AN: So the reason why Ishtar Alter is so easily defeated is that she is the weakest out of the Anomaly Leaders. She spent so much time preparing that she didn't have much time to build a proper army, unlike the others. There's a reason the Depth is a C+.

ANN: This is, the final chapter, thank you all for reading and enjoying this series. Please enjoy the epilogue.

Ch 63 Epilogue

"WHAT!?" The masked master was outraged, he looks above him seeing the six stars. One of the stars has faded away leaving five actives, his head shifts over to the Southern Pillar just across his castle.

"Master, Eden ha-"

"I don't care if Eden has fallen! Or that Eros and Hyperion are lost! I only care that Ishtar Alter has saved the Mana she stored during her centuries stay!" The master demanded; he does not care if Ishtar Alter has perished. He knew that her Anomaly is bound to fail with a little help from Caster of the Southern Pillar predictions.

The master sighs, looking at the old man bowing to him. "Well!? The Mana Ruler!" He shouted.

The cloaked Servant nodded, checking the Mana Ishtar Alter manages to be sent before her fall. "Only sixty percent of it was sent. Ishtar Alter reported that she was going to send you the Mana after her take over is done." He looks up at the master. "As you can see, the results are clear as day."

The master banged his hand on the armrest of his throne. "Damnit, then contact Lilith and our ally to use that world as a fill-in."

"B-But wasn't that supposed to be a testing sight for the final-"

The master stood up, staring at the stars than at his broken roundtable. "It can work both ways, Ruler. Contact them and let them know what has a plan for them." He smirks letting Ruler do what he orders him to.

Hogwarts, May 17th, 1996, 12:00 PM

It's been almost a few days now since the battle between Eden and Chaldea. After the battle they all cheered for their victory, the next day word came out to the public that Fudge was using his position to maintain his power over everyone.

The ICW came down on him hard, he was stripped of all titles of governmental power. His allies were incarcerated to spend the rest of their lives in Azkaban for corruption until a proper Minister could be elected with a proper system the Mundane Prime Minister will take over.

There was a lot that needs to change for this Ministry, but the Chaldeans have faith that the generation Ritsuka influenced will take care of that.

Ritsuka just finished packing his classroom, he has taken everything. From the books to the technology he has brought over from the Storm Border. He manages to grade all the final papers for his class and entrusted them to James to give out.

The black-haired man took a good look at his classroom, a small chuckle escapes from his lips.

However, that stops when flashes of every battle he faces appeared in his mind. "Ngh!" He huff, rummaging through the box on his desk. The Magus took out a pillbox and took one before drinking water.

Ritsuka huffs trying to calm himself by remembering the first day he first taught here and the lessons he gave to his students. He's going to miss it, teaching lessons to students. "Maybe I should have a class when we get back to our dimension." He ponders, feeling his body calming down.

"That's a sound idea, Husband." Ritsuka looks up seeing Morgan walking over to him.

"Morgan, here to say goodbye before you dematerialize back to the Throne?" Ritsuka smirks at the Lostbelt Queen who just entered his classroom.

Morgan sat down at a nearby desk before speaking her mind. "My Knights and I have decided to stay with you Husband. After the battle between us and the Archangels, we figured that you might need our assistants in what's to come." She gave a small smile.

Ritsuka sighs, unsure how the Roundtable will feel about this or Arthur and Merlin in that matter. "Alright, but first follow the ground rules for Chaldean Servants, alright Morgan?"

Morgan nodded, understanding what was expected of her. "Of course, Husband."

Ritsuka took the final box and moved it with the rest outside. "I take it you're going to stroll around the halls one more time?" Morgan observes her master's movements.

"You know it, want to say my goodbyes before we leave," Ritsuka said, exiting the classroom and placed it with the other boxes.

Morgan nodded, staying with the boxes that her master put out. "I'll have Barghest take these boxes to the docks." She looks at the huge haul,

"Thank you, Morgan. Oh, have you've seen Mashu or Romani around?" Ritsuka asked the Queen of the Faries of the whereabouts of his family.

"I believe Mashu is with the Witch Lily Potter. Step-son is there too, I believe it's called a playdate that children get together." Morgan said, pondering the term Humans used.

The Magus nodded, walking off before tripping on his feet. "Master," Barghest appeared, catching the Human before he contacted the ground. "Master, are you feeling okay? You almost fell on the floor." The Fairy Knight froze, feeling his breathing a bit shallow and a bit pale.

"I-I'm fine Barghest. Thank you," Ritsuka smiles at the Blackdog.

"Master you're not-" The Saber stops when she felt Sith behind her.

Baobhan Sith steps forward, helping her master on his feet. "You sure you can walk Step-father?" She asked, serious concern for him.

Ritsuka chuckles, ruffling her hair. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine Sith. Just a bit dizzy that's all."

Morgan walks over, observing their master. 'Well, that took a lot out of him. Hiding his condition that you barely even notice.' She dislikes how her Husband is dealing with his mental health, she needs to inform Mashu about this. "Husband, take care."

Ritsuka waved at her, making his rounds around the school. He walks down the halls, somewhat damaged by the Archangels attack. However, he heard that Dumbledore has hired repairmen to fix this place, with the Potter's fortune they have enough for repairs.

Shouting and yelling have caught the Magus's attention, "I'm sure who that shouting belongs to." Ritsuka sighs, walking over to the fork in the halls. Upon arrival, he saw Ginny Weasley shouting at his Ginny.

"So come here to steal my fame too!? You already stole my Harry from me, you copycat!" Ginny shouted at the Chaldean Ginny, who clearly is not amused by her attitude. "And what's with that ridiculous outfit!? It's appalling to even look at!"

Ginny sighs, gripping her tablet hearing her other self ranting about everything. "Look, I have an important job that needs my attention. Director Fujimaru-"

"So, calling Harry by his false name? So it was you who gave him the idea of taking that name!" Ginny points at her other self, accusing her of complete utter nonsense.

The Chaldean Ginny scoffs, she cannot believe that her doppelganger has to commit trouble for her mentor figure. Hermione has it easy, she and hers are getting along so well, even Neville for Pete's sake! While she has this spoiled brat.

"And another thing, can you not be so bitchy about work?" Ginny raised her eyebrows at her doppelganger. "You're supposed to be me, right? Then like me, I demand-"

Ginny slaps her other self hard leaving a red mark on her face. "W-Wha-"The other Ginny fell on the ground, holding her red cheek.

Chaldean Ginny glares down at her doppelganger, having enough of her spoiled attitude. "Listen here, me. If you go down this path of jealousy and thinking you're higher than everyone else you're going to be alone in life." She said. "Being privilege like you are, isn't worth a damn to other people."

"How dare you talk to me like that! You're just jealous of my fame and beauty, you're just an office junky!" Ginny glares at her other self, hating how she turned out.

"I suggest you listen to your doppelganger, Ginny." The two red-haired girls look behind them, Ritsuka was making his way over after all that yelling.

"Ritsuka!" Ginny smiles, inclining her head to the boss.

"Harry, tell this no good, copycat, that she's just a wannabe and-"

Ritsuka gave a disapproved glare at the spoiled brat. "Ginny Weasley. What we're giving you is some advice to improve your behavior, outside of Hogwarts people will retort back when you speak like that to them." He lectures the young Gryffindor. "If you keep doing this then the consequences will be severe, you'll end up like your Snape." He warns her, before looking at his Ginny.

"Ginny, can you tell Koyanskaya to start with the report to the Association? I'll finish it when we're on our way to the next Anomaly." Ritsuka asked his friend for a favor.

Ginny obliges, taking her tablet and texted the Alter Ego. "Of course, just give me a few moments." She requested, walking away to meet with Holmes.

"Thanks," Ritsuka looks down at the other Ginny, contemplating their words. "Try to be the better person Ginny, stop this attitude of yours." He said, walking away to finish his rounds.

The Magus entered the courtyard in the middle of the school. Ritsuka froze, seeing Jane sitting on the bench over a pile of stone.

Jane sighs, looking at the marker she made for Flat. She had some flowers in her hands and placed them on the marker. "We did Flat, we saved our dimension. I just wish you're here to see what we've done." She smiles, letting a tear fall to the ground.

Footsteps caught the young red-haired girl's attention. She turns around, seeing Jack walking up to her. "Ms. Jane? Are you alright?" The Assassin of Black asked the young girl.

"O-Oh, Assassin. I-I didn't realize you're here." Jane wipes away the tears from her face. "Yes, I'm fine."

Jack could tell she was lying; she was grieving for the loss of her older brother. With that in mind, she sat next to her. "Onii-san would've been proud of what you did Ms. Jane. We are too." She smiles at her.

"Onii-san? Ah, right brother." Jane chuckles at the little girl's name she called Flat. "So, since Flat is…well Jack the Ripper, that makes you-"

Jack looks at Jane with a smile, "We are Jack the Ripper too, we have taken many forms."

"You're, Jack the Ripper?" Jane raised her eyebrow, finding this ridiculous of how many historical figures they thought they knew turns out to be wrong. "Color me surprise, you're made out of dead children's souls, right?"

Jack nodded, "Yeah! Yeah, we were cast out because our mothers don't want us. But now we found a Daddy to care for us. We've met a lot of people at Chaldea, even Alice, and the other children, especially Ms. Atalante. She's nice, she's like a teacher for us!"

She looks over to the grave marker, smiling sadly at it. "Onii-san was different. We felt a connection with him, something we wanted a long time." Jack started to cry, allowing Jane to hug her.

"I know, he was like your brother. I know how losing one feels." Jane comforts Jack, not caring about their origins.

Jack sniffs, coming in closer to Jane. "Ms. Jane, I know how you're feeling and wished things were different. But Fate works in mysterious ways, I'm sure you'll find someone like Onii-san."

Jane chuckles, "Maybe I will, thank you, Jack." She appreciates the words spoken to her by the little Assassin Servant.

Ritsuka smiles at the heartwarming sigh between his pseudo-daughter and 'sister'. Not wanting to interrupt them, he left them be and moves onward.

The Magus walks in the halls once again, seeing the infirmary just ahead of him; he decided to check on someone. Ritsuka opens the door, revealing Neville doing his medical check-up on Cedric.

Neville's doppelganger was there too, along with Pomfrey, Jamie, Sirius, and Remus. "And that's how you take a pulse without using a heart monitor." Neville turns to the Wizards and Healer, shock to see how efficient this Neville was when checking on Cedric.

"W-Wow, Neville I never knew you had it in you when you're checking Cedric," Remus commented, impressed at his flawless actions.

Sirius nodded, agreeing with the werewolf. "Yeah, where did you learn it from?"

"Well, it was-"

"Mr. Longbottom has proven he is capable of medical treatment like a proper doctor." Nightingale came out of the curtains with her medical bag. "I have taken upon myself to teach him all I know of medicinal practice." She stated.

The other Neville saw the Berserker, seeing where he learned his counterpart's medical knowledge. "So you're the one who taught him? Who knew that my other self has what it takes to be a healer."

Jamie chuckles, nudging the Gryffindor playful. "Hey Nev, don't sell yourself short. You might have what it takes to be a healer too!" He ensures him he can do it.

The Chaldean Neville nodded, having his confidence in him too. "We're quite knowledgeable about herbs and other stuff. I'm sure you can do it."

Madame Pomfrey steps next to him, smiling at the young boy. "As do I, after seeing what you can do, Mr. Longbottom. Our Longbottom can do it, as long he has proper training of course."

Neville blushes at their words of praise for him. He has now a lot to take up to meet their expectations, "Thank you, everyone."

"Well, I see that everyone is getting along here." Ritsuka walks into the room, receiving smiles from everyone's faces when he entered.

"Ritsuka! Good to see you," Sirius greeted his 'Godson'.

"S-So are you finished packing already?" Jamie asked, anxious to know if he really is done packing.

"Yep, just making a few rounds before I leave," Ritsuka explains, blinking at their sad face.

Neville noticed the odd quietness that just rosed, acting quick he remembered what Cedric requested. "O-Oh director Cedric is asking for you."

Nightingale nodded, "Yes, Mr. Diggory requested that he must speak with you. Something about his other self…" She said, knowing what he means by other-self.

Ritsuka made his way over to Cedric's bed, Nightingale followed before looking behind her. "This is a private conversation. Everyone, please escort yourselves out." The Berserker demanded with an authoritarian voice.

Pomfrey nodded, guiding them all out of the room. "Come now, you all have can visit Mr. Diggory later."

"Of course, we'll speak to you later Ritsuka." Remus agreed with the medical staff.

"Yeah, meet us at the Courtyard later on!" Remus nudges Sirius for almost ruining the surprise for Ritsuka.

Ritsuka chuckles before entering the curtains. There lay Cedric, this world's Cedric still wraps in bandages and a hospital gown. His eyes draw over to Ritsuka, seeing the familiar features of Harry Potter. "Oh wow, they were right. You really do look like Harry." Cedric commented.

"Thanks," Ritsuka smiles at the injured boy, his face flattens getting into a serious conversation. "Cedric you said you wanted to speak with me?"

The bronzed-haired boy nodded, sitting up in his bed. "Y-Yes, someone came to me while I was held captive in Avenger's room." He looks down at his chest, still feeling the pain in his chest.

"What did this person say?" Ritsuka asked.

"I'm not sure, but I heard the…Angels say that his name was Lancer of Melromarc." Cedric informed the Magus, notice his facial expression explains that he knows the name. "Anyways, Lancer of Melromarc told me that he'll be your enemy in his…The anomaly was it? It would be in Dimension Nine Ninety-One. That's all he said." Cedric relay what his doppelganger has told him to say.

Ritsuka ponders on what Cedric said, "Dimension Nine Ninety-One, but Avenger needs us to go to his home Dimension…"

"Master? Are you alright?" Nightingale asked his master, seeing he is in deep thought.

Ritsuka looks at Cedric, nodding at him. "I see, thank you, Cedric." He appreciates the information he received.

"It was no problem," Cedric replied, happy to help in any way possible.

The Magus patted Cedric's legs, wishing him a fast recovery. "Take care Cedric, I hope you make a rapid recovery." Ritsuka smiles.

The curtains open revealing a man with grey hair with teary eyes. "C-Cedric…" Amos trails off, seeing his son after all these months.

Cedric's eyes widen, seeing his father after a long time. "D-Dad,"

Ritsuka moves to the side, letting the father enter the curtain. "I'll leave you two be." He walks out with Nightingale, allowing the father and son reunited after being separated.

"Make sure to tend to Cedric's needs before you release him later," Ritsuka orders Nightingale what she needs to do.

The Berserker nodded, agreeing with her master. "Very well, master." The Nurse went off to retrieve her assistant to help with her duties.

After the visit to Cedric and meeting with some students, he went off in search of his family. Arriving at Lily's classroom, he heard children laughing from the other side of the door.

Ritsuka knocks on the door of the Charms classroom. "Mashu? Lily? It's me."

"Come in, Ritsuka." The Magus opens the door to a bright room, Romani and Abigail were on the floor playing with some toy cars and blocks.

Mashu was sitting on her legs, talking with Lily about raising children. "Ritsuka, Lily's just telling me about some tips on raising children." The former Demi-Servant explains to her husband.

"Yes, Mashu was sharing her own pointers to me too." Lily smiles, looking at the fun-loving faces of the two children.

Ritsuka smiles at them, loving the moment. "Can I join?"

Lily nodded, showing the empty pillow chair on the floor. "Of course, you are Romani's father." She jokes.

The black-haired man sat down, looking at Romani playing with his 'aunt'. The small boy turns his little head and giggles at his father. Abigail points at Ritsuka, smiling at him. "Harwy!" She giggles.

"Daddy!" He crawls over to his father, wanting to sit in his lap. "Lap pwease?" He gave him baby doll eyes while he pleads.

"Alright, stop making that face." Ritsuka lifts his one-year-old son into his lap, happily relaxing in his father's presence.

Lily smiles at the adorable sight between father and son. That image gave her nostalgia when Harry was sitting in James's lap at the same age as her 'grandson'. Then something came out of her mind, they were leaving soon. "Uh…um…" Unable to say what she wants she decided to evade it with a different question.

"So, w-what do you have planned next you two?" Lily asked, her heart aching at the thought of them leaving.

Mashu smiles, looking at her 'mother-in-law'. "We're going to the next Anomaly. Chaldea's work is never far from done." She jokes about how many missions they went on.

"Yes, from Sion and Holmes's calculation the next one will be tougher," Ritsuka commented from the report she gave. "Avenger will help us when we get there, he said about something around beware of purple butterflies? I'm not sure what he means."

Lily nodded, understanding how much work Ritsuka has to do. "I-I see, so you're really leaving?" she asked.

Ritsuka gets what she meant, "O-Oh, yeah we are. We can't exactly stay here forever." He apologies to his 'mother'.

The red-haired woman shook her head, "N-No, I-I understand. You have a lot of work to do to save the multiverse." She held back her tears. She knew this will come, but she was too blind to see that they don't belong in their universe. "B-But let's not dwell on this!" Lily got up, taking Abigail in her arms.

"We have a little surprise for you all. It's our way to say thank you Ritsuka, Mashu." Lily informed the two parents, motioning them to get up.

"You really don't need to do that-"

"We insist, plus we wanted to give you some supplies before you leave," Lily stated, leading them to the Courtyard of Hogwarts. (Insert FGO OST Babylonian Version Comparison Mix, Bonds)

Outside was a grand party where everyone has gathered to celebrate the victory over the Goddess of Heaven. "CONGRATULATIONS RITSUKA FUJIMARU!" Everyone cheered when Ritsuka came on the grounds.

Ritsuka smiles seeing the Servants he came with, Hogwarts's staff, and the Order members. "Thank you, everyone," He laughs before hearing Sirius pops a champagne bottle in the air.

"Alright! Let's celebrate!" The Animagus cheered as everyone joined in.

The party went on through the night, Muramasa and Parvati were with Molly talking about cooking and housework.

"And all you need to do is to let the chicken rest for at least thirty minutes in a cooler," Muramasa explains how to make good fried chicken to the plump Witch,

Molly nodded, taking mental notes. "I see, so that will increase the taste. Goodness, that is intriguing." She commented.

Parvati giggles, sharing her own take on the recipe. "I usually seasoning it with some lemons and just set it for fifteen minutes." She explains her version.

"Well, I'm going to try it both then!"

Remus and Sirius were with Barghest, Ibuki, and Ashyia discussing how they were Ritsuka's enemy before his ascension to director. "So you're all telling me that you all were Ritsuka's enemies before he summoned you all?"

Ibuki laughs, "Well yeah, we were Lostbelt Servants. Master was like an invader to our homes." The Oni child explains, remembering her encounter with the master.

"Oh, I've been his enemy since before the Lostbelts started. Shimosa, that was a doozy." Ashyia laughs. "I have corrupted every signal Heroic Spirit who was summoned in that place."

Barghest snickers. "If you want to hear bad, I burnt down an entire forest so I can draw master out along with Arturia." The Blackdog shared her story with them.

Sirius couldn't help but laugh along with the Lostbelt Servants. Remus too, the stories they shared of the past are enjoyable. "Merlin, you all are interesting."

"What else did you guys do afterward?" Sirius asked the three.

Ashyia claps his hands together. "Oh, did I ever tell you how I rescued Lucius Animusphere from Voldemort's army?"

"Ooo, do tell." Ibuki commented.

Ishtar, Ereshkigal, and Waver were speaking with McGonagall and Moody, enjoying their time together. "Ah! Nothing like a champagne bottle to enjoy after a long easy battle." Ereshkigal commented, drinking away like there's no tomorrow.

"It's too bad, Gugalanna was supposed to be strong. I wonder what made it so weak…" Ishtar ponders on the power scale her mount had.

"I'm not an expert of Divine Beast, but maybe it has to do something with how it's made?" McGonagall comment on the conversation.

Moody scoffs, still retaining his distrusting attitude. "Don't be ridiculous, it's her confidence that got in the way."

Waver cleared his throat. "Not exactly, Ishtar Alter's plan is perfect in bringing the Age of Gods back with Gugalanna. However from her last words, Gugalanna was created too fast, its power scale is of a lower Divinity." He deduced what he thinks.

"Interesting hypothesis Mr. Velvet," McGonagall commented on the Caster's theory.

Ishtar scoffs, "Well I could tell you that." She piqued as Ereshkigal and Moody snickers behind her back.

Hinako, Lanling, was with Hermione, Ron, Jane, Jamie, Neville, Chaldean Hermione, Ginny, and Neville, talking for one last time. "So there is a difference between you and vampires," Hermione ponders.

"Well, when you think of it. Vampires are pretty weak if you take out their positive traits." Chaldean Hermione commented.

Hinako chuckles at both Hermiones' interactions. "Well that's just the beginning, there's a whole back story with the Princess of the True Ancestors. She is an ancient being with power that rivals Servants. Arcueid Brunestud, the White Princess."

"Wow, so is there any information about her?" Neville asked, interested in the lore.

The True Ancestor sighs, "Unfortunately, the Church has withheld all records of the Princess…in fact out of the Twenty Six Dead Apostles, six were sealed and records of them were kept underground." Hinako explains. "I only met Arcueid once, but that was a long, long, long time ago. However, Ritsuka's mentor Zelretch should know."

Ron groans at the lore he still needs to learn. "God, just how many other creatures are out there!"

Lanling chuckles at Ron's antics. "A lot more than you think Ronald."

"Speaking of knowledge, other Neville how many years did it take you to get a hold of this medical stuff?" Jamie asked the Chaldean Neville of his medical knowledge.

Neville wants to know too, he wants to know how many years it took to get where he stands today. "I'm curious as well."

Chaldean Neville thought for a moment before answering. "Actually, I'm still learning. But if you want a proper answer well…I say about a year per se?" He answered. "But if I were you, and that's true I say to go with your gut."

Neville nodded, understanding what he means. "I see, just go what I know."

"That's actually it." Chaldean Neville points out before laughing. The others joined in, laughing at how easily Neville got his other self's advice quickly.

Jane was laughing, her eyes caught Ritsuka walking up to the wall of Hogwarts. Her eyes trail where he's going and saw Merlin, Raphael, and Dumbledore standing on top of the brick wall. "Hey guys, I need to check something out first." She said, walking where Ritsuka is heading.

"Alright," Hermione said, going back to speaking with the group.

Ritsuka looks at the crowd of people starting to gather. Morgan was keeping an orderly line of Wizards with Baobhan Sith from causing too much chaos. "Alright, single file. No shoving!" Sith shouted.

Mashu was with Lily, James, and Arthur talking; Romani and Abigial were placed on the ground continuing to play with each other.

Ritsuka chuckles, pausing when Watanabe and Avenger walk down the stairs. "Hello, master. Here to say your goodbyes to Raphael-sama?" The Heavenly King asked the Magus.

"Goodbyes?" Ritsuka asked.

Avenger nodded, "You've defeated Eden, there's nothing else left for Raphael to do here." He explains to the Magus. "Better hurry, the old man is finishing up with him."

Ritsuka nodded, walking up to the top. Once he got there, Raphael looked at him. "Master, I'm happy to see you." he smiled.

"Hello, Ritsuka." Dumbledore greeted the young man. "It seems Rapheal is truly leaving. I just finished with my farewells."

"As did I," Merlin smiles, walking off with Dumbledore. "We'll leave you two be." Both mentors left Ritsuka alone with the Lancer Servant to say goodbye.

"Raphael…" Ritsuka walks over to the remaining Angel, holding out his hand to him. "Thank you for helping us."

Raphael chuckles, "No, I should be thanking you. You reunited me with my sister, and I was able to reconcile with her." He placed his hand over his heart. "For that, I thank you, master."

Ritsuka nodded, "Lucifer might've said the same thing. As did your brothers if things weren't so complicated." The Magus expresses his words.

"Yes, my family is indeed complicated. Though not like yours," The Archangel looks over the party, smiling at the joyful faces they have. Ritsuka followed Angel's eyes, also seeing the party.

"Even you're not all related, the family can be a joyful thing to have. You all may have differences that none will understand, but with those differences comes with opportunities to a new path." Raphael stated. "My siblings know this, but Michael was ambitious with his goals that it blinded him. That caused our downfall." He looks back at his master.

"My advice for you master is to keep your friends and family close. No matter where or who they are, family will always come through." Raphael raised his eyebrows, his amber eyes stare at a red-haired girl's own amber eyes. "You should take my advice too, Jane. This will help you through life."

Ritsuka turns and looks at Jane slowly walking over to them. "Y-Yeah, thanks, Raphael." She gasps seeing the golden light at his boots. "Y-You're glowing!"

They all look down at Raphael's feet, indicating this was the end. "Ah, it's my turn now." He grabs Ritsuka's hand, a faint light appeared in their hands before fading away.

"Raphael, what did you-"

"As my last gift to you master, may impurities never affect you or your loved ones." Raphael gave his blessing to the master of Humanity. He starts to walk to the end, waving at them with one last smile.

"Master, be sure to save Humanity from this master's plans." Raphael looks over to Jane. "And Jane, I hope happiness comes to find you at the end." His body started to fade away from this plane of existence.

Raphael turns around one last time with a joyful simile. "I wish you all a good life, my friends!" With his final words, the wind took the dust where Raphael once stood; dematerializing back to the Throne.

Jane wipes away the tears in her eyes after Raphael's farewell. "T-That was…something…" She heard Ritsuka sniffs, he turns to her walking to the stairs. "Ritsuka?"

"Jane, come with me. I want to say a few words." Ritsuka looks up at his 'sister', motioning him to follow him.

The red-haired girl nodded, following her 'brother' to the party.

Once they got there, he grabs a cup and clangs it. "If I could have everyone's attention, please?" Ritsuka asked the crowd, they all look at Ritsuka waiting for him to speak. "Thank you,"

"As you know, this party is for my victory over Eden. I thank everyone for doing this, but I will say that this party isn't just for me." Ritsuka looks at every face in the crowd. "This party is for you all, I know that this year was hard for some people. A beloved figure in your lives was lost," He looks at the Potters, smiling sadly as they listen.

"Friends of Harry Potter, I'm not his replacement for that will be wrong in both mine and his name," Ritsuka stated, whispering went around the young students he taught. "Harry Potter was a light in all your lives. A light that inspires you all to do good, whether you showed it or not. From that light, you all did something else."

Ritsuka smiles, proud of what they did. "Each of you has the potential of an inspiration. Some may think I made that light, but the truth is you all did. I merely pushed you all to that point," He sighs, getting to the next part. "Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving this dimension."

"WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!?" Everyone started to cry at the thought of Ritsuka leaving them.

Jamie was devastated, the one person he looked up to is going away forever. He ran back inside, not wanting this to happen.

Ritsuka didn't notice Jamie had left the grounds, so he continued, "I know all of you are heartbroken by this notion. I understand that, but for the greater good of this world I must leave." He apologizes for making them feel this way. "So as my last request, continue to be the light of this world. Become something grand that will guide the people to a better future."

Silence remains for a while, each of the students thought about what Ritsuka said to them. The silence broke when Dumbledore started to clap. "Here, here!" He shouted.

James sniffs, before joining in the applause. Soon everyone joined in, cheering on for Ritsuka's sake. "Thank you, everyone, thank you."

The next day the Storm Border was docked at the docks. The cargo bay was opened to let in supplies for their trip. Heracles and Lu Bu handled the creates with the guidance of Waver.

Ritsuka hugged Molly, crying her eyes out. "Mrs. Weasley, please take care of yourself."

Molly dabs her eyes with a handkerchief. "I-I will, w-we will miss you dearly Ritsuka." She smiles.

Ritsuka looks at Arthur, holding out his hand. "Goodbye Arthur, I hope your new job as Wizard representative to the Mundane Community will go well for you," he said to the redhead.

"Thank you Ritsuka, you have opened my eyes to many possibilities." Arthur obliges his handshake, feeling nostalgic about this.

Ritsuka moves on to the twins. Both were silently crying for his departure. "And you two, keep doing what you've been doing. I can see a future where your pranks will become popular."



"Are too,"

"Kind!" They both cried, still finishing their sentence. Ritsuka chuckles, moving to Tonks and Moody.

"Tonks, Moody, keep them all safe. I'll be counting on you two." Ritsuka requested them to protect everyone.

Tonks playfully punches the Mage. "Yeah, yeah, just don't be a stranger wherever you're going." She smiles before sniffing. "A-And hey, thank you for saving us many times."

"Thank you for helping me on my mission." Ritsuka grins, looking at Moody who looked away in a sour expression.

"Don't think you're getting a farewell from me, boy," Moody said, hiding his feelings from him. "Just go and save the God damn World already." He sniffs, actually enjoying his company from the time he was here.

Ritsuka nods, "I will," He replied, moving to Ron and Hermione.

Ron kicks a pebble, his hands in his pockets. "S-So this is goodbye mate. I-I kinda wish you'd stay for a bit longer." He admitted.

"Sadly I cannot, if I do I will be the Anomaly," Ritsuka explains, before placing his fist over to him. "So as your mate, do me a favor and promise me you ask her out already." He gave a cheeky grin, motioning to Hermione.

Ron scoffs, placing his own fist on his. "S-Sure, whatever you say." He chuckles, blushing at the thought.

Hermione sniffs, watching Ritsuka moving on to her. "Hermione…"

"I-I know you need to go, butIjustwishthatyoustaylonger. Igotsomanyquestionsthat-"

"Hermione breathes," Ritsuka orders her, not understanding what is she saying. Hermione took a deep breath and sighs in a sob. "Better?"

Hermione nodded, looking up at him one last time. "I'm going to miss you Ritsuka. I had fun learning so many things from the lessons you gave." She said, calmly this time.

Ritsuka chuckles at her words. "If you're going to miss my lectures, Hermione, I'm leaving my textbook here for you all to enjoy." With that, her eyes widen with the excitement of her keeping the book. "If you want, I suggest making a history club base on my book. So my lessons will never be gone, be the one who teaches others."

Hermione cried, hugging Ritsuka for those words. "I WILL! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I SWEAR TO MAKE YOU PROUD!" she proclaims.

"Make sure you do it," Ritsuka jokes, hugging her back.

After a few moments, Ritsuka was about to move one to Sirius when Jamie appeared on the steps. "RITSUKA!"

"J-Jamie!? What are you-" Lily gasps when her son rushed over to Ritsuka, hugging his legs.

"PLEASE DON'T GO! YOU WERE LIKE A BROTHER TO ME! I WANT YOU TO STAY WITH ME AND EVERYONE ELSE!" The red-haired boy cried, not wanting to let go of his brother figure.

Ritsuka notice James about to take Jamie away when he looks at him. He kneels to his little 'brother', rubbing his back. "I know this is scary Jamie, but you should know that I don't belong here. I lived a different life than yours, a life I cannot leave behind." He said.

Jamie sniffs, looking at his sapphire eyes. "W-Why? Why can't you leave?"

"I have responsibilities Jamie, responsibilities to the world and the people," Ritsuka smirks mischievously. "What kind of big brother am I if I don't give an example to my little brother?" He chuckles,

Jamie chuckles, feeling a fuzzy inside. "I-I guess not a good one." He replied.

Ritsuka nodded, ruffling his hair. "So do me a favor, be the big brother for little Abby, alright?" He asked Jamie to do that.

"I will not let you down, Ritsuka." He hugged him one last time before the Magus moves on to Sirius and Remus.

Sirius was holding back the tears from falling. "Uncle Sirius, I know this is hard-"

"No, no, I knew this day was coming. From the moment we've met in the sewers." Sirius lets out a laugh causing Ritsuka to laugh as well. "T-Thank you, for being here. You may be different from our Harry but nonetheless, you're still my Godson."

Ritsuka hugged him, patting his back as he sobs. He then moves on to Remus, unsure how to speak.

Ritsuka took out a blue gem tied around a string. "Here, Uncle Remus. It's a gift that will control your wolf form, I had my Casters enchant it to block curses." He explains. "It's the same gift I gave to my version of you."

"R-Ritsuka, I-I have no words…" Remus puts on the gem, it shines in the sunlight when the ray hits. "I will treasure it always. Thank you."

Ritsuka nodded, moving to his 'parents'. "James, Lily, thank you for letting me and my friends stay with you."

"N-No, thank you. Y-You may not be our son on how he acts," James stated, getting all misty in his eyes.

Lily steps in, holding Abby. "But you're still our son and we love you like our own." She smiles, tears pouring from her eyes. "So take care of Romani, make sure he is loved every day."

"Y-Yeah, and be sure to kick that master's butt for us!" James grins, feeling pride for the work his son did to protect Humanity.

Ritsuka hugged the two parents, something he yearned for a lifetime. "Thank you,"

Dumbledore was standing still, waiting for his turn for his farewell. "Mr. Fujimaru, it's been an honor saving the world with you. I wish that I can do something in return, other than providing rations of course." He jokes.

"I'm sorry, but this is all you can do, and I appreciate it." Ritsuka held out his hand, Dumbledore shook it. "It was a pleasure Headmaster, be sure to continue the spark of the light."

"I will and thank you for igniting it," Dumbledore said, watching him moving on to Jane.

Ritsuka stood before Jane, who is looking away. "I-I'm sorry, I-I had this speech plan and every-"

"Then say it, no need for an explanation." Ritsuka smiles brightly.

Jane took a deep breath and spoke. "At first I thought you were replacing Harry, but the time I got to know you. You're always helping out people, something people rarely do." She looks up at the image of Harry. "Ritsuka, I want to thank you for being here. For showing me the light,"

"You're welcome, Jane. And now you have people looking up to now." Ritsuka placed his hand on her shoulder. "Continue my work here for me, okay?" He asked her.

Jane nodded, "Of course, brother." She smiles,

"DIRECTOR FUJIMARU! IT'S TIME TO GO!" Goldolf shouted from the docking bay of the Storm Border.


Ritsuka walks over to the Storm Border, turning around to see the Order waving at him. "Goodbye everyone, I had fun! I'll miss you all!" The Magus waved as he entered the Border.

They all watched the Storm Border take off into the sky, it's arch came out from the sides and shot out a black hole.

The red-haired girl ran up to the end of the dock, waving them goodbye. "Goodbye Ritsuka Fujimaru, Humanity's final master!" She shouted below, watching the ship entered the black hole before shifting in the dimensional plane, off to their next adventure.

A book closes as a young red-haired woman smiles at her sister. "Do you like it, Abby?"

A black-haired girl tilts her head, confused about the story. "Did that really happen Jane?" she asked her sister.

Jane chuckles, "Yes it did. Your brother from the other dimension saved our world. And now off to save another one." She explains to her younger sister.

"So that's how-"

A baby cry came into the room, Jane and Abby looked up to see their mother. Her red hair was now fading into grey but still looks youthful. "I'm sorry to ask you this Jane but we're out of diapers and Ritsuka needs some new ones fast." She motions to the little black-haired boy in her arms.

"Why can't Dad or Jamie do it?" Jane asked her mother.

Lily sighs, "You know that your father has history class now and your brother is teaching hand-to-hand combat to the new Aurors." She explains to her eldest daughter of their duties.

Jane obliges, walking to little Ritsuka and played with his hands. "Alright fine." She walks past her before she peeps her head out of the room.

"Oh, and don't forget your-" The door closes before she could finish her sentence. "Umbrella." Lily sighs, looking at her youngest daughter.

"Mommy, can you tell me where Ritsuka get his name again?" Abby asked her mother, wanting to hear it from her.

"Again? Did Jane told you that already?" Lily raised her eyebrows at her little one.

Abby nodded, "Yeah, but I wanted to hear it from you!"

Lily sighs, walking inside the room. "Alright,"


After shopping for diapers at the grocery store, rain started to pour down before her. "Great, now how am I going to get home." Jane groans.

"Um, hello miss but it seems you are in a pinch." Jane looks to the side, hearing a young man's voice next to her.

"Yeah, and-" Jane froze, seeing a familiar blonde-haired boy with blue eyes. "U-Uh..."

The boy blinks before realizing what he has done, "S-So sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Flat, Flat Escardos; I just moved here from Cornwall and rather new then I saw you without an umbrella." He took out his own umbrella and opened it.

"So you can take mine, I have a spare that my mother gave me." Flat smiles nervously.

Jane blinks, if she remembered correctly everyone has a doppelganger in this world. This must include Flat. "Um, thank you Flat. My names Jane, Jane Potter."

Flat smiles, feeling a pounding feeling in his heart. Taking out his other umbrella he looks at Jane wanting to ask her something. "Nice to meet you, Jane. Say, are you free for a tea break?" he offers.

"Sure, why not." Jane obliges, following him to the teashop nearby. (End song)

Anomaly I – Eden: Resolve

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