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'... Master was right, they look us right to their evil fortress.' Genos would have just killed all but one of the group of monsters that came after them, and gotten the information out of them by force, but this plan was so much more simple and easy. He had 100% of his power at the ready since he didn't use any of it fighting, and as far as he knew, the enemy didn't know what his or his master's battle power was.

As if they had a chance of winning at all.

The group that was sent after Naruto was a named Manty, a Mantis Monster, Frog Man, Ground Dragon, Amored Gorilla, and Beast King, and even a slugman named Slugerous. Apparently, they were the elite group of evolved animals.

"Yes, your cooperation with the House of Evolution is most appreciated." Beast King towered over all of them as they walked towards the building that was the main base for the House of Evolution, an isolated building in the middle of a forest, hidden completely from view. "The doctor is a genius, an old man who gave himself youth again, and made many dozens of clones of himself to work and make New Humans like us." Beast King bragged about his leader, which was a subtle way of bragging about himself.

Naruto just nodded.

"Evil scientist, cares about eternal youth, and wants to bring about a change in humanity... yep, I figured this would be one of those situations." Naruto had experience with this kind of manipulation of people. Doing experiments on them, brainwashing, and overall he had experience with multiple evil scientists in his own world. "Okay, we're at the base now, and that security camera can see us." Naruto stated as he broke out of the robes that were binding him, and the monsters looked at him in shock as he broke Genos out of his bindings as well.

"Wh-what, you could have escaped at any-"

In an instant, 3 of the 'New Humans' were knocked out cold, and Genos opened his hands and completely obliterated the remaining two without mercy, destroying them and large chunks of the trees behind them.

Naruto palmed his face.

"Okay then, I guess since they aren't humans, killing them should be okay... but Genos, you need to be way more considerate for life." Naruto stated as he created a Rasengan in his hand and blasted away the three knocked out monsters with it. Genos pushed both of his hands together and aimed at the building. "... No." Naruto turned to Genos and stated.


Genos stopped.


"Now, this is exactly how things are going to play out-"

-10 Minutes Later-

"This is Asura Kabuto, my strongest creation."

'Master was right, everything is going exactly as he stated it would.' Genos thought as he looked at all of the dead clones in the area, and a massive and muscular man of a monster that stood in the middle of the large room and the corpse pile. The scientist who had created the new humans was being held by his skull by Asura Kabuto, who was grinning towards Naruto with a massive bloodlust aura about him.

1. They faced tons of traps on the floors that they travelled to get here.
2. When that didn't work, they had to defeat tons of small fry monsters.
3. They confronted a clone of the scientist, while the real scientist claimed their was a monster that could defeat Naruto.
4. They were led to a room that featured said monster.

"Change the Asura part of your name, that is insulting towards me, since I have an Asura Kurama Mode that I almost never use. Change it to something like Carnage Kabuto... you don't have 3 heads and 6 arms, so Asura doesn't fit you." Naruto stated as he pointed to the massive man.

"Does it matter, I'm going to defeat you and claim whatever power you have!"

"You have transformations and modes?" Genos asked Naruto with a smile.

"Yeah, this is my Base Form, but above this I have Sage Mode... I have a separate tranformation called Kurama Mode, which is about equal in strength to Sage Mode, but I can combine the two of them and form Kurama Sage Mode you could say." Naruto explained his transformations to Genos, who was taking notes.

There was a pause from the enemies.

"Are they ignoring you/me?"

"I see, and this Sage Kurama Mode... Kurama Sage Mode is your strongest mode?"

"Not in the slightest, above that I have Tailed Beast Mode, and above that is Tailed Beast Sage Mode... and above that is Six Paths Sage Mode." Naruto stated as he explained more of his transformations.

There was a pause.

"I see, and this Six Paths Sage Mode is-"

"Nope, above that is Six Paths Sage Mode cloaked version, where I fuse Six Paths Sage Mode with Kurama Mode... and above that is where I fuse Six Paths Sage Mode with Tailed Beast mode... and ABOVE that is Asura Kurama Mode where I push the Six Paths Sage Mode and Tailed Beast Mode above their limits by making clones of myself, and fusing them with massive amounts of nature energy." Naruto explained to Genos with crossed arms.

Genos finished two pages of notes.

"So, you have MANY transformations." Genos summarized.

"Incorrect, technically I only have 4 Modes, but I combine them together to enhance each other, or do something to push it a stage higher. You see, sometimes getting power ups doesn't mean that you need to stop using an older mode, but you-" Naruto looked towards Asura Kabuto when he charged at Naruto.

Asura Kabuto froze in fear for a moment and jumped back.

'Fuck... if I had continued attacking... I would have died for sure. His power is unreal, my survival instinct is telling me not to fight him... what the fuck!' Asura Kabuto thought with widened eyes filled with horror. The scientist who created him just looked at him in shock at the fact he abandoned his charge at Naruto.

Genos nodded.

"I see, that makes sense. Usually, when I upgrade, I abandon my older model parts. Maybe I should think about combining my own transforming parts together. By the way, your predictions about how this would go... have been startling accurate." Genos stated as he looked at the current situation they were in again.

Naruto nodded, while the Dr. Genus looked stunned when he realized that Naruto had been predictinhg how things would go.

Naruto smiled.

"Once you have faced an evil scientist or two, you start to see the pattern. You see, I bet that Carnage Kabuto here has a super powerful transformation that makes him go into a super rage. I even bet that is where he gets the Asura part of his name from... so he calls it Asura Mode... so I'm going to rename it to Carnage Mode." Naruto stated as he crossed his arms and looked towards Asura Kabuto.

He stunned everyone in the room.

"How... HOW DO YOU KNOW! How do you know about that!?" Dr. Genus shouted in fright when he realized that Naruto had somehow discovered the secret of his greatest creation. Even Asura Kabuto was gulping when he realized that he didn't have a secret trump card. "Are you an Esper... can you read our minds?"

Naruto just waved his hand.

"Not a chance, like I said, you start to see a pattern. A scientist I know gave people Cursed Seals, and those seals could be used to give them Cursed Seal Transformations... scientists, for all of their genius, aren't very creative with their names... and they always give their bigger, badder monsters a second transformation. Now come on Carnage Kabuto, unleash your transformation, and I'll defeat you in a single attack." Naruto stated as he took up a battle stance. His right fist glowed yellow with chakra, and he grinned over at Genos.

Genos noticed and instantly started to take notes again.

"How... how can you be so confident, you're not even a 10th my size you little bitch! You're just lying about how strong you are! Nobody can defeat me in one hit!" Asura Kabuto started to transform, destroying his own armor as his body gained a ton of muscle mass. His teeth and horns grew longer and sharper. "Don't take me lightly, if you don't take me seriously, I'll kill you first!"

Naruto smiled.

Asura Kabuto rushed towards Naruto the second he finished transforming.

'No matter how strong he pretends to be, he's just in whatever Base Mode he was talking about. I bet he would need at least this Six Paths Sage-' Dr. Genus stopped thinking when his ultimate creation was defeated when Naruto punched him right in the center of the chest and blasted his entire body into pieces with the punch. There was nothing left of him but blood confetti that rained down on him. "... I quit..." Dr. Genus was not going to make anymore evil monsters or chase his dreams anymore.

Genos closed his notebook.

'... Shit... I didn't mean to kill him... I thought he was powerful enough to survive the attack. I wanted him to grow stronger and come fight me again.' Naruto thought to himself. He really only intended to knock the monster out like he originally intended to do with the other ones.

"Do you now see how pointless going after Master is?" Genos asked as he pointed his hands towards Dr. Genus.

Naruto stopped him.

"Don't bother Genos, he's genuinely lost the will to continue with evil. He's evil, but he's not anywhere close to the evil people I've dealt with more... and they turned good. Evil Scientists either turn good when their creations are destroyed, or they lose the will to create... an old man who recreated his youth spending his entire life creating something, only for it to be defeated in one hit would be the ultimate demoralizer." Naruto explained.

Naruto had a TON of experience when it came to these kinds of things.

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