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What happens when people know you carry a boatload of cash with you?

People don't leave you alone.

Despite trying to get back to normal, the flow of the party had completely changed.

They had seen he has money.

Both of them were interrupted 3 times, one time from the Manager who asked if he would like something, he declined, the Mayor asked if they were enjoying the party and Nathaniel and Marc were both very aware of some classmates and guests getting closer.

It got worse because his usual ride was at the shop, the driver decided it would be best to pick him up in a black and gold-rimmed limousine before the fancy hotel.

Everybody mouth was open when this thing pulled up.

Nathaniel agreed to drop Marc off but he was embarrassed, he just ushered him into the limousine while everybody face changed realising this was his ride but he prayed that it won't get brought up tomorrow.

Nathaniel felt like he owed Marc an explanation and said in the vehicle. "My dad's high up in banking. He makes a little money"

Marc was understanding, as he dropped him off but who would have guessed Marc entire family would happen to be peeking out of the windows in that moment as Marc got dropped off?

Nathaniel went home and asked his driver to never pick him up in that limousine again when he's with his class.

The man understood because he didn't want to get fired and apologised profusely.

The next day, Nathaniel hell began.

He hadn't even walked through the glass door yet before somebody tried to pitch him an idea, those who hated him was suddenly all smiles, he barely had a moment to himself, students were whispering about him behind his back.

What was so interesting about him was that nobody actually knew who his parents were to the world.

But thankfully, their curiosity calmed the hell down because this was Paris and he was in a school filled with rich kids with very famous family members so the gossip didn't last long.

Nathaniel learned quickly just to come to school with 20 bucks and call it a day.

There was no need to come to school with that amount of cash because there was no way he could spend it all.

Well, he thought this way until now.

Nino Lahiffe once again stood before the class and pitched his new movie idea, an idea everybody would help him to do because they wanted their name on the credits in case the movie was a hit online.

Of course, the guy pitched it to them as some grand adventure even though they all knew full well, that they would laugh if he even suggested a quarter of million to them.

Nathaniel thought that a lot of these scenes Nino described could be done at on his families Yacht, and other things.

He could defiantly help him reach that artistic vision.

Nino said. "So I'm putting 80 into my new movie. Anyone else interested?"

"I could put in 120," said Adrien, being a bro.

They all started to talk about pitching in.

Nathaniel suddenly said. "I'll give you 25,000 on the condition you shoot most of it on my family Yacht"

And just like that, the whole class became dead silent.

Nino went "eh?"

His eyes round.

Nathaniel said again. "You heard me. I'll give you 25,000 on the condition you shoot most of it on my family Yacht. Your vision doesn't sound too big. We can rent stuff and use what's on board. I like your vision."

Everybody mouth was open, including the teacher.

They didn't know what to say.

"Wow, you're really given me 25,000? That's great" said Nino, who know he would land such a budget?

And Nathaniel said, unknowingly channelling his father before them. "I'll give 25,000 but I want to see what you plan to spend it on, I want actual prices. I want to see a limit set in case of any price changes which may make us go over budget. There is no point in me investing 25,000 if I'm questioning how you can run out of money halfway through production. So please provide me with an accurate list, especially for any people you want to bring on board who may be asking for a salary. So can you do that for me by the end... let's say Monday morning next week?"

Everybody opened and closed their mouths, including the teacher.

"Ur...sure?" Said Nino, clearly in shock.

"Good. I look forward to seeing it" he said and everybody face changed. "And if you do a satisfactory job, I'll add 200, for you to do as you wish"

Again, everybody opened and closed their mouths.

He sounded like a Ceo of a large company, were his parents Ceos or a family member?

So he came from a Business background?

"Ur, thanks," said Nino, obviously still in shock.

Did Nathaniel just give him homework?

Nobody else pitched in, because they already had such a massive budget.

They learned something hella new about Nathaniel just now.

Everybody looked at him funny through the rest of the day.

When he got home, his mom told him they would be hosting a business party for his dad at their house and his dad wanted them to wear servant uniforms or look as unimportant as possible.

He watched as any identification photos around the house were put down and his dad came home, looking much less richer.

Yep, his dad was planning to pass them off as nobodies but he wanted to see where this would go.

The day came and his dad and his mom dressed like servants while he dressed like some random business guys kid.

Within 15 minutes, Nathaniel understood why his dad did this.

People show their true colour when they think you're not important.

Within minutes, people were bragging about who they were, what they owned, they were terrible to the staff, they made it seem like they were doing his father's company a huge favour just by showing up.

It was so disgusting.

And what kept Nathalie anger at bay, was the servant's instructions to write down people names and company.

But some genuine people treated the servants great and looked just as disgusted as he did in the background.

In the middle of the night, all of them were gathered in the largest hall as the CEO and founder of Titan had 'apparently woken up from his Nap'.

Nathaniel would never forget the look of confusion on everybody face as her father went up there and ripped off his servant disguise before them.

Underneath it was a very expensive suit and on it was the badge 'Ceo and Founder of Titan'

Those who were relaxed and having a good time face drained in horror seeing to budge.


But yes.

Calvin said. "Hello, my name is Calvin Kurtzberg and I am the Ceo and Founder of Titan." He took in their faces. "I invited you all here not to talk business but to see what kind of people you truly are."

He then said. "I and my family. Wave please"

People turned to see Nathaniel and his mom wave.

Several faces paled further seeing them.

"Disguised our selves as servants just to see what you would all do when you have no idea who we are," said Calvin.

He then said. "It paid off because tonight I've witnessed some very disgusting behaviour towards not only me myself, but towards my family and even to my house servants throughout the entire night" Calvin saw the look on their faces. "Titan is growing by leaps and bounds because we know how to treat people rightly. We know how to treat people with respect. People entrusted their money to my company, of their own free will because they know they can walk out of the branch feeling well taken care of. If Titan has a stake in a company that treats those who have a Titan card like garbage then it reflects poorly on the brand as a whole"


He then said. "I wanted to see what kind of people lead those who want to do business and I saw it tonight."

He then said. "Now, I would like for you all to leave my Mansion. Those of you who have treated my family badly, especially my own son, your company will get a very scathing letter as my company adds your company to the blacklist board. I will also be writing a review on your company so future costumers will know why you can't take their card." jaws dropped. "Those of you, who made it known that you think my company is a stepping stone where you can do whatever you wish with it, I will be warning the other banks about you."

More jaws dropped.

He finally said. "However, those who I have seen treat my servants with respect and looked just as disgusted as I was tonight, you and your business will receive a letter welcoming you to doing business with Titan.

You will be put on the business Help list, where you will enjoy premium benefits that my company has to offer"

Then security arrived.

"So I have called my security," said Calvin, as they all looked back. "Please leave my Mansion or my security will escort you out. I have written record of who you all are and if you fight, I will not hesitate to even call the police"


And then the decent ones started leaving because they know they had successfully made a deal while those who know they had fucked up, like those who weren't actually high up at the company they claimed, fought security and yelled to be given enough chance.

The woman and man who had been talking down to Nathaniel all night were now pleading with him to talk to his dad as they were dragged away by security.

Nathaniel had never seen a more deserving case of instant Karma.

When the guests had all left, Calvin made sure that the security kept those who refuse to leave at bay and permitted them to call the police if they are really persistent.

He then instructed the servants who had hidden cameras in their ties, to send footage to his tech team in charge of the Titan website and his legal department.

If those outside thought he was bluffing, they had a rude awakening the next morning when the Titan website had clipped videos of them on their banned list and their bosses called them furiously asking them to explain the video.

By Monday morning, several people that had been in that hall were fired or we're in deep trouble.

Bosses sent letters to Titan trying to do damage control.

However, those who were rewarded, advertised immediately that they worked with Titan and some who were in that hall even got promoted once the money started pouring in.

By Monday morning, Nino had done the list and handed it to Nathaniel in the morning.

However, Nathaniel looked ready to talk business with this list as he took a look at it.

So the class saw Nino negotiating with him when they came in, apparently, he had squeezed in hiring Andre for icecream breaks.

Hearing Nino try to sweeten things for them during the production, the whole class joined in by Lunch.

Chloe seemed to think she deserved the best cabin in the Yacht to stay in and he fired back by saying. "Like I would let you stay in my fancy Yacht room. Denied. Next"

She turned red but she couldn't say anything because he was letting her on the boat after all.

They continued to debate this and the list was revised many times before they finally settled on the final budget.

When school was over, he talked to Nino when he got home and he sent the guy a link to the Titan app, once Nino signed up, he received confirmation that Nino was in and he said Yes, to let him access the money.

He could see Nino reaction in real-time as the account name 'Film money for Nino Lahiffe' appeared and underneath was the heavlg numbers 25,000 in Euros along with options and a font that said ' '.

He said. "Nino, try to be wise with this money, okay? It should let you in by fingerprint. I'll draw up a storyboard and then we can discuss filming"

"Holy-" said Nino. "Nathaniel, who are you?"

To lend him this much money with no guarantee of payback.

"You might figure it out one day," said Nathaniel.

He felt like one day his dad would open a branch in Paris.

And he was right.

Thanks to the business deals and the opening of branches all over France and other parts of the world, his dad was now eyeing Paris.

If he could persuade the wealthy of Paris to move their bank accounts to him, then the name Titan would truly be a Titan in the world.