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Ch 1 Prologue

"Why…why him…why did you choose him over me!" A man cried staring at a distance from behind a tree. A red hair woman playing with her two boys and daughter while her husband held their youngest daughter in his hand watching his wife play with their children.

"Damn that man, she should've been mine." The man gritted his teeth. "She was my friend, my lover, and you stole her from me." he clutches his fist.

He watches the boy with emerald green eyes and black unkempt hair like his father. The oldest of the siblings helped his little brother of a year younger from the ground.

His twin sister tags him on the back as the boy chased her down.

It sickens him to his core, seeing the family that should've been his. He watched the brat during his school years, from the beginning he is like his father in more ways than one. He is a ladies' man with his own fan club, arrogant, overconfident, and worse of all a prankster. These traits he hated the most to the brink of murdering him.

His other siblings, he can tolerate for they have their mother's personality he adores. Her smiles, her compassion, her generosity, and her kind heart, they shouldn't be his offspring.

The man's eyes were filled with hatred for those two, that he is willing to betray everyone to get what he wants. 'But how?' he thought.

"I think, I'm able to help." The man turns around to a woman with abnormal white hair in two pigtails and crimson red eyes glaring at him.

"Who are you?" The man demanded of this strange woman.

The woman smirks sadistically at him. "I'm a Servant, a Goddess per se." She smiles. "You may call me Rider of Heaven."

"Ha, there's no such things as Goddess." The man mocks her. "They're just myth, a ruse created by muggles believing that everything was created by them."

The Servant smirks as she grabs him by the neck. "A non-believer, I see."

The man struggles to get free from her grip, feeling the air leaving his lungs. "Let…me…GO!" he chokes out his words.

"I will not," The Servant smiles. "Not before, I show you evidence of me being a Goddess." She dematerializes along with the man in her palm of her hand.

The boy looks at where the man and Servant once stood, seeing nothing there. "What is it, Harry?" His sister asked.

Harry looks at his twin, red hair like his mother and golden eyes from their grandmother. "Nothing, I just thought I saw someone by the trees." Harry smiles at his twin sister.

"Harry, Jane! Time for lunch!" Lily called out to her two eldest children.

"Mom, can we get ice cream from Diagon Alley after the picnic?" The little boy with red hair and brown eyes like his father asked his mother.

Lily giggles at her youngest son's pleading eyes for the frozen treats. "Why not Jamie, it's almost the end of summer anyways."

"Yes!" Jamie cheered.

Lily and her children walk over to the picnic blanket where James just laid out the food. "Alright everyone, dig in!" James announced handing over his youngest daughter to his wife.

"Thank you for taking care of Abigail, James." Lily took the black-haired infant from her husband's hands and breastfeeds her.

James chuckles, "She's one of my daughters, of course, I would take care of her."

The Potter Family is enjoying the bright summer sun in the fresh air while eating their lunch. Jane looks at her older twin brother with a juice box in her hand. "Hey, Harry aren't you excited for our fourth year?"

Harry looks at his sister not getting what she means. "Really?" Jane sighs before turning to her father, "Daddy, can you tell Harry about what you told me from the Headmaster?" she asked her father.

James chuckles causing Harry to look at him. "Dad, what's going on this term at Hogwarts?" Harry asked his father.

"The Headmaster asked me to be head of security at Hogwarts since the Tri-Wizard Tournament is returning when you go back to school son," James told The-Boy-Who-Lived.

"I heard about that from Hermione, what does that mean anyway?" Harry asked his parents.

Lily refilled his cup with some apple juice. "Well, it's when three schools…" Lily explains to her son about the Tournament as a friendly competition between them. She also told him that each school will have a champion representing their respected schools.

"Wow, really? Maybe Harry should try out." Jamie looks at his favorite sibling.

Harry blushed, rubbing his cheeks. "Maybe I shouldn't, I had my hands filled with Voldemort coming after me time and time again." He jokes.

James looks at his eldest son. "Harry don't joke like that. That madman wants you dead and I won't let anyone joke about that, especially you son." He scolded his son for making that joke.

"Dear, he was just joking." Lily defended her son while tending to Abigail. "He's young, just like you were."

James sighs, "I know Lils," he turns to Harry who looks down a bit shameful for what he did. "Don't worry son, once we defeat Voldemort everything is alright."

Harry looks at his father. "Then we can have a day out with Sirius?" he asked.

Both James and Lily look at each other, unsure how to answer the question. "W-We can see Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus again, right?" Jane asked her parents.

"Yeah, I want Uncle Sirius to teach me to turn into a dog," Jamie asked excitedly.

"Uh…well kids, Sirius and Remus are still hiding from the ministry," Lily explains to their children. "They still believe that Sirius is the one who betrays us and killed Peter, without evidence that Peter is alive he's still considered as a criminal." She explains.

They all shared the same disappointed expression on their face. Lily and James felt bad for making them feel that way, Lily came up with an idea to fix it. "H-Hey, kids why don't we get ice cream. You can pick out any flavor you want." She smiles.

Jane, Harry, and Jamie look at each other and smile. James stood up and pack everything in the basket. "Alright, let's get going." He smiles as his children cheered.

Garden of Eden, Castle August 26th, 1994

The man opens his eyes from the bright light. "Ohoho, it seems our guest has finally awoken Rider." A woman with black hair and silver eyes in a long black dress knelt next to him.

He jumps back at the sight of the new woman before him. "W-Who are you!?" he demanded of the Servant.

"I'm Avenger of the Gallows, I serve as the protector of the Gardens." Avenger introduces herself. "I also serve as a confidant to the Queen of the Gardens, Rider of Heaven." She motions to the same white pigtailed woman sitting on a large throne.

"W-What do you want from me?" He stammers feeling the powerful aura around them.

Rider stood up from her throne and walks over to the man. "We want you to serve as our anchor point in this world so we can remain here." Rider explains to the man,

The man blinks at the woman before him. "And why should I do that? From the aura, you sent to me you're powerful as it is." He glares at the Servant. "What's your gain?"

Rider smiles at the man, helping him up to his feet. "We heard your deepest wish, a wish of spite for another." She gave a sympathetic look. "We want to help you achieve what you desire, but we can't do that until you agree with this."

The man looks at the two women, figuring out what's going on. "I can tell you're conflicted. From two sides you play a role meant for lower beings, a puppet for their selfish plans." Rider offers her hand to the man.

"We can help you be rid of the destiny you were placed by others." Rider's hand began to glow a red aura. "All you need to do is to agree to our contract, and everything will be set."

Avenger walks to his ears, "Everything you yearned for, the woman you love, the two bastards you hate enough to kill, all will be given if you agree…master." She smirks leaving an impression on him.

Instantly the man's mind was filled with promises these two women have given him. He places his hands on the red aura as it began to react. On his back of his right hand Command Seals were placed. "GAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" The pain of receiving the Seals proves it's too much for him, but he prevails.

"W-W-Wha…" The man gasps seeing the back of his hand with two intertwining snakes around an arrow. "What is this?"

"Command Seals," Avenger explains. "This is proof that you are worthy of being a master." The Servant rested head on her left hand.

"Now that our pact is sealed, what is your orders master." Rider smirks at the new master.

The man clutches his right hand feeling the power bestowed to him. he looks at the Servants and smiles. "I was planning to kill two birds with one stone. With this power, I can do that." He laughs insanely.

Rider held out her hands causing him to stop his maniacal laughter. "Before that, we need to summon Servants that are going to be on our side." She led the man to a dark room with a summoning circle on the floor.

"What is all this?" He asked the Servants.

Rider walk over to the circle stood outside of it, "Stand in front of the circle and repeat after me,"

The man obliges and stood before the summoning circle. He raises his hands above it and repeats the chant that Rider told him.

" Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Let each be turned over five times, simply breaking asunder the fulfilled time."

The circle began to glow red as a ring appeared above the circle.

"Let silver and steel be the essence. Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation. Let my great master be the ancestor. Raise a wall, against the wind that shall fall. Close the four cardinal gates. Come out from the crown. Rotate the three-branched road reaching the Kingdom."

The ring then turns into three rings and began to rotate around,

"I shall declare here. Your body shall serve under me. My fate shall be with your sword. Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. If you will submit to this will and this reason… then answer!"

The rings soon form four bodies of light in the center.

" An oath shall be sworn here! I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven. I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell! – From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, come forth from the ring of restraint, Protector of the Balance!

The light soon radiates through the room causing the man to shield his eyes. He peers them open wanting to see what just happened. "Master, may I present our new army." Rider smiles.

A blonde, white man with blue eyes stood before the man. He wore a black armor piece with a white cape behind him. he wore silver armored boots that reach up to his calf. A bow was made of blue crystal with a rose at each end and a quiver strapped to his back.

He looks at the man before him and inclines his head.

"I am Archer of Phoenicia; I have answered your summons. For reasons, I can't divulge my true name upon you, my master. Use me as you wish."

"Archer of Phoenicia?" The man questioned before moving to the three figures.

A powder blue-haired and blue eyes man with armor with blue detailing stood before him. the notable feature of him was a pair of silver wings on his back.

The Servant soon split off into similar beings one with chestnut hair color and blue-eyed man. The other was with short grey messy hair and green eyes.

"We are Saber of Eden; upon our summoning, you have called upon an army. Command us as you see fit."

Rider of Heaven smiles and looks at the master. "Behold master, these powerful beings are now under your control. Command us as you would as a general!

He smiles once he saw multiple Servants before him, "Now this is better. I can finally forge my own destiny." He laughs maniacally through the room, gaining the power he needs to take his revenge.

Forbidden Forest

A man with dark brown hair that fades to a lighter brown coloration and amber eyes materializes under a tree. He wore a dark brown trench coat with the inside yellow with shoulder armor plating. He wore black pants, brown buckle shoes, and black gloves.

He looks around his surroundings, noting he's in a forest somewhere. He looks down and grabs his lance, the blade was dark indigo fading into gold, it shines like it was blessed by a Divine Spirit. "Interesting, it seems I was summoned here in this area for a reason-" he looks to the side and saw centaurs arriving at the scene.

"Human, who dares enters our lands?" The Centaur demanded of the Servant.

The Servant looks around him then incline his head to them. "My apologies, it seems I'm lost, and yet I know what I must do."

The Centaurs look at each other before the leader steps forward. "Human, you seem human yet you're different from them,"

"Ah yes, I can explain that." The Servant smiles. "I am a Servant, I have materialized in this plain to assist someone; but it turns out I'm a bit early per se," he ponders if he is in the right place.

The Centaur gave a confused look, not getting what he meant. "Alright, Servant what is your name? You've identified yourself as a Servant but didn't give a name," he said.

The Servant nodded, placing his hand on his chin. "A name…let's see…Ah," He looks at the leader of the Centaur group, "You may call me Lancer, Lancer of Christianity." he humbly smiles.

The Centaurs look at him, unsure what to make of him. "Alright Lancer, is there anything we can help you with? From the looks of it, you don't have nowhere to go."

Lancer nodded before smiling. "Mind if I trouble you for a place to stay? It's only temporary, I'm only here to do something important but it's not right now." He explains.

The Centaur leader looks at his brethren and nodded. "Very well, our chief will discuss some living arrangements for you." he turns around and walks straight to their tribe's location.

"Much appreciate." Lancer followed the Centaurs deep within the forest, back to their home.


A woman with blonde hair and golden eyes appeared in an alley. She wore a black leather jacket, ripped black jeans, and black boots. She has a spiked choker around her pale neck. She looks around her wondering why she's here.

"It seems I was summoned here for a reason, but what?" The Servant pounders before hearing a couple of men walking behind her, drunk.

"H-Hey (Hic) you're a pretty lady (Hic)" The man sway back and forth.

His friend came up to the Servant, touching her blonde hair. "So w-what's (Hic) your (Hic) name?" he asked her.

The Servant looks at the sky, checking her Spirit Origins for her Class. "Saber of Sheol. Call me Saber." she purrs at him.

The man's other friend steps forward with a bottle of beer in his hand. "Hey, why not (Hic) we go and h-have some fun, S-(Hic) aber." He purrs at her.

Saber smiles, dragging her finger down his face. "And while we have fun tonight, why not you three help me with something I want to do for a long time." She places her arms around their necks. "I can tell you three are wealthy men, I can help you and you can help me. how's that sound?"

The first man steps back from the woman. "A-And why (Hic) should we do that?"

Saber gave a sadistic smile, her eyes glowed a reddish hue. "Tell me, what is your desire?" she smiles.

Maze June 24th, 1995

Harry Potter ran through the maze trying to get to the center to get the Goblet of Fire. He huffs and huffs before he stops to take a breather. He then heard a scream and rushes over to the origins. "FLEUR!" Harry saw her being pulled in by the brambles of the hedge.

He raises his wand in the air and shouts, "Periculum!" a single red light was shot in the air.

Then a gust of winds blew through the hedges causing the hedges to close in behind him. Harry ran forward to the end of the pathway; he reaches to the end when a green light was hurled past him.

"'GET DOWN!" Cedric exclaims dodging another green spell. "Expelliarmus!" He shot the disarming spell at the attacker and hit him on the chest.

"Cedric, what's going-"Harry saw the attacker be Victor Krum.

Harry whipped his head to Cedric who turned the other way. A faint blue light shines at the end of the pathway. Cedric looks back at Harry and both ran towards the light. Once they were close, some brambles manage to snare Cedric's leg.

Cedric fell on the ground turning his body, trying to get free from the brambles. "Harry! Help me!" Cedric cries for help.

Harry looks back at the Hufflepuff and the Goblet. He then looks back at Cedric being wrapped by the brambles. "Help me!"

"Reducto!" Harry cased the curse at the brambles, they instantly let go of Cedric.

Harry came up to him, helping the Hufflepuff off the ground. "T-Thank you, Harry." Cedric thanked the Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry nodded. "Yeah…(Huff)…No problem." He smiles at him.

"Hey…Harry, (Huff) I have a proposition." Cedric looks at Harry.

"Yeah? What is it, Cedric?" Harry asked him.

Cedric smiles, "Why not both of us take the cup together, that way both of us can win."

Harry looks at Cedric for thinking of a brilliant idea. "Why not, it sounds like a brilliant idea." He agrees as both Champions of Hogwarts head straight to the Goblet.

Upon touching the artifact they were instantly Apparate to another area. They landed face-first on the dirt in a graveyard.

Harry stood up from the ground and saw the horror. Flames were burning the ground, tombstones, and…Death Eaters. Some manage to escape the flames only to be grab by what seems to be winged men with multicolored hair.

"Take them back to the castle! They'll be useful in powering my Noble Phantasm!" Rider of Heaven orders the winged men. She then looks at the shriveled snake face man in a golden birdcage.


"Shut up, you're going to play an important part in my plans." Rider smirks.

"Harry, what's going-"Cedric was knocked unconscious from the nerve at the back of his neck.

"Oho, looks like I found the doppelganger of Yukimura." Harry turns around, seeing Avenger placing Cedric on her shoulders.

Harry steps back from the sight of the frighting black-haired woman. "W-Who are you?" Harry asked the Servant.

Avenger blinks at him before smiling sadistically. "The doppelganger of Ritsuka Fujimaru, it seems in this world you haven't become a Magus. A shame, your other self is quite powerful in terms of being a master."

'Master? Magus? What is she talking about.? Who is this Ritsuka Fujimaru?' Harry thought of the strange terms she uses. "I-I'm not the one who you're speaking of- "

"Of course not," Avenger smiles, "You're not powerful enough to even face the threat that is coming."

"What do you mean-"

"Avenger! That's enough." Harry looks to the side of the Servant; his eyes widen at the sight of the man. "You! why are-"

"Silence brat!" The man shouts aiming his wand at him. "I've been waiting for this day, the day I finally end you!"

Harry crawls backward, grabbing his wand at his side. "What do you mean by that!?"

Avenger chuckles at the sight of the hero before here. "Eliminate the hero, and the plan will be successful, master."

Harry knew this the man was being manipulated by Avenger. "Listen to me! you're being used-"

The man didn't hesitate, he aims his wand at the hero of this world. "Avada Kedavra!" he cast the killing curse at Harry.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry cast the disarming charm at the killing curse. He was struggling, the green light was getting closer to him, Harry mustered his strength to his wand. His spell pushed the curse back as he stands up.

"Damn you." The man gritted his teeth, mustering his own strength in the curse.

Both wizards are at a standstill, neither side was wavering. Sparks were flying everywhere as their power equals each other.

Rider looks at the standstill before her and raises her hand. "I think, a little assistance will suffice." A single shot was fired at Harry's back legs.

Harry fell on the ground, feeling a sting then another sting moved his arm with his wand. His eyes widen at the sight of the green spell impacted his body killing him in an instance. His body fell on the Goblet behind him and Apparate back to the stadium.

Harry's body appeared in the center of the stadium as cheers rose from the crowd, "HARRY POTTER RETRIEVED THE GOBLET OF FIRE! THE WINNER OF THE TRI-WIZARD TOURNAMENT IS HARRY POTTER!" the announcer exclaims.

Dumbledore, Pomfrey, James, and Lily went over to Harry. "HARRY! YOU WON! YOU WON-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Lily screeched feeling her son's cold dead body.

"Lily, what's the matter-" Dumbledore gasps at the sight of Harry Potter. Pomfrey checked everything on Harry's body with her wand, but the results came out the same.

"H-He's dead," The nurse solemnly said,

James started to tear up, gazing upon his son. "No, no, no, no…..NOOOOOOOOOO!" James cursed in the air,

Everyone came to see the dead body of Harry Potter, his two best friends, his girlfriend Ginny, his siblings, his fan club, and his teachers mourn for the loss of Harry Potter for this is the darkest hour of the Wizarding World.

Storm Border, date unknown, time unknown

Ritsuka opens his eyes after sleeping in the Commander's chair. He rubs his strained eyes after this weird dream he just had. "Fujimaru? Are you alright?" Lucien asked the director.

"Yes, I just had a strange dream, Lucien," Ritsuka replies to the heir of the Barthomeloi Family.

"Strange dream?" Ginny turns around from her console after hearing him. "Is this normal for you, Ritsuka?" she asked her boss.

"Ahem, need to remind you Ms. Weasley that you need to address Fujimaru as director or Commander?" Goldolf stood behind Ginny who flinched.

"Ah! Sorry Vice-Commander." Ginny apologies to Goldolf before leaning to Luna. "(Since when puggy here is the Vice-Commander? I thought the Captain or Sion would make the cut.)" she whispers.

Luna giggles before leaning to her. "(He made himself Vice-Commander since he used to be the director of Chaldea. Ritsuka just let him call himself that for fun.)" she whispered back.

"I see," Ginny giggles.

"I can hear you two chattering," Goldolf raises his voice, "Get back to work!" he ordered the girls.

"Sorry!" they went back monitoring the monitors.

Ritsuka looks at Goldolf from his chair. "Goldolf, I do not mind people calling by my name. just let it go." He smiles.

"Well, it's a sign of respect. Fujimaru you need to learn how to be a Commander." Goldolf puffs out his chest.

"Leave it, Goldy you know how Fujimaru is," Sion sighs as she checks the haul with the Nemo marines.

"Heh, master doesn't really care for formalities," Ryōma added to the conversation.

"Yes, Oryou likes master this way." The Noble Phantasm added, floating around Ryōma.

Goldolf looks at the Rider standing next to a panel. "Tch, you Servants are always going with the flow with Fujimaru."

Ann shrugs her shoulders. "Eh, that's true." Mary nodded to the comment.

Ritsuka chuckles before looking at Draco and Amelia. "Amelia, Draco what's our course now?"

Draco sighs turning to Ritsuka. "You know, I'm an Astromancer, not a navigator. I'm not sure what the words are on the navigation!"

"Speak of being cranky," Amelia commented, "As of right now, we're sailing smoothly to dimension 103. If we continue the course, we'll be there in an hour or two."

Ritsuka nodded, liking the results. "Any unusual readings?"

"Not yet, director. We haven't detected-"suddenly the alarms went off as a wave of distortions hits the Border."

"What's happening?" Hermione walks into the Command Center from the Library.

"A distortion was detected. The source is coming from ahead of us." A control room staff reported.

"That was fast, what is the-" another wave hits the Border causing the crew to tumble.

-ZZZ- All personal, buckle your seatbelts. We're experiencing some turbulence. -ZZZ-

"Turbulence!? It's like an earthquake!" Goldolf exclaims before getting into his seat.

Ritsuka looks at the pilot, "Amelia, I thought we're an hour away from our destination?" The master asked the Foreigner.

"It seems that the distortion has sped up the course," Amelia read the information on the navigator. "We're going to arrive at the branch in ten minutes!"

Sion looks at Nemo, "Captain, prepare to emerge from the dimensional plane."

"Roger that master," Nemo walks over to the PA announcing their emergence. -ZZZ- Attention all crew and passengers, we're going to emerge from the dimensional plain. All personal find a place to hold on. -ZZZ-

"All systems are a go!"A Nemo marine reported.

"Good, Poseidon core?" Nemo asked on the commlinks.

Inside the engine room, Poseidon was all set. "Systems are at maximum for emergence. Waiting for the single." The God respond.

Ritsuka stood up from his chair. "Alright, Captain emerge from the dimensional plane now!"

Nemo turns the stirring wheel to a hard right to a branch of the multiverse as Amelia reuses her Noble Phantasm.

Outside the Border, the two arches merge out creating the same black hole as before. "Blackhole portal launched!" Amelia reported.

"Alright, full steam ahead!" Nemo commanded as the Storm Border emerges from the dimensional plane and into a whole new dimension.

Dimension 103: Anomaly I - Scotland

Location of emergence: London England, River Thames

Date: August 13th

Year: 1995

Anomaly Depth: C+

The Twilight of Humanity: The Gardens of Eden

AN: So I was thinking of seven Servants going with Ritsuka to explore. Here is the list of the exploration team. Hinako will be apart of it. Choose six.





Sakamoto Ryōma

Ashiya Dōman

Cú Chulainn (Caster)


Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)




Sasaki Kojirō