"Are you sure about this, Commander?" asked Echo.

Ahsoka grinned confidently. "Of course! In some cultures, it's a tradition to stay up and celebrate the start of the new year!"

"All the way until 1200?" asked Fives skeptically. "Can you even do that?"

"I'm not a child!" huffed Ahsoka. "Of course I can!"

"Well," put in Kix. "You're not an adult, either. You're still growing, and missing sleep isn't healthy for you. You should be getting eight to ten hours of sleep every night for healthy development, and you aren't going to be getting enough if you insist on staying up this late."

"But you guys are doing it!"

Hardcase bounced in place from his seat on the floor. "You made us, but now I'm really excited!"

Kix glared at the hyperactive clone. "Not helping," he hissed.

Hardcase stilled momentarily. "Actually, I'm not excited anymore."

"Aw, c'mon! Please?" Ahsoka gave the clones her best tooka eyes. "Pretty please?"

"Tooka eyes don't work on medics–"

"Okay, fine," allowed Jesse, caving to the cuteness and waving a hand dismissively at Kix. "It's just for one night, anyway."

"Yay!" cheered Ahsoka. She gave Jesse a tackle hug, nearly knocking him off his seat, then sat back excitedly. "So, we have four hours till the new standard year… What do we do?"

"I've read that on some planets, fireworks are lit and–" Kix clapped a hand over Echo's mouth and jerked his head toward Hardcase.

Echo gulped. "And nothing."

"We can play some new games!" suggested Ahsoka. "Or… more sabacc. You play that all the time. Why don't you teach me to play sabacc?"

The clones had a whispered conversation about whether they should teach a game involving betting to a teenager.

"I can hear you," said Ahsoka, tapping one montral.

"Oh… Well," Echo frowned, "I guess we can. But I don't think General Skywalker needs to know about this."

Ahsoka nodded and saluted with two fingers. "Master Skywalker doesn't find out. Okay."

Fives dealt the cards while Kix leaned forward.

"The goal of the game is to win the sabacc pot. You can do so by collecting a hand with a value close to twenty-three, but not higher…"

A short while later, Ahsoka slapped her hand down on the table. "Idiot's Array! I win!"

Fives stared at her, mouth agape. "What?"

Jesse was looking, wide eyed, at the cards the Padawan displayed.

Ahsoka grinned. "You all owe me quite a few imaginary credits. And also two favors."

Hardcase tossed a pillow away petulantly. "Let's play another round!"


A few minutes before midnight, Ahsoka was fast asleep. Resting on her laurels (and a few stolen pillows), the Togruta had retired in victory after winning every round of sabacc, and now reposed on the pillows and blankets which had been brought into the hangar bay by the group.

Several other games went on in different parts of the room, but the rowdier ones had been vigorously shushed by Kix, and Ahsoka slept peacefully.

Fives checked his chrono. "Five minutes to midnight," he whispered.

"Should we wake her up?" wondered Echo.

Kix paused. "Yeah, wake her up for the new year. She'd never forgive us if we didn't."

"Hey, kid," said Hardcase. He shook Ahsoka's shoulder gently.

Ahsoka blinked blearily and sat up. "What? Hardcase? Huh?"

"It's almost midnight," Jesse reminded her.

"Really? Oh! Thanks for waking me up!" Ahsoka rubbed her eyes and sat up straighter.

"And after this, you're going to bed, okay?"

"Yes, Kix. I'm gonna sleep, I promise."

Kix patted Ahsoka's arm. "Good."

Ahsoka started to lean to one side. Fives pushed her upright. "You can do it. Stay up just another minute."

Ahsoka nodded and yawned. "I… I can do that. Where's Anakin?"

"He declined the invitation to join in our festivities," said Echo gravely. "I have no idea why."

"Yeah, neither do I," added Fives.

"It's not like he would be with a senator or anything…" Jesse trailed off.

Hardcase snickered behind his hand

A few more minutes of staying awake, and someone began counting down.

"Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three… two… one!"

The hangar was filled with laughter and exuberant shouts of "Happy New Year!" and "Vod, I haven't seen you since last year!"

Ahsoka beamed up at her friends. "Happy New Year, guys!" She yawned again. Kix rose to his feet and tugged Ahsoka up too.

"Come on. Bed. You stayed up for the new year."

Ahsoka hugged everyone and allowed herself to be pulled outside. "Good night… and happy New Year, ori'vode."