It was a quiet day at Havana Java. Peggy, Rayne, Isadora, Mahi, and Addison were working out a few songs written by Alexa when they spotted an AD in the paper about a new band coming into town called, 'Inner Fire'. Seeing the list of songs they were going to sing at their gig, Isadora was found one that says, 'The Bonanza in The Best'. Observing carefully, Isadora could tell that this is a song written by Alexa.

"How could Inner Fire could know one of her songs?" Peggy asked, "She doesn't even know about them."

"We better get Donna, fast." suggested Rayne.


Donna was studying for her exams when she got a knock on the door, "Someone at door!" shouted Animal as he answered the door.

When PRIMA came into the dorm, they told her about Inner Fire's debut concert in Hartfeld and they seem to know about Bonanza In The Best, "Isn't that Alexa's song?" asked Donna.

"It is." Rayne replied, "If I know one thing about business, copyright infringement is illegal."

"I've also been studying up on a magical artifact known as The Mind Mandolin." Donna explained, "They said that The Mind Mandolin has mindful powers, it disappeared from Equestria during Lord Tirek's reign."

"You mean that lame-old power draining monster?" asked Mahi, "He's got some nerve making magical creatures weak."

"Enough small talk." replied Donna, "We gotta find out how did Inner Fire learned about 'The Bonanza in The Best' and fast."