Evie and Rarity ushered Mal into the carriage, as Ben helped her up.

"Ben. I- I spelled you." Mal confessed.

Ben smiled at her. "I know, all enchantment washes off in the lake. Flash and Sunset knew all along." He smiled at her, encouragingly, as the carriage stopped at the doors. Lumiere took her hand, while he stepped into a pair of double doors.

A fanfare played, as the villains watched from their TV on the Isle. As the wand was taken out, the tip resting on Ben's shoulders, as he was knighted to be the new king. Then, someone grabbed it. The wand. I gasped, it was Jane.

"Jane!" I cried. "Hand over the wand!"

It was too late. The wand opened a tiny bit of the barrier and Maleficent escaped. I grabbed the wand off Jane, threw it to Mal. Who wobbled, and Maleficent caught it. "I'm back!" she sang, freezing all the royals. Mal reached out to grab the wand, but I clicked my fingers, to command the wand in my hand. I gave it to Mal. Then the screaming started.