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Chapter 01 Prequel Part One

Greetings, My name is Naruto Uzumaki aka the most unpredictable ninja in my younger days and the Nidaime Rikudo Sennin in the later years. I'll get straight to the point I'm immortal. Okay explanation due to absorbing to the charkra of the nine tailed beasts, my natural healing factor was super charged. Moving on, after holding the title of hokage for fifty year, I passed the mantle and decided to live in isolation after the death of my wife Hinata ten years prior. I was there when the elemental Nation broke apart. I was there when mankind moved into space. I was there when the Republic Of Zeon became the Principality Of Zeon. The original reason I joined Zeon was that I was tired of watching the stranglehold the Earth Federation had on the colonies. At first I was assigned to space forces under Dozle Zabi who I found to be a respectable man as oppose to his older brother Gihren, but enough about him. During my time serving under Dozle, I piloted the B-type Zaku I and the underrated Zaku I Q type. At the beginning of 0079 I was transfer to the earth forces under Dozle's younger brother Garma, who in my opinion wasn't suited to be on the battlefield. After receiving the transfer, I was assigned the new Zaku II ground type.

My faith in Zeon however was scattered on January tenth when Operation British occurred. In other words Zeon drop a colony onto earth resulting in the deaths of billions of innocent lives which happened at reading a report about a colony gassing. That was the motivation to defect to Earth Federation. After successfully escaping and surrendering to Federation forces, I had a meeting General Revil, where I gave up any information that was deemed important. The General while thankful for the intel, put me under surveillance for the next five months before assigning me to a squadron in hope of taking advantage of my MS experiences. The day, my probation period was over, I was given my rank and mobile suit. My rank was that of a second Lieutenant same as when I was with Zeon and my machine, the RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type. Probably only due to my combat experience, but beggars can't be choosers. Things went smoothly for the next two months until me and my squad were ambushed while on patrol, the enemy was a model that was later designated a Mobile Armor. Luckily no one was killed, unfortunately my Gundam was totaled due to an electrical weapon and spare parts were scarce, bottom line I ended up a GM ground type as a replacement.

In September, I received orders sending me back to space where I was given a GM Early Type the first space federation machine. I spend the next month and a half as a test pilot which in hind sight wasn't that bad. But all good thing must come to an end, meaning in November I was given the fruit of my and others labor in the form of the GM the first real mass produced federation mobile suit and orders to return to earth for Operation Odessa. While in transit, I heard that the death of my former commander was the opening for this operation. The following two days were hell on earth. The Federation had the advantage in personnel, Zeon had the overwhelming numbers over 1 thousand mobile suits compared to the EF's 30. Fortunately the Federation prevailed, but my GM sustained heavy damage.

Luckily there was a new model waiting for me back in space, the GM Command Space Type which had a higher performance than the standard model. The next month was route as the higher ups prepared for the next operation which was delayed by surprise attack on the federation headquarters Jaburo. The target of the next major offences was reviled to be Solomon, the frontline base of my former commander Dozle Zabi. December 24, the attack on Solomon happens. For the twelve hours utter chaos ruled. The battle ended with the destruction of the mobile armor Big Zam and the death of Dozle Zabi. However there was little time to rest as the next operation was planned to occur in only a matter of days. The target A Baoa Qu. The battle was chaotic and leaders were dead only halfway in as Gihren used a new weapon to kill General Revil and his own father Degwin Sodo Zabi in an attempt to take over, only to be killed by his own sister Kycilla. Fortunately the Federation would prevail due to their own experienced pilot and Zeons lack of skilled pilots. The Battle would end on January first 0080.

The next three years for me were quiet. I switched from the command type to the GM Kai after the war ended and then at the beginning of 0083, I managed to get a GM Custom. I wasn't all that involved with conflict in 0083 as my movements were restricted considering my past as only former general Revil trusted me. It was at this point my trust in the federation started to waver. In 0084, I was recruited for a special forces unit designed to hunt down Zeon remnants called the Titans. Naturally I was suspicious, but I carried out my orders using my GM Quel, a good unit based on the gm custom. My gut feeling turned out to be correct in 0085 when the Titans gassed an entire colony That was the final straw I defected to the newly established AEUG using a stolen GM II only a few months later. I was the Organization for over a year before any thing interesting of note happened when the flagship, the argama raided a Titans base and stole three prototype mobile suits. Sometime later, I was issued a GM II based Nemo as a new unit and I could say it performed better than it's predecessor. During this time, I became infamous as a sniper with my Nemo that I equipped with a long range rifle designed for the GM Sniper. I performed to the best of my abilities for the next few months while I personally wasn't involved in any major operations, I did watch when the AEUG took over the Federation Assembly and denounced the Titans. The end result was the Federation cut all support for their former elite task force. Things were chaotic for the four month. First the Titans attacked colonies. First they used the colony laser to destroy one and they gassed another. To end it, the AEUG sponsors made a deal with the forces from Axis. The appropriately named AXIS Zeon destroyed the Titans headquarters at the same wiping out a large amount of their remaining forces. Soon after Titans leader Bask Om was killed and Paptimus Scirocco took control. Two week later the final battle occurred the AEUG, what was left of the Titans and Axis Zeon. The ensuring battle was chaos and at the end, the AEUG were the victors, but at a cost. Many pilots were dead, the Zeta Gundam pilot was in a coma after killing Scirocco and Quattro Bajeena also known as Char Aznable was MIA.

That's my life until the Gyrps Conflict. Wait until next time to hear more.


Principality Of Zeon (0074-0079)

MS-05B Zaku I

MS-05Q Zaku I

MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type

Earth Federation Forces (0079-0084)

RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type

RGM-79[G] GM Ground Type

RGM-79[E] GM Early Type


RGM-79GS GM Command Space Type

RGM-79C GM Type C

RGM-79N GM Custom

Titans (0084-0086)

RGM-79Q GM Quel


Anti-Earth Union Group (0086-0088)

MSA-003 Nemo

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