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~Future Minato talking~

Putting The Pieces Back Together

Chapter Eight: Minato's Trunk

Minato walked for awhile seeing the Beauty of haven for the first time. Minato felt the flow of the wind chakra currents and He followed it. He was pleasantly surprised what he found was a training ground he began to go through his routine. He when into the Namikaze Taijutsu style. Minato shifted into his family Kenjutus style with a Katana near by. Minato took a quick break and he drunk ice cold water.

Thank you for the water." Minato said.

"your welcome sir." came a voice.

Minato started back up and using Kunai and Shuriken with accuracy at the post. Minato was very happy that he got to break things left and right he worked out all his frustration, anger and hurt. He when to start to clean up when Timber popped in.

"sir I will take care of that you don't have to worry about the training grounds ."

Minato looked up and smile a little.

"Are you sure? I do not mind I can help you."

"No sir."

"Alright thanks for cleaning up this training grounds Timber."

"Well sir this is your personal training grounds. That is why the wind pulled you hear to help you with your emotions."

"Thank you Timber for letting me know. Have a good day."

"Your welcome sir."

Minato left his training grounds he walked out and back to the house. He went into his room and saw his son still sleeping on his bed. He grabbed some of his clean clothes and took a shower. He was so glad for the hot water right now it's helping his muscles relax from his work out. He got out and change in to his clean clothes. He Walked out and sat back down at his desk. Minato re-read letter from is future self a few more times. He when into deep contemplation about all of it. 20 minutes later Minato peeked over at his Trunk on. The Mithril chain and he then rubbed the back of his head a few time.

"Well dam It all Minato muttered to himself." He pick up the chain and ran fingertips long the smooth links throughout the beautiful crafted chain.

"My future self plan for many contingency plans." he said.

Waving his hand and Minato said. "Engorgio."

His trunk grew back to it rightful size and the Mithril chain went into the side that had a Runic and Fuinjutsu sealing array.

" Neatly done." He said.

Minato started inspecting it. Seeing his Fuinjutsu seals and other script written on the trunk, after opening the lid he starts to walk down into the trunk and felt the tingle of the Fuinjutsu barrier scanning him to verify who he is. Curiosity got the better of him so he started to look around. In the trunk he was able to find multiple rooms, each labeled in a foreign text. Minato started exploring the rooms that weren't labeled. As he walked into the sitting area. His eyes went wide when he saw photos with is hand writing labeling who's Who. He began to read the label's. He saw that one of them looks exactly like him so this is my biological son! Namikaze Minato Naruto. He saw his team seven with Jiraiya. He saw his team seven with Kakashi, Rin and Obito. Then he saw his boys with Kakashi, team seven Namikaze Naruto, Namikaze Hari and Uchiha Sasuke. Then his sons Kakashi, Jiraiya ,Sirius and himself. This one is of Black Sirius , Potter James , Evans-Potter Lily and Potter James Hadrian and himself.

"Naruto you grown-up well. I will make sure you grow-up happy, healthy, strong and knowledgeable." He said.

Minato sat down on the closest couch after reading the labels under the other photos. Now all he wants to do is to cry out the pain from his soul.

"my son Hadrian I will find away to heal you. Together we will make sure your younger self grow up happy, healthy, strong and knowledgeable hopeful with Naruto."

Memory projection started

~ "Sorry about this came a voice. I set all this up about a year and a half before the 4th war started. Yes I know you can see me because I am standing right in front of you. Yes! Is that answer to your question is that I am your future self."~

~ "there are memories in vials are in one of the rooms In are trunk for Memory projection. Yes I created it's the only one and it protected. the instructions are in project room. Please patent through the goblins thanks."~

Minato took a deep breaths to calm has racing heart.

~ "When you entered the trunk it's scanned you look down at your wrist."~

Minato did what was asked. He was surprised to see a bracelet on his wrist.

~"The bracelet that is around you wrist has more Information that you will need. The bracelet will allow you to age slowly. To the out side perspective it look like you age at a normal rate. we are also master in ancient runes and a master in defense.. I used my knowledge in Fuinjutsu and Runes. Your going feel a burning sensation right about now... sorry not sorry. I left you my notes and how everything works… also as we are an unspeakable I left you all my memories of are work with them and it gave me all the time that I need to get are son… and I created away for to...I wrote everything down for you… also I lift you a time Turner please read the instructions before using."~

~one more thing once the Memory projection is turn off you will get a download of certain memories that you require and you will pass out for a while your Brain can process the information. I'm here if you require advice you need good luck and take care of our sons."~

Memory projection end

Minato Blacked out for a few hours. When he awoke his head felt like a tree trunk hit him

"memories in vials." he said.

He ran his hands over his face a few times then got up and took a headache potion. He drink it down.

"I have a lot of knowledge to look over from what my future self sent. It will take a while to sort out all the information." Minato said.

"Hadrian didn't tell me I was a potion Master oh well." He said to himself.

He climbed out of the trunk close the lid. Waving his hand over his trunk.

"Reducio." Minato said.

Picking up and pulling out the Mithril chain and placing it around his neck and it disappeared laying on his chest invisible.

" got to love invisibility charms." Minato said.

Minato looked at his son and started to reflect on the events. I may be a Hokage but right now I am a father. What I have learned over the short-term I have been with my adult son. I am a possessive man and Hadrian is my son. I will help my family all of them.

Hadrian woke up and saw his father looking at him. He got out of his father bed. I will go clean up my self in my room.