Chapter 1: The magic of Courage! Cure Miracle rises!

It was a peaceful morning in the city, people were making their way to work or to do some shopping and one girl was waking up from her sleep and looked at the teddy bear lying right next to her "Good morning, Mofurun." The girl said as she got up from her bed and went to her dresser and changed into her clothes for the day.

The girl took a small part of her golden blond hair and tied it up with a pink bow and a braid tied in the back. She puts on a light pink top and light blue shorts, pink shoes, and white knee-socks.

The girl took her stuffed bear and made her way downstairs and saw her mother preparing breakfast "Morning, mom!" The girl greeted as her mother turned to her.

"Good morning, Mirai." Her mother greeted as she placed the food on the table when an older woman entered the room.

The older woman has short curly grey haircut with part of her fringe held by a blue clip and she has brown eyes. Her clothes consist of a light green cape - like cardigan that is held together by a white ribbon, a pale yellow button up sweater with a white shirt underneath, long ankle length periwinkle shorts tied by a brown belt, dark grey socks and white shoes.

"Good morning, Grandma!" Mirai greeted as the elder woman smiled.

"Good morning, Mirai." The woman, known as Yuki, said as the grandmother took her seat at the table.

"Someone's in a good mood. Did you have a good dream?" Mirai's mother asks as she takes a sip of her coffee.

"Kind of. I don't remember the dream that much but i was using magic and Mofurun was walking and talking… and that's about it…" Mirai frowns a little.

"It's okay, Mirai. I'm sure you'll use magic in no time." Her Grandmother said with a smile but her daughter looks away from her mother with a bit of disdain.

Mirai then saw the time and quickly finished her breakfast quickly and got out of her seat "Mirai, where are you going?" Her mother asks as Mirai grabs a small bag carrying her stuffed bear.

"I promised Kazuya i would help him with his soccer practice! I'm off!" Mirai said as she put her shoes on and left the house.

"I feel like we should tell her." Yuki said as she took out a white wand with a crystal on top, shaped like a crescent moon.

"I don't think so! I just want her to be like any other kid." Yuki frowns at this.

"She deserves to know. After all, you can't keep the truth from her forever, Kyoko." Yuki explained as she uses magic to clean the dishes and place them back in the cabinets.

"Maybe you're right… maybe i should tell her." Kyoko said but then saw a bat like man flying around the sky, her eyes widened "Oh no. Mirai's in trouble!" Kyoko left the house and ran after her daughter.

At the park, Mirai was on a bench waiting for her friend and saw him walking up to her with a soccer ball in his hands "Hi Mirai." He greeted.

"Morning, Kazuya!" Mirai smiled as Kazuya blushed a little.

Kazuya has messy black hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing a red jacket on top of a short sleeve white baseball jersey, brown jeans and white shoes. He also has a green watch with a small blue band right next to it on his left arm.

"So, shall we get started?" Kazuya asks as he places his soccer ball on the ground with Mirai in a catcher position. Kazuya kicks the ball towards Mirai so she can catch it but the ball goes above the girl and hits the tree then back to Kazuya's feet. The second attempt went as well as the first one as the ball somehow hit the bench and hit the tree and then hit Kazuya in the face.

"Are you okay, Kazuya!?" Mirai asks in concern as she rushes to her side.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Kazuya said, waving his hand while smiling.

"Excuse me, children? But can you help me?" The two kids turned their heads to see a man up on the branch of the tree.

The man has purple hair with red eyes and large bat ears. He wears a black tuxedo like outfit with a big orange fur collar and a purple shirt under the tuxedo jacket. The tuxedo jacket has four gold buttons as well as a cross pattern across the front. He has a black and red cape coming from the fur collar, his boots are knee-high and also black.

"What the heck!?" Kazuya exclaims as the man jumps down from the tree and slowly walks up to the children.

"My apologies for startling you two but I need help for something that I'm looking for. I'm looking for a green stone called the Linkle Stone Emerald. Have you seen it?" The man asks.

"No, we haven't." Mirai responds fearfully but the man smiles.

"I see… Well, I thank you anyway for telling me." The man said but before he left he saw Mirai's pendant and his smile turned from a polite one into a creepy one "That pendant is the Linkle Stone Diamond." Mirai clutches the pendant as she and Kazuya step back from the man's advancement but then Kyoko pulls out her wand and rolls out a carpet on the ground.

"Cure Up Ra pa pa! Magic Carpet brings my daughter and her friend to me!" The wand glowed and the carpet began to float and flew fast to grab Mirai and Kazuya and brought them to Kyoko's side.

"Mom!? Did you just-?"

"I'll explain everything later! Right now, we need to go!" Kyoko got on the magic carpet and flies off as quickly as it could.

"You can run but you can't hide." The man said as he pulled out a cane with a skull on it and spots a stuffed crow toy and truck and then holds up his hands "Magic Infused! Come Forth! Yokubaru!" The skull's empty eyes glowed red and the two objects fused together to form a truck with a black beak, black wings and a cartoonish looking skull with horns.

"Yokubaru!" The monster roared as it looked at its creator.

"Go forth and bring the girl and her pendant to me!" The man commanded as the Yokubaru flies off after Mirai.

On the magic carpet, Mirai had so many questions in her head it wasn't even funny "Mom, since when can you use magic!?" Mirai asks as Kyoko frowns.

"Since i was your age. I wanted to keep you away from it because I wanted to give you a normal life. But i guess i should have told you sooner." Kyoko said as she pulled out another wand and gave it to Mirai "That was your aunt's wand. She would've wanted you to have it." Mirai's eyes widened but then the trio felt rumbling from the carpet and saw the Yokubaru chasing them.

"What the heck is that!?" Kazuya asks as the Carpet begins to fly as fast as it could to escape from the Yokubaru.

"A Yokubaru! A monster made from that dark wizard!" Kyoko explains as the Carpet lands on a tall building's rooftop.

"What do we do now?" Kazuya asks as the Yokubaru hovers in front of them and the man from before appears before them.

"Batty! I should have known!" Kyoko yells with a scowl.

"Kyoko! Goodness, it's been too long! I thought i would never see you again." Batty said with a smile but Kyoko didn't return the kind gesture.

"What do you want, Batty?" Kyoko asks as Batty frowns and sighs.

"It would have been nice for you to ask how i've been. Very well… I want that Linkle Stone the girl is wearing around her neck." Batty explains as Mirai looks at her pendant.

"You're still going on about that!? I told you, the Linkle Stones are nothing more than a fairytale and even if my daughter had one, i would never give it to you." Kyoko said with a voice filled to the brim with anger.

"Hmph. How disappointing. You still don't understand." Batty said as the Yokubaru looked like it was about to attack but Mirai stepped forward.

"If i give you my pendant, you'll leave us alone?" Mirai asks as Batty smiles and her mother and Kazuya looks at her in shock.

"Of course. You have my word." Batty said as Mirai looked at her mother and Kazuya.

"Don't worry, guys. Kazuya, after this, let's keep practicing your shot." Mirai said as she winked at Kazuya and he knew what she was doing.

"I guess you're right. We really have no choice." Kazuya said as he put his soccer ball next to his feet.

Mirai walks to Batty and gives him the pendant "Thank you, young lady. My master will be most grateful. Indeed!" Batty said as Mirai smiled mischievously.

"Now!" Mirai yelled as she moved out of the way and Kazuya kicked his soccer ball to successfully knock the pendant out of Batty's hands.

"What!?" Batty exclaimed as Mirai quickly catches her pendant and runs back towards her mother and Kazuya.

"You didn't expect that, did you!?" Kazuya asks as he smiles, this made Batty furious.

"You little trickster!" Batty yelled.

"Mirai… That must have taken a lot of courage to lie and trick Batty. I'm proud of you." Kyoko said as Mirai and her saw that her pendant had become a diamond on a gold pendant holder and chain.

"The Diamond Linkle Stone has awakened!?" Batty exclaimed as Mirai's wand transformed into a more of a thick stick of the wand.

"What the…?" Mirai then saw the Diamond Linkle Stone glow and Mirai instantly knew what to do "Okay…" Mirai then puts the Diamond Linkle Stone on the wand "Dia! Precure! Mahou Henshin! Cure Up Ra pa pa!" Mirai shouted as she pointed the wand to the sky and became engulfed by the light magic that surrounded her.

Mirai began to transform as her eyes turned light purple and she got taller, with her hair lengthening and turning bright blonde. Part of it is styled in a ponytail on the right side of her head held by a magenta bow. She also wears a pink headband with a small witch hat and pearly earrings. Her clothes are replaced with off-white at the top and fuchsia toward the bottom. It also has a magenta ribbon with a light pink gem and light pink lace on top, The top part of the skirt is longer on the left, with a gold chain with three spheres circling it and longer pink and white layers. Her boots are white with light pink toe tips and her gloves are white, with gold bracelets on each wrist and ankle.

"The Light of Miracles! Cure Miracle!" Mirai announced to everyone, now calling herself Cure Miracle.

Everyone looks at Cure Miracle in awe, even Batty was surprised by this "This is impossible…! Get her, Yokubaru!" Batty ordered as the Yokubaru did as command and tried to attack the new hero, but Cure Miracle blocked the attack and kicked it into the sky.

"Mom! I need to borrow the Magic Carpet!" Cure Miracle went to the Magic Carpet and began to fly on it like it was a surfboard and got close to Yokubaru and roundhouse kicked the monster back to the ground and it was about to try and fly but Cure Miracle pulls out her wand "Oh no you don't! Cure Up Ra pa pa! Bind its wings!" Cure Miracle ordered as the Yokubaru's wings were covered by ribbons of light.

"Alright, Mirai! Kick it's butt!" Kazuya yells.

"Put in an end to this, Mirai!" Kyoko yelled as Cure Miracle nods and holds her wand close to her and closes her eyes.

"The light that is in my hands, expel this evil creature from this world! Precure! Diamond Eternal!" Cure Miracle yells as she uses her wand to make an upside down triangle and the Yokubaru was absorbed and trapped in a crystal diamond and shot into space.

"Yokubaru!" The Yokubaru roars in pain as it explodes in the sky, forming in fireworks with Cure Miracle turning around from the fireworks and said:

"Checkmate!" before snapping her fingers with a proud smile on her face.

"I don't believe it! A legendary Precure was revived?!" Batty exclaimed in shock as he used his magic to teleport back to his base of operations.

"Mom!" Cure Miracle saw her mother running up to her and hugging her.

"Mirai! You're not hurt, are you?" Kyoko asks as Cure Miracle shakes her head.

"No, mom. I'm fine!" Cure Miracle smiles as Kazuya smiles as well.

"Mirai, you were awesome!" Kazuya said.

"You were amazing, Mofu!"

"Thanks, Kazuya! Thanks, Mofurun!" Cure Miracle and others turned to see Mofurun walking and talking.

"Is something wrong, Mofu?" Mofurun asks as everyone blinks for a moment before it hits them.

"Ehhhhhhhh!?" The three of them exclaimed. This shock causes Cure Miracle to transform back into Mirai.

Back at Mirai's house, Kyoko sat on the couch and began to explain everything "Me and your grandmother were from the magic world but we moved to this world when i married your father. I didn't want you to get wrapped up into this whole magic thing and wanted you to be like every kid…" Kyoko then looks at Yuki "But i guess i should have known you would have made a great witch. I'm sorry, Mirai." Kyoko said as she looks at Mirai with an apologetic look.

"It's okay, mom. But what are we gonna do? I don't even know one spell…" Kyoko and Yuki look at each other and then back to Mirai.

"That's why we're going to send you to my old school so you can learn how to use your magic properly." Kyoko then looks at Kazuya "And Kazuya will be with you, because you also gained a bit of magic because of your courage today." Kyoko said as the two middle schoolers looked at each other and smiled in excitement.

"You mean we get to learn real magic!?" Kyoko nods at her daughter's friend.

"Well, i'll go and tell your mother about what's going on. So you two need to start packing for tomorrow and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a long day." Kyoko said as the two children jumped in excitement.

After Kazuya leaves with Kyoko, Mirai was up in her room getting her things packed for tomorrow and she was beyond excited "Are you excited, Mofurun?" Mirai asks her now live plush friend.

"Mofu!" Mofurun said in excitement as Mirai hops into her bed after getting her things packed.