Dawn hid behind cover as the Gunship opened fire. Charlene traced the gunship's movement with her pistol, watching. Waiting.

"Hey, guys!" came a voice. Charlene opened up her radio to find Luis' voice on the other end.

"We're pinned down here!" Charlene shouted. "Some kind of… Threat gunship. Got something with more firepower?"

"Charlene, don't you have that Wooper?"

Charlene sent out her Wooper and ordered it to use Mud Shot. The blast struck the camera sensor, disabling it. This was followed by her firing at one of the gunship cannons. The bullet struck true, rendering one of the four cannons inoperable.

It also alerted the gunship to their presence as its sensors flared to life, unleashing a hail of automatic rifle fire in their general direction. Charlene felt a bullet nick her leg.

That was a lot of blood, she figured. "Dawn! My medkit! Get it open!"

Hands shaking, Dawn retrieved the medkit. The supplies tumbled out, one by one.

"OK, grab the tourniquet!" Charlene yelled. Dawn fumbled the wrapper open. "Good! Now, put it round the upper part of my leg! Pull it closed NOW!" She gritted her teeth as Dawn pulled it as tight as she could. "Hemostatic powder. Pour some onto the wound."

The powder burned like hell, but she was glad that she wouldn't be dead yet. "Dawn, my radio… radio for Nigel and get him and Henry over. They'll get me out of this mess and escort you. Dangerous to be out here alone."

Luis grimaced as alarms began to sound. "Here goes! Get that rifle of yours out!" Wheeled, mobile turrets rolled towards them.

A .357 pellet struck the lead turret, flipping it over. It smashed unceremoniously on the ground.

Luis racked the pellet gun back and readied another shot. A second turret was put out of commission.

Andrew was having a difficult time with his Pokemon. His Chimecho reflected every bullet that came his way, the psychic barrier cracking with every bullet.

Luis hurled a makeshift bomb, sending the turrets that had tried to gang up flying from the explosion. That was the last straw for the barrier, which disintegrated completely.

"Load 'er up!" Luis screamed, pointing to Andrew's rifle. The only thing both could hear was their pounding heartbeats and the otherworldly humming of the strange machine.

A shock drone charged at them. Andrew ripped it out of the air and slammed it into several mobile turrets, not caring about the electricity that would clearly have killed Luis instantly if he were to touch it.

Said turrets sparked menacingly before going limp.

Another shock drone charged towards him. He turned, horror on his face-

A chair flattened the drone into plastic shards.

Luis grinned. "Yah, I owe you one for saving my life like that." He immediately dropped the chair and drew his pistol. It spat angrily at the approaching drones. Shaking his head at the approaching wheeled shotgun turrets, he gave one a mighty kick in the side and cut the entire weapon module off the base with a hacksaw. He tore off the motion/IR combo sensor off too for good measure.

The results were delayed, but utterly devastating. Turret after turret was knocked over, their mangled casings revealed shattered circuits within.

Shock drones poured continuously out of vents. One was immediately deleted from existence by the modified turret, while another was downed from a gun-shaped piece of metal striking it.

Luis took up the air rifle again, and fired once more. Checking his supplies, he only had two full pellet containers left. Loading up magazine after magazine, he checked up on Andrew.

The Chimecho was on the verge of collapse from keeping up a psychic barrier. Andrew had finished reloading his rifle.

Movement outside the window caught the duo's attention. They had barely enough time to shout before the Gunship strafe fired them and left. Only a ton of hard cover between them and the outside world saved their lives.

Dawn followed Henry as he tore through room after room, each more warped than the last. She couldn't hear, couldn't even think. Nothing came out of her mouth at one point, yet she could still breathe.

What exactly was going on? A warped mockery of a corporate office greeted them, cubicles overturned and suspended in mid-air, glowing with otherworldly energy.

She hoisted herself up and tired to find her footing, only to be dragged unexpectedly as gravity reversed.

Another hailstorm of gunfire appeared from outside the window. The Pokeballs containing her team were at least on her belt. Some of the Pokeballs inside her pack spilled out.

Henry managed to grab one and throw it to her. "Catch!" he shouted. Unfortunately, all the Pokeball did was fly haphazardly through the constantly-shifting gravity wells.

She had enough time to see the gunship shredding cubicles one by one. Clearly it had sensed them.

For some inexplicable reason, they made it to the other side against all odds.

The Threat Gunship hovered outside, implacable.

The duo allowed themselves a sigh of relief, until they saw the next room.

Luis threw another makeshift grenade. More shock drones and turrets flew apart, before going limp. He only had a few magazines of .357 pellets left. Andrew fared even worse.

"Alright, Marill, go!" He didn't really care if he spoke or not: the killdrones couldn't hear him anyway. The pellet rifle was swapped for the shotgun he had created.

The Water Gun attack lanced through two turret motors, stopping them dead. Luis ran behind them and swiped their magazines. They would be useful for the shotgun he had created.

Both of them lost track of time. All that mattered at the end was their exhausted Pokemon, the thousands of spent shells all around them and the thick smell of gunpowder in the air.

The next room for Dawn and Henry was bizarrely mirrored along the top. Every item inside floated upwards but themselves.

She closed her backpack tightly and watched Henry do the same.

"Keep a strong hold on your gun and Pokeballs, you hear? And keep your head down! We don't have enough firepower to destroy that… thing." he said.

She gave a nod and began walking.

Grumbling beside her drew her attention. 'Ugh. No radio signal," Henry said. "Reality failure, maybe."

"I thought I heard Luis saying he found a shop selling hunting supplies."

"Yes, either that or a gun shop would be good right now," Henry agreed. "Our guns don't have enough power for that thing, and my Pokemon aren't the best compared to what you or the other trainers have. Look, just stay quiet, got it?"

Sneaking by the gunship required way more time than normal, but it was worth it when they wanted to keep living.

A hunting supply shop – the same one that Luis and Andrew had found – greeted them.

"Grab the 20mm air gun," Henry said, pointing. "And grab five containers of 20mm pellet ammo as well."

The duo left the shop to find Luis and Andrew. It was sheer luck the radio was working again.

The machine gave a quiet whine, then shut off.

"Looks like we've done it, bud!" he shouted.

The racket of shattering glass and menacing whirring proved him wrong. The Gunship was back, no doubt to take its revenge.

He threw out the Pokeball containing the 20mm air-gun and readied it.

This was it. The final battle, he thought.

Ducking behind a wall of thick metal, he readied his gun. The recoil almost threw him off his feet, and the 20mm pellet, in its impact with the gunship, had shattered one rotor completely.

The gunship was always one step ahead. Andrew gave covering fire whenever he could with limited .30 pellet ammo, but he only had a magazine's worth left.

They were being out-gunned.

Henry and Dawn showed up right as the gunship left.

"We've gotta go. Not safe here. Gunship showed up," Luis said.

The four of them nodded.

Luis hoisted himself over a bizzarely-mirrored shelf. Gravity wasn't reversing constantly in this room, so that was a plus. The downside was the constant fluctuating of temperature: rapid changes caused steam to emanate off everyone continuously.

The Threat had no concern about basic physical laws. He wouldn't be surprised if centuries had passed in the world outside when they were wandering.

"Shit! Gunship!" Henry screamed. Luis gripped the 20mm airgun tighter than ever. He motioned for Henry to do the same.

"You'd be better off using your Pokemon to support us," Henry said.

"Ready now? I'll take the roof." He pointed to a fairly high spot to shoot from. "Henry, you shoot from the courtyard."

The shattered rotor kept the gunship from flying properly. It was hindered further by a beam of psychic energy smashing into it.

Henry ran under the gunship and fired a shot into the center.

"Reality B has a message for you," he said.

The Threat couldn't hear, didn't understand – but still Henry grinned as the Gunship shattered and plummeted into the Earth itself, wreathed by fire.

"We've done it," Luis said, gasping. "We're safe."

"Where's Charlene?" Dawn asked.

"Huh, back at base it I remember. Still, there's a lot to be said, including if she makes it."

"I really don't like this place," Luis began. 'We should leave as soon as possible."

This was the final battle against the Threat Gunship. This chapter may have been far less exciting on the screen than in my head. A big, cinematic battle is a great way to round off a story.