Kirito never had a simple life; in fact, he would go as far as to say it was downright crazy. He faced many challenges during his teen life, from a literal death game to crazed psychopaths, he's dealt with them all, but by far his biggest challenge was dealing with his drunk girlfriend Asuna, who was sat in his lap furiously attacking his neck with her mouth.

It all started when they were invited to Agil's bar for a new year's celebration, because it was such a special occasion, they were allowed to drink a limited amount of alcohol, and unfortunately for the former Black Swordsman his girlfriend's tolerance was quite low, it also didn't help that Liz insisted on getting the strongest beer they had.

Which is what led to now, at first, Asuna just claimed she wanted to cuddle but soon started planting more and more kisses on his cheek/mouth/neck, saying no to subtlety she then for lack of a better term, jumped on him and shoved her tongue wherever she could find an opening, whilst simultaneously pushing her breasts against his chest making it EXTREMELY difficult for Kirito to resist.

"Kazu- I love you" she squealed before continuing her assault on her poor boyfriend.

"S-sweetie, I-I love you too…but people are staring…c-can't we go back to my place first?" he asked, trying to get out of the embarrassing situation.

"Nope, don't wanna~ I'm just marking my territory" she explained gripping his shirt tightly and pulling him into a deep kiss.

"You tell him Asuna!" Liz shouted in approval of his predicament, *I really hate her* he said to himself mentally reminded himself to get his revenge one day.

"Don't tell me you don't like it baby, I can feel it you know" she whispered seductively, wiggling her ass into his groin and nibbling his ear.

In any other situation he would've enjoyed this, but definitely not when all of his friends and little sister were watching, good thing most of them decided to head out as soon as this whole thing began, leaving only a tipsy Liz as their sole audience, still though, the fact that any of them could come back haunted his mind, he knew they'd be teased about this for weeks.

However, he had a realisation when Asuna's hand travelled under his shirt to feel his body, if he was gonna be uncomfortable, he might as well try his best to freak them out too, so with that, he grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her even closer to him, engaging her in a passionate yet lustful kiss.

*maybe this isn't so bad* he thought as Asuna's hand travelled down his pants and his underneath her skirt…