I opened the door for Malcom (or is it Marcus?) and introduced him to Malthace. Who curtly shook his hand. Behind Thacia stood Leah, she hurriedly stepped out, looking more shocked than the day our Mother died. My worries only lasted a second as she smiled brightly, starting up a conversation. I left for the kitchen, and brought back some bread and olives. Thacia followed me back as I set the food down on the table, the Leah and Malcom, hardly noticed at first. I listened to their conversation about some pranks he played on other soldiers. One of them being how he used clothing and pillows to make a gost, that he put inside his mates tent before he went to bed. "He screamed so loud, half the camp heard him," Malcom concluded with a laugh. I smiled, everyone was happy and I felt free. Leah rushed over to me and gave me the biggest hug, "Thank you brother, you're the best!"

Malcom left, saying he had to get his things from his tent and go. Thacia grabbed my arm, smiling she asked "You're not going to fight them anymore?"

"No, I am not" I replied, I now had no reason to, unless they came between me and God.

"I am glad," she said hugging me.

I hugged her back, being surprised at her openness at first, but glad the next. Thank you God! I whispered under my breath.

"So, are you going to be a silversmith now?" She asks.

"Not right away, I want to get a little more practice before I start doing that full time."

Pulling her scarf on she said "I need to head home before my Parent's worry, but take care, bye."

"Bye Thacia," I said as she left our house.

For the next yew days I left a sign on my shop door, saying that I was out and that I 'should be back by Friday.'
"I'm taking a break from work, so we have till Friday to hang out." I told Leah as she brushed her beautiful blond hair that next morning. "Are you ready yet?" I asked her a few minutes later. "Uff, I think I messed this up." She says pointing to her hair tangled in the knot of her green scarf(?). "Here, let me retie it," I say as I untie the knot being careful not to pull her hair. Pulling another knot tight I ask "can we go now?"

Out we went, Leah giggling at opening the front door. Once we were outside, however, she looked scared. I am sure the strangers and wagons sometimes passing were a terrifying sight for her. I wrapped my arm around her when a few people started staring at her. "Why are they all staring at me?" She asked under her breath. Her eyes going wide. "Because you are new to them and look quite beautiful." I answer honestly. Gaining a laugh from her. We said hi to our neighbors, buying some cheese from the neighbor on our right. They have a milk cow and a few chickens. I turned out the lights in the shop as we came back.

"Come, I know of a perfect spot to show you."I lead Leah to a pretty spot behind the bottom of the mountain. It was a small grassy meadow with a crest we climbed for a view of the Sea of Galilee. She absolutely loved it! Holing out her hands as the wind off the sea blew on her face. Sending little bits of her hair flying. "You know, I actually wanted to show this place to you years ago. While I still lived on this mountain."

"Thank you, I love it!" Smiling she continued, "We should come up here often, and have a picnic."

"Now, when did you ever learn of such a thing?" I teased

"I'm not daft, Daniel!" She flared, "I went on Picnics plenty of times, while you were gone exploring or digging holes in the yard.

"Now, when was that?" I asked.

"When you were 6."

"Wow, you do have quite an inventory! Now, what did I have for breakfast when I turned 6?"

"Stop it! When did I ever pay attention to such little matters?"

"Ahh, you don't know." I say grabbing a piece of grass and hiding it behind my back. "Leah your hair is falling out, you want me to redo it?" I ask.

She hurriedly untied the cloth, "Sure," she answered. As the wind sent her hair flying out of her hand like a kite.

Catching her hair in one hand, I smoothed it down with the other. "Let's step over here out of the wind," I say holding it with one hand and the long head of grass in the other. Now that we were closer to the mountain and out of the wind I put her hair together. Pausing to grab a few more handfuls of grass a few times. I stuffed them in her hair like you stuff feathers in a turkey. Then I put the scarf on covering everything, but the heads of grass. I quickly tied the knot and took a look at my work. She looked like a peacock with it's feathers smooshed forward.

"What's the matter?" Leah asked as I made an indescribable face.

"Nothing at all. It is just that I couldn't have done a better job. And I am not sure if you would ever do anything better." I answered.

"Why, you silly boy. I have been doing my hair way more than you have ever done yours!
"True, let's head home now."

"Just one more peek at the view please?"
"Alright, but we should be back soon as Thacia will be there soon." Leah got another view of the sea, before we walked home.

Thacia arrived the same time we did. She looked as beautiful as ever with her hair tied in a yellow scarf. "Hello Daniel and Leah! How are you guys this fine afternoon?"

"Great!" I replied.

"Thace, how does my hair look?" Leah asked.

I smirked and rolled my eyes as Thacia replied.

"It actually looks pretty good, although I think some of the grass is falling out." Thace says with a slight smile.


"There, that looks better." She says as she tucks some grass back down."

"Daniel!" Leah huffed.

"Hey, I did a good job. Do you agree Thace?"

"Yes, it really isn't bad Leah. You can think of it this way, now you have a lovely crown of grass."

"Yes, the richest crown on earth," I laughed.

"I'll have a look for myself, and if you wrecked my hair I will never let you do it again." Leah taunts shaking her finger in my face, before opening the door. Leaving Both me and Malthace to follow.

A minute later Leah is pulling out all the grass from her hair. "You don't like it?" I ask.

"Of course not! It flops around when I move my head, and is getting grass seeds all over my hair."

"Oh, that makes sense." I say bursting into laughter.

"After all it is twice as funny as beautiful!" Says Malthace as she doubles over in laughter.

What do you think? Did I stay true to the characters? Should I continue, this is really the set up for the main story. I would like to add another main character in the future, so if I continue this, you can look forward to that in the next chapter. :)