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Summary: Another challenge has begun, and with it the opening ceremony is about to take place! Welcome to my Music by Themes Challenge!

Inspiration Theme Music for Fanfic: Olympics music.


This is the last chapter for this story. :')


Frodo followed Sam and his team outside the stadium's arena. Frodo sighed, grateful to have witnessed something as impressive as the opening ceremony.

The Music by Theme's opening ceremony was over. It was time now to start the challenge off. Frodo sighed a second time, knowing the work was not over. Only that it had just begun.

"Can you believe that?" Sauron huffed. "They want us to unite! Well… not on my watch!"

Frodo smirked. Normally, he would have thought Sauron's banter would get him in trouble. But this was not one of those times. Frodo knew the stakes were raised.

This wasn't one of those challenges, where they could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Well… that was a factor, but one that would give Frodo an excuse to do this challenge.

"I hope there's turkey. I'm hungry!" Pippin Took, a young hobbit with golden curly hair, chirped.

Merry Brandybuck laughed. "Pippin, if it were left up to you, we'd all be celebrating."

Pippin groaned. "Oh, if only it was a food challenge. I'd be up for it."

Frodo laughed, grateful to hear his friends wanting more food. His stomach grumbled. He was hungry. Still, he would settle grabbing a snack when he got back to Bag End. Mmm. Surely Rosie Cotton had something cooking by the stove. He could use some food right now.

Frodo turned to Sam, smiling. It hadn't been that long ago since they'd been to the Music by Themes' opening ceremony. Frodo smirked, wrapping an arm around Sam's shoulder.

Sam sighed, asking Frodo, "Do you think that Rosie's cooking turkey, Mr. Frodo?"

Frodo heaved a deep breath. He laughed, telling Sam, "You know, Sam, I do believe you're right."


Thanks for reading. :) Let the challenge begin! :D