Chapter 2: Let The Games Begin!

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The stadium roared with the thunderous applause of tens of thousands of spectators. Confetti rained down as the Grand Magic Games opening ceremony was about to begin.

"Welcome everyone to the opening of this year's Grand Magic Games! I'm your host Chapati. Joining me today is a former magic council member and owner of the 8Island restaurant chain: Yajima! Good to have you here with us, Yajima-san."

"Likewise, Chapati."

"And joining us as our guest moderator is none other than Miss Fiore herself, Blue Pegasus' very own Jenny Realight!"

The stadium erupted in further cheers as every male in the stadium cried out for Jenny, along with several catcalls and even a few calls for marriage.

Jenny took it all in stride, no doubt used to all the attention and praise from her adoring public. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, sporting long, wavy and flowing blonde hair with two short bangs that framed her face and with most of it tied up in a ponytail that reached down to the middle of her back. A decorative flower with large petals was nestled on the right side of her head above her ear. She had a beautiful face, with full lips and sparkling blue eyes.

She had an amazing physique complete with a large bust and an hourglass figure. She wore a light-pink shoulderless dress that showed off quite a bit of cleavage and ran down to her calves with a slit along the length of her left leg and ended with pink high-heels. She sported several pieces of fine jewelry, but they were easily overlooked for the blue guild mark on her left shoulder.

Eventually, the crowds' cheers died down, allowing Chapati to resume his commentary.

"After a night of intense fighting in the Sky Labyrinth, all 113 teams have been reduced down to just eight. Over the next seven days, these guilds will be challenging each other in an intense series of trials and combat. So without further ado, let's introduce the eight teams that will be participating in this year's games."

The cheers quieted down even further as Chapati prepared to introduce the first team.

"First up in eighth place, an old school bunch of wild wizards from Magnolia. They had luck in the prelims and now they're raring to take first place back by force. Please welcome, Fairy Tail!"

From the stadium's main entrance emerged the Fairy Tail team consisting of Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy and Elfman. Instead of their usual outfits, all five were wearing matching purple outfits with white trim. They came out to the field filled with confidence and Natus raised his arm, signalling his intention for victory.

However, instead of cheers as they were expecting, they were bombarded by boos and jeers from the crowd, leaving team Fairy tail stunned.

"What the hell?!" Natsu cried out incredulously.

"I got to admit, I wasn't expecting that." Grey said with slight shock.

Lucy sighed in disappointment. "I want to go home now."

Natsu clenched his fist, but remained resolute. "We've really been kicked down to the bottom, huh?"

His teammates looked at him with slight concern. However, instead of seeing him with an angry look, all they saw was his signature toothy grin.

"Guess that just means we got to give even more of our all if we want to take back our place at the top."

In that instant, everyone's sour mood faded and they all ironed their resolve for the challenge ahead. From there, the announcers continued to announce the next teams.

"Coming in seventh is a team from the guild filled to the brim with the fairer sex. The maidens of the great blue sea, Mermaid Heel."

From the entrance, the seventh-place team emerged. Leading the all-female team was a beautiful young woman with long purple hair with a white headband and ribbon tied in a bow pointing straight up. She had a white blazer with gold lining and a large collar. It was open, revealing a collared shirt and red tie. She had a pair of white gloves that reached her wrists and was carrying an unusual katana. Her attire ended with a pair of black tights with white boots that went up to her knees.

"In sixth place with azure wings glimmering in the darkness. It's Blue Pegasus."

Jenny cheered loudly for her team which consisted of the Trimens Rin, Eve and Hibiki, their leader, the ever short and stout Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, and finally, their last member, who proved to be the most peculiar, was an unknown individual in a blue rabbit suit.

"In fifth place, the goddess of love and strife, the sacred destroyer Lamia Scale!"


An elderly woman with an unusual hairstyle yelled at Lamia Scale as they walked into the stadium. This was Oba Babasama, the guild master of Lamia Scale.

A little pink-haired girl looked up to the elder woman with an apologetic expression, "Sorry about that old hag."


The young girl Chelia suddenly looked nervous and tried to quicken her step which only caused her to fall down in embarrassment.

"Now to introduce our fourth place contestants," Chapati said over his microphone. "There certainly an unexpected surprise. Swooping in from a midnight querie, this dark and gloomy bunch are making their debut in this year's games. Give it up for Ravel Tail!"

From the moment they appeared, Raven Tail gave off an aura unlike those of the previous teams. While some displayed confidence, strictness, and charisma, the team of Raven Tail gave of nothing, but pure malice.

"What the heck are they doing here?!"

Natsu glared at the Raven Tail team, while Lucy, Gray and Elfman had looks of concern.

Unlike her peers, Erza chose not to let her emotions cloud her judgement and instead calmly analyzed Ivan's team, though she refused to let her guard down.

"This is bad. Their leader is the master Makarov's son, Ivan."

Makarov, on the other hand, was not as calm.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?! WHY IS A DARK GUILD PARTICIPATING IN THIS TOURNAMENT?! HAVE THOSE OFFICIALS LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS?!" Makarov's loud cries echoed all over the stadium as the rest of the Fairy Tail guild tried to calm him down. However, several groups of people heard him and it was not long before other spectators were whispering about it as well.

Things soon quieted down after Chapati and Yajima confirmed that Raven Tail did have an official guild status, making them eligible to compete. However, this did little to lighten Makarov's temper, especially as Alexei, a man wearing ornate and eerie looking golden armour with a black cloak made of feathers, made a comment about Wendy, to which a tiny imp-like creature transformed into a chibi version of her and imitated being knocked out.

"You bastards! So you're the ones who attacked Wendy."

Natsu clenched his fists in anger and scowled at the enemy alongside his comrades. They may not have declared it outright, but this little stunt was practically their way of confessing to the crime.

Chapati soon resumed counting down the remaining teams as he moved on to the next team.

"Now on to the next team. In third place is… Oh wow, what a surprise! This year's competition just got a whole lot more interesting folks! It's Fairy Tail Team B!"

A bolt of lightning illuminated the entrance and out from the smoke emerged Laxus, Mirajane, Juvia, Gajeel and a man whose face was concealed and who carried an assortment of staffs on his back.

Needless to say, the appearance of yet another Fairy Tail team sent everyone, including the first Fairy Tail team, reeling in shock.

However, the person who was most surprised was none other than Erza. She stared intently at the hooded man. She recognized his unique attire as that of Mystogan, the namesake of the Jellal from the alternate world of Edolas.

However, she knew that he couldn't be here. Thus, following that logic, she concluded that whoever was posing as Mystogan was most likely…

"Jellal, is that you?" Erza whispered to which "Mystogan" somehow heard.

He looked towards them and after a few tense seconds, he brought his finger to his mouth "Shhh!"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Everyone except Erza yelled out in shock.

In the end, it turns out that due to a new rule planned by the games committee, it was possible for a guild could enter another team. While advantageous to Fairy Tail, the news did seem to sit well with many people in attendance. However, it seems Natsu was way ahead of what everyone was thinking.


Natsu's sudden proclamation stunned everyone in the coliseum into silence.

"Being in the same guild doesn't mean jack. If I fight against any of you, I'm not gonna pull my punches! As long as we're in this tournament, you're all my enemies and I ain't gonna lose to any of you!"

Gajeel smirked as he got right in Natsu's face.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm looking forward to making you eat dirt, Salamander."

Natsu growled as he stood his ground and bashed his head against Gajeel's, causing the two to battle for dominance.

As both teams began to talk to one another in hushed whispers, mostly about Jellal's illegal participation, Makarov stared into space as he thought about the final two teams.

Considering Sabertooth's reputation as the strongest team in the Grand Magic Games, he had no doubt they would be the ones who would be in first place.

This meant that the next team would most likely be those responsible for eliminating Quatro Cerberus.

"They're coming…" He mused.

"Who is Master? Are you talking about the final two teams?" Lisanna asked with a curious expression.

"Well, aside from Sabertooth the only other guild I can think of that would make it this far is Quatro Cerberus. I'm honestly surprised those guys managed to take second place," Macao commented while stroking his mustache.

"Quatro Cerberus is not participating." Makarov calmly said, shocking everyone. "To be more specific, they were eliminated during the preliminaries."

Lisanna then remembered Makarov's encounter with Goldmine. "Did Master Goldmine say who it was that defeated them?"

Makarov narrowed his eyes. "He never told me their name, but from the way he described them, I have no doubt THAT guild is responsible."

"That guild?" Levy asked.

"Among the many guilds that populate Fiore, each one possesses different strengths. In the case of guilds such as ours, we have a variety of powerful mages. Each one experienced in different forms of magic. However, there are some guilds that have a specific focus on the type of mages they accept into their ranks. In the case of the one that fought Goldmine's guild, he told me that those responsible were a group of powerful fire mages."

"And now onto to the runner up of this year's games…" Chapati yelled while Makarov continued with his explanation.

"In all of Fiore, there is one guild in particular whose expertise and knowledge of fire magic is virtually unrivalled."

"This is their first time participating in the games and so far, they've made quite the impact. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for…"

"Their name is…" Makarov said, preparing to reveal the name of the mysterious guild.

All of a sudden the entrance to the coliseum erupted in a burst of powerful flames, grabbing everyone's attention. The flames rushed forward before stopping and taking the shape of a cocoon of flames that exploded outwards. Upon bursting, the flames transformed into a variety of floral shapes in several different colours, while a ring of fire slowly receded, revealing the team that was hidden inside.

"Fire Force/FIRE FORCE!" Both Makarov and Chapati revealed just as the flames disappeared, exposing the team to the world.

The crowd cheered and clapped at the spectacle as they took in the newcomers. Every single one of them carried black firefighter coats with neon blue stripes around their arms and stomach areas. Standing at the head was what everyone assumed to be the leader of the group. He was the tallest member of the group and his mask featured a faceplate that obscured his face.

On his right was a beautiful woman with tan skin and light pink-coloured hair that went past her shoulders. She had full lips with a pearl necklace around her neck. She wore her firefighter coat like one would a fur coat and she carried a black fan in her hand with the tips on fire, leading many to assume she was responsible for the group's theatrical entrance. The rest of her ensemble was completed with a white dress that complimented her buxom figure and black heels. She had a confident smile on her face and her most distinctive feature was her unique pupils, which were pink and in the shape of flowers.

Standing to the leader's left, was a young boy that looked to be around 17 or 18. He carried a firefighter helmet with the guild's symbol of two F's between a cross within the center of a sun. He had red eyes and for some reason, he had a big smile filled with shark-like teeth that appeared a little forced and unsettling. For some reason, he was walking barefoot.

Behind him was another boy around the same age. He was not wearing a firefighter helmet but instead had a hoodie that was left down. He had blue eyes and blond hair tied in an upwards ponytail. In his left hand, he carried a sheathed sword.

Behind the pink-haired woman was a young girl with purple eyes. Instead of a firefighter helmet, she wore a stylized witch's hat with the guild's symbol on the front.

As Fire Force's chosen mages moved towards the centre of the arena, several spectators were confused about these mysterious newcomers who were the runner-ups to Sabertooth.

"Fire Force, huh? The name sounds familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it." Jenny commented with a curious look on her face.

"They are a guild that's famous for their knowledge of fire magic and for taking on fire-related threats. Although, they don't usually enjoy being in the spotlight. Fun fact, Fire Force has eight different companies scattered across Fiore and due to their experience with fire magic, they sometimes assist local firefighters in their work." Said Yajima as he gave a brief summary of the guild.

"That's amazing, Mr. Yajima. I can't wait to see how Fire Force performs in this year's games."

The members of Fire Force finally took their spot among the other teams, where they began evaluating the competition and vice versa.

For Natsu and Lucy, a certain purple-eyed girl caught their eye.

"Wait a minute. Isn't that Maki?" Lucy asked as she waved over to her.

Maki noticed her and gave a friendly wave in return. "Hi, Lucy. Glad to see you guys made it."

Her team leader noticed the interaction.

"Friends of yours, Maki?" he asked.

She nodded. "Mmhm. They're the guys I told you about. The ones we met while dealing with those jerks."

The red-eyed kid, whose smile was still present looked towards them, particularly at Natsu. "Those guys are from Fairy Tail? They don't look all that different from seven years ago, huh?"

"You know I asked her that very same question Shinra." said Maki.

The blond kid seemed to be staring at them intently, which made Gray a little annoyed.

"Hey, buddy, got a problem with us?"

"Silence, paladin!" The blond said in a strange tone like he was some kind of knight from the tales of old. It certainly seemed to confuse Gray for a moment.


"My interest lies not with you, the dragon or the ogre, but with the princess and my fellow knight"

Team Fairy Tail A blinked at his announcement with confused expressions. Although for Lucy and Erza, the meaning was quite clear.

"Princess, me? Oh please, you're making me blush." Lucy said with a nonchalant expression and tried to brush it off. Although, if Happy were there, he would have pointed out that Lucy was letting the comment get to her head.

Erza also had a small smile on her face."A fellow knight huh? I'd best keep an eye on him."

However, Elfman had a contemplative look on his face, "Wait… if Lucy and Erza are the princess and knight, Gray's the paladin and Natsu's the dragon, then wouldn't the ogre be…"

His face lit up in realization and he got pissed, "Hey, what the hell was that for jackass!? Come say that to my face if you're man enough!"

Shinra scoffed at his comrade's behaviour, "Way to go, Arthur. Not even five minutes into the tournament and you've already gotten one of the teams angry at us. Honestly, why couldn't Tamaki have joined our team instead of you?"

Arthur put a hand on the hilt of his sword, "Watch what you say, Devil! Lest you feel my blade's wrath!"

"Bring it on, ya wannabee king." Shinra taunted as he bashed his head against Arthur's.

Meanwhile, Gray and Natsu just stared at Shinra and Arthur.

"Geez, would you look at those too?" Natsu asked as he watched the two argue.

"I know right? Would it kill them to show a little decency? I mean seriously, arguing like that in the middle of a public place like this. What are they, kids?"

Every Fairy Tail member present in the stadium slowly turned their heads to their two guildmates, who were oblivious to their staring.

'Are they serious?' They all thought as they gave deadpanned looks at Natsu and Gray.

Erza suddenly felt someone was watching her and she turned to look at the oldest female member of Fire Force. The woman was giving her an apathetic expression while covering her mouth with her fan. The look in her eyes made it clear that she was looking at Erza the same way someone would look down at an ant.

"Can I help you with something?" Erza asked with narrowed eyes.

The woman gave a light-hearted laugh as she gave Erza a fake eye smile, "No, not really. I was just wondering what kind of diet you're on… Cause it looks like you might be a little… top-heavy."

Erza's eye twitched as she stared down at this woman, while her teammates were shocked that someone had the guts to talk to Erza that way.

Erza scoffed as she closed her eyes and looked away with a smug smile. "You know, I was wondering something similar about your choice of clothes. They look so old and plain, and frankly a little tight around the waist."

The woman had a tick mark appear on her forehead before she marched right up to Erza. Both teams attempted to hold their respective female members back.

"H-hey now, calm down Hibana. No need for things to get violent." Maki said as she tried to talk some sense into Hibana. Although, this had little impact as Hibana's attention was focused squarely on Erza.

"You know, for someone with such a great voice, you sure do have a smart mouth!" Hibana yelled with a threatening smile that Erza happily returned.

"I was thinking the same thing, little miss prima donna!" She cried out while being held back by Natsu and Gray.

As the two women continued to exchange barbs while being restrained by their teammates, Fairy Tail Team B stood back to watch the show.

"Umm… is it just me or do those two sound oddly similar?" Jellal asked as he observed Erza duke it out in a verbal war with Fire Force's Hibana.

Mira just smiled and simply waved him off. "You're just imagining things."

While the teams were talking, there was a certain group, adjacent to the stands where the Fairy Tail guild was located who were watching the proceedings from afar.

Two little heads peered over the stone barrier to get a good look at both Fairy Tail teams.

"Look at them go, Hinata!" one of the little girls said. She has black hair tied in a bubble and was brushed to the right side of her face, complete with a yellow bow on her head with black eyes full of mischief and curiosity. She wore a black kimono with a blue stripe across the waist and a yellow flame pattern at the end of her sleeves.

"I know, Hikage! Those jerks look like lots of fun!", said the other girl who looked identical to her twin with the only exception being that her hair was brushed to the left side of her face.

Sitting next to them was Iris, who was cheering loudly for her team while waving a cute little flag with the guild's emblem.

"Good Luck, everyone! Be sure to do your best!"

Sitting next to her was a black-haired girl with twin tails and golden eyes. She was also wearing an orange jumpsuit, similar to the one Maki was wearing the night before. As she looked at her peers, she could not help but give a jealous pout. Her shoulders slowly started shaking, before screaming in exasperation, "Gah! It's no fair! I should be the one down there fighting with the others! Instead, I got sidelined with the little brats just because of a little incident!"

Suddenly, she felt a hand latch onto her head, giving it a good squeeze. She instantly shut up and with a slight look of fear, she turned around to look into the cold amber eyes of her superior.

"Tamaki… after the little incident you pulled, you're lucky we're even letting you come here." The man looked to be in his late twenties and had short-cropped brown hair that was hidden under a hat that had the phrase "Don't Push Moscoy" written on it with two arrows pointing to a red button. He had bangs hanging over his eyes along with a pair of glasses that were glowing an ominous white. Like Tamaki, he also had an orange jumpsuit.

"B-but Hinawa, that wasn't my fault! That thing with the stupid four-eyes and his friend was because of my lucky lechure lure! It's not like I planned it!" She started shouting. while waving her arms frantically.

"Haha, the stupid pervy girl is in trouble!" cried out Hinata with glee.

"Haha, the pervy cat lady is at the end of her life!" taunted Hikage.

For a moment, Tamaki's expression went from scared to angry as she mustered the courage to glare at the twins.

"Knock it off, you little brats! You don't need to be so mean! Come on Lieutenant. I know you're mad at me, but they're the ones who are acting inappropriately right now."

Hinawa's only recourse was to increase his glare and get into Tamaki's face, causing her to squeak in fear.

Hinawa paused as he felt someone's hand rest on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw a young man with red hair shaved to the sides and blue eyes. Like Hinawa, he also had an orange jumpsuit, but his top was pulled down showing off his black shirt with a white paw print. He also has some distinct tattoos of two black stripes around his neck, and three horizontal ones on both shoulders.

"Come on Hinawa, why don't you take it easy on Tamaki? After all, we're in the Grand Magic Games this year. This is sure to boost our guild's reputation."

Hinawa let go of Tamaki, causing her to fall to the ground, earning even more laughter from the twins.

"We did not come here to promote our reputation, Vulcan."

Vulcan waved him off as his expression became serious. "Yeah, I know. We also came here to find potential allies and also to keep an eye on a certain someone."

"Natsu Dragneel, the Salamander."

Both men turned to look back to the owner of the voice. Sitting behind them, were two men. The first man, the one who spoke, was tall and muscular with wavy grey hair that was styled into a ponytail. He had a bearded chin-strap and green eyes, one of which is covered by a black eye. Over his shoulders was the same uniform as the people in the coliseum but it was not closed, revealing a white collared shirt with the first button undone. He had dark-coloured trousers and steel-toed boots. The symbol of his guild was located on his eye patch and both shoulders of his protective coat.

"Considered one of the strongest and most dangerous fire mages in Fiore. He fell off our radar these last seven years. With such a large gap, everyone else has gotten stronger, so it's important we keep an eye on him and see if he can still handle himself." The older man answered with an apathetic voice as his gaze focused intently on Natsu, who was still arguing with Gajeel Redfox.

"He may not look like much, but try not to underestimate him, old man. I doubt the Fire Dragon King would make just anyone his dragon slayer." said the man sitting next to him.

While the old man had the appearance of a seasoned veteran, the man next to him was the exact opposite. He appeared laid back with a look of gloomy disinterest as he watched the teams interact with each other. However, despite his laid back appearance, his eyes held an intense focus.

He appeared to be in his early twenties and had neck-long, wavy, black hair that covers part of his face. He had some highly unusual eyes. His right one had a red circle with a black dot in the middle, while his left eye has a red iris and a white cross-shaped pupil.

His outfit consisted of a white t-shirt with a black vest over it and a dark-blue kimono upper-garment that for some reason he only wore on his left arm. He wore the trousers that the rest of the Fire Force Team was wearing that ended in a pair of black boots. The symbol of the Fire Force was on the left shoulder of his kimono.

The older man glanced at the younger man. "Whatever the case, Natsu Dragneel is still a high priority target. Even if he fails to meet our expectations, he can still be a target for them. If such a scenario comes to pass, we'll have no choice but to eliminate him. Do you understand that, Beniumaru Shinmon?" he said while glancing at the man named Benimaru.

The young man glanced back at his senior. "How many times do I have to tell you, geezer? I prefer to be called Shinmon Benimaru. When are you gonna get that through your thick skull Burns?"

Both Benimaru and Burns turned away from watching the teams and started glaring at one another. For anyone unfortunate enough to be sitting close to them, the temperature suddenly got a lot hotter. In an instant, Benimaru materialized a small flame in his hand, while Burns' eye patch was suddenly enveloped in flames.

Iris began to panic. "P-please commander Burns and Benimaru-sama, don't fight here! If that happens, then the whole stadium could go up in flames!"

However, they ignored her pleas and the temperature around them continued to rise. Iris cried out as the flag she was holding went up in flames and was reduced to ash.

Hinawa quickly cleared his throat, while Tamaki and the twins hid behind him and Vulcan. While Tamaki had an understandably nervous expression, the twins had a look of indifference, as though they were used to this sort of thing.

His attempt to get their attention worked as both fire mages looked towards him.

"Pardon the interruption, but please keep in mind where we are. It wouldn't be good if the two of you started something in the middle of this colosseum. Not only is the first event scheduled to start soon, you would also get innocent civilians caught in the crossfire… Also, you both made Iris cry."

Burns and Benimaru stopped glaring at one another and turned their attention towards Iris who was looking at the ground to the burned remains of her flag. She had a visibly hurt expression and tears welling up in her eyes. She really liked that flag.

The moment they looked into her eyes, both captains felt a pang of intense guilt. After giving each other one final glare, they turned their attention to Iris.

"Sorry about that." They both said nonchalantly as they gave her some money to go buy a new one. Her face lit up as she dashed off with a happy skip to her step, while Tamaki and the twins chased after her, eager to get some merchandise and food of their own.

"When are they going to get these games started?" Benimaru asked impatiently.

"The only team they have left is Sabertooth. After that, the first event should begin." Vulcan replied.

Benimaru and Burns returned their attention to the field, just as Sabertooth finally made their entrance, causing the spectators to cheer.

"Very well then, let's see what Fiore's top guilds have to offer." Burns said as his eyepatch continued to burn.

As the contestants all gathered, Chapati explained how the upcoming contests and battles will work over the next seven days. Once the general rules were discussed, Chapati announced that it was time for each team to select a participant for the first contest, known as "Hidden."

With Fire Force, the group huddled together to discuss who would be the best person to send out to the field.

"Judging by the name "Hidden," it's obvious this is going to be some kind of hide and seek game. Therefore, it stands to reason that we should send out our best stealth fighter." Hibana said while analyzing the other teams as they selected their players for the event. Her gaze landed on Sabertooth's Rufus, who stepped forward with an arrogant smile. Something told her that he would be the most problematic of the bunch.

"Well, that's a bummer. When it comes to our abilities, we aren't exactly known for being subtle. If Hinawa was here, he would have been the best option to participate in this event. His powers are not as flashy as the rest of ours... unless of course, the situation calls for it. Not to mention that he could easily take down the other players from a distance without giving away his location." Maki said.

"Hinawa would also have been my first choice. Aside from him, the next person among us I can think of who's best suited for this type of event would be Hibana." Obi said.

"Umm, Sir?" Shinra asked with his hand raised.

"What's up Shinra?" Obi asked.

"Well, I was thinking why not send Arthur for this one?"

Obi and the others looked towards Arthur, who was busy glaring at Nullpudding from Raven Tail. All while mumbling the world troll over and over.

"Arthur? What makes you think he would be a good choice for this?" Maki asked with a curious expression.

"Well, remember a few months back when we were on that manhunt? Arthur ended up getting lost and we had to submit a missing person's report?"

Obi and Maki blinked as they did remember that little incident, while Hibana just grimaced.

"Seriously?" She asked with an incredulous look on her face.

Exactly how Arthur got lost for an entire week in an area so close to their guild was something they were still trying to figure out. Then again… if the objective of the game was to make sure you were not found by the other teams, then perhaps this could play this to their advantage.

"Hmmm, Shinra does have a point. If Arthur can tap into his inner sneak, then maybe we could pull ahead in this round." Said Maki while Obi nodded in agreement.

"Yo, Arthur." Obi yelled to get Arthur's attention.


Obi placed his hands on Arthur's shoulders. "We're gonna put you in for this round. So for now, we'll need you to make a job change from a knight to an assassin, ok?" Obi said while being sure to play on Arthur's… unique quirk to ensure he did not do anything that would put them at a disadvantage for this event.

Arthur nodded his head. "Very well, Sir Obi. I shall fulfill my duty and slay the troll." He said while placing a mask around his face and putting his hoodie up over his head.

Obi sweatdropped, but just ran with it while giving him a thumbs-up. "Umm… sure you go do that."

"Just be sure you don't go screw up, okay crappy knight?"

"Once this battle is over, I will slay you next, devil."

Maki sweatdropped while Hibana's eye twitched, 'He does realize they're on the same team, right?'

Arthur was the last to join the rest of the participants. All of whom had determined expressions on their faces.

"The competitors have been chosen, and the long wait is finally over! Grab a refreshment and stayed glued to your seat, cause you're not going to want to miss a nailbiting moment of "Hidden"!" Chapati announced causing the crowd to roar with applause.

The games had finally begun!

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