Chapter 3: Fluid as the sea, Let's go! Cure Mystic!

Mirai stirred in her sleep and soon opened her eyes and saw that she was in the school dorm room with Jun, who was already up and had finished putting on her uniform "*Yawns* Good morning, Jun!" Mirai greeted cheerfully.

"Morning!" Jun greeted back as Mirai got out of bed "I hope you're ready for the field trip."

"Field trip?" Mirai asks.

"Don't you remember meeting your new teachers and one of them telling us about a field trip to my hometown?" Jun asks as Mirai puts a finger on her cheeks and closes her eyes.


In one of the classrooms, Mirai, Kazuya and the girls were sitting down when the Principal walked in "As you three know, Kazuya and Mirai are here to learn how magic works. Hence, i decided to make arrangements for a field trip." Kouchou said as an old man walked into the classroom with another teacher.

One of the teachers is a tall and fair skinned girl with purple eyes and slightly curled, chest-length indigo hair worn loose. She wears an off-white long sleeved blouse with a dark green shawl lined in gold, held by a maroon ribbon. She also wears a dark green bodice and a pale turquoise skirt trim with ruffles, with a pastel teal split peplum over it and dark turquoise boots with black tights.

The old man had white hair and a beard with a dark green hat on his head that has a lime colored hem. He wears a dark green cape around his shoulders, a blue cloak with a gold trim on the sleeves that is lime colored on the inside. Under the cloak, he wears a yellow shirt, light red puffy pants and brown boots.

"It's nice to meet you, Mirai and Kazuya. My name is Izayoi Liz. The teacher right next to me is Issac-Sensei. I hope we get along." Liz said with a smile.

"Yes. As the principal had stated we will be going on a field trip tomorrow. We will be going to the mermaid village." Kazuya and Mirai's eyes widen in excitement.

"Mermaids!?" the two exclaimed.

"Yes! Mermaids." Issac-sensei reiterated as the two new students became super excited.

"Yep! And it's where my mom lives." Jun said as the two looked at her in shock.


End of Flashback…

"Oh yeah… I guess i was so excited last night that i completely forgot." Mirai said sheepishly.

"Haha! I can't blame you." Jun said as she gave Mirai her school uniform and helped her to get ready.

In the dark cave, Dokurokushe looked at Sparda and the boy in content "Since Batty has failed me, it only makes sense that I should send someone I can trust."

"Well, i accept Mas-"

"I will be sending you, Necrom." Dokurokushe pointed at the boy, who grinned.

"Thank you, Master. It's nice to get out of the cave once in a while." The young boy, now known as Necrom, said as he uses dark magic to change clothes.

Necrom had green eyes and silver hair and was now wearing a dark blue top hat and a black trench coat with blue colored inside with silver lining. The shirt we wore underneath the trench coat was black and light blue and he was also wearing black pants with a diamond design for the belt buckle. He also holds a staff with a skull on top and wears black shoes.

Necrom smirks at both Sparda and Batty before teleporting away "I hate show offs." Sparda said.

"It looks like you and daddy have some competition, Sparda." A girl's voice ringed out as Batty and Sparda turned around to see the girl.

The girl has fair skin and grey eyes with black pupils, along with short dark purple-colored hair in a ponytail and has brown tips on the bottom, and it's tied in a black and red bow with a red crescent and white star in the center.

She wears a black top with a red flower in the center, a red and white collar and a red trim that goes down to her skirt then becomes a bow. Her skirt is white and frilly, she has black, red and white cuffs on her arms, a black glove on her right arm with a red and white bracelet and a black cuff on her left wrist. She wears black stockings with red and white stripes, red heels with a white collar and a black bottom.

"Luna?!" Batty exclaimed.

"Hi, Daddy!" Luna greeted her father with a smile, leaving him confused.

On the magic carpet, Jun looks at the sea with a smile when she gets tapped on the shoulder by Kazuya "We're gonna be at your hometown soon. Must feel nice to be back home after so long, huh?" Kazuya asks with a smile.

"Yeah…" Jun gave a slight smile.

"Are you okay?" Kazuya asks but before he can get an answer, he's teacher spoke.

"We're here everyone." Issac-sensei said as Jun stood up and looked ready to jump and Issac raises his wand "Cure Up Rapapa! Let us breath underwater!" Issac-sensei cast as Jun jumps off the magic carpet.

"Jun!" Kazuya shouts but Liz puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry. She's fine." Liz said as Issac-sensei brings the magic carpet underwater, with Mirai and Kazuya holding their breaths when they went under the sea.

When they're underwater, Kazuya sees Jun swimming down into the mermaid village "It's okay. You both can breath normally." Liz said as Kazuya and Mirai let go of their held breath and breathe normally.

"Oh thank goodness…" Mirai said.

"Yeah, I couldn't hold it in either." The group laughs a little as They saw sea rock cottages for the mer-folks that lived at the bottom of the sea and saw Jun smiling.

"Welcome!" The group saw a mermaid swimming towards them.

She has a fair-skinned, thin mermaid with gentle blue eyes and long, thigh-length lavender hair with segments sticking up on each side. She has lilac fins on her head with pink pearl earrings. She has a teal mermaid tail with fuchsia diamond print. The top is lined in gold with a blue gem at the center and a trim of white frills on top, and hanging from the back is ruffled light red cloth. Her pearl pink top is folded around her chest with a piece of fabric hanging from a shell and pink starfish at the center, with sky blue straps attached to them and circling the shoulders.

"We have been expecting you." The mermaid said, bowing to them "My name is Loretta. A teacher here at the mermaid village…" She then looks at Jun "And Jun's mother."

"Ehhhhhhh!?" Kazuya and Mirai frantically look at Jun and then at her mother and then back to Jun.

"Forgive me for my bluntness, but you two look nothing alike." Kazuya said as Loretta giggles.

"Well, Jun takes after her father more than me. In more ways than one." Loretta smiled as Jun looked down at the sand "Well, enough about that. Let's go and get this tour started!"

Once underwater, Necrom was looking at his staff and saw its eyes glowing a dark shade of blue "Ah… another Linkle Stone is down here. I better find it before Miracle does." Necrom said as he swims as fast as he can to the location of the new Linkle Stone.

Loretta led the group through the village and then showed them an ancient stoned tapestry "Whoa… What's that?" Kazuya asks.

"This tapestry tells the tale of one of the Legendary Precure." Kazuya and Mirai gasp in shock as the two look at each other and then back at the tapestry "The legend goes like this. Long ago, an evil being known as Deusmast tried to destroy everything and lead both the mundane and magic worlds into an age of chaos." Mirai looked intensely at the tapestry as Loretta continued.

"However, Mother Rapapa created the legendary precure. One of the Precure was a two legged mermaid who had the ability to travel into the sea and land with no problems and fought off against Deusmast."

"I see." Mirai said as she took out the Dia Linkle Stone, which began to glow.

"What's going on with the stone?" Kazuya asks.

"Maybe another Linkle Stone is near?" Emily asks as Jun looks at one of the huts in the middle of the village and runs towards it.

"Jun?" Loretta saw her daughter walking towards their home and she, with Mirai and company, followed her to the hut.

Once in the hut, The others saw her looking intensely at a clam shell, which was sealed shut "Sweetie? Are you okay?" Jun turns to her mother, who looked worried about her daughter.

"I'm… i'm fine, it's just…" Jun turns back to the clam shell "Something was calling me. I don't know what, but something is calling me." Jun said as Mirai looks at the Diamond Linkle Stone, which begins to glow brighter.

"Whoa…" Kazuya and the others look at the Linkle Stone as the Clam Shell begins to open up to reveal another Linkle Stone inside. A droplet rim with a starfish and shell, the droplet-shaped gem appears to be a Sapphire.

"Another Linkle Stone! We've found one!" Mirai cheered as the Sapphire Linkle Stone floated over to Jun.

"It chose me?" Jun asks when they heard footsteps entering the hut, revealing to be Necrom.

"I must thank you for finding one of the Linkle Stones for me. It makes my job so much easier." Mirai kept the Linkle Stone close to her as she shoots Necrom an angry look.

"Who are you?" Mirai asks.

"My name is Necrom. A dark wizard and a loyal servant to Deusmast." Necrom said, introducing himself.

"A servant of Deusmast?!" Loretta exclaimed.

"Yes. Now, if you would be so kind as to give me both Linkle Stones to me." Necrom extends his hand as both Mirai and Jun walk back a bit "Very well." Necrom took a bit of seaweed and raised his staff and then holds up his hands "Magic Infused! Come Forth! Yokubaru!" The skull's empty eyes glowed red and the two objects fused together to form a Yokubaru with the clam shell as its body and seaweed for arms and had the same cartoonish looking skull with horns for the face.


"Now, if you don't want the village to become nothing more than a pile of rubble, you would be wise to give me both Linkle Stones!" Necrom smiles wickedly as Mirai shows him the Diamond Linkle Stone and her wand transforms into the Linkle Stick.

"I won't ever hand them over!" Mirai proclaimed as she places the Diamond Linkle stone in the slot again "Dia! Precure! Mahou Henshin! Cure Up Ra pa pa!" Mirai shouted as she pointed the wand to the sky and became engulfed by the light magic that surrounded her.

Mirai uses the wand to create circles of light around her legs, feet, her wrist and hands and they were each covered in light and soon her entire body was consumed by light and when Mirai came out of the light, she became Cure Miracle "The Light of Miracles! Cure Miracle!"

"How foolish. Defeat her and take her Linkle Stone, Yokubaru!" The Yokubaru did as Necrom commanded as it attacked Cure Miracle, destroying the roof of the hut in the process.

"For god's sake, that's overdoing it!" Kazuya said as Loretta got them out of the hut.

Cure Miracle grabbed the Yokubaru by the seaweed arms and fling it away from the village but it was able to keep itself from flinging too far from the village "No!" Cure Miracle exclaimed as Necrom appeared on top of the Yokubaru.

"You can make this easier and give me the Linkle Stones." Necrom said.

"Never!" Cure Miracle shouted as she pulled out her Linkle Stick to cast a spell, but the Yokubaru wraps her up in its seaweed arm tightly, making it hard for the Pink Cure to escape from the monster's grasp.

Jun and the mer-folk saw what was happening, Jun keeping the Sapphire Linkle Stone close to her chest as Necrom floats down to the mer-folk "Now girl." Necrom looks at Jun "You can give me the Linkle Stone and I promise I'll leave your village alone." Necrom said, giving a smile.

Jun had never felt this scared before. In fact, she hasn't felt this scared in a long time… ever since her father had passed away…

6 years earlier…

The six year old Jun was happily walking back from the ocean and saw her house next to a lagoon, when she saw her mother crying "Mommy? What's wrong?" Loretta looks at her young daughter but couldn't find the words to say to her daughter "Where's daddy?" Jun's smile began to fade from her face and was replaced with a worried look as she went inside.

Once inside the house, Jun saw a doctor next to her father, who was laying in his bed as the doctor turned to young blunette "What's wrong with my daddy?" Jun asks in a shaky voice.

"I'm sorry my dear. But i'm afraid your father doesn't have much time left." This hit Jun like a freight train "I think you should spend time with him right now." The doctor leaves the room, leaving the father and daughter alone.

"Daddy?" Jun calls out to him as she walks over to his bed.

"Jun…?" He calls out her name.

"Um… I brought these for you…" Jun showed him some seashells and placed them right next to him "Next time, let's get some together." Jun said, making a smile appear on her face.

"I would love that, my darling…" Jun's father then looks to the sealing "Jun… i'm going to go on another journey… to become one with the waves…"

"Oh…" Jun then hops on the bed to look at her dying father with a smile "Well, maybe when me and mommy go seashell picking again, we can come and get you!"


"And-And then we can go back to the village where everyone we know lives and we can go fishing again… and… and…" Jun try fight back against the tears but she couldn't fight it anymore and broke down crying "Please Daddy! I don't want you to die…!" Jun pleaded as she hugs her father.

"It's okay, my sea flower… This is a journey we all must take eventually…" Jun then let's go and looks at her father "Our world's magic stems from courage, hope… our beliefs… and our smiles… Promise me Jun… Promise me you will be brave to face the future… and to stand up to those who are cruel and unjust..."

"I promise daddy…! I promise… just please don't leave me and mommy…!" Jun's father then pats his daughter on the head, smiling at her before closing his eyes and his hands falling into Jun's lap.

Once Jun leaves the house, her mother saw that her daughter had tear streams in her eyes and at that moment, Jun runs up to her mother and hugs her "...Mommy…"

"I know… I'm going to miss him too…" Loretta said nothing after that, just her and her daughter sharing an embrace of grief.

Back to the present…

Jun looks at the Sapphire Linkle Stone then back at Necrom "Tick tock! Tick Tock! Hurry and make your decision…" Jun closes her eyes and shoots Necrom a determined look on her face.

"I'm never giving you the Linkle Stone. It's not just the pride of the village… It inspired me to be a fashion designer and to be just like my father!" Jun shouted.

"Alas… You're not half the wizard he was." Necrom said with an evil glare in his eyes.

"Maybe not. But i am his daughter…" The Sapphire Linkle Stone begins to glow brighter in Jun's hand.

"What is this?!" Necrom looks on as Jun looks at her wand and at the surface of the ocean sky.

"I made him a promise… That i would always stay brave and face the future." Jun then looks at Necrom "And to always stand up to villains like you!" The linkle stone then glows brighter and a blue aura transfers over to her wand, turning it into a Linkle Stick.

"Her wand…!" Kazuya gasps.

"It turned into a Linkle Stick-mofu!" Mofurun shouted, popping out of Kazuya's bag.

"Alright…" Jun then slaps the Sapphire Linkle Stone on the Linkle Stick and raises it to the sky "Sapphire! Precure! Mahou Henshin! Cure Up Ra pa pa!" Jun shouted as she pointed the wand to the sky and became engulfed by the magic whirlpool that surrounded her.

Jun's hair became more wildly bushy and shiner with two gold and blue ornaments was adorn on her hair with a blue witch hat sitting on the left side of her head with the gold and blue ornament. She was wearing a blue, white, grey and gold entrails on the bottom high cropped, puffer sleeve shirt with a blue bow in the middle with a small blue sapphire resting in the center of it. She also had a Grey, white and blue short flowing skirt with mid-thigh high blue and Grey boots and white gloves with gold bracelets.

"The mystery of the magical sea! Cure Mystic!" Jun shouted, now calling herself Cure Mystic.

"Aw yeah! Jun just became a Precure!" Kazuya shouts as Necrom glares at Cure Mystic.

"Cure Mystic…" He couldn't believe his eyes. How could he let another one of the legendary Precure be revived?! He knew he had to do something: "Get her, Yokubaru!"

The Yokubaru tries to grab Cure Mystic but she was able to dodge and flew super fast towards it and grabs it by its other seaweed arm and used it to slam the Yokubaru into the ground, causing it to let Cure Miracle go "Are you okay, Mirai?" Cure Mystic asks.

"Yeah… but i better leave this up to you." Miracle said as she passes out and transforms back into Mirai.

"Mirai!" Cure Mystic shouted at her as Loretta swam towards Cure Mystic.

"I'll take care of her Jun. You got more important things to do." Mystic turned around and saw the Yokubaru struggling to get up and began to float away.

"Oh no you don't!" Cure Mystic shouted as she zooms towards the monster, kicking it back up to the surface.

Once on the surface, The Yokubaru saw Cure Mystic landing on a rock and had a determined face and Necrom appearing right next to it "It's time we finished this." Necrom said.

"Yeah… Let's…" The Yokubaru charges at her but Cure Mystic dodges with grace and lands on the shore of the beach and pulls out the Linkle Stick.

"The crystal blue water that cleanses our soul of the dark…" Cure Mystic then draws a pearl shaped droplet that combines to become a glowing green circle upon a crystal like pearl platform. The crystal-like pearl platform becomes a blue pentagram that shoots a tunnel of water towards the Yokubaru, wrapping it in a ball of water "Pretty Cure…! Sapphire Smartish!" Cure Mystic shouted as she landed on the ground and waved her stick to the side.

"Yokubaru!" The monster yelled in pain as the water ball shrinks and purifies the Yokubaru in an explosion similar to that of a supernova.

"Checkmate!" Cure Mystic said before snapping her fingers.

"Ahh! I won't forget this, Cure Mystic!" Necrom yelled as he teleported away.

Back in the mermaid village, the magic of the Linkle Stones fixed any damage that the battle has caused as Jun swims back to her classmates and teachers "Is everyone alright?" Liz asks.

"We're fine." The students said as Issac summons his flying carpet and Kazuya places Mirai on it.

"It's too bad I have to go so soon." Mirai said groggily as Liz kneels down.

"You need to go back to the school and get some rest." Liz said.

"Besides, you're welcome to come back to the village whenever you please." Loretta said as Mirai smiled.

"See you later then…" Mirai said as the magic carpet flies up to the surface to take Mirai back to the school.

Back at the dark cave, Necrom reports back to the dark wizards and Luna begins to laugh "So you failed and let another one of the Precure be brought back…! Ahaha!" Necrom shoots her glare.

"I was simply caught off guard." Necrom said as Sparda smiles.

"You mean you were playing with your prey too much." Sparda laughs.

"Enough! Necrom…"

"Yes, master?" Necrom looks at Skeleton wizard.

"Next time, defeat the Precure with no hesitation and take their Linkle Stones. Master Deumast is starting to become fed up with our failures. This applies to all of us as well."

"I understand. For the glory of Deusmast!" Necrom yells.

"For the glory of Deusmast!" The dark wizards shouted.

Jun was sitting on the shore looking at both the sunset and the Sapphire Linkle Stone as her mother drags herself over to her daughter's side "Jun." Loretta called for her daughter and Jun turns her head to see her mother.

"Hey, mom…" Jun greeted as she looks back at the setting sun.

"You know… you remind me so much of your father." Loretta said.

"I do? In what way?" Jun asks.

"You're both smart, sportish, caring, and fast." Loretta then looks at her daughter "And you both are so brave and care very much for your friends and family." Jun then turns to her mother and hugs her.

"I really miss him…" Jun said as she looks up to her mother.

"I do too… But he's always with us…" Loretta then points to her chest "In here."

"Yeah. I made him a promise… to face the future head on." Jun said as she and Loretta watch the sunset together, with the spirit of their lost loved one sitting next to them.