Chapter 1:

"Goku Has Died"

Summary: Gohan loses his parents to an unknown virus and moves to West City to start over. Years pass. Just when life begins to feel normal, a virus breaks out in the city. Everyone is put on lockdown. No one can leave. Help isn't coming. It's up to Gohan to save his friends and get them out of the city.

Warning: character deaths & zombies. Inspired by the dystopian and zombie kick I've been on lately. Future Trunks and the Android saga haven't happened yet.

"Daddy…no…" I cry, snot spilling out my nose and mixing with my tears as I cling to my father's bedside ( now moved to the living room for easier access). I can't bear to see my strong, happy father suffer right in front of me. He's been like this for days, unable to get out of bed, crying out in pain every hour, sweat glistening off his skin as he clutches his chest. He'd only just returned from planet Yardrat after defeating Freiza, yet I know deep in my core that my father is going to die. We're going to lose him forever this time.

"Ahhh, AHHH," he screams out, digging his fingers into his orange gi and thrashing his head from side to side as another horrible wave of pain overwhelms him.

Mom is crying like a child into grandpa's enormous stomach in the corner of the room. She's turned away from the horrible scene, unable to watch her husband suffer a second longer.

"Somebody give me a senzu bean, quick," Bulma shouts, kneeling beside my father.

Krillin digs into the pouch on his hip." This is the last one!" He throws it and Bulma catches it between her fingers. She nods her thanks, then focuses her attention on my father.

"Goku, eat this," she says softly, cupping my father's chin and opening his mouth. He makes a face as if the bean tastes sour. He chews the bean, then swallows. The affects of the senzu bean are instantaneous. His heavy breathing stops. The sweat subsides. The hand clutching his chest relaxes, and he stops screaming out in pain.

"Hey, he looks better already," Yamcha remarks." I think he's going to beat this guys."

Yamcha's words make me hopeful.

Bulma shoots him a "shut up, Yamcha," look.

Tien, who had been so silent I forgot he was there, points out," That was the last senzu bean."

All this time, the one thing that had kept my father from dying was the senzu bean.


His voice is weak. I lean in closer." Yes?"

Father forces himself to smile." It's going to be alright, Gohan, so…please stop crying."

"Okay," I sniffle, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Goku!" Mom cries out, throwing herself onto my father, relieved to see he's no longer thrashing around like a fish out of water. He winces in pain, but doesn't throw my mother off of him. He gently caresses his hand along her back, muttering softly to her.

My eyes shift around the room to give my parents some privacy. They normally don't openly show their affection for each other, and when they do it embarrasses me enough to look away.

Grandpa, Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar are sitting at the kitchen table, talking quietly amongst themselves. Tien, Launch and Chiaotzu are huddled near the front door, their eyes cast sadly upon my father. Bulma is hugging Yamcha tightly. I suddenly remember that Mr. Piccolo and Vegeta are waiting outside.

Using the sleeve of my shirt, I wipe the remainder of my tears away. "I'm going to let Mr. Piccolo and Vegeta know how my dad is doing," I announce, but only Bulma nods.

The warm summer air greets me as I open the front door. The sky is orange from the setting sun, and within the hour It'll be completely dark out. Vegeta glares down at me as I step outside, but doesn't say anything. Is Vegeta really a good guy now, like the rest of us? He's so scary! How can Bulma act so playful and relaxed around him?

I can't bring myself to talk to Vegeta, so I saunter over to Piccolo. He's sitting on a rock with his eyes closed. I'm careful not to make a sound in case he's sleeping, but Piccolo already knows I'm there.

"What's wrong?" He asks, his eyes still closed.

I want to weep at Piccolo's feet, but I remember dad asking me not to cry, so I don't. I also remember what Yamcha said, and hope flares through me. Hope is enough to get me to smile. " We gave Dad the last senzu bean. He ate the last one, so that means he has to get better no matter what! He already looks better! Yamcha says that Dad will beat this virus!"

Piccolo opens his eyes, focusing his gaze on the setting sun.

Vegeta laughs. " Are you really that stupid? Can't you sense that Kakkarot is fading by the minute and none of you fucking imbeciles are doing anything about it?" Vegeta is so loud that Bulma, Yamcha, and Tien have stuck their heads out of the door to see what's going on.

Vegeta's entire body trembles as he shouts," This is just my luck! I've waited all this time on this pathetic planet for that fool to show up so we can have a proper match, but the fool has to go and get sick and die on me! How can the man who defeated Frieza die over a stupid cold?"

"I'm not dead yet, Vegeta," Father growls from where he's laying, sounding healthier and almost like his old self again.

Vegeta spits at the grass and goes quiet. His reasons for wanting my dad to get better are selfish ones, but he's just as concerned about my dad as everyone else. I decide in that moment that Vegeta isn't such a bad guy after all.

"You should go back to your dad, kid," suggests Piccolo.

I nod, running back to the house to be at my dad's side.

Outside, the sun slowly disappears below the horizon.

Inside the house, my father repeats the cycle of chest pains he's been having for days, only this time there's not another senzu bean to give him. He cries out, louder than ever, and squeezes my arm as he suffers through one last chest pain. He releases a shuddering sigh. His hand falls from my arm and his entire body goes limp. He stops breathing.

"Goku!" Everyone sobs.

"Daddy…no…" I cry, picking up his limp hand and placing it against my cheek.

It's Master Roshi who checks for a pulse. He shakes his head, declaring," Goku, the greatest hero the world has ever known, has died."