Based on High School Musical, and EG, this is Equestria Girls, Freshman, with some brand new songs.


WELCOME, STUDENTS! said a bright pink banner. Today was the first day of term at Canterlot High and Dawn Sunrise and Midnight Dusk, Sunset Shimmer's 14 year old twins, were chatting with their best friend from middle school, June Dash. June was the eldest of 3 kids in the Dash family, her other 2 siblings were High flyer, who was 2 years younger than her and Lil' Dash, who had just turned 2 years old. Sunset Shimmer, however, was with her friends from when she was a child, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. These girls knew what it was like to join a new school, not knowing anyone(or anypony in Sunset's case), and their thoughts trailed back to their adventures at school. Sunset smiled, as she opened the office door, that used to be her adoptive mother's, Principal Celestia, typing up the schedules for the students. "Sunset." said Rainbow Dash. "Shall we meet at your house for the annual meeting?"

Every year, the Equestria Girls and their closest friends would all come together to talk about things, and how CHS should be ruled. "Um, sure." said Sunset. "That'll be um... okay."

Dawn and Midnight ran in with June, as the bell rang. "We have sports first," said June. "With my parents. Hey, Tara!"

Tara was Twilight and Timber's pride and joy, their only child. "Hey," said Tara. "We have sports with your mum and dad, right?"

Because Twilight was born and lived in England until she was 6 years old, she always told her daughter to speak in British English, not American English. Tara shared many traits with her mum, her smartness, her kindness, her obession with books and she would always keep to the rules.

"Yeah." said June. "My godmother looks after the other 2."

"Who are..." asked Tara.

"Rarity." stated June. "and Applejack. They don't have any kids of their own, and Rarity works at the she has time to look after them both. High Flyer doesn't start 7th grade until next week."

"What?!" cried Dawn. "Lucky!"

"I know." said June. "Let's go, or mom will kill me!"

Midnight laughed. "Yeah. Not good."

After school had ended, Sunset parked her car outside the animal shelter to pick up her younger brother Nightstar and his wife, Fluttershy.

"Hey, Sunny," said Fluttershy, giving the older woman a hug.

"Hey, Shy." greeted Sunset. "Long time, no see. You ready for the chat?"

"Yeah." said Fluttershy. She had grown in confidence since they were 18, as seniors.

"Hi, Aunt Fluttershy." said Dawn cheerily. "Hi, Uncle Nightstar."

Sunset smiled. She was happy to in the company of her brother.

Sunset unlocked the door to her house, where they were greeted by the smell of onions frying.

"Flash." she said, grinning.

"I'd though we'd have hot dogs!" he shouted from the kitchen. "Whenever Dash comes over, we always have hot dogs. I know you, Flutters and Nightstar are vegetarian, so I've got vegan sausages."

Sunset laughed. "Twilight as well, I hope? She's jewish."

"I know." shouted Flash

"Mom, dad," said Midnight. "Can you tell us your story?"

Sunset sighed. "Of course. My story starts in another world..."