Kengan Ashura- The Loud Spiral

Author Notes- Hey. I had urge to write another story. It not easy keeping to one story for inspiration, so my other two stories are on hold for now.

I do not own "The Loud House" or "Kengan Ashura/Omeg". Each belong to their respective creators and studios.

This story will focus on Lincoln Loud with AU 'No Such Luck' turning into a unexpected event of setting Lincoln on the path of…a Martial Artist!

The story is where Lincoln was sadly abducted by Child Traffickers that lead Lincoln all the way to Japan…on The Inside! A territory in Japanese law enforcement has no sway and therefore laws have no meaning and anything goes. This story has more of Action/Adventure deal mostly, with Fighting and Martial Arts center to the story. Lincoln Loud development as character follows as he changes.

This will feature Lincoln Loud learning the Koei Style, as the title would suggest.

I thought what would happen if you have Lincoln put in a hellish environment and how he would adapt/evolve, by crossover "The Loud House" with "Kengan Ashura/Omeg". If you do not know what "Kengan Ashura" is, it a Fighting based Anime/Manga. The Anime is on Netflixs currently and other streaming services, while the Manga is complete. I have to admit, check out the Manga. I am never usually a fan, but when the Anime of "Kengan Ashura" done so well, I could not help and read the Manga…the Manga was surprisingly better than the Anime!

There will be some parallels with Lincoln Loud and Ohma Tokita, but they each have their own Journey and different Masters of Martial Arts.

Will Lincoln Loud learn more Martial Arts?...We will wait and read!

There not going to be Loud Family bashing from AU 'No Such Luck', because I want to go in a different perspective and have this story follow Lincoln POV. There might be other character POV's, such as this chapter will show from a "Kengan Ashura/Omeg" character. There might be character POV from "The Loud House" characters in the future, but the only one is Lincoln POV.

This story is Rated M for death, violence, swearing, upsetting dark topics and possible suggestion of nudity/sexual content in future chapters.

Special thanks to Mr ChubbySnorlax619 and "The Loud House: Bad Luck Brawler". If you are fan of Fighting, "Kengan Ashura/Omeg" Anime/Manga and "Baki" series Anime/Manga; check out the story because it good. For now it under "The Loud House" Fan Fiction, but it could change to Crossover section in the future for all I know. Thank you Mr ChubbySnorlax619 for reading my PM's and sort help to get the ball rolling for this story.

Now, onto the beginning of our story!


Japan, The Inside Territory

What is the Inside?

The Inside located on the Southwest Prefecture of Yamanashi Prefecture. Formed in and around 1868, the region has no rules and is full to the brim with all kinds of vices including, but not limited to, drugs, violence and prostitution. After effectively abandoning the area in 19XX, the Japanese government refers to it exclusively as the "Illegally Occupied Territories", and puts out propaganda saying that it is filled with a noxious gas where no-one can survive, in order to disguise the truth and avoid mass panic.

It is known for being a harsh kill-or-be-killed environment, full of dilapidated buildings, brothels, and drug dealers, and even the Yakuza shy away from it. The people who are unfortunate enough to live there have to fight on a daily basis just to survive, and often have no education, no papers, and sometimes not even a name. This makes it very hard for people from the Inside to leave and integrate into normal lawful society.

There were 10 regional names within The Inside- Rikuko, Shiki, Goyu, Rohza, Kumo, Hachitaka, Shichiohba, Ichiryu, Niko and Tokita.

Those born within the Territory look to it as Jungle that follows the rules of Survival of the Fittest! Those born on the Outside have two views. One view, is Hell on Earth and guard secret/shame in a First World Country such as Japan. The Second view, opportunity of wealthy and recruits of strong fighters for the Criminal Underworld!

If anyone has profit off and have any form of happiness, then it was the Criminal Element. Nothing was off limits and anything goes- Rape, Murder, Cannibalism, Torture, Prostitution and anything else that exist in the evil souls of Human beings.

We have a rare case, where a Child not born in Japan and was taken from the US, to be auctioned off for highest bidder. For what purpose? Prostitution, Fighting, Human Experimentation or Organ Farming. American children were one of several countries targeted for their Healthy Children. Most children would be put into Storage Units, Basements or even in Cages to be treated like Livestock. The later is what this American child experience and escaped from his confinement into the environment of…The Inside!

On the Inside, it truly looks opposite of any form of civilization that could be in Japan. That it could be whole different country, but the people on The Inside spoke Japanese and survived by any means necessary. No law or judgement would be passed on them, for the only rule the Strong ruled!

Children running away or dying during transport was normal in the work of Child Trafficking, so they either find the child later or the child would be dead or become…someone else property.

"He won't last a few days, anyway. There more products like him around the world."

But! What they did not know, was this child would survive past a few days and adapt to his Environment to survive a whole year!

This is the story of Lincoln Loud and his path to Strength!


A group of children were chasing down a child of white hair with grey shirt and brown pants, running away in the ones. Each of the orphans had sharp sticks, knives or brass knuckles; while the white hair child only had a rough sack of food and water. The group of children were in large groups of ten, but were down to four. They're numbers got smaller because of the obstacles, terrain, and rope traps set up by the white-haired child.

The white-haired child was considered an outcast, even among the orphans born on The Inside. He was not truly born on The Inside and spoke a Language they never heard of! They shunned the white-haired boy from the shared dilapidated building they called there's, while the boy lived off in the woods where they presume, he would die. That did not happen.

This white-haired boy was Lincoln Loud and his spirit would not allow himself to die here!

Several weeks passed before Lincoln could scavenge and live off the meager resources of woods, but most food and water were controlled by adults on The Inside. Most children would be killed for trying to take from the adults. For there were few Yakuza groups within The Inside. These group of Orphans were down several members and did not shed a tear when one of there own died. It was daily norm for them. Though, they were surprised that a white-haired child survived and had the gall to steal from them!

Back to children chasing the white-haired boy with Killing Intent.

The white-haired boy ran out of the woodland area that changed info a beach sand dunes changed the landscape that open up to a view of the Ocean, where the sandy terrain caused several of his pursuers to struggle in running or trip. The four children wadding and losing balance in the sand, while the white-haired boy barely broke his stride and practice running on the beach.

That was moment, when the white-haired strike back!

One of the four children leading tripped, but did not expect the white-haired child to suddenly drop the rough sack and reverse his course towards the boy struggling not to fall forward…The last image of one the four children ever saw was a straight kick to right side of his face.

Snap! The child neck was broken, who body was badly malnourished already and had brittle bones from lack of nutrients, made it the target for the white-haired boy to attack and kill his target.

The three other children did not stop! The next child came with a rusted knife, followed by a second child with brass knuckles. The child with used both hands on the rusted knife and rushed with a stabbing motions towards the white-haired boy, but what he did not expect was for the white-haired boy to grab his outstretched arms, twist him in a different direction and guide the knife back into brass knuckles companion chest.

Shunk! The knife became one in the brass knuckle companion chest, a blood stain growing on his shirt, and knocking balance of his knife wielding accomplice. The knife wielding child was surprised, but did not react fast enough when the white-haired boy grabbed his face and made sharp twisting motion to the left!

Snap! The knife wielding boy body went rag-doll and limp, collapsing on the ground next to his dead brass knuckle companion who flopped on his back with knife sticking out the chest.

The last boy with the sharp stick stopped and did not get close to the white-haired boy like the other now dead boys. He was shaken and afraid, because he was alone. Alone with a white-haired boy who separated him from the remaining group and killed his other companions faster than he expected. Other groups chased after the boy in the beginning, but could not find him and the numbers that chased after the white-haired boy dwindled down or never came back.

He did not want to die!

The last boy threw his makeshift spear at the white-haired boy, who dived out the way while grabbing the knife out of his dead companion chest. That when he turned and tried to run away up the sand dune. It was hard and difficult, and he lost balance and almost fell over but maybe he could survive. No! He would survive and tell the others where part of there food and water in the rough sack went. The beach had to be-

Shunk! Air and blood rushed out of the boy's mouth and his upper back blossomed in pain, before his body went numb and he fell forward…. He was not going to die here! He just had to crawl. Bit by bit he grabbed a fistful of sand and wiggled forward, ignoring the pain in his back. Suddenly, he felt a pair of hands on both of his ears-

Snap! His world was turned sharply to the right and he could not feel his body anymore. Out the corner of his right eyes, as darkness consumed his vision, he saw the white-haired boy panting for air and before walking away from his vision turned completely black.

Then he was no more.


Lincoln was sitting in a campfire by a cave cove he made his camp, eating and conserving his food. The supplies he stole had a few water bottles, bags of rice, dried vegetables and dried meat. A more glutenous person would eat as much food as they can in one setting. Lincoln did once and he learn from that experience not to do that ever again.

His body was taunt and cunt in certain places of his body, well muscle from lack of junk food and constant day-in and day-out life style of surviving on his own for a year.

Lynn would probably be bit proud of him for being in such good shape that he almost had budding two-pack of abs.

It was a bit chilly given he was wearing his cloths, but Lincoln did not have a wardrobe of choices. He only had what he was wearing and that was donated by cadavers that were not scavenged or he personally killed. He had clean the blood and other liquids of the only cloths he was wearing. For some reason, he could not find any socks no matter what kindly cadaver would donate some cloths to him. His hair grown out shoulder length and shaggy, given most scissors he found were dull or rusted to point it could not cut his hair.

The dried meat looked better than most commercial brand jerk he bought at Flips Food & Fuel. He just wished his signature chip front teeth with his overbite. He lost two those two front teeth in his first attempt stealing food and he paid for it with a beating from a different gang of kids who did not take kindly to Lincoln thievery. His body was racked with pain, but he healed and loss a couple teeth, but it was painful lesson learn. He had to be more clever and become more dangerous to survive in his current…environment.

His spine felt a cold chill from the ocean breeze and a dark memory, when he remembers some unsavory and hungry people look to Lincoln as prospective food…

It would not shock him if some parts of The Inside did participate in cannibalism to survive. Not whole lot of food and sometimes the dead bodies that Lincoln found did not look to be eaten by animals or decay, but cut piece of limbs that were missing…

A small campfire and bedding area are all he could manage to own. The cove was his secret place, because if people knew where he lived then he would be dead. He could trust nobody. He was a foreigner in a foreign land. A land that did not speak English, but Japanese.

The only logic behind his reasoning was some old moldy manga's and large mountain/volcano from the distance that was famous for the landscape. He watched some English Subbed anime back…home. That when he knew he was somewhere in Japanese territory. He could not speak Japanese, but he understood enough of it. Nobody was going to teach or correct Lincoln on how to speak Japanese. He was alien or outsider to them. Mostly everyone spoke Japanese and Lincoln was force through trial and error to learn to understand Japanese speaking and gestures.

Home...This was home now…

Lincoln stared at the fire he made as last of his wood burning for today. Thinking about how much…he changed. Surviving a year in this…Hell, changed him. The Inside, that what most the local called it in whispers or out loud. The words were repeated sometimes, but he was familiar with people calling him an Outsider.

Home. Where his Mom, his Dad, his sisters, Clyde, Ronnie Anne and his friends…

Lincoln had all the time in the world now to be by himself. He just had to trick Leni and the other to think he was bad luck. Lincoln was honestly surprised he convinced his parents as well. All because he did not want to spend anymore time with his sisters and their actives. He wanted 'me time'. All those…friendly and loving faces that he manipulated and cause them to shun him. Lincoln was working on a way to get his family to no longer believe he was 'Bad Luck'. He was heading home from school, all by himself thinking of plan and wondering if he should ask Clyde to help him brainstorm some ideas…

Then incident happen that change his life forever.

Then some white van with dark windows came and snatched him up. His signature chipped front teeth were knocked out in the scuffle. After that…He and few other kids were put in trunks of cars, then into warehouse, and finally pushed into shipping containers. That period of travel took months where Lincoln meant other children. Other kids like himself. Some died on the way because of medical issues or…committed suicide. Lincoln and majority just were scared and cried, sometimes Lincoln comforting smaller kids that were younger than him. He was the oldest, being only 11 years old.

He got lucky when he got to The Inside, when someone did not secure his cage. Lincoln witness some the auctions and instinctual knew that it would be the end of him. The others were locked up and he did not have the key. He ran. Lincoln ran as far as he could, while he felt a massive guilt of leaving the other kids behind. He had no choice. The guards change shifts every ten minutes every four hours. He just got lucky…

"Hehehe. Lucky, I hate that word." Lincoln muttered with a sad chuckle escape his mouth and his eyes slightly watered before he brushed his hands to his eyes, as he looked at the fire dying and the moon reflecting into his cove cave in ocean shore water, illuminating the cove cave some more.

Luck. He hated that word more than ever when he thought about or spoke the word.

He was 12 years old now. He manages to find an old newspaper and found the year changed. He did not know if he was 12 years old exactly, but he assumed that months went by were close to his birthday or his birthday passed already.

How many other kids his age has he killed? He stopped counting once he reached ten kills and had rare mental break down, were he cried alone in his cove cave home. Now? It no longer bothered him that he killed, but he felt sad at that loss of innocence in being a experience killer. He might not care for luck, but he was a killer now. How would his family accept a son or brother that…no longer feeling any guilt about killing? He did not care that the killed boys his age. They had strength in numbers, but what did Lincoln have? Himself and his plans. They could raid the adult's for food and the group would survive. Could Lincoln raid an adult base for supplies, all by himself? No. It was logical to go after children his own age, then adults with good melee weapons or possible guns. Guns were rare though, but Lincoln still remember that one time he got shot at and decide against raiding the adults ever.

No one had sympathy for Lincoln and he did not deserve it.

When he thought of home now, he thought it was paradise. His bedroom closets that had his comics, toys and more importantly a warm bed to sleep in. Family that loves him and talk with him. Friends that he could count on no betraying him or killing him. All that food and water so easily available. Not having to kill other children for supplies or stealing the cloths off their dead bodies. Home…was Heaven. Lincoln realize how stupid and selfish he was. He wonders what his family was thinking about in his absence.

God, if there was one, he hopes that his family did not blame themselves.

He blamed himself and Child Traffickers for bringing himself here. Never his family. He had good life and what he had back home would be consider Heaven to his current situation.

How long could he survive like this? He has beaten the odds; he could tell by locals were somewhat impressed and yet counting down when he would finally die. They all would die eventually. Adults profited and murder for power. Kids had no power. He never seen anyone elderly and if there were, they knew how hide and live long lives. Women and girls were…prostitutes own by brothels or independently, then they died of child-birth or sexual transmitted diseases; but they got to live a bit longer if they were not slaves.

He saw some people stand out though…Men with power. Power and strength that came from their fighting ability.

These men had unique Fighting Styles and discipline themselves to achieve some form ability to adapt and survive against overwhelming number of enemies.

Lincoln…did not have that. He been surviving by tricking and planning against his enemies. They were children near his age. Sometimes using the beach as last resort, just as he did today. Time was ticking and Lincoln could kill boys his own age and out number at that, but what about when he was older than the Orphans…Lincoln may be screwed up kid now, but he was drawing the line of being adult that survived off killing kids for food and water. Lincoln would not join the local adults' groups either when he became teenager or kid. They were worst and seem almost like monsters than humans. He would…

This disturbing thought crossed his mind more than once.

He would rather die before he became a monster that he could not live with anymore.

Maybe Lincoln would do the unthinkable and…kill himself before he became an adult-

"Hmmmm." A sound was made and Lincoln did not make that sound! Lincoln kicked sand over the fire, then ran to his make shift bed where his supplies were! The sound was close! Male, someone was within in his cove cave! Lincoln looked frantically and found quickly who that person was.

A gruff-looking older man with a wrinkled face, thick messy fair hair atop his head, a lack of eyebrows with thick eyebrow ridges, deadened eyes and a well-defined muscular build. He was wearing a Gi, like something Lynn wears sometimes when she doing Martial Arts. Those eyes were looking straight at Lincoln, judging and evaluating him like most Adults here do…Like a piece meat and wondering about his worth.

"RAGH!" Lincoln yowled out, and found the knife he used to kill three boys on the beach today. He Lincoln then ran fast in a sprint, slashing at this gruff-looking older man. He wanted this man dead or running away! He would not understand him, because nobody understood English! He learned the Japanese language as best he could, but only from what the locals said and NOT how to speak the language.

He slashed!

Gruff-looking older man appears the other side of him!

Again, Slash!

Again, he disappears out his vision on the other side of him!

Slash! Slash! SLASH!

He disappears and reappears!

Over and over and over until-

Thwack! A tree branch hit Lincoln knife out of his hand and the gruff-looking old man stepped on the knife, not moving. Judging and looking at Lincoln, wondering what he will do. Oh! He was ready to do something!

Lincoln kicked the dry sand in the Cove Cave at the gruff-looking old man, blinding his vision briefly when he closed his eyes and Lincoln chose this opportunity to tackle the gruff-looking old man leg that was stepping on the knife.

Thump! What greeted Lincoln was a sturdy leg, that felt like tree trunk! Lincoln went for the handle of the knife in the sand-Thwack! Pain blossomed on Lincoln head and he began to kick and punch the old man in the legs and torso! Anything to get to the weapon! Just like-

…the boy he killed that tried to escape.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Lincoln just decided to let go of killing the gruff-looking old man with the knife, just punching and kicking. His blows did not seem to even register any pain to the elderly man. Making Lincoln feel weak and losing hope. Not getting hit by the branch, but gruff-looking old man judgmental eyes! Lincoln hated adults that did this! Playing with those weaker than them and just prolonging the suffering! At least when he killed, it was fast and hopefully painless, if all the times he snapped necks of kids his age and small animals he hunted!

What did he want! He had all the strength! WHAT DID LINCOLN HAVE?! Nothing?! Nothing…

Lincoln Loud knew…he was dead now. It was how this gruff-looking old man to decide, how Lincoln would…die.

Lincoln just stopped punching and kicking the gruff-looking old man. Lincoln is not going to play this game. Either this gruff-looking old man killed him now or he wait. He was not entertainment.

"…Do you want strength?" the gruff-looking old man spoke in foreign language that Lincoln struggled and learn how to understand over the year.

"…Huh?" A sound and questionable look came from Lincoln.


Taira Ganzan life was dedicated to Martial Arts. Living, breathing and someday he would die a Marital Artist death in battle. He was born local of The Inside, but was blessed when his Master found him and taught him Classic Jiu-Jitsu and when his master died, Ganzan survived on from his masterful Jiu-Jitsu skills…But he was not the best or strongest around.

It was blessing he survived losing his battles, but he gained more wisdom from his losses than his victories.

His Jiu-Jitsu was lacking and other Martial Artist had ideas of the strengths and weakness of Classic Jiu-Jitsu techniques. His own friend, Kuroki Gensai was a true genius. A genius of hard work and natural talent. Never stopping and always growing strong. From his many defeats by Kuroki Gensai and other lesser defeats by other Martial Art Masters was when Taira Ganzan realize his ambition.

He would revive a strong and unknown Martial Art that he would master and pass down to his own students.

He would take his Jiu-Jitsu to the next level and find a style that was stronger. More superior than Jiu-Jitsu and a style unique to himself. A Martial Art that would grow and evolve into something to overcome and shock his enemies. Something old and forgot to time that Ganzan re-discovered from his ancestor's creation and revived through his decades of searching for scriptures, scrolls or library books on this Martial Art that would be Taira Ganzan signature style that would not be mistaken by anyone else.

The Koei Style, translated as the Fox Shadow style.

This style has been passed down for over 400 years. However, because of the fact that most of its practitioners died in the war, the style was effectively lost. Taira Ganzan collected all the archives he could find on the Koei Style and attempted to reconstruct the techniques. His research led to surprising revelation, that was even more pleasant when he found his grandmother name connected with distant branch that created the Koei Style, making it his birth right and learning with stronger conviction to revive the Koei Style. However, only two techniques were still applicable at that point in time: Blink and Rakshasa's Palm. Unfortunately, despite planning on creating a whole new system for the Koei Style, Genzan was only able to salvage these two techniques.

Ganzan demonstrated this style to Kuroki in the best way he loves to, in the thrill of battle and the self-achievement of killing powerful-foes.

Though, Ganzan never would attempt to kill Kuroki because of there friendship. Still, Kuroki could give the most thrill battle, but sadly it always came at a bitter defeat for Ganzan.

Kuroki acknowledge the style was great and believe that Ganzan could achieve his dream of re-creating a new system to make Koei Style complete.

The Koei Style would be his legacy to the world, given he had not fathered any children of his own.

Just with two techniques alone, Ganzan dominated past superior fighters and killed them.

It was because of the Koei Style that Taira Ganza lived to be old man that survived on the Inside. He was rare bird in The Inside.

Just like his fellow rare bird, staring with a confused and question look.

A foreigner surviving this long on The Inside was the hot gossip and there was betting pool on how long he would live by local Yakuza gambling dens.

"Can you speak boy? Can you speak Japanese?" Taira Ganza ask, knowing the answer was what he thought the answer would be.

The white-haired boy shook his head, no. Confirming his suspicion, but also confirming the boy understood Japanese to a degree.

"Do you want strength, boy?" Ganzan spoke.

The white-haired boy looked at him with eyes of suspicion and uncertainty. Ganzan thought demonstration of strength was in order and went over to a wall of the Cove Cave. Ganzan than perform a palm strike with a twisting impact. The force from the technique is transmitted from the back to the shoulders, the upper arms, then amplified and transformed into a powerful twisting blow by the spiral motion of the forearms; as a result, its power is halved at point-blank range because the forearms cannot be rotated fully. Due to the extreme amount of torque his technique applies to the user's physical strikes, the user's blows become able to disable limbs, rip organs and crack bones.

Shattering rocky walls would demonstrate this technique…

This was Rakshasa's Palm!

Ganzan twist palm strike at the cave wall Swish!Crack! The rock cave with a cracked web design resembling…a spiral pattern carved in its place!

The white-haired boy mouth gapped at the display of power, showing two of his top two teeth front teeth were missing. Most likely losing his teeth in past fights for his survival.

The boy white-haired boy nodded, excitedly. He indeed wanted Strength.

"Do you want speed, boy?" Ganzan spoke again and demonstrated again. Watching the boy stare his being before he-

Blink! Ganzan was on the boy right side, where the boy looks both sides of his shoulders to find Ganzan on his right.

Blink!He appears behind the boy, where white-hair boy turned behind to find Ganzan.

Blink! Ganzan kept moving, appearing out of nowhere from the white-hair boy vision.

Blink! What Ganzan foot work show his foot prints following a certain pattern, whereas the boy kept turn faster to follow the older man and failing to do so!

Blink! A spiral pattern formed from Ganzan well controlled and precise technique!

As this Technique name implied, by using Blink, the user moves suddenly and incredibly quickly, making them seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. By timing this movement with the moment that the user's opponent blinks, they create the illusion that they have vanished, enabling them to close distances easily.

With white-haired boy, using Blink must of seem like Ganzan disappeared in and out of existence.

Ganzan went in a clockwork circle around the white-haired boy, trying to watch to keep up with Ganzan speed. The white-haired boy dead eyes shine with life, instead the dead stare he had when looked into the fire. Ganzan knew the boy wonder how a man his age had the Strength and Speed as he did and it was all thanks to his dedication to Martial Arts and reviving the forgotten style of Martial Arts.

It was time for the Koei Style to be revived and Ganzan need a student. Anyone with strength and conviction to survive this long on The Inside, would be worthy student of his style. Ganzan already witness this boy ruthless and masterful tactics to gain edge when being outnumber.

The white-haired boy nodded excitedly when. Speed was always needed in Fight.

"Will you dedicate your life to mastering and strengthen, the Koei Style?"

This caused the boy to pause for brief moment, then he nodded. Life on The Inside was brief to most and any bit of power anyone can get, is blessing. Ganzan could pick any of the Orphans, but he wanted one to survive and grow stronger as adult. That had resolve to survive, to kill and to use his head against his enemies. This white-haired foreigner beat all the odds place on his survival. This boy could adapt and live. This boy…can kill. When the white hair boy was outnumbered by many opponents, he outran his enemies or used the environment put his enemies at a disadvantage and strike them down.

This boy…needed name.

"Do you have a name?" Ganzan asked, crossing his arms in his Keikogi.

The boy spouted some name in foreign language. English, but that would not work. Whoever he was before he got to The Inside, died long ago. This person before him was reborn and needed a new name.

"…Shion, that will be what I call you and this will be your name hence forth." Ganzan spoke with finality, not having anything up for discussion. Not like the boy would argue. The name only had two means for Ganzan. Is warm and is loud. The boy stared at the warmth of the fire and his battle cry was loud, for child.

Shion would be this boy name. A student of Taira Ganzan.

The white-haired boy paused and look at the Ganzan hard. In some ways, understanding what it would mean when taking this name. This new identity and some symbolic way, his old self was dead. Nothing more need to be said and done.

The Koei Style had a new discipline welcomed into its rank, with Ganzan as the Master.


A new life and chapter have open for this child! A legend is born and spiral of violence will be spread against opponents who challenged him!

The name Shion would be known to the Criminal Underground and later spread to Underground Fights Area as…The Loud Spiral!


Author Note: I am not dead. I just been in a funk for a while and trying to figure myself out. Hopefully with this New Year in 2021, things will get better. That why I decide to publish a new story and just see what will happen.

Stay healthy everyone and stay safe!