the customer within minutes credit cards, welcomed them.

Titan was a breath of fresh air and people began moving their money to the bank leaving the other local banks reeling.

Apparently, when you don't treat people like Atm's, you get rewarded for it.

Even those all over the country were coming to cash in on this deal before it disappeared.

Plus, the Titan card was really nice to look at.

His bank lost 1 million in the 20 dollar deal but the customer base was more than worth it.

Calvin put on his big boy pants and began trading.

Like with all traders, he lost a lot of money but at the same time, he won a huge amount of money.

He was getting better, his eyes and brain were getting faster and more connected.

His bank was approached by shops who wanted to add Titan to their ATMs and they did so.

The name Titan was spreading and by the end of the first month, he did something shocking for his costumers, he deposited 800 in each and every one of their accounts with the note that said 'Thank you for your loyalty to Titan'.

He later saw the aftermath of what he did on the news.

He saw that his much poorer costumers who were struggling to eat, broke down in tears or joy as they explained what they found in their bank account that morning.

Now they don't have to worry about food for several months.

The local news came to cover the bank and the workers referred to him as the Boss who wanted to give something back.

He never appeared before them, because he wanted the news to leave him alone.

He continued to trade, recruit and build and before he knew it, he had opened another Titan, in another part of France with the same deal.

It was in that moment that something was delivered to him.

A black box with the name Titan on it.


He decided to come home, he took his car back home and appeared before his family looking filthy rich.

His new family mouth was open.

He said. "Come. I want to show you guys something"

Well, when you're wearing a ten-thousand-dollar fur coat, people would follow you anywhere.

He drove them to a house.

It was a mansion.

"What are we doing here?" Said his wife.

"This." He took out the black box and opened it.

He took out keys, yes, Keys.

Keys to the mansion before them.

"This is the house, I just brought. It is up to you if you want to move in" he said, as they saw the mighty mansion before their very eyes.

It was bigger than the Agreste mansion.

No, way.

"No, way," said Nathaniel, in the backseat.

What did his dad do, rob a bank?

He then handed him, the most badass looking card he had ever seen.

It was jet black with golden written on it and on the cover was engraved 'Nathaniel Kurtzber. Titan VIP.'

Never had the child seen his name on a card so epic looking.

"Shall we go inside? Then we can discuss both of your allowances from now" he said as his wife's eyes were huge.

He smiled, showing that he was truly Nathaniel father.

They went inside and the key really was for the mansion.

They sat down at a table and he told them everything.

He told them how he got into trading, how he got really good at it, opened up a bank, was kind to costumers and people flocked to it and now Titan had just barely opened a second branch and it was already jam-packed full of costumers.

They were both stunned.

He then drove his son to the Art store and got him whatever he wanted, including an expensive Art Tablet.

He handed him a fingerprint wallet and stuffed money into it before putting cards into it, which included the gold premium version of the card.

He warned Nathaniel that if he used his card, the security camera in every ATM would come on.

If it sees its not him, that person who uses it will have the police on them very soon, however, if he looked distressed like he was doing it against his will, a text would be sent to the police that a rich person was being held, hostage.

Nathaniel was stunned.

Nathaniel didn't even know ATMs had that function.

Of course, he didn't, this function was revealed to the rich.

The family chose to move into the mansion.

Of course, they did and Servants soon got employed to follow suit.

The school was called to change the address.

Nathaniel gave his dad a big hug as he left to manage the business.

It felt like he had become a rich boy overnight but he vowed to never flaunt the cash.

He did not want to become another Chloe and he knew enough from watching moves that his dad was playing with fire by entering the stock market.

His dad needed to be incredibly smart with it or everything would fold and the next thing he knew he would be selling all his art supplies for food money.

But he might tell Marc, more than 'I just managed to get a little money' one day.

Meanwhile, he secretly swapped his clothes for more expensive versions of his favourite clothing items.

However, the huge change in his life couldn't stay hidden forever.

However, it was revealed in such an unexpected way.

It wasn't revealed at Parents evening or his worker running into him.

Nathaniel was at Chloe hotel, which he always had to act like she was granting him a blessing or she would take it as a criminal offence.

They were at a party, a pretty lame one at that because they had to pay for food.

He was okay with it though and paid for Marc who swore to pay him back despite his insistence that it was his treat.

He turned around, having forgotten to close his wallet.

Somebody bumped into him in that moment.

The next moment changed how everybody at the party, which included the Mayor and the manager looked at him.

His wallet spilled.

And when it spilled.

It spilled!

Thousands of euros just came out of it like a goddamn waterfall, gold platted cards spilled out of his wallet, and the most eye-catching card 'Titan' with the clear VIP on it slid right in the middle of the room like a boss for all to see.

The whole room went completely silent as the money landed at their feet.

The smallest bill was a 20 and the highest was a 10,000.

Imagine, seeing a real-life 10,000 euro bill just chilling at your feet and it came out of your Artistic classmate's wallet.

Even the music stopped playing like somebody had pulled the plug on it.

The person who bumped into him was in shock.

Everybody was including the rich in the hall.

There it was, the bank money his dad gave him for the month was now all over the hall of the Le Grande Paris hotel and it was fricken shocking.

"Watch, where you're going!" He said, as he bent down and began to scoop up more money then what most people would ever see in their lives, back into his wallet.

And suddenly whatever prevented them from seeing it, was no longer there.

They saw money wasn't only flowing out of his wallet.

They saw that his wallet was clearly designer, his clothes were far finer then they saw it last, his hair and skin sparkled in the artificial light from the high-quality hair and skin products he used.

He also looked angelic in a way.

There was not a single patch of anything on him that looked average priced.

Nobody offered to help him as he packed, they just stared as he picked up flat paper and card from the floor which was fricken hard by the way.

The thousands they were seeing was indeed his money.

He came for the Titan card actually first because it was the most important to him which was interesting to see since he skipped over the physical money and then they all saw him fingerprint close his designer wallet.

The thing then proceeded to lock as if it was a high-security vault.







"Have a good day, Master Nataniel" it said.

Yes, it talked.

The whole room could hear it because nobody was talking, no music was playing, people ears were open and the room was so silent you can hear a pin drop.

Everybody faces completely changed when they heard the Wallet talk and he didn't look shocked by what his wallet unleashed at all.

Meaning he had lived in the land of money for quite a while or he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

Either way, they couldn't unsee that mountain of wealth.

"Come on, Marc," said Nathaniel. "I'm sure, we can do some work somewhere else"

He then lead the stunned boy away, while he put a Macroon in his own mouth.

Nobody said anything before Alix said, finally.

"Woah. Nathaniel is loaded. Did you see that mountain of cash?"

Yes, the whole room did.

But nobody spoils a child with that kind of cash and lives in a normal household.

Which begs the question.

Who was Nathaniel to the world?