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Shooting a high budget student movie on a real-life yacht was awesome.

Everybody knew Nino had the money, the moment he began to spend it and call people up.

Nino called actual industry people up about the movie and news spread quickly that they were doing a good budget movie, family members offered to help out.

People gawked at his Yacht, the professional camera was put on a rig and Nino was on cloud nine.

Special effects were added in later and the full movie was shown before the whole school a month later.

It was a Who done it on a Yacht, Marc writing really fleshed out the dialogue and Nathaniel made sure to tell him that.

With the clearly higher budget, you could see that the director could go all out and try all sorts of things to make the angles look interesting.

Every main person tried their best too since they were all getting paid.

The end result was an excellent film which deserved the round of applause it got as Nino left the thanks to him for the last credit scene.

24 hours later, it was upon Nino favourite movie site and those who followed him noticed the serious bump in quality immediately, the movie was on the trending page within two days.

Now, Nino, next movie was guaranteed more eyes and the website even asked to feature his movie in their yearly reel.

The guy said yes.

Nino had 500 euros left from the film money and spent it on new trainers, a new stereo and party for those in involved.

Nino asked if he could use his Yacht for his party and he said yes.

Every time they used the Yacht, Nathaniel made sure to take all valuables down and security was up so nobody could steal a wall.

Servants were there to also keep an eye on things.

That very evening, Paris Titan branch opened up and he and his family were there for the opening so all the workers not only had seen him but they also knew who he was.

And once that commercial hit, it caused a huge storm in not just Paris but all of Europe as well.

You didn't have to go to a branch to sign up, after all, what kind of bank doesn't have a website or contact numbers linked?

The commercial success was so huge, the other banks we're under the threat of a lawsuit because they didn't want to transfer bank accounts over to Titan.

The uproar got noticed internationally and the jealously was real all around the world.

Apparently, Europe wasn't the only one sick and tired of people only getting 2 euro from a 2,000 bank account per year.

People were begging Titan to come overseas and Nathaniel heard first hand how his classmates talked about how their parents basically visited the branch itself and getting a card immediately.

However, those who were hesitation were the rich because 10 per cent in a million euro bank account was really nothing at all.

However, Titan had options for the very wealthy that was more than a little entrancing to combat this.

Such as offering a lower Tax rate taken on the product they are selling.

Now, Nathaniel was pretty sure the whole class knew he was connected to Titan, he had a Titan VIP card after all, but he was pretty sure nobody knew exactly how high up his connection was.

Perhaps, he was the son of an executive?

That's why when the teacher announced that they would be going to the Titan Paris branch, a branch that had a gift shop by the way, for a school trip, everybody turned to him immediately.

He was used to stares by now so he didn't panic, however, it really was none of anybody's business where his families money well came from.

Fast forward to a week and he was on that bus because quiet frankly Paris was impossible when you realise it has 6,100 streets and only one branch in the mess of it all.

The drive took 25 minutes to make and then they saw the nice-looking Paris Titan branch because this was Paris and everything looked nicer here.

They got off the bus and entered the nice warm branch.

However not even a minute in and he heard.

"Welcome Sir Kurtzberg"

Everybody in class turned to see him with his head in his hands.

They knew it!

"Ur, hi," he said, to the greeter.

"Would you like anything?" Said the greeter as everybody was wide-eyed even the teacher.

"Ur, no thanks. I'm on a school trip. It's supposed to be a tour" he said.

"Really? Who is your tour guide?" Said the greeter.

Miss Bustier suddenly realised everybody was looking at her, she said the name and the greeter said. "Let me get him"

The greeter actually left his station because screw other people walking in.

What they didn't know was that their tour guide had been upgraded immediately, when it became known who was in the branch.

The top manager of the branch came to them, his badge flashing and said. "I'm sorry but I will be taking your tour today. I am the General Branch Manager of the Paris Titan Branch, nice to meet you"

General Branch Manager?

Everybody turned slowly to Nathaniel.

Everybody knew the General Branch Manager doesn't come out unless you're serious somebody.

The hell? They went from a typical worker to the General Branch Manager because Nathaniel was here?

How high are we talking here that his family was connected?

"Shall we begin the tour?" Said the man.

"Of course", said Miss Bustier.

And the man did take them on the tour.

The man spouted his father values showing his dad did pick the right person for the job.

Homeless to 60K a year, amazing leap.

"Any questions?" Said the man, stopping expertly at the shiny gift shop.

Alya Cesaire said. "Is it true that Titan gave out money to all its costumers after its first month?"

Obviously, she had been reading.

He said. "Yes. Not that long ago, Titan was a single branch starting off new. We had nowhere near the customer base we have today and the competition was everywhere. So the founder and Ceo decided to reward those who placed their trust in us so early on. The Ceo is a genius in the stock market so it wasn't a stretch for him to accomplish this. He helped many people with his surprise deposit"

The Ceo sounded like a very good man, which was refreshing since the number of selfless rich people around here could be counted on one hand.

Nobody noticed Nathaniel smile and then the man said. "AAny more questions?"

Chloe said. "Yes, it's me, Chloe Bourgeois. The Ceo and Founder of Titan, how much do you think he's making because Banking sounds like a very profitable job?"

Nathaniel smile dropped.

The man said. "Actually Banking can be a bit shaky. Rarely do we keep a lot of money in a branch, it's usually printed off digitally. What makes Bank's money is how successful we trade with the money given to us. An entire bank empire can collapse if you make a very bad call. Jobs will be lost. However, if you make a very good call, you can make a million no problem within minutes."

Everybody face changed.

A million in a few minutes?

He said. "However, this Bank franchise is growing and the Ceo and Founder is a known trader, on top of his regular salary, I estimate tens of millions per month but I don't have access to that kind of data. Banking is really a game of chance, you can become a millionaire overnight while also filing for bankruptcy the next day. It's not a playground for fools"


He said. "Any more questions?"

Nobody had any questions and then he let them to roam around.

The man let them enter the gift shop.

They did enter the gift shop and Nathaniel realised he already had everything here so he went to the cafe, only to be drawn by a commotion nearby and so was everybody else apparently.

"I am very sorry, Madam but we can not raise the interest rate. We have many costumes and nobody else is offering such a rate" said a poor worker. "If we do it for you, then everybody else will demand the same. We have options for our rich clients"

But the lady wasn't listening, she said. "Do you know who I am? I am Le Shella Pebu. World-famous reviewer. I just need to go home and write a disgusting review on Titan and the bank will go down. I am offering to despoite millions into the bank and you expect me to not complain about when I don't even receive a million even when this bank tells costumers they are valued? This sure doesn't seem like quality customer service to me"


The message was clear, she intended to bully this poor guy, if this guy gives her the money then he would be fired and Titan would have to do damage control big time, but if he doesn't, she would use her influence to attack the company.

And nobody here could stand up to her, the rich didn't want to get dragged into this.

However, some people recorded though.

Well, nobody but Nathanial, the Ceo and Founder son.

Nathaniel didn't know what magical thing possessed him at that moment, but before realised it he had walked up to the woman and said. "Excuse me, what's going on?"

His class, everybody and their grandmother turned around.

The woman was not impressed by this child who spoke and said. "Who are you? Did no adult teach you not to butt into adult conversations? Call security and remove this child"

However, the worker looked at her like she was crazy, along with the rest.

The worker was taller than the woman so everybody saw his expression.

The worker calmly said. "Ma'am, do you know who the child you're disrespecting at this moment is? Nobody working here will dare touch him"



Everybody wondered.

Nathaniel said. "You clearly don't know who I am. I am Nathaniel Kurtzberg. The only son of Calvin Kurtzberg, the Ceo and founder of Titan"

And just like that, the whole place became dead silent.

Her snotty face filled with selfishness drained.


He said. "My father created this bank." He repeated more firmly this time and then he said. "Your name is Le Shella Pebu, right? Your offering millions? Clearly, you believe my father business is beneath you so I'm just going to move it out of the way for you." he then said to the worker.

"Put her on the banned list and make sure we don't defile her money by accepting any of it in the future," he said.

"Yes, sir," said the worker.

The woman mouth was mouth.

He then said to her. "As for you, turn to your left and look up"

She subconsciously did.

It was a camera.

Her face changed.

He said. "Titan has one of the biggest security video collections in Europe. You've threatened my father company with a review, so your about to go worldwide for your behaviour just now. Threatening a Titan employee, threatening my father business, abusing people trust in you and disrespecting the Ceo own son. Anybody who sides with you on your behaviour will be documented and blacklisted."

He then clapped back and said. "Didn't an adult teach you some basic manners?"


He said. "So write your review, let the whole world see whos claws are bigger, yours or mine"


This was...

The world-class woman career was finished, if Nathaniel was indeed telling the complete truth.

What ends a career is a ruined reputation.

You can still be remembered even if you are poor all your life but if your reputation dies, it's like you never existed in the first place.

The woman just stood there like a fish.

He said. "Get out or I'll have security throw you out"

And then the woman left quickly.

Nathaniel said to the General Branch Manager. "Post the security tape just now online and onto the website. Blacklist anybody who thinks they can use their power and influence to get around the rules. Get their money out of the bank. My father company was created to help people, not do summersaults for the rich and entitled."

"Yes, sir," said the Branch General Manager.

Everybody face changed.

And then the man left and he turned around and went back to his class.

He saw how his class was looking at him and said. "What? Wasn't it kind of obvious?"

And everybody was speechless because they had seen his wallet and they partied on a Yacht that said 'Titan', it was obvious but they didn't want to believe he could be that high up.

And when they got on the bus, a certain video was trending, it was the very video taken in the branch from the security camera!

This was Sheer proof that he was who he says he was, because why else would they listen to him otherwise?

Nathaniel father made Titan, this will be out within a day, either by phone footage or by word of mouth.

If being the Ceo was really that profitable than Nathaniel family was more profitable than the Agreste and Bourgeois family combined.

Something that wasn't lost on the whole class.

The whole bus ride back was silent.

"So...should I call you baby Titan, from now on?" Said Marc.

The deepening of his face said it all.

Later, his dad texted him that he was proud of him.

Apparently him standing up for Titan was trending worldwide.