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Summary: Another challenge has begun, and with it the opening ceremony is about to take place! Welcome to my Music by Themes Challenge!

Inspiration Theme Music for Fanfic: Olympics music.


Welcome to the second fanfic and the start of my Music by Themes Challenge! :)

The last time I started with the Olympics music, this was the first fanfic set to start the challenge off properly. Now, I'm here at it again, welcoming everyone to this challenge once again. :)

As with the Olympics, here is the opening ceremony for my Music by Themes Challenge and it is a multi-chapter fanfic. Enjoy! :)



Samwise Gamgee, a sandy-haired hobbit wearing a deep red jacket, a floral red waistcoat with rose designs on the front, brown suspenders, a white dress shirt, and brown knee-breeches, proceeded towards the town of Michel Delving. In all his haste, this fair-skinned hobbit with his rugged physique and beer belly, Sam could hardly expect the crowd coming towards the portal, with its oval-shaped rim colored in an array of colors. The portal's surface showed foggy grey mist, swirling in circles.

Sam tapped the portal's glass, watching it ripple to life.

Michel Delving was a well-known shopping center and governing office in all of the Shire, complete with its own town hall and mathom house, where goods that no one wanted were stored. The town also possessed a main post office, where the Postmaster Hobbit lived and breathed.

And with the Shire being so green as ever, Sam could hardly be surprised by all the excitement and activity occurring on the hill. Sam smirked, watching the portal's mirror, as the swirling mist faded and a pocket world opened up on the other side of the glass.

The pocket world showed a massive city, complete with every section of music and dance centers, sports centers, restaurants, pubs, housing, apartment complexes, and all the shops one could think of. Before Sam stood a massive grand stadium, oval shaped and with the roof opened in the centermost part of the stadium. Massive roofing, curved in an oval-shaped, kept everyone from getting wet, while the stadium's interior showed a massive floor and a massive stadium, upon which a plethora of characters made their way inside.

Sam looked on at the stadium, watching it display food and drink stands, ticket stands, and places to use the restrooms as well. Sam looked on, knowing that wherever Mr. Frodo Baggins was going, that this place would do wonders for them both.

"Are you ready, Sam?" Frodo said, clasping Sam's arm.

Frodo was a hobbit with soft, thick, curly dark brown hair on his head and feet. He had lighter-than-usual skin from his mother's side, fair elvish features, and pointy hobbit ears like Sam. Frodo's eyes were bright blue. Frodo also was a perky chap with rosy cheeks, who wore a velvet jacket, a velvet waistcoat, a white dress shirt, tan suspenders, and velvet knee-breeches.

Frodo chuckled, ready to take on this new, grand adventure.

"Come on, Mr. Frodo. Are you sure this is safe?" Sam asked, worriedly.

Frodo shrugged. "Yeah, come on. What's it gonna hurt?" He walked through the portal, breezing his way through it.

Sam huffed, understanding. Yes, it was time.


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