Author's notes: This is chapter 14 of my adult fan fiction story Cheer Fight Fantasy. It mostly involves Kim Possible and Bonnie. With some minor parts including Ron and Brick.

*** This is MOSTLY about a girl named Sara who wants to "be" Kim Possible and gets that chance via a new virtual game that is similar to the Oasis in the movie Ready Player One. So technically it's not really "about" Kim Possible but Sara will get the chance to BE Kim Possible. You'll see... ***

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will some sexual content. This chapter contains what really happened.**

Cheer Fight Fantasy

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 14 - Reality Sets In

Sara was jolted awake screaming! "Red Pineapple!"

She looked around and saw...she was in her bedroom again. The same bedroom that she fell asleep in when the story started. She turned her head to looked at the clock. It read 12:42pm. It was the middle of the day! Her vibrator was still on the night stand next to the Kim Possible light fixture where she left it. She grabbed her tea cup to get a drink but realized it was empty.

Sara put her feet on the floor and started to get out of bed but stopped when she felt that her sheets were very wet. Was it sweat or large amounts of moisture from her pussy? It didn't matter. She mumbled to he self, "Yuk, I need to change these sheets."

When she finally got out of bed she looked around for her underwear and grabbed some off the floor. Were they new or old? It didn't matter. She put them on and walked by her dresser mirror. She looked at her self and made a funny face. It didn't improve what she saw. She looked very bad! And not 'I just got out of bed" bad. Her hair was messy and greasy, her skin looked shiny and she saw something on her chin that looked dried and crusty. She looked like she hadn't showered in days.

She waved to her self in the mirror giving her self permission to say "Fuck it" then walked out of the room.

She walked by her living room and saw the VR glasses on the floor. She shook her head and kept walking.

When she walked in her kitchen she paid no attention to the huge mess everywhere. Dirty dishes on the sink, dirty pots are on top of the stove, dirty cloths scattered everywhere on the floor and even some dirty cloths over counter tops. The garbage was also over flowing in the corner of the room too.

She shook the coffee pot because she desperately wanted a jolt of caffeine to wake up but there was dried black coffee on the bottom of the glass pot. It looked like the coffee maker hadn't been cleaned in days. She shook her head again and headed to the fridge. She grabbed a beer and then looked at the door next to her. It was the door that led to her garage.

She stood at the door for a moment...hesitating. She didn't want to go in there but after a few minutes she summoned up the courage to open the door.

When she walked in her garage she saw the inflatable pool. It was full of oil and very messy. The oil looked like it was splattered all over the walls and the floor of the garage. She thought to herself, "What the fuck? If I oil wrestled in here we made a huge mess!"

Hinged handcuffs where lying in the middle of the pool. Next to the pool was a 6 foot table with 6 empty 48 ounce bottles of Crisco oil. There was also an anonymous mask with a note under it. She ignored it, for now.

She looked beyond the pool and saw the tool shed. Her self made glory hole box that she bought. Before she walked over to it she took a sip of beer for more bravery to keep going. Then she walked over to the shed avoiding the table. When she got to the doors of the shed she looked inside. It wasn't padded. Wait...but why? She couldn't remember. However, she could see dried cum stains on the wall by the hole. She thought she had swallowed all the cum expect for one guy. Did she spit it out? Did she throw up? It didn't matter now. She took a deep breath and another drink of beer.

She thought to herself, "Did I...did I really do this?"

Then she finally walked to the table and looked at the Anonymous mask. She moved it and picked up the hand written note under it. The note from from Mike. She muttered to her self, "Wait...did I read this already?"

The note said..."Sara. Your sex fantasy life have pushed me to my limits. I had fun and I'm glad I helped you make this sexy fantasy of yours come true but when you offered Joy and I a $1000 dollars each to make your sex dream come true, it was...well, unnecessary. But when you asked me to bring my friends over and pay them $1000 each, well - that's when I'd had enough."

Emotions began to build up in Sara's eyes. She said her safe word again hoping this was all a dream...

"Red Pineapple."


Sara shed a tear as her eyes focused on the anonymous mask. She stared it it. Concentrating, thinking, until... all came crashing down on her like a tsunami.


This is what really happened!

She realized now that she really did ask Mike and Joy to play out her Cheer Fight Fantasy. She paid them each $1000! She remembered now that her Cheer Fight sex fantasy was played out - over a week ago!

She thought that Joy came over and gave her some hallucinogenic tea and combined with the VR game it made everything seem so real. She thought she really WAS Kim Possible. But...the reality was, the tea was just regular tea. Something she liked to drink. She wasn't really Kim Possible at all. It was all just role-play.

She didn't really go into a VR game and BECOME Kim Possible to oil wrestle Bonnie. The VR glasses were a new tech toy she bought for Mike but he rarely used them. He was an outdoors kind of guy. He liked to fix things. He took out the trash. He did a lot for her. Now...he's gone.

She really did oil wrestled Joy!

For $1000 dollars, Joy, who she thought was a close friend from from high school, gladly played the part of a forceful bitch to beat up on Sara. Joy won the oil fight, handcuffed Sara and then forced her to eat her pussy. Joy forcing Sara to eat her out wasn't part of the original plan but Sara was into it and very willing to go the extra mile and play the part a submissive slut. When Joy won the oil wrestling match Sara was like putty in Joy's hands.

After Joy had her fun with Sara she locked her in the shed. There was no collar and no padding in the shed. The only person Sara blew was Mike. When he pressed the button making the vibrator on her pussy rumble and vibrate her pussy the sudden sensation throw her off her rhythm of sucking cock and she didn't swallow all of Mike's cum, causing her to spill some cum on the inside wall of the shed and some on her chin.

Sara's Cheer Fight Fantasy was exactly how she she planed it out, with a few extra tweaks. Oil wrestle, loose, and be forced to suck cock through a glory hole. However, everything she thought she did was just a wet dream! A dream of the fantasy that she WANTED to happen...but didn't! Living out her Cheer Fight Fantasy in real live didn't live up to the expectations she thought. It wasn't enough. She wanted it to be like what she always fantasized about, but it wasn't. She wanted MORE! So she wanted to do it again in a few weeks but with more guys! A better version of the role-play she did with her boyfriend where she'd suck more cocks through the glory hole but Mike didn't want any part of.

Mike really did leave her when she wasn't happy with fulfilling her fantasy.

Sara realized now that she really did pay her boyfriend and Joy to help her make this fantasy come true and now she was left with a huge mess and...nobody. Her boyfriend left her and Joy hadn't called her in days. It's as if Joy was content to push Sara around, take the money and never speak to her again.

This whole time, what she dreamed about last night (what was in her mind) was a combination of what really happened and what she WANTED to happen. Dreams are funny like that. Planing the oil fight, Mike having second thoughts, calling Joy, tea, a VR game, oil wrestling, a glory hole and - Red Pineapple.

Things that she wanted to happen can seem so real - in a dream.

Sara threw the letter in the oil put. She watched as the oil soak into the paper, "Fuck it!"

As she walked back into her house she said to her self. "I need to clean this up. That old vegetable oil is starting to smell." Then she closed the door behind her leaving the smelly oil pit in the garage untouched.

As she went back into her house she walked by the living room and picked the Kim Possible blanket off the couch. It was the same blanket used to cover the case of vegetable oil in the garage when she she first told Mike about her Cheer Fight Fantasy. Then she walked to her bedroom and laid the KP blanket down on the wet spot of her bed. Cleaning up was not something she wanted to do right now.

She lied in her bed and grabbed her tablet. Popped open the Cheer Fight comic and smiled. "I'm ready for another escape."

She looked at the drawing of Kim oil wrestling Bonnie and started to get turned on...again. She mumbled herself, "You're the only thing that brings me happiness now."

As she read her porn comic again she started to play with her pussy and get lost in her dream, once again.