Author one note: Hey everyone EverFlawless here I have a story with my twin sister that we have been working on for a long time together this here will be a long story that will seem like it will never end. We want to bring in happiness in this time of crisis. My twin sister loved my idea of collabing with her but I didn't want to put this story in my profile I okayed it for her to be the one to post on here and do the correction and helped with fluff and all of the other stuff in between. We teamed up in a way that we thought that no one else would do. I wanted her to get more recognition and have more people see her profile. Please Be kind to us. and time for yukiko sora to take it away

Author two note: We put them together because we thought it would suit the needs of each person. We hated that Marcus was portrayed the way we saw him in the story and we hated that it was never talked more about that Elena was a Daupleganger we sat down together and we were like "what if Elena was Didyme along time ago. That is how this story began and we worked it out this way.

Our sayings: EverFlawless: Kindness is seen when you least expect it to happen. Though it may be hard to see at the time. It there. Yukiko Sora: The world is still beautiful

Midnight Knight: Prologue

He was sitting on his throne. With a blank bored and cold stare. His hair was carelessly in his eyes. His brothers were busy talking amongst themselves doing the best they could with the vampires before them that were on trial. The two males were fighting over the one girl saying that either was going against a sacred rule in the vampire world. The rule is don't take another mate for their own. The sad thing, Marcus doesn't see any mate bonds for any of them. 'This is a pointless trial. I want to be left alone I can't deal with this stupidity.'

And stupidly Aro is having the thrill for the dramatics to see which male will come out on top in a fight of the death and his grating laugh echos in the throne room. 'All of this is just so stupid. Aro knows he's going overboard. I guess he is bored himself.'

Aro then turns to his brother and asks him, "Do tell us Marcus which one has the mate bond."

He answers solemnly, "Neither one has a mate bond with her." He sighs getting up and leaving the room to go to a vendor in town at the antique shop to see if any new antique jewelry has shown in this time. He is still trying to find something he lost long ago and wishes for it back in his possession. He has however given up some hope that he will find it.

He goes in line behind a young woman who is perhaps buying something of her own. She is talking with someone beside her. Maybe a sister, or a cousin maybe? She too looks too young to be her mother.

"Come on Elena. You need to keep your mind focused on this trip. Don't let your stupid ex-boyfriend get to you. You need to have fun. That's one of the reasons we are on this trip. To get you to loosen up. You've been stressed out this entire year and last."

"I know aunt Jenna but how am I supposed to do that when I think of all the questions that were never answered by Steffan. It makes me anxious you know? The whole reason I broke up with him was that it was like he was living a whole other life. And he lied to me over and over again. How does one not wonder and stress out over this."

The line moves forward and he stares at the bonds. The bonds for the said Jenna were like silver tendrils swirling around her reaching out to her niece into a warm hug. You can just sense the love and care she feels for her family. This Elena's bonds were like gold and silver tendrils. There was a time he has seen such a bond tendril and she has long since passed away. As if she was was fire and he was the moth he moved forward and listened more to her wonderful voice. A voice he suspected would have been the human version of his love. 'Just turn around. So I can see your face.'

"Wouldn't you think that is all the more reason for you to move forward with your life instead of sticking with the lies and hurt? Why put yourself through such abuse. it's like you're letting him take advantage of you. Do you like to be in this situation Elena? I mean really you deserve the best and the love that will be there for you when you need them not where you are stuck wondering what is going on in the world. Someone is out there that will be there for you, love you, tell you the truth even when it seems like no one else will tell you. True love does exist Elena. But even then that Love is supposed to be worked on. Not instantly happen and with the expectations of nothing bad will happen in the end."

Finally, the line moves again and they pay for the item that they bought. Elena turns around and stares at him while he says the name he see's "Didyme."