Author's notes: This is chapter 2 of my adult fan fiction story Cheer Fight Fantasy. It mostly involves Kim Possible and Bonnie. With some minor parts including Ron and Brick.

*** This is MOSTLY about a girl named Sara who wants to "be" Kim Possible and gets that chance via a new virtual game that is similar to the Oasis in the movie Ready Player One. So technically it's not really "about" Kim Possible but Sara will get the chance to BE Kim Possible. You'll see... ***

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will some sexual content. This chapter contains NO sexual content but Sara will tell her boyfriend what sex things she wants to do.**

Cheer Fight Fantasy

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 2 - Sara's Wants To Role-play

A few days later, Sara wanted to surprise her boyfriend Mike when he came from from work. Her surprise was mostly for her but he would get a lot of benefit out of it too.

She heard Mike's truck pull in the driveway. It was easy to tell when someone pulled in the driveway of their house because the driveway was all gravel but she also knew it was him because of his truck. It was a big white decal Ford 350 Platinum. A monster of a truck, loud and a powerhouse! Of course, paid for by Sara.

Sara meet her boyfriend at the front door all gitty, "Hi baby!"

"What's gotten into you?"

She smiled, "Well, hopefully you and and that big cock of yours after I show you my surprise."

Mike was a little reluctant, "Oh no, is this about another one of your sex fantasies? Can it wait? I was going to take out the garage first."

Sara pulled him by the arm and dragged through the living room and to the kitchen. She directed him to the door next to the refrigerator. This door led to the garage, "Baby you don't know how lucky you are to have a rich horny girlfriend like me. The garbage can wait."

"On no, I know exactly how lucky I am. I just wish..."

Sara stopped before she opened the door that led to the garage, "You just wish...what?"

"I just wish you'd stop looking at porn so much. We have things that require attention in the house like the garbage, the lawn and other more 'real' things. Besides, you're gorgeous. Every guys dream. What guy wouldn't want a rich girlfriend who loves to have sex and loves to look at porn as much as you do but I'm just not into your little sex-dreams as much as you."

Sara seemed disappointed, "Oh...well, if that's the way you feel I can try and be more boring." She opened the refrigerator and asked, "So, what do you want for dinner, honey?"

Mike shook his head and smiled, "Don't give me this. Come on, show me what you wanted to show me."

Sara tried to lay her sarcasm on very thick, "Oh want boring housewife girlfriend. I can be her. After I make dinner I'll do the dishes and..."

Mike kissed her on the forehead, "Shut up. You couldn't be boring if you tried. Now show me."

Sara smiled gitty with excitement to show him, "Oh alright, follow me."

She opened the door to the garage and walked in, "Come on, it's over in the corner." She walked over to a corner of the garage. Mike slowed down as he stared at a very big tool shed. Next to the tool shed was a Kim Possible blanket covering, something. It looked like boxes. Mike paid no attention to the blanket.

He asked her, "Sweet. You bought me a new tool shed. Thanks."

Sara had a big grin on her face as she said, "It's not for's for me."


Sara pushed him into a lawn chair and explained, "I know you think I look at porn to much but I haven't been looking at a LOT of porn, I've been hyper focused on one. A Kim Possible sex story called Cheer Fight."

Mike rolled his eyes, "I think remember. The oil wrestling glory hole one."

Sara smiled a BIG grin when she said, "YES! That's the one. I want to 'role-play' it."

Mike looked confused. "Wait, wasn't that the one where Kim and Bonnie oil wrestled and then Kim lost so Bonnie forced Kim to suck a lot of cocks through a glory hole?"

"YES! Here's my plan."

Sara lifted the Kim Possible blanket off the boxes on the floor. The big revile was covering a large inflatable pool and a case of vegetable oil. Sara was so excited to tell him about her idea she ended up talking way to fast, "Do you remember my friend Joy? She's been over here a few times. We went to high school together. She's my closest friend and she's the only one that knows I won all the money. Anyway, I want to oil wrestle her. It won't be Kim and Bonnie it will be Sara vs Joy! Of course, just like in the comic Cheer Fight, Kim (or rather me) I'll lose the fight and then Joy will handcuff me and take me to the shed!"

Mike was at a lost for words, "The shed...why?"

"This old tool closet shed thing, you thought it was for you...that's cute. I bought it a few days ago."

Mike watched as she unlocked the doors to the shed and showed him the INSIDE. "You see, I gutted out the inside. No shelves, hooks...nothing. What to guess what I turned this into?

...wait for it...

It's a GLORY HOLE! I drilled a hole on the side of the shed. I even put a pillow on the floor, so I won't hurt her knees."

Mike got up out of his chair to looked inside for himself. Sure enough, there was a hole on the site of the shed.

Sara continued, "There's also a light inside the shed too, on top, and a small camera right above the glory hole, just like Bonnie put in the glory hole room in the fan fic Cheer Fight."

Mike was about to sit back down when Sara pulled him to the side where he would put his dick. She showed him a cool feature, "Look, there's a tablet right at eye level so you can watch me suck you're cock from the camera that's inside. The hole idea is that YOU know it's me but I don't know who is it. Well, I do, of course, but it's all part of the illusion, the fantasy."

Sara pretended to be a victim in a low squeaky voice, "Oh no, who's cock do I have to suck now? It's a glory hole and I have no idea who's on the other side of that wall..." Then Sara laughed it off.

She continued in her normal voice in the same rapid fire tone, "And do you know that the best part is? The tablet can record video! You can record a video of me sucking you're cock in the glory hole room so when I'm not around he can jerk off and dream of this fantastic moment."

Mike tried to tell her, "Ah, Sara...I never get the chance to jerk off. You always want sex."

Sara laughed, "Well, true. Lucky you! Anyway, there's more."


Sara walked him back to the front of the shed and showed him an inflatable pool again. "Here's how this whole fantasy will start. We'll inflate this pool right here in the garage. It'll fit perfectly right were you park your truck." She opened up the case of Crisco vegetable oil. (A 6 pack of 32 ounce bottles) pulled out 2 of the 32 ounce bottles and held them right in her hands in front of his face. "I don't know how much oil to use in oil wrestling so I bought a hole case."

Mike's eyes widened with surprise, "A case of oil? Won't that make a hell of a huge mess?"

Sara laughed at his statement, "True but the more messy it is the better it is AND the more shiny and slippery we are the sexy it is, right? Besides, that's why it's all out here in the garage, silly. We can easily hose out the garage to clean it up!"

"Is that all?"

Sara's looked around, "Nope...did I show you the handcuffs?"

"Wait...handcuffs too?"

"Oh course baby, Bonnie handcuffed Kim in the story, remember?"

Sara reached in the box with the oil and pulled out a set of hinged handcuffs (just like in the Cheer Fight fan fic) and she also pulled out a small bullet vibrator with straps on it.

Mike asked, "And what's that for?"

"Duh, it's for when you cum silly! Joy will strap it on me when I lose and then YOU get to play with the controls of the toy as I suck you cock when I'm locked in a shed!"

Mike stared at Sara, wondering if she was done.

Sara let out a long existing breath and said, "Okay, I'm done now."

Mike sat back down, took a deep breath and said, "Sara, it's fine to have sex fantasies but I don't want to hurt you. What if something goes wrong. What if Joy injures you when you two are oil wrestling? What if the handcuff keys are lost? Worse yet, what if the shed can't be unlocked?"

Sara smiled and lightly smacked in in the cheek, "Don't worry. I have a spare set of handcuff keys in our bedroom, the shed can be opened from the back, by someone from the outside. Of course, I won't be able to open it, I'll be handcuffed. Joy wouldn't really hurt me, she's my friend and's role-play ding-a-ling. It's all acting. That's what role-play fantasy's are. Acting out your wildest sex dreams."

Mike lowers his head. He doesn't seem to be into it.

Sara could see she was losing him so she told him, "Listen, baby. Just like any bondage role-play session there's always a safe word or safe words. If anything goes wrong, if I feel like I want to stop I'll say, 'Red Pineapple' as a - safe words."

Mike questioned, "Red Pineapple?"

"Have you ever seen a red pineapple?"

Mike shook his head. "Nope!"

"Exactly! Mike, baby, you know I like to look at porn and I like sex but this is all pure fantasy and role play, that's all. Nobodies going to get hurt. We'll just have a lot of fun."

"I know but there's just so much that could go wrong. I know we've done a few of your other role-play things in the past, and I've loved them all, but...I don't know...this one. This fantasy of yours, it's very aggressive. I know you put a lot of effort into putting this together but...I really don't know."

Sara got a little mad, "Dude, two girls are going to oil wrestle right in front of you, get naked and one of them is going to suck you're cock, relax. It's just role-play!"

Mike got out of his chair and started to walk to his truck.

Sara looked like she was just shot down from a big date, "Where are you going?"

"I'm... I'm going to go get a beer with my friends at the bar."



"When you're done bring them here, I'll suck there dick through the glory hole too. But don't bring Kevin. He's an asshole. I can't stand him."

Mike looked at her with one eyebrow raised!

Sara screamed, "I'M KIDDING! Seriously, this is just for you, me and Joy. The only dick I'm sucking is yours."

Mike let out a heavy sigh as he opened the door to his truck, "I think your porn sex fantasies have corrupted your brain. I'll be back later...I promise. We'll talk about all this when I come back."

Sara was very disappointed as she watched him drive off.