"Wow!" said Mal. "That's amazing. I guess it's time I told you my story.

My dad abandoned me as a baby. My mom named me Mal, short for Maleficent. My middle name was Bertha. Bertha, can you believe it! I had no friends, apart from Jay. We heard of the Dragon's eye, from my mom's raven, Diablo. I was going to play a trick on Evie, but she wanted Carlos. I overheard their conversation, and I realised they were lonely too. Instead of she touching the sceptre, I touched it and Diablo whisked it out of my hand. We returned. And that was when we became best friends for life."

"Yes," said Evie. "What she said. But I met Rarity many years ago, when I was 9, at a children's fashion show in Canterlot. That's how we became friends."

Author's Note:

Well, this is the end of the story. The next one is Descendants: My once upon time 2