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Putting The Pieces Back Together

Chapter three: Part one; A conversation out of time:

The Golden Light of the Hiraishin teleported them into Hadrian's home in his dimensional pocket world. As the Hiraishin Golden Light cleared they were standing out side of his home.

"Welcome to my home Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato."

"We are in my dimensional pocket world called Haven outside of time and space. Please follow me." Up the steps they went.

"Please place your hand on the door so it can get your chakra and magical signatures."

"The necklace you have on now it's a key to get into my dimensional home."

"When your Shadow clone merges with you once again there will be two parts to the whole one key and one anchor for your timeline." Hadrian looked around.

"Please understand after this trip you will be given The Fuinjutsu seal you can ink into your skin for you to have a permanent clone. your clone can dispel on its own an you can consciously give the anchor to your clone." Minato just stairs for a few moments into the distance.

"Lets get inside."

"I will ask Tippy to cook us some food Is that all right with you."

"Yes." Minato looked around the entrance hall.

"I'll give you the tour in a little bit I am certain you're all so tired." Minato hummed his agreement.

"So some food, rest and answering questions that I am sure you have for me."

They walked into the house a little more. "I have a room for you to stay in while you are here."

"This is a typical house with a few differences."

Minato stop walking he asked, "where exactly are we?"

Hadrian stopped walking he turned and looked out the window.

he responded. "We are outside of the time and space continuum."

"You may ask questions and answers will be given here in this place and time."

please ask after we get some food and drink."

"Oh yes."

"Please do not scare my elves I treat them like family they are not slaves. Do not hand them clothing. As for your weapons you will see were to put them. My elves do not like handling any Weapons even mine."

He started to walk down a hallway that was slightly painted sunshine yellow.

" Please follow me a little more ways down the hall to your room."

They came to what looked like the wind blowing on the door.

"please settle yourself in. I will knock on the door to let you know when the foods ready are you good with that."


" there is an ensuite bathroom with instructions on how to run the water. there's a hamper for your clothes please place them in there and one of the elves will POP in and collect all dirty things they will get them clean."

"Enjoy yourself."

Minato said "Thank you"

"Your welcome"

'I'm off to tell tippy that she can start to cook."

"After I am going to get my self cleaned up."

Minato turned around he went into his room its very nice. He was elated to see paintings on his walls of different scenery. He walked over to the bookshelf and browsed the collection. the walked over he took his sandals off he place them next to his dresser. he place his hands down and felt a tingle run through his hands he pulled out one of the drawers.. His Crystal blue eyes saw some very nice clothes within. with his eyes he scanned.. he saw a note that read:


Please use the clothes that is here they are all in your size. please forgive me. signed your beloved son Hadrian.

Tears fell out of crystal blue orbs. He wiped the tears away. He took his jacket off and hung it in the closet. He pulled out some clean clothes and lay them down. He placed his dirty clothes in the hamper. he went an took a hot shower and stayed in for quite a while. He enjoyed his hot shower after the long day he had. He got out and dried off then pulled on the clothes he had out they fit him comfortably.

Hadrian went off an asked, "Tippy to make this particular dish."

Because he new that this dish is his dad's favorite. As he got in to his own hot shower he washed the day's dirt and grime away tears fell out of his dazzling green orbs. He stood under the hot shower worked on getting his emotions under control. He clean himself up turned the water off dried off. He walked out and got dressed. Tippy came in to tell him the food is ready.

"Thank you Tippy"!

"Can you keep it warm that way I can get my dad."

"Yes sir!"

Hadrian left his room meandering down the hallway to his fathers room. He turned facing his door hesitating for a moment he knocked. Minato was enjoying reading a book on Fuinjutsu from his shelf. when he heard controlled breathing outside his door. Minato placed a marker in his book and lay it on his side table for later reading. he heard the knock with quickness like a jaguar He opened the door. Minato was standing staring with his Crystal Blues at his intelligent scary handsome son.

"Dinner is ready."

Hadrian turned walked like a graceful deer to the dining area. There was a small table with four chairs. Please have a seat and enjoy the was pleasantly surprised about the meal that was being served. the both of them ate and comfortable silence.

"Thank you Tippy."

"For the wonderful and enjoyable meal with dessert it was delicious."

Tippy popped all the dishes away.

"Thank you Tippy"

"Can you please send some hot chocolate"

Hadrian's Emerald Green orbs meet his father Crystal Blues orbs locked into place.

He said, "I will be happy to answer most of your questions." "Would you like me to answer hear or would you like somewhere else to be as comfortable as possible."

"We could move into the living area with cozy chairs."

"It's all up to you Yondaime Sama."

Minato kept his Crystal Blues locked with his son.

"we can stay here for now alright."

"Yes sir."

"You had questions I am going to answer to them."

"the two that you had earlier are How am I apart of my family clan? What promise you fulfilled. Is this right" Hadrian asked.

Minato Taps his fingers on the table.

he responded "Yes."

"Thank you ." said Hadrian

"I am going to tell but your not going to like it."

"Tootsie can you please bring some vials of calming draft."

"thanks Tootsie."

" before I began I'm going to tell you this its bad do you want to know what happened?"

Minato stared into his son Emerald Green orbs for a while finally he answered.

"Yes I truly need to know."

Hadrian Emerald Green orbs grew stormy. So many emotions passing through them. Minato couldn't identify them all.

Hadrian finally spoke quietly and he said.

"Shinigami Reaper is how I became apart of your family. We are also distant blood related."

"How?" Minato asked.

Hadrian. Looked away from his father and wiped the tears from his face. He Turned back to face him.

He responded.

"To night at your son Naruto's birth went quite different Uchiha Obito managed to pull out the Nine-Tails from Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina. You saved her and your son. The Nine-Tails was rampaging through the village because it was being controlled by the Sharingan."

He breathed in and out slowly to come his racing heart.

"You broke the hold over the Nine-Tails. At the time you did not know that the masked man was Uchiha Obito. You fought him he fled like the coward he is. You made a decision about the Nine tales."

Hadrian took a long drink of his hot chocolate.

"You Sealing half of it into Naruto and the other half into yourself by using the Seal Eight Trigrams sealing with Shiki Fuujin and Hakke fuuin and shishou fuuin lastly you were going to use Seal Dead Demon Consuming."

"Instead of the Shinigami stomach the Shinigami Reaper made a deal with you. Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina die this night you managed seal half into Naruto the other half Shinigami held onto. Before Shinigami he gave you two option die or help a child with a prophecy you chose child with the prophecy that was me."

Tears fell from Hadrian he used a napkin to wipe them away.

"Shinigami exiled you away from your newborn son and Village. An for the first 5 years of your son life Naruto was call the monster."

Minato felt like his heart was breaking. Hearing this.

Hadrian got up and walk around the dining area. He a voided looking in is father's Direction. He stop and looked out the window and saw his forest. Hadrian left the dining room to use the restroom. Hadrian came back into the dining room.

Hadrian looked at his father and asked, "are you ready for me to continue?"

Minato looked up into his son eyes. "Yes."

"Are you sure?"

"Hadrian my son yes I am ready to hear more." Said Minato.

Minato saw a smallest smile cross his face he also seen so much pain in Hadrian soul.

He took a long breath in and let it out.

"So the deal that Shinigami Reaper gave you was to help a child to fulfill a prophecy was me."

"When you told Shinigami yes he exiled you as the deal was struck."

Minato watched his son. He drank the hot chocolate and the a calming draft.

"You told me you that he laughter come from him before you blacked out."

"My biological mother Lily found you unconscious in England. You became good friends with them. My biological father convinced you to become an auror with your skills as a Shinobi in your background."

"You became an unspeakable a highly trained Researcher… you had three masteries in ancient runes, defense and Fuinjutsu you combined all beautifully and taught me and my brother. When Naruto and I were seven years old on Christmas Day. I said, I didn't get my wish and you had asked me what it was. So I told you that I want to be part of your family as in Name and all. We all made that wish and it was granted by Magic and you officially adopted me into the Namikaze clan."

Tears ran from his emerald green orbs. He took time to get himself under control.

Minato got up and left he when to his room a grabbed his Fuinjutsu tools and paper. He came back and sat down. Minato started to work on his Fuinjutsu project.

"With the masteries under your belt and you being an unspeakable you where able to come back and get Naruto when he was 5 years old. He was being chased down by a drunken mob."

"You killed all the villagers and Ninja in that alley. and you took him out of the village. Afterwards We found out It was because of Shimura Danzo he leaked how dangerous Naruto was the jinchuriki."

Hadrian smile a predatory smile. Minato got a chill that ran down his back.

"Shimura Danzo wanted him as a mindless weapon." "you personally sliced off his head."

"My mother did not believe in prophecies. She had a strong feeling that their will would be ignored do to a manipulative Old Goat."

"So my mother she wrote a secret second will and filed it with Gringotts the goblin bankers. In her will she made you my legal magical Guardian with physical guardianship of me."

"You became a warrior among the Goblins because you went into the pit and face them. You told it was the closest thing you had reminded you of home."

"Mother Pacifically made sure that if anything happened to her or my father I would go directly to you. My mother made sure I would go to no one else. My parents were very good friends with you."

"Mother and father were murdered right in front of my eyes. I was 15 months old at the time it was do to the Madman was obsessed with power the and leader who started the blood Wars."

"he came after us be of the do to the prophecy. He Murdered them to get to me."

Tears fall from Hadrian Emerald Green orbs.

"Thank to my mother will and the goblins help it took you a month to found me. Because of a manipulative old goat I was at my despicable aunt and uncle's house. They place me in a Cupboard Under the stairs."

He looks down into his hands and saw blood. Tilly pop in and begin to heal his hands she hands him a calming draft. Tilly gave him that look. He drank it down without question. Minato felt his heart break more.

"When you saw malnutrition, abuse and where they kept me in the cupboard under stairs. After taking me you came back and viciously took them to task for what they did. I had been place in their lovely care by a manipulative old goat who tied my magic into the blood Ward's we couldn't move out of the neighborhood."

"Does that satisfy your curiosity about how I became a part of your family clan."

Minato stood up and came around the table pulled Hadrian out of his seat. He then pulled him into a fatherly embrace and held on to him. Hadrian returned the hug melted into his father Hold.

He whispered into the silence. "I'm so sorry please forgive me."

"I think it time for bed. Let go son." Hadrian could only nod his head because it was on his father chest. They both went to bed.