Author's Note:

Ok, you dared to open my story previously and now. Well, you're in for a shock, as you will be hearing familiar songs and phrases!
Sunset Shimmer

Okay, everyone! This is the real story. Are you ready?

Prince Ben looked at his parents in shock. "Mom, dad. This is my choice. I've chosen... Maleficent's 2 kids, Jafar's 2 sons, Eil Queen's daughter and Cruella's son. I know that the rest of the group are inseperable, so they are going too. You know, they may actually like it here!"

Queen Belle sighed. "Ben, look. These kids you speak of, where are they from?"

"Canterlot, 4 days away from here. A lovely place. A high school, magic. What more?"

"I thought that was in Equestria," said Belle. "Maybe I was wrong."

"Mom! But- but I grew up in the library, I spent my WHOLE life there!" cried Ben. "If you're wrong, I'm wrong too."

"You're a smart lad," said his father, King Beast, Also known as King Adam, patting his son on the back. "But are you sure this is the correct choice?"

Ben nodded vigourously. "Sure, dad."