Author Note: I know that this story was supposed to come out on Black Friday but there was some drama in my personal life which forced me not to write because I was in a negative mind set and now I am back in a good mood then it's time to write again. This story is now schedule to come out the first week of January. Thank you for understanding. There will be about ten chapters in this story. I did add Bethany to the story

Character Summary:

Kurt has been married to Jane for the past three years. They have one little girl together and are expecting another child. He also has a daughter named Bethany. He has a stepdaughter named Avery.

Jane has been married to Kurt for the past three years. They have one little girl and are expecting another child. She has a step-daughter. She also has her daughter that she gave up for adoption named Avery.

Avery is the daughter of Jane. She was given up for adoption.

Bethany is the daughter of Kurt and Allie. She is six years old.

Taylor is the daughter of Kurt and Jane. She is five years old.

Roman is the son of Kurt and Jane. He is three years old. He was named after Jane's brother.

Chapter 1

(Flashback to three years old)

Kurt knew that Jane was due any day and he could not wait for his little boy to arrive. He knew that both Avery, Bethany and Taylor were ready for their brother to arrive. He also knew that they were going to need a bigger house now that both Avery and Bethany were living with them full time and the apartment was not working for them. Kurt was not playing any attention when Jane walked into the office.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Jane asked her husband surprising him that she was there.

"Hey, I did not know that you were coming in." Kurt said to his wife. "What are you doing here? You should be at home resting with the kids."

"I was but I wanted to make sure that you were not going to do anything unreasonable." Jane said to her husband. "I know that we were talking about getting a bigger house because that we are about to add another family member into the apartment."

"Jane, we do need a bigger place now that Bethany and Avery are living with us. We can't always have all the girls share a room." Kurt reasoned with his wife.

"I know but I think that the girls are loving sharing a bedroom together especially Taylor." Jane said to her husband.

"It makes more sense that Taylor and Bethany are sharing a room but not Avery. She is older than both of them." Kurt argued with his wife. He knew that his daughters loved Avery but he wanted to make sure that she had her own room.

"I know and I am sure that she will love it but I also want to make sure that Avery gets to know everyone. I just feel bad that she did not get to be raised by me." Jane responded to her husband.

"Honey, that is not your fault. Your mother did that. You need to forgive yourself for that. Avery already forgave you for that." Kurt said to her with a smile.

"I know but I still feel bad that she went through what she did." Jane said to her husband.

"Okay, why don't we go home and see the kids and spend family time?" Kurt reason with his wife with a smile.

"that sounds like a good plan." Jane responded to him as they started to get things ready to go home.

They got home to find the kids watching a movie with Avery. They were happy that they had Jane's older daughter living with them but that meant that they needed to get a bigger place and that's what they did.

Jane wanted to do something special for her daughter to show that she was appreciate. She had talked to Kurt and he agreed that it would work on one of the nights where they don't have a case.

Tonight was the night that they were going to do something which made Avery really happy to spend some time with her mom. She was glad that they got reunited when she got older. The girls got ready to head out. Kurt knew that the other kids were not going to be really happy that their mom and Avery were going to do something without them. Kurt promised his kids that they were going to do something fun.

About an hour into the night, Kurt and the kids were watching one of the movies on Netflix before making dinner. They played with their toys before heading to bed. Meanwhile, Jane and Avery went to the movies and got some dinner before heading home to find the house dark.

"I thought that Kurt was going to stay up." Avery said to her mother.

"I thought so too but he must have gotten to sleepy." Jane responded to her daughter. She was glad that it was the weekend and that meant that they get to sleep in as much as the younger ones would let them.

The next morning, Roman would be the first one up for the morning and came into the bedroom. He climbed into the bed with Kurt and Jane and cuddled into his mom. Kurt woke up to find his son cuddling up to his mom. He reached over to his phone so he could take a picture of them. They spent a lit bit in bed before getting up and heading out to where the other kids were hanging out with Avery.

"Avery, how was your night with your mom?" Kurt asked her.

"It was good." Avery said to him. She knew that it was hard for Kurt because her mom has a older daughter. "Thank you for asking."

The next day, Kurt was having a hard time at work with this case. Jane had the day off to spend it with the kids.

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