Perry Mason was staying in an old hotel in a western city. He had just finished checking in and walked into his room. He heard sounds coming from a corner of the room. Creeping slowly, he walked over to the source of the noises.

A girl was in the tub, in the room—with her clothes on!

She wore a cowgirl outfit. She even had on a hat. However, her boots were off, and on the side of the tub.

She smiled. "Mr. Perry Mason, I presume?"

"And who are you?"

"Miss Della Street—from Denver."

"Well, Miss Della Street, do you often take baths in strange men's hotel rooms?"

"Only if I want to meet them."

"With your clothes still on?"

"That's because I've never met you before!"

"I see!"

She draped her stocking-clad legs over the side. "Would you be a darling and rub my feet, please?"

He knelt and began massaging her feet. "Ooh, that's nice!" she said. She took her hat off, dipped it into the water, and poured it over herself.

"I trust you didn't come here just to get a foot massage from me, did you?" he asked.

"The truth is, I'm in legal trouble, and I need you to represent me."

"I see. What sort of legal trouble?"


Della awoke. She was in the Miller Hotel, Perry sleeping beside her.

Remembering the dream, she just had, she let out a loud laugh.

Perry stirred. "What are you laughing at, Della?"

"Did I wake you? I'm sorry, Perry."

"It's ok. But what's so funny?"

"I just had the CRAZIEST dream!" She told it to him.

He smiled. "Well, that's an original way to get my attention!"

"It felt so real! I could really feel being in the water, with my clothes on. And I could feel it when you massaged my feet. It was a nice massage, by the way!"

"Why, thank you!"

"You're welcome!"

"Della, if you ever need my professional help, you'll never have to go through those extremes!"

"That's good to know, Perry!"

They hugged and kissed.

"What time is it?"

He turned on the bed lamp and looked at his watch. "Wow, 9:12, already."

She got up. "I think I'll take a bubble bath."

"With your clothes off, I trust!"

They both laughed. She went into the bathroom.