N. Tropy couldn't believe that he had been defeated - again by this meddling marsupial. As the mongrels were making sure Tawnie was okay, N. Tropy turned to Nastisa. Nastisa was a bit weak but her eyes clearly on the Quantum Masks - mostly Kupuna-Wa. N. Tropy decided to keep his eyes on her too. Although at first he had no idea why until it hit him. While their own time traveling powers had been dried up, Kupuna-Wa still had hers.

Nastisa looked at her male counterpart. It was apparent to her that he had the same plan she did. Before anyone could react, N. Tropy captured Kupuna-Wa. The group gasped in horror. Crash grabbed Akano and was about to stop their plan. But it was too late, the rift had opened.

"Time to stop this at this beginning!" N. Tropy stated.

"The very beginning." Nastisa added.

With that, the two of them went through the rift and went back to the past. Crash instantly paled.

"Oh no..." He groaned.

"They are going back to when I created you..." Cortex whispered, scared.

Crash was about to say something when Coco spoke.

"Crash...?" She asked.

The bandicoot turned to his younger sister and saw that she instantly disappeared.

Tawnie breathed, "Coco! No!"

Lani-Loli started to freak out, "Oh it's only going to get worse if we don't save Kupuna-Wa!"

Ika-Ika stated, "Then let's go and save our sister!"

Everyone nodded in agreement, following them through the rift.


Arriving back in the past, a past Cortex spoke into the PA system.

"Ah! Would you leave me alone!? What have I done to you?!"

N. Tropy answered darkly, "You exist!"

Nastisa added, "And we will make sure that you won't any more in this dimension."

Past Cortex screamed out in fear and the PA system went completely out. Crash turned to Cortex, surprised to see that the bald scientist hadn't faded out yet. Instead, it was Dingodile that disappeared.

Crash breathed, "Crap..."

Tawnie told them, "We have to get to them. Now! I can't lose Coco again!"

Nacey promised, "Don't worry, we will get them back." She whispered, "Hopefully."

Without wasting another second, they kept moving towards the castle.


After getting out of the castle, Tawnie had disappeared. So it was just Crash, Cortex, and Nacey with the Quantum Masks. Cortex turned to his sister, the worry in his eyes.

She asked him, "What?"

He started to answer, "I might disappear next... or you... or Crash..."

She placed her hand on his shoulder and reassured, "If that's the case, we all have to keep moving no matter what."

He just nodded sadly. He knew that she was right and to his utter horror - she had disappeared in front of his eyes.

He breathed, "Nance..."

While he didn't know what awaited for them, Cortex knew one thing - he had to get his sister back.

This just got personal.


When Crash and Cortex got to the N. Tropies, they saw the past Cortex knocked out in a cage. They had a new robot, looking smug at them.

N. Tropy stated, "We couldn't kill him yet."

Nastisa added, "We just had to wait to kill his general right in front of his face."

Crash and Cortex shared a look. They both nodded. They couldn't let that happen.

Crash promised, "We won't let you."

Cortex replied, "And that's a promise."

The N. Tropies stole the other Quantum Masks, making half of the battlefield invisible. Lani-Loli struggled against the powers of the robot. It was way too strong to try break out. Crash and Cortex kept jumping away from lasers. They jumped on two of the three laser bases, destroying them. Crash went to the next one, destroying it quickly.

The gravity flipped right after that. Ika-Ika was struggling too, trying not to hurt their friends. Two of the lasers bases popped up again. Once again, the two of them destroyed them quickly. The gravity returned and then time started to slow. Kupuna-Wa struggled hard. While time was slow, Crash started to disappear.

Crash whimpered, "I d-don't want to go... I don't want to go Cortex..." Cortex ran over to him, catching Crash before he fell to the ground. He pleaded, "I really don't wanna go..."

Cortex told him, "It'll be okay Crash... I'll stop them..." He saw that Crash was about to disappear and whispered, "I'm so proud of you... son..."

Before he could realize that time had gone back to normal, Crash was gone. And it was just Cortex alone. He went after the laser bases like before. It was harder for him to just over the bigger leaps without using his plasma blaster.

I hate having short legs!

Cortex managed to take out the laser bases. That's when the robot started to spin around. Akano was also struggling just like his brothers and sister. This time, there was four laser bases. Cortex did his hardest to keep up. Cortex had almost not made a jump, holding onto a ledge barely. He managed to pull himself up, panting hard. Cortex used his plasma blaster to go out to the third laser. After he managed to blow it up, Cortex looked up at the robot. It was at its last leg.

Cortex panted, "This... is for everyone who isn't here!"

The bald scientist hadn't noticed that he was starting to fade out of existence. He managed to destroy the laser base, destroying the robot. The two N. Tropies were down and out, finally. The cage opened and the future Cortex quickly hid. The past Cortex woke up and saw that they were on the ground.

He gloated, "Hmm, must've taken a hit to the old temporal lobe... But a fallen foe can only mean one thing... it came to blows and I won! My General's first order of business will be to dispose of you two!"

The past Cortex laughed evilly as he walked out of the room. Cortex, while he was fading out, looked up at the monitor. He saw his past self lifting up the panel with the past Crash on it.

He said mostly to himself, "Wow... talk about deja vue..."

The past Cortex commanded, "Quickly! Into the vortex!"

The past N. Brio warned, "But Dr. Cortex, the Vortex, isn't ready!"

Cortex saw that the past Crash was in the vortex. He turned around, seeing a stabilizing orb. That's when he realized something. The stabilizing orb had been destroyed the first time around. As he continued to disappear, he fired a shot from his plasma blaster at the purple orb. It resulted in Crash's failure.

Cortex felt himself fading out as he heard the past Crash falling out the window.


When Cortex was finally able to open his eyes again, he saw that he was in Crash's house. He rubbed his head, looking around.

He breathed, "What...?"

"You're awake!"

Cortex turned, seeing his sister there. "You're back...?"

She explained, "We're all back thanks to you. The Quantum Masks told us that you stopped the N. Tropies all by yourself after Crash disappeared."

Cortex's eyes went wide in shock as he asked, "It did?"

Nacey nodded, "You're a hero."

Cortex scratched his cheek modestly. Now that was something he could get used to.

Instead, he shook his head and replied, "I don't feel like a hero, Nance. I still feel like me."

Nacey teased slightly, "Yeah, my annoying younger brother."

To that, he laughed but then realized something. He asked her, "Wait... what happened to the N. Tropies anyhow?"

Nacey explained, "The Quantum Masks sent them to the end of the universe. And they will never bother us again."

For some reason, he didn't feel that was true.


Somewhen, towards the end of the universe, N. Tropy was enjoying the company of his new girlfriend. However, it was quickly interrupted.


N. Tropy and Nastisa both looked, seeing the voodoo mask. Apparently, he was very much alive - and very upset.

"Oh... crud." Both of them moaned.


Wishmaker1028: And that's where I will leave this story - at least for now. I might do a sequel with Twin Sanity, I might not. Depends how it goes. Hope you all enjoyed! Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!