It is 2009 in The Phillippines. LADUWS has finally reached it there.

Dancing, the earliest form of storytelling. They'd even used dancing to cure the ill and the weak.

18 contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Cullen Cuenca


Saturnin Gamulo, Baile 'Arabaile' Arabejo, and Micah Quosales

Theme of The Weeks

Latin Week, Nature Week, International Week, Movie Week, Backup Week, Fairytale Week, Legends Week, The Scout Leader, The Immigrant, Candy Week, Semifinals, Finals.



Damaria Romblon(The Jazz Star)

Nekana Galíndez (The Sorcerer)

Sydnie Martínez (The Duchess)

Hilario Belisario (The Count)

Lillie África (The Countess)

Jaylon Kastillo(The Country Rocker)


Macey Relleve and Hernan Vilela(The Tribe Speakers)

Sheila Ladera and Joco Bontia(The Sky Dancers)

Valery Deseo and Usman Regis(The Simon Sayers)

María Bontia and Linganyan Prieto(The Peacock Protectors)

Arce Cordobos Burton Miranda(The Boat Riders)