"You are listening to the first tape of the Perpetual Set. This set of cassette tapes contains the most important Receivings, so that future humans will have the information they need after the MindKill."

-First Tape, Perpetual Set.

It was a week later that the Receivers had memorized the layout of the town. The bank was their first stop, after registering themselves. The moderately sized supermarket and pharmacy would contain all they needed to medicine for now, all cheap generic tablets available in bulk boxes.

Contrary to what most of them believed, Trainer IDs had no age cutoff. They were sort of similar to official citizenship status, and fairly cheap to obtain for even causal Trainers looking to raise Pokemon as a hobby. Registering in the League however, was another matter entirely; Lawrence's eyes threatened to pop out of his head when he saw the price tag. That was not getting into what the clerk told him were the cost of the Pokedex and other gear including a Poketch, whatever that was.

Even then, concern gripped him. He had to discourage the Receivers from training Pokemon for now; their funds would likely be strained to breaking completely. Everyone so far had been registered as only having Pokemon for personal companionship, not training. It also limited the holder to only one or two small Pokemon, which at least would be ideal for making sure the town wouldn't be destroyed. Lawrence had looked up the world's "tier" system on Rowan's computers, which determined who could own what Pokemon. Going from 0 to 5 and based on possession of a Pokedex, age and badge counts, it was meant to restrict the dangerous Pokemon to only Trainers who could handle them.

Every type of elemental Type was already Tier Two or Three minimum, and there were things like Onix, Gryandos, and Muk that required a Tier 5 license and its own written test. It made sense: Who in what world, where powerful elemental creatures existed, would ever hand out living natural disasters to children and teenagers? Anything approaching Tier 5 required years of experience with being a Trainer, meaning the only people who could legally own one were adults.

It was a few days after that the first batch of IDs were sent. The ones who applied started tearing open their envelopes, glad to be official citizens in this new world. The new bank account was put under the name of the "Sandgem Town Rec Center" – it was the simplest placeholder name that everyone thought up. Even then, the patrons shot suspicious glances at the group, wary of their literal out-of-this-world clothing styles and mannerisms. That night, they had spent the time hiding any designer labels or obvious branding with colored duct-tape.

Luis himself had finished checking over his clothes when he saw Nigel rummaging through his backpack, a huge thing made from bullet-resistant material and stuffed to the gills with medical supplies, some MREs and ammo. He then dropped it and examined his old military uniform.

"Nigel, man, you'd be better off ditching your old gear. Leave it in the closet. I'd hate to see how the locals react to someone like you, in combat gear walking down the street. I think this town had a clothing shop somewhere." Luis squatted down next to the heavy bag. "Man, that's a lot of stuff here. You'd think this will go better in the first-aid chest we have?"

Nigel gave a grunt of approval. "S'okay, Luis. Look here. I've got the guns, experience to back it up, and unlike all these pimply kids out there who run off to see the world at 14? I'm stronger, better disciplined and will be able to save their lives three times over if some supernatural creature attacks them. Here? Hah! I'm just waiting around. Sometimes I think I should be out there, saving lives! It's what I'm meant for, after all."

"If you die, we'd lose that knowledge. I'll go get Lawrence, see what he says." Without waiting for any reply, Luis dashed off.

It was an odd idea, Luis knew. But Nigel wanted to be useful. And he had just the idea.

Moments later, with Lawrence's approval, Luis came back. The best way for Nigel to be useful was to teach others what he knew. Sure, the Receivers knew basic field medicine, but nothing on the level of Nigel. Even better was the natives; Potions didn't work on humans from either world.

They now had the start of a plan to make money. In addition to the Receivers working part-time, Nigel would become a teacher of sorts. Even if it were only the Receivers, it would alt least prepare them.

"I'm saying they should stay in school." Lawrence glanced around the room, before looking out the window. Save for the Receivers, everyone else in Sandgem town were all natives of the Pokeverse, as the Receivers had named it. "And the adults, too. Luis, has a wife and daughter. How would they feel if he decided to wander the wilderness of a world where supernatural monsters are commonplace?"

He shook that idea from his head immediately. The fact was, the Receivers had an outpost to set up and people to recruit. It would for the good of every world out there. They had once recruited via the Rec Center itself, advertising the normal community sports sessions and daily exercise events. With the Threat looming, an active approach was needed.

I saw some other fics using a Tier system for Pokemon, and thought it made sense. After all, what sort of actual Pokemon world would hand out living natural disasters to children? Pokemon also don't instantly level up either: in a world unbound by the mechanics of a game, it would likely be much slower.

I also added minimum age requirements to the Tiers.

Tier 0: 10 years old or less, no Pokedex, no Trainer ID, no badges. Safe enough for a young child to take care of as a house pet of sorts with parental supervision. Normal and Bug Types like Eevee, Sentret, and Zigzagoon, as well as Caterpie, go here. Any Pokemon owned must possess an Everstone, and be in their first form. With this license, Pokemon cannot be captured or used for battle.

Tier 1: 12 years old, no Pokedex, restricted Trainer ID, no badges. Same as Tier 0, the restricted ID allows a child to own one or two Pokemon maximum from the above list and take it out in causal battles in sanctioned city arenas only. They are also allowed to take it out for walks, but must not venture into the wilderness. Adults may apply for this license too, if they do not wish to peruse battling as their career. One may own Second form Normal types and some second or third-form Bug types. Capture of Pokemon is allowed only while accompanied by a Pokemon expert like a Gym Trainer or Pokemon Professor.

Tier 2: 14 years old, Pokedex, Trainer ID, no badges. This is what would be a "normal" Pokemon Protagonist, who is allowed to go out on their journey. They still must stick to the designated Routes seen in the games until they have earned at least one or two gym badges. Elemental types like Fire, Water, and so on are allowed starting here. Examples include the unevolved starters one might get at the start of any Pokemon game. At this stage, capture without supervision becomes available. Trainers at this stage are allowed a team of six if they wish to participate in the League - but few Trainers attain that team at this time.

Tier 3: 14-16 years old, Pokedex, Trainer ID, 1-3 badges. This is what a Pokemon Protagonist would be early-game. Owning more dangerous second form elemental Types is allowed at this time. Smaller, first-form Ground Types become available, but must possess an Everstone. Use of better Pokeballs like the Great Ball is made available.

Tier 4: 16-18 years old, Pokedex, Trainer ID, 4-6 badges. This is what a Pokemon Protagonist would be mid-game. Most third form elemental types become available. Dangerous types like Poison, Dark, large Ground types and Steel types become available. Ultra Balls are available here.

Tier 5: 18+ years old, Pokedex, Trainer ID, 8+ badges. This is the equivalent of a end-game Pokemon Protagonist. The most dangerous Pokemon are available to own, albeit at an extreme fee to take a written test to be sure of the Trainer's ability to care for the Pokemon, the ability to respond to/mitigate any damage caused. Vanishingly few trainers ever attain this rank: it is for the best of the best.