Luis stared around at the landscape before him. A barren waste, as far as the eye could see. Save for the Gateway and the surrounding city, nothing of much importance remained.

"Well?" Dawn asked, coming up beside him. "What do you see?"

"The Threat…" Luis began. "The Mindkill… This world is a husk of what it was. I doubt any land on this place is even fertile enough to rebuild on."

"So what?" Andrew's voice. We could give you some plants and Pokemon. It could-"

"No!" Luis shouted. "I- I wanted Earth's life back! But the threat. It was through. It really wanted to spite us, so it destroyed the plants and animals as it was leaving…"

There wasn't much to say either. "The portal to your world," Henry said. 'We'll get into it, then talk at the Rec Center."

Back in the Pokemon world, the Rec Center's atmosphere was somber. Nothing was left on Reality B except burned out cities and patches of dry, cracked soil. There were still digital archives and old shops still ripe for picking over, though, so that was the next course of action. Luckily, the Receivers had brought over digital archives of a site named "Wikipedia" which was meant to be a freely-editable encyclopedia about Reality B.

It was the best they could do right now, at least. Scavenging teams were sent into cleared-out cities. With the Threat gone, the only dangers were falling to one's death or injuring themselves on unstable terrain. Slowly, they brought back products of all sorts, electronic devices, freeze-dried and canned food, still edible, lumber, tools… there was just so much to sort through.

Still, the biggest objective was an improvised database with redundant backups, which now contained the entirety of Reality B's internet, or what they could salvage. "It's a gift to your world, in part, for your help." Henry said. "Besides, we'll want to be remembered, even if our world is a dead husk."

"I'd say, someone should have turned off the lights at Reality B before we left it for good. Since we've helped each other so much… why not let us live here, in your world? We'll use the Rec Center as a starting point, and branch out from there. Maybe even teach your people about the Receivers. Besides…" Charlene looked around at the Pokemon the Receivers had caught in the new world. "We have companions and friends that would miss us if we ever left. I don't know if it will ever be a good idea to transplant your world's ecosystem into ours, but I'd rather stay with our new friends here," she added. "I'll miss Reality B though. It's the only place I've ever known for much of my life. My family, too. They were killed by that Threat."

She opened up the archived copy of Wikipedia. "We'll upload the contents of this website to your world's internet once we find a way to. Maybe add on a few entries about the Threat, the Receivers, and MindTech. This will serve as a reminder of what we were, and where we came from. Something that you can look back on as the day the combined forces of two worlds beat back an entity from beyond who thought itself invulnerable."

Luis connected the laptop to a projector that he had unpacked. Ignoring Charlene's excitement, he connected it to the laptop via a USB CD-ROM drive. "It'll take some time to set this up I think, but anyway. Ah, yes." The projector flared to life and displayed the boot-up splash on the opposite wall, before displaying the screen from the laptop.

He smiled. "So, who wants to suggest a topic to show our new friends first?"

The Receivers in the assembly erupted in cheers and lively arguments.

This has been the wrap-up! If you have read this story through to the end, then congratulations!

Now, Receiver 2 isn't the sort of game that is easily translated to story, being a game with a simple gameplay loop of shooting, collecting tapes and its sparse lore and enemies that you fight.

The wheeled turrets was a cut enemy from Receiver 2 and it's prequel, Receiver 1. A gun-drone was also planned, but was cut for unknown reasons. This was the basis behind the Threat Gunship.

A boss encounter that was planned for Receiver 2 was deactivating a machine and holding your position against waves of drones, which made it here. Unfortunately the cinematic battle that would play out in the game does not translate well to text.

Expressly limiting the Receivers' Pokemon was a great way to limit their power and ensure they wouldn't just wipe the Threat.

If I could make a remastered version of this fic, I would. This has been my first sustained writing effort and I'm proud of myself for succeeding in finishing a story. It's not the best, but it's a start.

Anyway, I hope whoever reads this fic would spread the word of the Receiver 2 fandom, because, well, it's small yet extremely passionate. I think anyone with some modicum of artistic skill could portray the Receiver world in far more detail than I ever could.