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-I have decided to remove the concept of 'Monarchs vs. Rulers' as that doesn't really fit in with one of the overarching themes of my story, which is that there will be no omnipotent nor omnipresent entities/characters whatsoever. Every single character introduced can be reasonably defeated and even killed with preparation and skill. I am aware that the Monarchs and Rulers were stated to be killed in the actual Solo Leveling novel, but the fact that only either a Monarch or a Ruler could kill one another kinda self-contradicts the whole 'unkillable vibe' I'm trying to avoid. The way I see it is like, 'to kill a tyrant, you must be a tyrant,' or similarly, 'to kill an omnipotent being, you must also be an omnipotent being.' See? The self-contradicting thing? So yeah. No Monarchs or Rulers.

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-There will be more people of S-ranks, A-ranks, etc. with reason.

-The ranking system (Nation-rank, the S-rank, A-rank, B-rank, etc) may or may not be overhauled and replaced with a different one. If I do, however, choose to keep the alphabet ranking system, then I'll be making it more comprehensive and holistic as opposed to a person being ranked according to one ability rather than how they use said ability, etc.

-The way people gain a supernatural ability will have to do with: their trauma, if they overcome it, how they overcome it, what they learn from it, and the type of person they are after said trauma. It's kind of inspired by Brandon Sanderson's 'The Reckoners' trilogy, John C. McCrae's 'Worm' web serial, elements from Naruto's concept of the Sharingan's acquisition/evolution, and some of my personal ideas. People suddenly won't gain power randomly and without reason. There will always be reason.

-The society presented in the Solo Leveling novel will be explored more in depth. I'm quite interested in how internet culture and politics would revolve around these superhumans.

-There will be a more realistic explanation as to why portals are suddenly appearing and spawning monsters. This will be hard, I know, but I'm willing to give it a try. Also, I might as well give you a hint of what I'm thinking: If you are the leader of a superior alien civilization, how would you conduct warfare against Earth and its inhabitants?

-Aspects of The-Tutorial-Is-Too-Hard novel will not come into play until much later on, so look forward to it!

-Aspects of Various-Anime will make their entrance gradually without being unnecessarily overbearing and ruining the story (ofc). Kakashi Hatake will be the only main character. This is a rule that will never change regardless of the anime I introduce.


Chapter 4


Kakashi groaned out loud, raising a hand to his uncovered right eye. He was currently lying on the surface of one of the many cubes present in his pocket dimension. His head throbbed with pain as if he had just come out of a drinking game with Gai- but he hadn't. He would have definitely known if such a horrifying event ever happened again.

Slowly rising to his feet, the Hatake grimaced and tried to recall what happened last 'night,' or the time before he was knocked unconscious as there wasn't a day-night cycle in this realm. He squinted his one visible eye at the black sky, his thoughts attempting to condense together and form a sense of coherency out of the mess they had made of themselves. Like pieces in a puzzle, memories filled in the blanks of his mind and soon painted out a panorama of moving images.

Then he remembered.

Oh Shit. The space-time seal.

Kakashi quickly looked around him and located a massive crater of a diameter of at least a couple tens of meters wide and deep, the spot that had once been occupied by a massive hiraishin-modified seal. Both his eyes widened, soaking in the scene of something that shouldn't have been possible at all, not even theoretically. Obito's dimension, accessible only through Kamui, was virtually indestructible. Even in their confrontation during the end of the Fourth War, neither of Minato's former students could actually scratch much less destroy any part of the dimension- including the ground.

But here in front of him, was the impossible. Kakashi, however, couldn't help think of something else.

All that work. For a crater.

The Sharingan user mentally gaped, unable to cope with his reality in more ways than one. The seal itself took approximately 23 hours to draw, which then blew up at the hands of one of his idiot clones. Kakashi knew a stray bunshin did it because he received the corresponding memories that committed the crime- which involved a misplaced stroke of chakra-infused ink.

He spent a few minutes coming to terms with himself as his eyes gradually dulled, the only telltale sign of his frustration and agitation- something Gai had discovered and occasionally pointed out to his comrades in loud whispers when the signs did appear.

Kakashi walked forward towards the edge of the impact zone and stopped just at its ragged edges. He silently mused if even a portion of the seal survived but recalled that he had been at least 80 meters away from ground zero and was still shocked unconscious by the resulting concussive blast. What were the odds that anything near the seal survived then?

And why did a space-time seal have a larger explosion than that of an exploding tag?

Peering over and seeing nothing as he had expected, the ex-Kage brushed a hand through his white clump of hair several times and resignedly sighed. He promptly turned around from the site while wondering if being disappointed was the norm nowadays.

Kakashi decided that he needed a break, and spending some quality time with trees sounded very agreeable with him at the moment. His inner self suddenly concurred that perhaps, Konoha-nins really were tree huggers.

Still wondering how Iwa thinks that's an insult though.

Without raising his hitai-ate, the Copy Nin channeled chakra to his eyes. A millisecond later, two Mangekyō Sharingans flashed a deep crimson and Kakashi was no longer in the dimension.



High-pitched screams greeted the Hatake as soon as he materialized in the outside world.

Surprised and instantly weary, Kakashi armed himself with a kunai and prepared to meet any threats with deadly retaliation. Then he remembered that the people in this peculiar world were chakraless, making him slightly lower his guard as a precaution. Civilians could be scary, he knew that for a fact. Shikaku's wife Yoshino as well as an angry Ayame Ichiraku were unforgettable examples of how dangerous a seemingly harmless civilian could be if the wrong buttons were pressed- but never was the Copy Nin a recipient of their potent wrath; he was always a happy bystander enjoying the show with his Icha Icha out in view.

The Rokudaime Hokage quickly switched off Obito's gifts before carefully observing who or what he had chanced upon. A family of four, he swiftly counted and verified by following up with a pulse of senjutsu-enhanced chakra.

Two middle-aged adults, one child around Academy age, one grandpa. Overall, nonthreats. Kakashi relaxed a little more, and put away his kunai with well-practiced ease and at a speed too quick for untrained eyes to follow.

He remained standing motionlessly in the campsite he had accidentally stumbled into while its terrified occupants did the same but with sweat dripping down their foreheads. In seconds, the ex-Kage fully scrutinized their appearances and tried thinking of possible explanations for their excursion in the untamed wilds, which was what he last remembered seeing before using Kamui.

What are they even doing here? Survival training? But the kid's too young and the senior citizen is too old. The two adults are too fat for any combat preparation training as well, so either I'm missing something or I'm missing something. Hmm… Probably the latter.

Kakashi raised an imperceptible eyebrow and slowly lowered his hands as he could plainly see that the civilians were completely horrified at his abrupt appearance, if their heavy breathing and tense postures were anything to go by. Was one of them about to hyperventilate?

Surely I'm not that unpleasant to look at. He internally scoffed.

And isn't white hair common around here? Rolfe's memories show tons of guys with white hair and other colors. Kakashi glanced at the eldest present. Grandpa here has the spirit.

Seeing how no one was speaking, the Copy Nin elected to break the ice and crack some common sense into these unarmed civilians. And no, that pitchfork he saw didn't count as a weapon. Why do they even have one in the first place?

"Hello… there. It is a pleasure… of mine to meet… your fanciful acquaintance… indubitably… indeed," Kakashi attentively tested out the words of the language called 'English' for the first time, based on the memories he had stolen. He had selected that particular language because Rolfe's people and the civilians in front of him both had the same skin tone. It was admittedly racist, he knew, though in his defense, everyone in the Elemental Nations spoke the same language so he wasn't sure if the same skin-tone equated to the same spoken language. He hoped so as that would make things go more smoothly.

The two adults and senior citizen kept silent but now shared startled looks with one another. They weren't as petrified a few seconds ago, yet there were clearly expressing what appeared to be confusion. Is my accent wrong or something?

Then the male adult finally took ahold of his courage by its throat and exerted enough effort to speak slowly and warily- but in a completely different language, or at least it sounded like one to the white-haired Shinobi.

…What? Another new language? Kakashi was yet again mentally taken aback. He briefly wondered how many languages there could possibly be in this world.

However, before the adult could continue, the child suddenly interrupted in a quavering voice. "…Ar-re you-u a hun-nter?"

The Hatake nearly sighed in relief when he heard someone speaking 'English,' but slightly frowned underneath his mask when he heard the question's contents and how it was vocalized. A male Hinata?

Kakashi turned his head toward the child and responded as gently as possible- in his humble opinion. It came out gruff, unfortunately.

"What… if I may… ask… is this 'hunter' you speak of?" His tongue and mouth were still unused to such foreign pronunciations as they twisted about uncomfortably. He was sure he would get the hang of it soon though.

The boy's eyes then frantically darted to that of the adults and back at the Shinobi several times. Being a master at reading body language, Kakashi was immediately clued in on the unspoken connotations despite not exactly knowing what a 'hunter' was. However, he was confident that the term referred to a noun based on the general English sentence structure, and that being a 'hunter' was a good thing apparently.

He thinks I'm going to harm him if I'm not this 'hunter' then? Flawed reasoning. If I was hostile, all of you would be incapacitated by now regardless if I was a 'hunter' or not.

"I mean… no harm little boy. I am safe. I am safe man." Kakashi nodded at him with the palms of both hands visible, indicating that he wasn't holding anything that could be used as a weapon. The boy and his family largely calmed down at that, though the Hatake pitied them for their naivety and lack of caution because the chakraless civilians didn't know that a Shinobi would never truly be empty-handed. Even if they couldn't form hand-seals to use ninjutsu, taijutsu would still be a lethal option.

The child made a strange expression on his face before a giggle escaped him. It was only then the three other campers found it in themselves the energy to shuffle about and continue what they had been doing minutes ago, yet they barely hid their skepticism from the newcomer. Kakashi would have praised them with a nod if it weren't for the fact that none of them were holding weapons or were in optimally-placed positions to defend themselves with the best chances of success. He was most concerned, however, by the fact that they allowed him to continue communicating with the youngest present.

Strange people. Strange customs. Strange world. Who am I to judge?

"S-sorry about t-that. M-my p-p-parents are i-immigrants and t-they aren't u-used to British E-english." The boy fidgeted.

He really is a male Hinata… British? It's still English, is it not? Okay. Not important. Important questions only from now on.

"What is a hunter?" Kakashi asked again, more directly this time as his control of the language and his tongue sharpened a touch.

The boy blinked once and quickly responded with a hint of hero-worship, "T-they hunt and- and kill monsters and stuff! They s-save people, lots of people, and I w-want to be like them o-one day!"

Monsters? As in actual animals or human-filth? The ex-Kage quickly decided to roll with the punches the conservation was unwittingly throwing at him rather than question every single term. Time was a constraint and he was growing impatient.

"Ah, yes, then, in that… case, I too am a hunter. My people… have a different word for 'hunters.'"

"Really?! T-that's so cool!" But his excitement somewhat petered out as he paused, eyebrows furrowed.

"B-but where is y-your badge and w-which gui-guild are y-you from?"

Kakashi's mind whirred to life as it gave way to its usual habit of creating bullshit excuses that would have normally made a Shinobi sigh in utter dismay. "Ah, you see… I got lost one day, and there… there was this scary bear who… liked my shiny badge, so me being a nice hunter, I… I decided to give it away for free."

He noted that in the background, the two adults and senior citizen temporarily paused their actions. Their faces visibly brightened with relief seemingly rolling off their shoulders, most likely comforted by the fact that my assumed identity wasn't one that would hurt them. But Kakashi wondered if they actually believed such a sad fabrication. They couldn't be that gullible, could they? And what is the significance of a hunter anyway?

The boy physically sputtered with indignation, "What?! You sacrificed your hunter badge? Why, why, why? The badge is a symbol for humanity overcoming the invasion of monsters! Just- why?"

The Copy Nin mentally raised a brow at the child's sudden lack of stutter but didn't bother questioning it since he successfully diverted attention away from the second question. He didn't know what a 'guild' was, and the context in which it was used didn't help him understand at all.

"Well, just… remember that a badge is… only a badge. Lives are… more important." Kakashi finished lamely. Even he sweatdropped at the hot garbage he was spewing. Why am I even talking to this brat in the first place? I came here for trees, not people. Trees, not people. Alright enough of this.

The boy wasn't impressed either as he retorted, "Well duh, I know that. Don't you know-"

Kakashi promptly interrupted with an eye-smile, "Sorry, kid. I… have to go. The bears are hungry and I'm the only one who could feed them badges."

He was absolutely done with this third-rate interrogation, and he could always return for memory-perusal via his Sharingan when the family of four slept. He would need to anyway so he could wipe their most recent memories using a Yamanaka technique because they saw him Kamui in the first place. There was no need to reveal his abilities to this world, after all.

"W-wait!" A voice called out, but the Hatake simply ignored it as he turned away from the brat and his family, all the while musing what language the adults were speaking and why it sounded similar to English. A language based on another language, perhaps? A derivative language, then. Whatever.

With a casual wave behind him, he strolled away from the campsite at a civilian pace, and just when he was hidden from view by the trees, Kakashi shunshined away in a random direction while he activated his Sage Mode whimsically. His ears transformed to that of a pure-white Arctic wolf as he fully embraced himself in senjutsu unlike his previous usages.

Thinking nothing significant would happen with his luck, he was again surprised at how easy it was to surprise him now.

The Shinobi immediately picked up hundreds of chakraless people a few hundred meters up ahead, noticing something peculiar. They were all running and fleeing sporadically in all directions besides one.


But why?

Kakashi's instincts began tingling. Was it anticipation? He hadn't been on a mission for a very, very long time ever since he retired at 43 and then really retired at 51.

He finally understood once the area of his focus was in his 3.5 kilometer sensory range.

Several hundreds of what appeared to be bear-sized insects emphatically popped up on his mental radar, tiny circular beacons blaring various hues of reds, blues, and oranges.

And they were all streaming out from a somewhat familiar, massive, pulsating condensation of energy that Kakashi instantly recognized due to the past actions of an insane Rabbit Goddess.

A portal.

It was a portal.

And a possible way back home.

This world may have something useful after all.

The Wolf Sage charged forward.