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Russia, Vladivostok. Outside City. Early Morning…

Opportunity comes to take care of some unfinished business. Slights that need to be corrected. Blood that can only be paid in blood.

In another life she was Sofiya Pavlona, but that was lifetime again. War and the aftermath that followed changed her to take on her new name…Balalaika. That was her identity. Her role as leader, as Captain of Hotel Moscow and her men who would and could follow her through hell and back again. They missed their chance to die in a war that they should not have survive and now their lives revolve around the Underworld. Searching. Waiting. When it would be their turn to die or kill supposed enemies just roll over and die.


They are soldiers and always would be!

Searching for a war and worthy death...

Soldiers of the damn that lost their government and cause to fight and die for…Their death would come to be known as very violent and destructive, where people would remember them for decades to come.

Their name was known in Roanupur, Thailand among the various competition and equals.

The Russian Mafia always gave Balalaika and her men respect, given their deep connections and length they would go to kill their targets

This target in particular was difficult though.

Sikorsky. A man she remembers well in the Military, but that man ego and ability would always remind her of distain of the man. All the training, natural born abilities and strength…Wasted on a dishonorable and disgraceful prisoner who has only value in fighting for himself and not his country or other beliefs. Sikorsky was dishonorable discharge for not following his Superiors orders…Sikorsky would chuckle and reply, "What superiors? I am the only one here that superior?" After that, Sikorsky went on a rampage. Breaking and cutting people down. Most of them dead and others unfortunately crippled for life.

Back when she was young Captain, she lost squad of six soldiers to the man…Those men whom she trained with and earn their loyalty, died by someone who was from their own country and not on some far-off battlefield by foreign enemies.

Balalaika could hold a grudge and made two promises to herself.

One, that Sikorsky would pay for the lives of her soldiers he killed.

Second, would come if the person she hires would finish the job…

Balalaika inhale her cigar as observe man training his body, as she lounges on a chair her right-hand Boris provide. Boris and her other men resume standing obediently. Five other men were with her and their respective weapons as they watch the white-hair young man called Shion trained by holding weighted jars in his scarred, but strong hands. Shion was shirtless and have been doing arm stamina training for few minutes. More than what her men could do, sweating and breathing control exercise that maintain the energy. She could tell this man train this body beyond the norm, but she needs assurances still.

They were all in a warehouse own by the Russian Mafia for storage but was empty for their uses at the current moment.

"Shion…" Balalaika mumble the name. It was Japanese, but this man was not Japanese. Not Russian either. American. She could tell that much, but it was hard. Shion was not loud and brash like most stereotypical Americans, but more about business and serious. Less like Revy and more like Dutch. Those were two pleasant Americans she worked with and use their service in Roanapur on more sensitive job. The only two Americans she respected...

Perhaps Shion might be the third, if he considers himself American.

Mister Chang offered Shion services, spreading the news as form of sponsorship and advertisement within the Underworld. Though cautious and the tentative peace they have with the Triad group, her contacts in the Russian Mafia assure her that this particular assassin that Mister Chang reference was legit and rising reputation among the Criminal Underworld. Professional, well-manner and does not come off as eccentric psychopath. Possibly a Sociopath, given no real emotions or satisfaction for killing targets. Mister Chang informed her this assassin dealt with more dangerous threats that did NOT use weapons and killed dangerous annoyance known as Spec back in the United States.

Normally, she scoffs at the idea of using someone else to do her killing.

Killing was her and her men way of doing business and gave them their reputation…

Still, with Sikorsky, she wanted to kill this man in a way that destroy everything the pride he had in himself. Sikorsky, even in Prison, his ego continuous to grow and become so dangerous that his personal cell was a Missile Silo in undisclosed prison and yet…Somehow, he sent a message/threat to the very President of Russia and now said President was using Russia criminal Underworld, which got back to Balalaika and her Hotel Moscow group.

What was Sikorsky message and threat?

"I wish to know defeat! Bring me someone or I will break out and bring a new terror over all of Russia!"

Somehow. Someway...This letter reached the his desk, which had the KGB and surveillance aneurysm and hot blood that somehow a Death Row Convict in Russia had resources to send this message.

Prisoners could be very resourceful...But Sikorsky broke out Cell and somehow left the letter on the President desk and was back in his Prison Cell before ANYONE could notice...

Only brief image on surveillance and several of the best Security that Russia had to offer were dead.

It was Sikorsky message. In ink and blood.

The gall of this man not respecting any form of chain of command or having no care who was strong and who was weak.

He was animal searching to turn all of Russia into his territory and take as he sees fit.

Sikorsky thought he was so unchained by norms of society, both Public and Underground…This madness had to end.

She was given report on Sikorsky time in prison and victims, along with various prisons he broke out and surviving Winter Environments that would have kill lesser men…Sikorsky was almost consider a demon in her country, but he was not. Just a very powerful and dangerous man that believe he was above everyone. Something that Balalaika wanted to break Sikorsky idea that no one could defeat him.

"Ms. Balalaika." A voice broke her out her thoughts, as her hire assassin spoke up. Shion was no longer holding the jars outstretch in his arms, but his hand clench the lids and his legs were still bent, in a powerful and sturdy stance.

Shion was 183 cm (6'0 ft) and weighed somewhere around 76 to 77 kg (170 to 177 lbs), in Balalaika could guess. Sikorsky, from the last reports made by medical personnel from prison, put Russia most dangerous convict 190 cm (6'3 ft) and 110 kg (220 lbs)...The height and weight difference was not lost on Balalaika. Not the mention the difference in build. Shion seem built for speed and grace, but Sikorsky build was for power and endurance. Sikorsky would slaughter Shion if he did not live up to recommendations...

But Balalaika been wrong before. The Lagoon Company was doing well with their recent hire hand/negotiator now name Rock.

Shion could surprise her, given that his pilot mannerism reminded her of the former Japanese businessman now working for the Lagoo Company and thriving in Criminal Underworld of Thailand territory.

"Yes." Smoke came out of her mouth as she was almost half-way done with her cigar.

"Would it be too much to ask if you have two men would take out their side-arms and help me finish this my exercise?" Shion spoke, not all caring about the potential harm or implications that what he was asking Balalaika that could lead to some self-harm. Potential death…But six mangled and broken men kept coming Balalaika mind. Men she promises to lead in a war and glory they would gain but died because their tried to stop Sikorsky before they were launch into their war.

"No. It is not too much to ask." A cool smile left her lips as she said this world. "Sergeant Boris. Private Sakharo. Help our hired hand finish his workout."

Her right hand followed his orders loyally, left her side and took out his pistol; just as her lower subordinate did the same. Both men took were away from Balalaika and aimed at Shion, who arms seem relax and his body seem to be beginning to relax…but something was happening. The breathing pattern Shion had changed, and it almost seem like Shion skin seem to darken little. Even far away, Balalaika notice that Shion eyes started to widen and become bloodshot, with blood dripping from his right nostril.

BANG! Boris fires first. PING! Shion right hand lifts a jar to block the bullet. BANG! Sakharo fires after. PING! Shion uses the right arm to lift jar to block the bullet. Crack! The jar was beginning to break in Shion palm and leaking sand. BANG! BANG! This time Boris and Sakharo fire at the same time. PING! PING! Crack! The same process happens, with Shion blocking their bullets with the left hand holding a jar and the jar cracking/breaking.

BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! PING! PING! PING! PING! CRACK! CRACK! Rapid fire came from Boris and Sakharo, which would be normal death sentence for most normal men. Shion, besides the breaking jars by blocking bullets aimed at his center mass, Shion had no cover…So it was entertaining and enlightening to see how Shion seem to appear and disappear into existence, but to Balalaika it seems that Shion was using Serpentine movement until…

He was gone from her view, but his voice called out in unsettling manner that was so close to her and her men!

"Thank you. I still have a way to go, but this was good way to finish my training." A voice to her left, and her remaining men alert and sounds of reaching for their weapons was all Balalaika need to know. He was fast-No! Shion is faster than she thought humans would normally be. Olympians had nothing on Shion speed or reaction. Almost inhumanely fast and unnerving reaction to life fire rounds. Just as Mister Chang said. Not to mention the reflexes to block bullets and move out way of her men gunfire was impressive with hints of strategy and tactic done correctly and the right time…It almost as if he was not human. Perhaps she hires this man more, if he survives his first assignment with her.

One looks at him and Balalaika saw his eyes were indeed blood shot and a thin trail of blood from his nose to his mouth was coming out. Sweat and heat came off Shion body, but no bullet marks. She could see it clearly that Shion had past scars on his body from knife wounds to bullets. Not too many, but enough that Balalaika thought Shion learn how to dodge and avoid critical damage.

She almost was certain that this is the man that could destroy the enemy that she let live for too long…She gave Shion a handkerchief to wipe the blood from his nose and sweat off his forehead.

"You have speed and reflex's…But do you have power?" Balalaika ask her question, which Shion look at her and beckon her to follow outside the warehouse.

There was large rock outside the road, away from civilization and prying eyes.

Glacial erratic- are stones and rocks that were transported by a glacier, and then left behind after the glacier melted. A force of nature that left over millenniums of Ice Age and harsh winters. Human industry has become force in it own right, but that took several hundred if not thousands of people working together to change the landscape, along with heavy duty machines. In front of Shion was couple of odd shape erratic boulders, where approach one boulders as tall and heavy oval shape in height, supported by other round and mishappen boulders. The tallest boulder was 304 cm (10 ft) in height and weighed unknown amount of several kilograms well over 900 kgs (1 tons). Balalaika and her men watch to see the demonstration in front of them.

Shion walked to the tall oval rock, got into a stance and…

BAM! Crack! A fist fired off from Shion, but none the participates could track…But they could see the boulder shaken slightly and dusts along with chips of rock coming off. BAM! CRACK! This time Shion fired off a attack from his legs, a Kick! None of audience wanted to be on the other end of that attack. Again, the boulder shook even more and dust with little rocks came off in arc where Shion feet retreat back to his Stance. Balalaika move forward to assess the damage, even though Shion was still in his stance…She saw fist imprint and kick imprint for Shion attacks! The fist imprint was plain to see, with the indention made with moderate size spider-web crack…But the kick left even larger cracks and took chunks out of rock.

Balalaika walk so close and composed, yet she could accidently been hit or damage on what would happen next. Just as Shion truly shown his power! Swish! CRACK! BAM! Even with Shion attack was fast and powerful, to Balalaika everything went slow motion…But in years to come, she would always remember the scene she witnesses…This was the Tachypsychia Effect! It is a neurological condition that alters the perception of time, usually induced be physical exertion, drug use, or a traumatic event. For someone affected by tachypsychia, time perceived by the individual either lengthens, making events appear to slow down, or contracts, with objects appearing as moving in a speeding blur…Balalakia of course was VERY experienced with physical exertion and traumatic events given her life and current occupation of living…But watching Shion finger tips seem to merge into the boulder, but they the fierce rotation that came out of Shion whole arm truly reminded Balalakia of industrial power drill…

So much so that Shion attack dig all the way to his elbow and left large crack that almost seem to spit the boulder to Crack. CRACK! CRACK! Plop! Plop! Thud! Thud! CRASH! The top part the tall oval boulder fell backwards away from Shion and Balalakia, even as her men called and rush her just in case the heavy top part the rock fell on them…it did not, but cement Balalakia mind that they hired the right person for the job

Speed, Reflexes and Power…Whatever that last attack was, she could already Sikorsky torso being drilled in and Shion holding the man bleeding heart in his palm!

Balalaika did not need to look to her men to see their wide eyes or some of their gaping expression. Even Boris flicker/flash some emotion of surprise and shock before going back to default stoic mannerism.

As for Balalaika, she smiles a deadly smile, her bloodlust coming off in waves on her thinking of the possibilities of Sikorsky defeat that he was craving for… Not knowing her own bloodlust effect on those around her, Shion pause and took in the amount of killing intent Balalakia projected with a beautiful and savage smile blossoming on her face as she smoked her cigar.

"Oh, yes. You will do. We leave and will be at our destination in a few days, Mr. Shion." She replied and Shion, tired and sweaty, but nodded towards his client.

Shion was just tool she need to use to strike at her this paticular enemy pride and ego!


Unknown and undisclosed Prison in Sibera, Sakha Republic of Russia…

"That should not be possible…"

"But we just saw them! We saw both of climb…"

"Sikorsky, I understand, but the supposed white hair executioner…"

"They are not human!"

"…You do not think Sikorsky has friend on the outside and this was prison break, was it?"

It felt like hours, not minutes to what they witness and that had just occurred in Sikorsky prison cell

All around Prison Guards were baffled and shocked at what occurred. Even the Prison Warden, could not believe this. He thought that Hotel Moscow would come in a gun down the bane of Russia. Sikorsky could have been champion of Russia as Olympian, Martial Arts or Super Soldier to accomplish impossible missions…Instead, Sikorsky had no sense patriotism or goals outside of committing violence and proving his dominance to everyone. The greatest sin Sikorsky almost commit was the attempt murder Alexander Gallan…A Greco-Roman wrestler that won many gold medals for Russia and had unbelievable 6,000 wins and no losses; until Sikorsky came in and killed Gallan. The famous Olympic wrestler death was covered up and was retold of Alexander Gallan death was a sudden anyersum. Sikorsky had killed many Prison Guards, Prisoners and of course Soldiers in Russia military. Killing a squad of Russian Soldiers and almost killing Alexander Gallen cemented a Life-Sentence in Jail. No chance of escape, but fear of execution the man might cause him to escape…Officials from the top had given Sikorsky an exceptional prison and isolation.

Sikorsky prison cell was in fact… was Missile Silo! It uses to store Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles during the Cold War but was reuse as Solitary Confinement for the dangerous criminals in Russia…Which was Sikorsky.

The Warden shook his head thinking back to what happen.

Hotel Moscow parked their vehicles near the top the Missile Silo, but only the white-haired man came out and follow his Prison Guards and himself towards Sikorsky personal cell/Solitary Confinement. Balalaika, the leader of the Hotel Moscow, a special group of Russian Criminals that even got most battle harden and experience men nervous; just allowed it. Her men and Balalaika just started smoking and waiting for something to happen…

What he was expecting was this white hair man to be killed by Sikorsky, but at least fight…But he was not expecting the white-haired man to circle Sikorsky and then ask Russia most dangerous convict!

"Want to warm up before we fight to the death? First one up to the surface gets the first hit!" A strange, but competitive tone came from the white-haired man in rough Eastern Slavic dialect that what hard to place the accent. Someone knew to the language but understood Russian native languages enough to get by with passing phrases or sentences.

Before Sikorsky could reply, the white-haired man started climbing like the walls were not made of smooth steel that no normal human should be capable grasping…But somehow started to climb! The white-hair man did more than that climb the wall…it was as if he crawled like bear running on flat ground!

What did Sikorsky do? The convict watch in surprise, before a smirk took over his face and…Russia most dangerous Convict did the same!

They climb so high into the darkness of the Missile Silo, that his guards and himself thought they would fall down and die from such heights…But no!

A sliver of light came out Missile Silo and that could only mean one thing…

That somehow climbed 3048cm (100 ft) straight up a Missile Silo!

It was baffling and it made them all forgot that they work in Prison, but just witness impossible superhuman accomplishment before their eyes!

Wasn't the white hair man Sikorsky executioner? Why climb up a Missile Silo? Why did Sikorsky follow? Was it the challenge or testament of Superhuman abilities, to see who was better?

As the Warden, even with the gravity of the situation, he thought so much and just kept going through what he seen over and over for what felt like hours to himself.

The Prison Warden study the steel Walls that the white-haired man climbed…He notice small dents, that could be used to lift a human body. About three holes that could have been made by fingers, but what came up was two big holes that could been made by human largest toe on each foot…Can human actually dent and climb up steel walls?! Sikorsky was known for his legendary Pinch ability and shoulders/upper body gave him inhuman strength to carry himself all the way up.

"Sir! Sikorsky still within the Prison! They are fighting above us, at least that what are men confirm from the watch towers and security cameras." His security guard informed him. Good. The Prisoner did not escape.

"Sir, you may want to look at this…" Another Prison guard came by and handed him several…metal marbles? No! No… These were not metal marbles! They are-…I do not believe this?!"

They were Russian Rubles! Instead of being flat and circular, they were shape into small metal spheres that could mistake as small Marbles or even metal pelts!

"They were all in one place…I heard of people with grip and finger strength to tear Coins, but to have the strength to actually turn them into metal pellets? That should not be possible made by human hands." His other security guard said, pale and frighten at the idea of Sikorsky Pinch and Hand Strength.

Suddenly, another security radio went off and was reply out loud.

"What? What are you saying…Sikorsky losing? What do you mean he is heading closer to- Look out from above!?" Confusion, disbelief and more anxiety were heard from his subordinate.

Suddenly, the Warden and Prison Guards were made aware of flicker of shadow that came from the top and…


A heavy body fell, and blood spread the Missile Silo walls, spraying on those above. Only by the grace of God, did the…body does not land on anyone!

The gather around the body and were too shocked to form a correct sentence…Only the Prison Warden found the right words.

"S-Sikorsky…His broken and dead! T-that man-?!

Before the Prison Warden and his Prison Guards, Sikorsky body fell from tremendous heights and his body was broken. No doubts about it, as blood pooling in or around the body and Sikorsky broken body was bent and broken in awkward angles with bone sticking out. The Prison Warden seem to be the only seem to notice part of Sikorsky flesh seem to be twisted and torn into spiral in his upper body,…But to twist flesh to that extent and Sikorsky body of all people…The Prison Warden noted that Sikorsky throat was ripped open, shoulder blades broken beyond repair and the back of the skull was broken open to spill brain matter that indicated Sikorsky fell head first…While other parts of the body was damage by the fall, Sikorsky look to have gotten into one hell of a fight!


"I need report and video evidence of this fight! Now! You, go inform the President that the Russian national problem child been taken care of!"

His security guards scramble as the Prison Warden barked orders, as he eye the corpse of Sikorsky…


Minutes earlier…

He always knew he could break out of his cell.

Nothing could contain him…

The sight of snow falling and cloudy storm surging around the Prison brought a beautiful and sad sight to most convicts, but to Sikorsky there was a beauty to it all!

So, it was surprise that his would be executioner actually challenge him to climb. The gall of this man! Challenging him, Sikorsky, to climb up the Missile Silo. Like it was some childish game of who was faster, stronger and more agile of climber.

It was strangely refreshing and childish.

But Sikorsky had to admit, his would-be executioner had skills that so many of his fellow countrymen lack and had more vigor than most. This was fun challenge after months of training and boredom in his 'cell'.

He almost lost, only because he did the majority of work to open the Missile Silo doors with his bare hands and his would-be executioner almost slip past Sikorsky.

Cold air and snow blast around with flurry was what they were greeted with. It seems like Blizzard was picking up and cold climate of Siberia region reminded Sikorsky who he was…The Strongest! The Fittest! No man could ever defeat him! Russia was no longer a challenge and everything around him bored him, but Mother Nature herself tried to challenge him. Ha! Just load of cold air and snow. Sikorsky was confident he could conquer the world all by himself and be unchained by society rules, no matter the Government and Military sent after him.

"It beautiful. A winter wonderland…Of course, I wish the Prison Environment did not have to ruin the natural environment. But I am not hear for sightseeing, though." A confident, and wistful voice broke Sikorsky out his thoughts and the convict look at his surroundings.

Vehicles encircle him, men with automatic rifles and eyes hungry for blood. The only one that seem to stand out with besides his white-hair executioner was beautiful, scarred women…Something about that woman made feel like Sikorsky knew her and these men besides the white hair man, but he could not put his finger on it…Not that it matters. They look dangerous and armed, but Sikorsky knew he could handle them all. The blizzard would certainly help with distraction, even if he was only dress in his prison garbs…

Plain turquoise blue and his prison number on his upper right chest. No shoes or gloves…He could rob and kill some of these men to help survive this Artic Blizzard.

His white hair executioner was not properly dress as well for this environment. White long-sleeve top and white jeans. No gloves or boots, not that Sikorsky was wearing any as he was in his prison cloths. The white hair was long…put into a ponytail to keep the hair out of his victim face.

"Hey! You won, so you make the first move. Remember, first impressions are key and so far,…You seem tough enough." His victim spoke, the casual and confidence starting to become an annoyance. Someone did not know their place or was ignorant of the true danger they were in.

Time to give this stranger some tough love, before he moves on to carry out his threat.

They only 3.66 meters (12ft) away from each other and 1.5 meters (5 ft) from the cracked open Missile Silo, while their audience 6 meters (20ft) away from them to watch the spectate and keep their hands on their guns.

"Why thank you!" Just as Sikorsky said those words with broad smile, as he closes the distance in seconds and jump off the ground to deliver a Drop Kick, an attack commonly use by Pro-Wresters requires the users to kick the opponent with soles of their feet! It was so easy and seem so pathetic that his executioner just stands their ready to take it. He could almost feel his feet about to hit his face-!? SMACK! A pain blossom at right side of his ribs! A pain the Sikorsky felt that he only gets if he allows the large squad of prison guards to beat and subdue him only as a form of train and pain tolerance!

The difference was this Kick, was powerful and faster than anything that ever-hit Sikorsky before!

Sikorsky feet hit air and Sikorksy was given a quick, but powerful kick to his side; causing the Russia Convict to skid into the snow and tumble off balance slight before righting himself.

"Come on. You really think I wait for such slow Drop Kick like that to hit me? It cools to watch Pro-Wrestlers fight. You could pull it off like a professional, but I am far from most people. Come on, you should realize that and be more cautious." The white-haired victim- No! Challenger, lectured to Sikorsky as he seems to taunt and mock Sikorsky choice of attack. Sikorsky thought the white-haired challenger was relax, but it was very deceiving and seem like his opponent could move far faster than what Sikorsky was used to.

"I won't take my eyes off you. Sorry, Mr…"

"Ah! The is impolite, but where are my manners? The name Shion and I guess I will set the tempo of this fight!" Shion, strange and Japanese sounding name, that did not connect with ethnicity that Sikorksy was thinking of got into what seem like hybrid stance of Karate and Boxing, the stance was too tall and feet close together that they were not firmly planted stance but ready to move; while Shion arm seem led with right fist and held back his left fist. The Russian Convict was familiar with Martial Arts and many of his enemies boasted of various masters of Martial Arts from Systema to Sambo to Karate and the list went on…All ending in bitter defeat, crushed dreams and loss of life at Sikorsky hands! He made it known that no matter what Martial Art or training they had, Sikorsky was born strong, and nobody could defeat him! Those who thought they were strong were delusional and Sikorsky was true definition of strength! So much so that all Russia feared him after his amazing accomplishments of strength and fighting ability!

Okay, Shion knew Martial Arts. That was not big deal, but Sikorsky respect Shion athletic ability. First climbing a Missile Silo in a race with Sikorsky and react to Sikorsky surprise attack…this excitement and tension blossom into pleasure for the Convict.

This was challenge and change into Sikorsky uncontested prowess!

A challenged he welcomed!

"RAAH! Sikorsky roared and charged in a mad dash, beyond what the men and women holding their guys could react, in a form of a Spear Tackle! Grasp! Bam! Sikorsky closed the distance grabbed Shion and was prepared to throw down his opponent! Strangely, Shion was calm place a hand near his left hand between Sikorsky large left shoulder blade but moved away to space between bone/flesh and then Swish! Squish! Sikorsky felt his right arm does not function properly, but he used majority of his left arm to SLAM! Shion body hit the snowy earth and spider cracks in the ground would be seen. Normally Sikorsky would follow up with the attack, but he had to exam the damage Shion cause to his arm. Sikorsky was confident his attack would stun or even knock-out most people Shion size…

"W-What?!" Sikorsky was shock at his arm. He could not see the damage, but the audience could that had view of Sikorsky back. The flesh of the Russian murderer was twisted, red, purple and swelling. Flesh that twisted into a spiral pattern! How did such a light touch do this kind of damage!? Those are what the audience thought. Sikorsky could not see the amount of damage on his back, but his body scream that new level of pain! His right arm was slack, but Sikorsky could feel his fingers and form a fist. The problem was his right arm was dead weight!

"Didn't you say you would not take your eyes off me. That going to cost you..."

A voice behind Sikorsky was like whisper in the snowy wind, but what happen next would be the most painful thing Sikorsky!

SWISH! CCCRRRAAACCCKKK! "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Balalakia and her men witness Shion seem to recover, appear behind Sikorsky and deliver a painful blow from his right hand to Sikorsky large right shoulder blade! The scream that Sikorsky unleash was sweet music to Balalakia ears, while her men watch as Shion shatter and break Sikorsky large right shoulder blade into broken and with bones re-arrange/poking out Sikorsky back! Even more red, purple, twisted and injured from his first attack. The bones shattered and the flesh made it seem like sack of rocks were broken within Sikorsky right shoulder blade!

Sikorsky turned quickly and Swish! Delivered a kick at Shion, but it seems that Shion was out of reach and his opponent seem as calm as ever.

Sweat and fear radiated off Russia most dangerous Convict, as it seems that Shion pale self and cloths blended with the snowy environment and seem to be more like horrible ghost than actual human being!

Shion was looking at Sikorsky with eyes that spoke of one thing and brought up images ghostly faces that Sikorsky forgot…

…his death!

"I did not know what to expect from you besides reading the files base on Sikorsky, but I am disappointed. You left so many openings…" Shion spoke and calmly walk towards Sikorsky, who walked backwards with a new emotion felt that someone could make him feel- fear! "…All the people you hurt really did a great job at detailing your attitude and your fighting style, which is just Destructive Force. Not that destructive compared to 97-year-old man I killed, but Destructive outside of most common fighters ability. They mention you Pinching ability your knuckles to cut into people when you strike out with your punches, but I do not see that happening with me or allowing that too happen. Not to mention my audience/clients stressed the idea of making example out you...No mercy and no room for mistakes...You would also use anything from hostages to weapons to hurt people, so I decided to take away your arms…"

So calm and collected, Shion voice seem to take control of the situation and make Sikorsky feel more unnerved.

So, what if he killed so many people and they study him?! What was-

"-The point, is that this is not fight where to people challenge there each other. No…This is execution, and I was selected tool of your destruction. I am not combatant, but an assassin for this job." Shion spoke, and before Sikorksy eye as snowflake got in his eyes and BAM! CRACK! A Low Kick, from Shion right leg kick and broke Sikorsky right knee joints! "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" A cry of pain escaped Sikorsky called out and his right leg was in a kneeling position, while left leg was usually and tapped something- metal!

Sikorsky turned behind him and somehow, he ended up back at the Missile Silo, where it was just big enough for human beings to crawl out of for man his size!

…Did Shion have so much control of this fight that he directed Sikorsky to possible end?!

Sikorsky actual felt no control at all in this situation and felt like he was dancing all along in his opponent hand.

Feeling just like most convict on Death Row, Sikorsky body sweated, and panic/anxiety came to his mind realizing what was going to happen…


"This cannot be…" Sikorsky mumble out a whimper, feeling outclassed and his view of being the strongest was shattered by Shion…his executioner.

"Normally, I would have fun with this, but I have my clients watching and they wanted to witness your death. Nothing personal. I need the money and my reputation on pleasing my clients is at stake. No hard feelings. I thought you would pull something interesting, but…You're honestly not giving me anything I have not seen before besides being a great climber." The way Shion spoke, and Sikorsky brain playing tricks on showing more faces of his past victims appearing started to send chills through the Convict body. Sikorsky body sending signals to his brain that he was about to die!

Shion, not in any stance or form, left hand shot out and grasped out Sikorsky throat! It felt like two three pointed claws grasping at his Adams-apple and Shion looking directly in Sikorsky eyes…Eyes that sent a message that would cause endless misery:

You were never the strongest. You were not even close to being the strongest in the world! These thoughts filled Sikorsky with despair

I was just another person steppingstone for path to wealth, reputation and power for my executioner!

RRRIIIIIPPP! Sikorsky did not realize what happen, but Shion left hand was holding something pale and bleeding…Was that piece of him. His executioner hand was quick, but Shion fingers felt more like metal hooks than flesh of his neck. What was in Shion hands….was part of Sikorsky throat, but strangely, Sikorsky could still breath…It just the world was becoming more tilted and shadows closing around him. He did not feel cold or hot or…anything.

"Goodbye, Sikorsky." BAM! A powerful right Front Kick from Shion delivered into Sikorsky body and Clang! Parts of Sikorsky body hit the metal of the Missile Silo and it seems Sikorsky was heading down further and further. Wind and velocity of gravity pushing Sikorsky down to the ground faster than what Sikorsky was used to…But he did not care anymore, as Sikorsky mind and spirit was shattered in a numb like state of the situation…Away from being the strongest and back to bottom of…




Few days after Sikorsky Execution

United States, Michigan, Royal Woods. Lisa and Lily Loud room…

Normally, the room would be filled with two sisters. One would be her youngest sibling Lily and occasionally Dr. Lisa Loud was going over papers or science projects of her own. Her desk and area could become messy, chaotic and even fire/chemical hazard if she accidently did not keep track of everything. Her desk was large, next her bed and equipment on the other side of the room with a green color wallpaper.

Thankfully, Lily was gone at friend's house for sleepover, otherwise she would worry and wonder what gotten Lisa so shaken.

Lisa was at her side of room at her desk, looking over Box filled with…samples of Human DNA in Medical Cooler. Most people would be disgusted with what Dr. Lisa Loud receive- blood packets, toe/fingernails, hair samples, a wisdom tooth, and…fecal matter. These do not bother Lisa, given she dealt with gross and disgusting things such as Human Anatomy daily or her experience with Underworld. What truly bothered Dr. Lisa Loud was the implications of what these biological samples could mean. The letter along with the Box delivered at her own private P.O. Box separate from her family because her past shadowy deals with the Underworld.

She thought she burned all those bridges and avoid people from contact her, trying to be professional Doctor in her field and building up a reputation to be taken seriously. All the while, keeping contact with her family and given them her time just as much as her research.

The letter…it had so many implications

Dear Doctor Lisa 'Ms. Smarty Pants' Loud,

I heard you have left the Underworld. That is good…But I do not leave this box of DNA samples to torment you in anyway. It is out love and respect that I give you this box to prove…Your brother alive and well. Depending on your DNA test and findings…You could contact your brother on the Dark Web with this particular chatroom.

I know as doctor; you trust in facts and science. You might have come to terms that your older brother is dead.

This package is supposed to inspire hope and not misery.

Please give this opportunity a chance.

From Shion

Tears swelled in her eyes and Lisa Loud had those rare moments of emotions that almost overtook her, but no! She was stronger than then this! But all the DNA samples…Nobody really knew outside close family and friends from her childhood that she took samples of Fecal Matter studies.

And the childish nickname…only few people outside of her siblings called her that

"…Oh, god, Lincoln…Are you still alive?!" Tears came out with harsh whisper to herself, and Lisa allow her emotions to overtake her, as so many thoughts and ideas. Why did not Lincoln approach them sooner? Is he healthy? What happen to her comic-book loving and caring older brother? Why did he approach her out of all their family members-?

The tears and near hyperventilation of breath seem to continue but stop after a moment. A thought process stopped this panic/shock in Lisa system…She put tight control over herself and her emotions, as the idea entered her mind.

A conclusion that made so much sense, and yet it filled her with apprehension.

The Underworld. Mysterious person name Shion. Her past connections/dealings in the Underworld about Cloning Humans…

Wiping the tears with tissue and gathering the samples back in the Cooler, before heading out the door and using her Smart Phone to call a ride.

She would test these DNA samples herself and have other colleagues look over her results or do their own test to confirm if this was Lincoln Loud DNA or not.

Somehow, Lincoln was involved with the Underworld…and is reaching out to them.

Lisa just hopes her older brother retain some part of himself or else they would meet something use to be her brother and now could be unrecognizable.

…Still, she could not ignore the idea that there closure about Lincoln that she could bring to her family.


Russia, Vladivostok. Outside City. Early Morning…

"I am never drinking with Russians again…They must have more alcohol than blood in their veins-ow!" His left read scarred hand grabbed his head. He was in bedroom in the hotel, bed messy and used from certain…late night activities with the most scary and attractive women he ever encounters. If it was because of Sikorsky death or some promise she kept to herself, Shion found himself in bed with Balalaika. All Shion had on was his black briefs, holding his hungover head and looking for his cloths.

Balalakia came and went. That was it.

No great love story or promise of romance.

Just fucking…Which was surprising, good and rough.

"She hurt me more than Sikorsky…Besides her men guarding the front door of the room nearby and she had gun with her as we fucked. Still, that was good memory to keep." Her nails dig into his back, she was surprising person that gave love-bites at unexpected times or places...and when Shion went to go use the bathroom while she was sleeping; Balalakia shot a warning shot when he surprises her and made unexpected noise.

...Still, her guards did not barge in at all. Balalakia men just knocked on the door and ask, "You still alive, Mr. Shion?" before Balalakia actually confirm that he was alive...When a bullet was several inches to the right of his skull but impacted the wall next to.

For the past couple days Shion and Hotel Moscow celebrated a successful. Of course, Balalakia and her men did not seem has satisfied given they lack participation…They were almost a sense of hope that Sikorsky would live up to the hype of how dangerous he was, but no…Maybe next time, but this was not a fight that Shion would think is memorable besides forming connections with Russian Criminal Organizations and his nights with Balalakia that happen afterwards…

"Those scars…Painful remnants of torture to extract information, but damn did those scars enhance her beauty."

He found his pants, shirt and jeans; before he went to his Smart Phone to check it over. His flight would not be for couple hours and that means Shion could train his body up a bit more before the flight arrived. What really interested Shion was the package he sent days before he took this job. Even reading Sikorsky reports and his abilities, Shion did not know for certain he would come out alive. Still…he finally worked up the nerve to actually send a package to Lisa and he just hope to start slowly reconnecting with his family.

Why Lisa? Why start with her and not go to Lori or his other elder sisters or his parents?

Strangely enough, Lisa could have better understand on Shion…on the current Lincoln, than any of his current family members. Lori was close to become District Attorney, which meant she worked with Justice and the other side of the law…A law/justice system that would probably arrest Shion and send warning bells to Lori if she got mystery stranger contact her. Knowing Lori, she would research and use her connects to find out Shion was Assassin for the Underworld Criminals. Probably set off sting operation to capture him and find out how he knows Lincoln Loud…

Yeah, that was the worst-case scenario that Shion thought in his head.

So that lead to Lisa. She survived Hayami Katsumasa and his dangerous ambition. Even among dangerous elements of the Criminal Underworld, Katsumasa had dark reputation and just seem to survive longer than most people. Shion found out Lisa or Dr. Loud had interest in Human Cloning, which brought a nagging feeling that he knew what she was trying to do and yet rumor had it she went back to the Light to live normal life…Well, as normal as prodigy/successful Doctor that Lisa Loud is. Hell! Shion was more scared for Lisa when he heard rumors of the Worm and connection with Katsumasa. Shion only though the Worm as Organization was myth. A rumor or past organization that told past successes that Criminals and other Dark organization strive for…But somehow Shion knew that the Worm was anything, but over and something more than history lesson.

Lincoln looks at his phone BING a response a particular App connected to Dark Web chatroom.

L-Dog The Genius has sent a Invite and entered the chatroom!

Shion look at his Smart Phone for short moment, already knowing who it is, and memory came back to his life when he was Lincoln Loud along with childhood memories.

He did something he had not done in a while, he chuckled and-

"…ehehehehe! Hahahaha! That right! She always interested in Rap/Hip-Hop! Lisa do not ever change! I wonder if her passcodes are terrible and still use her Birthday? Lisa is a Sagittarius, if I remember correctly from that strange Zodiac report I did about my family Zodiac assign ment by one my teachers."

Shion was looking at wall, thinking someone was listening or talking to him, as his chuckle actual cause bark of laughter fill his lungs and talking out loud. When he was Lincoln, he uses to believe his whole life was show and he was some fourth-wall breaker that only knew the truth that his family and friends knew nothing about…Shion almost felt like Lincoln in that moment. This was the right direction to take his life. For better and worse, he was going to reconnect with his family…unless they did not want him around anymore or be disgusted with how he made a living and paid his bills.

He smiled and breathed in before typing his lame login name to begin what would be lame and simple.

Red Hands S-Koei Style has accepted Invite and enter the chatroom!


AN:…Some people might be hating how easy Shion(Lincoln Loud) defeated Sikorsky, but I think I went the right direction.

SPOILER WARNING, for those watching "Baki" on Netflix/Crunchy Roll or following the Manga of "Baki" on the Most Evilest Death Row Convicts Saga.









Sikorsky was not really that dangerous or important in Anime/Manga in the Death Row Inmates Arc, besides involve Kozue Matsumoto (Baki Hanma girlfriend) involve. Sikorsky was kind of disappointing give that he was not threat to Baki until he got someone involve that close to Baki. Sikorsky did not impress Yujiro Hanma by kidnaping Kozue but piss off Baki, nor Jack Hanma as Sikorsky tried to use nail and umbrella to her the steroid using/biting Hanma and Sikorsky was defeated by Gaia in the very end with bombardment of sand/teeth attacks and was knocked out by Gaia finishing blow.

In "Kengan Ashura", they do have fights that end quickly. Nezu Masami vs Mikazuchi Rei, Hatsumi Sen vs Chiba Takayuki or Nakata Ichiro vs Kuroki Gensai…

All those fights ended in few seconds, one punch or just demonstrated how far apart in skill levels that combatants were mismatched fights during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament first rounds.

Sikorsky was mismatch with Shion and again…Shion does his homework. He also had audience this time, so Shion could not fool around with Hotel Moscow/Balalaika watching…It would not look good or spread Shion reputation as competent Assassin in the Underworld that he struggled fighting certain people. Plus, Sikorsky methods are not that different from The Inside, so Shion would just do what he could to stop Sikorsky from using hostage or getting his hands on any weapon.

The next couple of Death Row Inmates will give Shion a TRUE life/death fight, which will help Shion to strive…for more strength!

I am using Evilest Death Row Convicts as way for Shion to gain his reputation in the Underworld and to improve himself as Martial Arts or give the readers an insight on how Shion fights given certain situations. No other "Baki" characters will appear. I will include "Baki" Martial Arts in this story as best as I can.

I do not own "Black Lagoon" or any of the Anime/Manga characters mention in this chapter. Check it out when you have free time, because "Black Lagoon" is a great Anime/Manga if you are fan of violence/dark themes related to Criminal Underworld.

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