Captain Toad farting was something that took the treasure tracker a while to become accustomed to but seeing his closest adventure pal do it with such grace and passion made him ease into it; and eventually it became such to his advantage that he decided to do it!

"Peeyew; ooh boy am I stinky!" Captain Toad laughed joyfully while fanning the rotten eggy poots emerging from his smelly pants. "I can sense how hot they feel! No wonder my fellow archivist likes doing this!"

"Cap'n are you gonna learn to not be so obsessed with treasure?" Toad pointed out while being on the lookout for various power up items for him to use.

The Toad Brigade Captain murmured for he was stretching his arms. "Well that depends. Treasure could be anything!"

Toad did a certain motion with his face. "Such as?"

Captain took in a deep breath and puffed his cheeks, his stomach grumbling for he then blasted out a huge fart that blew away all of the enemies that were strolling around nearby. "Well I think the farts I let out count as treasure because I'm taking them in with every release I feel!"

"...Not exactly how I would go about with it." Toad admitted since he felt a toot escape from his pants.

"Well you're not the 1 letting loose now are you?" Captain snapped for he adjusted his backpack and used his flatulence to boost himself away at a fast speed. "Now if you excuse me, I gotta go find some new pants to take a doodoo in!"

Toad just watched in confusion while the smelly captain of treasure tracking went on his merry mushroom way, tumbling down for he tripped and bumped his fungi head on the rather harsh grass, eventually landing in a pit of mud. Emerging from it, the Toad captain began crying about until a certain other stinker approached him while fanning the reeking air.

"Phew, and I thought I smelled bad!" Boasted the 1 and only Archivist Captain Explorer Toadette farting to her heart's content.

"W-what are you doing all the way out here chief?" Captain asked while getting up on his feet after boosting himself up with a sloppy fart.

"Oh you know; I just had to break away from the monotonous actions of going on various construction sightings. I had to just adventure again!"

"Well I'm happy to learn that you're so excited about your predicament. But as you could see: I'm in a bit of a bind 1 might say."

"All right lay it on me."

"Well I was going about my day farting about like you but I fell in this mud pit and... well I don't hate it but-"

"Say no more; you want a change of clothes so you can fart better in them right?"

"Not what I would have expected you to say but if you could-"

"Be able to make it so that your clothing gets cleaned up so you can have fun making them a mess again, then I'll gladly oblige!"