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Truth-Seeking Orbs.

A technique that was the combination of Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Yin, Yang, and Six Paths Senjutsu chakra. They had only a single weakness, and that was techniques that were fueled by Senjutsu or nature energy could touch them. All physical contact with these small black orbs caused whatever touched them to turn to dust, or at least whatever touched them didn't need to worry about existing anymore. They destroyed things down to the very level of the soul of it's target.

Only those with Six Paths Senjutsu or their own users could safely touch them.

They could negate all physical attacks and spiritual or mental attacks performed against them, but thankfully once they moved a distance of 70 meters away from their user, the user lost control over them and they would need to be brought back in that distance for them to gain their power back.

They could be broken, but considering only 2 people alive had access to Six Paths powers in order to touch them, they couldn't be broken by the brute force of others.

"Oh shit! I did NOT mean to do that, Sasuke you total fucking ASSHOLE!"

They killed people who touched them.

-In Another Universe-

"I realized... why should I even try to kill Naruto at all, when there is a chance I could lose... he doesn't have the power to go to other dimensions. So long as he is in another universe, I will be all alone and can attain my goals." Sasuke Uchiha stated as he sat on top of the corpses of the Gokage.

Why kill his best friend, when there was a high chance that he was going to lose?

In the middle of their fight, he had realized that no matter how many times he hit Naruto, he was never any closer to landing a finishing blow on his fellow man. His goal was to cut Naruto out of his life so that he could be all alone, and become everyone's enemy, changing the world as he wanted to. In the middle of the fight, he started to realize that he just needed to cut Naruto out of his life.

That didn't exactly mean murder though.

In the middle of one of Naruto's attacks, just open a portal to another dimension, and kick Naruto through it while Naruto was taken by surprise. A very simple strategy, but highly effective against a person who didn't have the power to open portals. Now he could not only cut Naruto out of his life forever, but he could take solace in the fact that he had been able to do it without actually killing Naruto.

-With Naruto-

"Shit!? Hey, buddy, are you going to... of course you're not going to make it, there are three holes in your chest!?" Naruto shouted out as he put his hands up to his head.

Damn Sasuke!

Naruto Uzumaki, 17 years old, and about 172 cm in height currently since he started his growth spurt. Currently with bright glowing golden hair, a black body suit with golden symbols on the belly, a golding black jacket, and glowing golden sandles, with a similar glowing headband with a leaf symbol on it. His eyes were golden with cross shaped pupils, and Naruto had 3 black orbs behind him.

The Truth-Seeking Orbs.

Sasuke kicked Naruto through a portal, and Naruto's back touched another person's back... and sadly, that meant that those very same black balls

"Ah shit... this sucks... I think this is enough to kill even me."

Naruto accidentally killed a man wearing a full body yellow suit with a red cape, a muscular man with a very, very, shiny balf head and deadpan face. He had a hole where his heart should be, a hole right through his right lung, and another hole that went through his stomach. The fact he didn't die instantly was a testiment to his survival ability, but even this was going to kill him.

"Please tell me you can regenerate... shit... Truth-Seeking Balls negate most regeneration abilities that don't have Senjutsu chakra and the ability to heal the soul." Naruto was panicking a little.

He had never assumed he would accidentally murder an innocent man.

"You killed me... I'm satisfied with this... I wish I could have fought you, but at least I'll die knowing that there is somebody stronger than me."

"Dude, stop talking so I can heal you!" Naruto ordered the man as he smacked him in the side of the head. "Oh shit, sorry, sometimes when I panic I lose control of my temper... heart, I should start by regrowing you..."

The man raised a hand up.

"No thanks, you murdered me. I'm okay with this result, you seem sorry about it, so you're a good guy at heart. You know, my goal was to find somebody who could defeat me... but it would suck if the person who killed me was evil... hey, do me a favor and become a hero, you can do it as a hobby if you want."

He was almost done bleeding out, using his muscles though he was slowing down the bleeding, but hsi vision was going white now. He would only be able to keep his brain active without a blood flow for a small amount of time more.

"I mean, I'm already a hero, but sure... I can heal-"

"No, I said stop trying to heal me you blondie! No, stop trying to save my life, just take solace in the fact you murdered me, and become a hero!" The man started to fight against Naruto, with the two of them trying to do opposite things.

Naruto was trying to heal.

This man wouldn't let Naruto's hands near his bloody holes.

"Stop, stopping me from saving your life you bald bastard!"

"Stop trying to heal me, when I don't care if I die or not! I'm satisfied that you exist, so hurry up and become my murderer already!"

"I don't WANT to be your murderer on accident, if I'm going to kill somebody, it's going to be on purpose! Do you know how guilty I will feel after that!? Now just stay still and let me stop you from dying!"

"No, I'm not going to let you heal me! Become guilty for all I care, you fox faced god-wannabe!"

"Six Paths Sage Mode is LITERALLY a divine transformation... I MEAN THAT doesn't matter, you are going to..." Naruto stopped when the bald man got up and ran into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it. "You're choosing to die in the bathroom, what are you a man-child!? You get out of here and let me heal you right now!" Naruto shouted as he slammed his fist against the door.

It shattered.

The bald man was on the floor.


He had a smug grin on his face, and both of his hands were up with his middle fingers pointed towards Naruto. He had a message written on his forehead in his own blood though.

You killed me bastard.
Feel guilty fox-faced bastard.
You're a hero now.

"You son of a bitch, you wrote a fucking haiku on your bald head just to taunt me with your death! Now I'm going to have to deal with how guilty I am over killing you, and how shitty I feel that Sasuke sent me to this dimension! I've lost everyone now, all my friends and my dreams, AND I'm going to have guilt nightmares from killing you."

That was the day Sasuke cut Naruto out of his life.
That was the day that Naruto lost his dreams.
That was the day Naruto accidentally murdered a man.

That was the day Naruto was guilt-tripped into becoming a hero for a different dimension.

Chapter End!
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