When we finally arrived at the Isle, I was crushed by Mal. "Hi, Sunset. I'm Mal. This is Jay, Evie and Carlos. Um, can I talk to you for a minute?"

I sighed. "Sure."

"Listen. You're my half-sister, you know that? Your mother was Sunbeam Shimmer and your father was Hades. Yes, Hades."

I looked at Mal in amazement. "Really, truly?"

"My mom would hate me if I told her I had a younger sister but I just needed someone to play with, talk girls stuff, you know."

"I don't know." I said. "I'm too good to be on the Isle."

"Everyone has a family," said Evie. "Rarity is part of my family. Welcome to the worst place in history. The Isle of the Lost."

"I should have been here," I said softly. "I'm a villain's child. So's Soarin."

"But... but Soarin's a good boy," said Rainbow Dash.

"I'm not," I said. "Sometimes, I feel like stealing or going back to my old ways, being sneaky. Well, I am still sneaky. Don't deny it."

"Yeah, last year, you played a shit joke on us!" shouted Rainbow Dash.

"And yeah, straight after, you dragged me and Fluttershy into a haunted house!" shouted Twilight, glaring at me, Pinkie and Rainbow.

"You gave us a fright." whispered Fluttershy.

"And the year before," said Rarity, "You hid all my clothes and put them under my bed! They were all dusty!"

"That's awful." said Evie sympathetically. "I would hate for that to happen."

"And what about the time when Sunset turned into a she-demon?" demanded Rainbow Dash.

"No!" I cried. "Don't remind me of that."

"Why?" asked Mal. "What happened?"

"It's a long story, and the reason why a lot of people don't trust me one bit. Well, here goes..."